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Boys Love Drabble Collection

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Foxes were mischievous by nature, beautiful troublemakers unconcerned with love. It was a foreign concept, part of a world Su Lang no longer belonged to.

Still, he had been human once, and it kindled something inside him to see the agony his mortal sister and her lover endured because of this strange emotion. Zi Gu was beautiful in his despair, and what Su Lang felt was wild, untamed. Being a fox, he had no qualms to grasp for it greedily.

He hadn't expected the tenderness with which Zi Gu looked at him when Su Lang took Ah Xiu's form, the gentleness in his touch, the sweetness of his kiss. Most of all, the way he trusted him even after the deception was revealed. When Ah Xiu, tears in her eyes, said that Zi Gu loved him, Su Lang believed her, even before hearing the anguish in Zi Gu's voice.

We're two men. One mortal, one demon. It's unnatural.

It was supposed to be a game, a play at this thing called love. Foxes didn't sacrifice, didn't deny themselves - and they most certainly didn't cry over an undrunk drink, a returned fan and the memory of lips on tear-stained cheeks.