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Boys Love Drabble Collection

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Yu Hao had known his boyfriend was a control freak even before Zi Xuan refused to kiss him in the gym at first, only relenting when he was the one to haul Yu Hao in by his tie. Not that Yu Hao minded.

On the contrary, once Zi Xuan had made up his mind and set about doing something - be it volleyball, school or kissing - he gave it his all, ravishing Yu Hao with a single-mindedness that left him breathless and more turned on than he could ever remember being. It wasn't that he was passive, kissing Zi Xuan back with equal fervour, but if the older boy wanted to be the one taking charge when it came to this new, physical side of their relationship... well, Yu Hao was more than happy to follow his lead.

After all, the way his now-boyfriend had ordered him to sit down during their tutoring session had sparked more than one daydream that ended with Yu Hao guiltily jerking off. However, no fantasy could possibly hold a candle to actually being allowed to kiss, to touch, and to feel that Zi Xuan wanted him as much as he did.

Yu Hao had always imagined Zi Xuan to be reserved when it came to relationships, but having gotten over his initial misgivings, he was more than happy to discover that under his boyfriend's prim and proper exterior the same passion he'd seen in the videos of him playing volleyball burned. Having it directed at him was a heady, addictive experience, and Yu Hao found himself being pushed against more than one door, Zi Xuan's lips hot and insistent against his own, hands roaming greedily.

All Yu Hao could do was hold on and go along for the ride. And what a ride it was!