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Boys Love Drabble Collection

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"I thought you'd ask me to do something."

Was that flirtation in Mork's eyes? So far all the flirting had been coming from Tee, and now his heart raced at the tiniest possibility of Mork finally relenting and giving up his weird pretense of being nothing but a straight guy. It didn't exactly help with his current predicament of course, his cock all too happy at the prospect of any sort of attention from Mork.

Ears hot, Tee adjusted himself, fighting the urge to just give in and tug, audience be damned. Mork was still watching him - no, he'd actually come closer and was now trying to peer over Tee's shoulder. His first instinct was to flinch away, but he stopped himself and instead met Mork's gaze. "Wanna give me a hand?"

He expected Mork to back away immediately, as he always had so far. It was his turn to gasp in surprise, though, when instead Mork stepped even closer, bracketing him from behind. Tee stiffened when Mork's hands slid around his waist, chin coming to rest comfortably on Tee's shoulder.

"Why not..." Mork's voice rumbled through his chest, and Tee's cock twitched in his grasp, even before Mork's fingers wrapped around it. Tee's shaky inhale turned into a groan when Mork's hardening dick nestled against his butt. He rocked back involuntarily, and Mork whispered roughly, "Fuck, Tee."

A part of Tee was all still aware that they were in a public bathroom, but most of him was entirely focused on the sensation of Mork jacking him off. No one else had ever touched him like this, but he'd dreamed of exactly those hands, that body, for several years. Having it for real was almost too much, and Tee would have been embarrassed by how soon he was coming, if Mork hadn't jerked against him, too, holding Tee in a tight embrace as they both came down from their high.

Finally, Mork released him and stepped to the sink, voice forcedly non-chalant: "Better now? Let's go, we'll miss the movie."

Shaking off his stupor, Tee nodded and started to smile.