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Boys Love Drabble Collection

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Thun's heart, already fluttering in happy excitement after P'Met's miraculous return, skipped a beat when his previously so reticent boyfriend smirked, looked up him and down, bit his lip and quite literally stalked him.

Laughing, they chased each other playfully over the cemetery, until collapsing breathlessly on top of P'Met's newly decorated grave hill. The next moment, Thun barely managed to suppress a surprised squeak when he was pushed backwards, P'Met straddling him, the same hunger from before making his handsome face shine almost dangerously.

It seemed that touching had become easier, because the ghost was a solid weight pinning Thun to the ground. Not that Thun wanted to be get away, his gaze fixed on P'Met's slightly parted lips, which came ever closer as his boyfriend leaned down slowly, inexorably. Licking his own lips was reflex by this point, eliciting a dark chuckle from P'Met that made Thun squirm in anticipation.

He suddenly remembered all the times the ghost had teased him, realising that this side of P'Met had just been lying dormant, waiting to be unleashed. Well, Thun most definitely wasn't complaining.

Grinning he stretched upwards to meet his boyfriend in a kiss that felt like a beginning.