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The Sky and his elements

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The elements have finally found their home.
The storm was raging happily
for the person who gave him home.
The happy-go-lucky rain was washing away the sadness
for the person who cared.
The little lightning was striking down enemies with the storm
for the person who gave him family.
The extreme sun was shining brightly in the sky
for the person who protects him and his sister.
The mists hid the sky when necessary
for the person who stood up for them.
The always free cloud was drifting in the sky
for the person who never caged him.
And the Sky,
the always accepting Sky,
the Sky who embraces all,
protecting his elements,
his family
always watched them with his kind smile.
But in the ten years later future,
in the future that later never came to be,
the storm was roaring in pain.
The rain couldn’t wash away even his own sadness.
The lightening was crying for the loss.
The sun couldn’t shine anymore.
The mists couldn’t hide because of the pain.
The free cloud mourned for the only person he accepted.
The elements failed to protect their Sky.
They lost their Sky.
The Sky who saw the real them when no one else could.
The Sky who saw through their masks.
The Sky who didn’t abandon them when everyone else did.
The Sky who gave them a place to call home.
The Sky who they vowed to protect.
The Sky who understood them.
The Sky who never betrayed them.
The Sky who called them friends.
The Sky who called them family.
The Sky who always gave them kind and understanding smiles.
They failed to protect him.
They failed to save him.
They saw him dying.
They saw him look like he is sleeping
in the black coffin with white lilies.
And it’s breaking their hearts,
That they couldn’t save him
as how he saved them.
And the Sky has fallen
but happy
because he protected the ones he loves.