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Boys Love Drabble Collection

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"Ugh, I fucking hatehatehate being a virgin!" Wayo's head hit the table, almost knocking over his fruity cocktail in the process.

"Aww, little Yo's cursing - you must be smashed!" Laughing, Ming petted his best friend's hair condescendingly. "And here I thought you were saving yourself for Dr. Pha..."

Wayo's glare was at best half-hearted and quickly turned into a pout as he sighed heavily. "I was, kind of. But it's been two fucking years and he doesn't even know I exist. And even if he did, why should he go for someone who has no idea what he's doing?"

"So, find someone to have sex with. You're not exactly replu... repu... I mean disgusting to look at." It occurred to Ming that he was also quite drunk, which might explain why the next words left his mouth before he could stop them: "Hell, I'll help you out, if you don't want it to be some stranger."

"Fuck you," Wayo mumbled, taking another drink.

Ming smirked. "I thought the idea was that I'd fuck you, or are you secretly a top?"

"Top, bottom - who cares, asshole." Wayo mustered up some righteous anger, but he deflated before Ming could gather his wits enough to apologise. "And I don't want your pity."

Now Ming felt bad, and he slung an arm around his friend's shoulder. Wayo was stiff at first, but after a moment he relented and slumped against Ming. Holding Wayo like this, Ming could see the soft lines of his face, his pink mouth, his long lashes fanning across rosy cheeks, flushed from alcohol and embarrassment.

"Hey, no." Impulsively he lifted Wayo's chin with the fingers of his free hand, bringing their faces close together. "It's not pity. You're so pretty, Yo - if we weren't best friends, I'd totally flirt with you for real."

"Yeah?" Wayo's face lit up, soaking up the compliment like a flower in the sun, and the last of Ming's scruples melted away.

Nodding decisively, he leaned even closer. "Yeah. And if you don't want me to kiss you now, you better say so."

Wayo swallowed hard, but he didn't say a word, keeping completely still when Ming pressed a kiss to those pretty lips. Not giving up, Ming teased him, swiping his tongue along the bow of his mouth, and with a sigh Wayo began to respond. It wasn't the best kiss of Ming's life, there were no fireworks, the ground didn't shift under their feet. But it was warm and lovely, and when they broke apart, Wayo was beaming up at him.

Some hair had fallen into Wayo's eyes, and Ming pushed it back with a smile. "So. Feel like getting rid of that pesky virginity?"

"You're not, like, going to fall in love with me, will you?" Wayo asked with the earnestness of the very tipsy.

"No, stupid, that's the whole point." Ming gently tweaked his nose before offering him his pinky. "Best friends, okay?"

Nodding firmly, Wayo hooked their fingers together. "Best friends."