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Boys Love Drabble Collection

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Type had rarely seen his best friend this drunk, and for a moment he was very tempted to just leave Techno lying on the floor as he demanded. Then, with a sigh, he bent down and heaved the semi-conscious No up.

Somehow, they made it up the stairs, although Type was groaning under Techno's dead weight by the time they reached his room. Shouldering the door open, he blindly shoved No in the direction of his bed, where he collapsed with a moan. Type chuckled, thinking of the hangover waiting for his friend, only to jump at a surprised squawk originating from a lump under the blanket.

"What the..." Type rolled No onto his back, frowning when he realized it wasn't Nic who'd gotten an elbow to the gut, the only person who might have any reason to be in No's room. He grabbed the boy by the shoulder and forced him non-too-gently to sit up. "You're Nic's friend, right? Kla? What are you doing sleeping here?"

"Um.. I..." Kla stammered, eyes darting around in a way that made Type deeply uncomfortable. "I was just..."

"Just being a creep?" Type growled, his every protective instinct roused. "Leave before I make you - and stay away from No if you know what's good for you!"

The boy practically fled, tail between his legs, only confirming Type's suspicions. Once he was gone, Type shut the door firmly behind him before returning to the bed, where Techno was still passed out. Covering him gently with the blanket, Type lay down as well.

Immediately, Techno rolled over, mumbling something under his breath, and hugged Type like the world's largest teddy bear. Fondness washing through him, Type held his friend against his chest and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Don't worry, I'll look after you."