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Of Fire and the Void

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Note: This story is the fourth part of our “Codex Omega” series. To understand what’s going on in the multiverse, we recommend to read the previous parts first. Enjoy! ;)

Recommended song:Ov Fire and the Void” by Behemoth

Fandoms: Slipknot, Trivium, SepticFlesh, Machine Head, Gojira, Behemoth, Johnilyn, Baby Metal

Characters: Jim Root/Paolo Gregoletto, Mick Thomson/Kerim Lechner, Matt Heafy/Corey Beaulieu, Spiros Seth Antoniou/Sotiris Vayenas, Christos Antoniou/Brent, Robb Flynn (Lucifer)/Adam “Nergal” Darski (Samael), Mario Duplantier (Gabriel), Joe Duplantier (Michael), Balthazar, Johnny Depp/Marilyn Manson, Smaug the cat, biker gang, Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal), Moa Kikuchi (Moametal), Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal), original characters

Rating/category: R (explicit), supernatural AU, post-apocalyptic AU, alternate dimensions, old gods, altered history by Christianity, mysteries, slash, M/M, light BDSM, drama (lots of it), romance, hurt/comfort, angst, dark, violence, fighting, epic battle, biker gangs, demons, angels, magic, transmutation, blood, rough sex, addictions, some (kinda manly) fluff, orgies

Summary: The archangel twins have sent “The Call” in preparation of the battle that would decide the fate of Earth and human kind. Will the group of our heroes manage to stop them from destroying the little that has left after the burning of the world?

Disclaimer: This is a product of our imagination and was written only for entertainment and fun. We don’t profit from this fanfiction and we mean no harm or disrespect against any real person, culture or custom that might appear in the story. All original pictures used in the story belong to their respective owners and credits go to them.


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Of Fire and the Void
by S.M.A. & Useless-girl

Chapter 1


The early morning found Matt meditating outside in the beautiful Japanese garden of the old shrine which overlooked Kyoto, and which they could call their home in the last few months. This isolated part of the world was less affected by the raging war in the West.

When they arrived, it was quite the shock to Matt. And not just because Japan looked quite okay compared to the very much destroyed places they had seen, but because it was also a culture shock to him too. He might be half-Japanese from his mother side of the family, but he knew very little about his heritage. But that has changed a lot during the relatively short time they were there.

Matt knew he had to learn a lot and that he didn't have centuries or even decades to do so, so his training was intense and exhausting, requiring a lot of discipline and patience from him, but it was also very worth it. Even better than he could've ever imagined.

The three Guardians of the Japanese Gate were nothing like Matt expected either. They looked like three young Japanese women, but held immerse power and mastered many spiritual practices and excelled at martial arts too. They also had a vast knowledge about Japan, the spirit realms, other dimensions, gods, creatures and everything that was beneficial both for Matt and Corey.

And they both were working hard on absorbing as much knowledge as possible and learning new fighting skills on a physical and spiritual level, too. Next to that, they had mundane tasks around the shrine too to learn more discipline and respect towards both the living beings and inanimate objects.

It was all very fascinating to Matt and he didn't mind that they both practically became the "servant boys" of the strong female trio. It was an honor, really, as they rarely taught people personally. They usually shared different levels of knowledge through their trusted priests.

So Matt was very aware of their special position in this as Corey has explained many things to him too during their long talks in-between two learning sessions or at the end of a long day.

And while Matt was still searching for answers to the questions about his father, he could already feel different. He's been changing once again and was more in balance with himself. The different kind of rituals and their more frequent matings with King also helped a lot on that. But what he loved the most in this was that he's never felt himself so close to his pair and also so complete.

Corey was enjoying their stay to the fullest. Having the advantage of a few thousand years of life experience he could be humble and relax in the simpler lifestyle of a servant boy easier. Doing the daily chores the same time everyday had a very calming and balancing effect on him.

Also it was good to see how Matt was changing. Learning and embracing more his culture and powers. The long mating sessions under the new moon at the sacred temple was out of any dimensions if anyone asked him. And sure, it helped them to connect even more.

"I will never get used to waking up after sleeping on these gravel rocks…" he said quietly as he approached his dark cherub pair. "Gathered powers during the night?" he sat behind Matt and wrapped his arms around him, kissing his nape.

Matt sensed Corey's approach, of course, and started coming back from his meditative state so by the time he could feel the warmth of the beloved body behind him and the kiss on his nape, he was smiling and slowly opened his black Asian eyes.

"Maybe you are getting too old for this, grandpa..." Matt lightly teased back while leaning his fully marked naked back against Corey's chest. "You know that I did. It was... very intense and recharging, to say the least," he murmured on his deep voice, turning his head to press a kiss against his mate's lips. "Good morning, love. How are you feeling?"

"Hmm... Good morning to you too, honey. I'm good. Hungry," Corey chuckled nuzzling Matt's shoulder. "Can't wait to earn my breakfast. I wonder if it will be rice and fish... or bread and fish... Hmmm..." he laughed pecking the cute lips of his pair. "At least the food is good. The sun is up. You go study and I prepare the morning rituals…"

"I could eat as well. Fish with fish wouldn't be a problem either. I always loved their food, but it's even better here," Matt chuckled in agreement after enjoying that peck on his lips then he rested his head on Corey's shoulder. "Yes, daddy, just give me five more minutes..." he fake-pouted and closed his eyes, focusing on how their energies were lazily mingling still. Like they always did after each successful mating sessions.

"It's so easy to let yourself forget about what's going on outside this peaceful shrine. I love it here just as much as you do. But sometimes I wonder just how short on time we are..." he murmured, resting his hands on Corey's arms around his middle.

"Yeah, I love it. No running or dealing with the problems of the outside world. I try to charge up on this all and savior it. I'm sure things will get hectic in the west soon…" Corey said pulling Matt's body a little closer to his. As if he could hide themselves away from those upcoming problems of the world.

"I can feel it too, yes," Matt nodded, practically melting against his pair's warm body. It never ceased to amaze him just how good it felt every single time. Yes, he was an idiot for fighting this at the beginning...

"And I noticed on the three senseis that they can feel it too that something's coming... There's a... disruption... a tear... in the forces. It's in everything..." he said holding out his hand over a stone near them, not touching just letting his hand hover over it. "Everything is starting to feel... different. More negative forces are on the rise..." Matt said like in a trance, not noticing that his eyes have started slightly glowing as he spoke.

Corey watched admiringly as his love could use his powers and senses by then without even trying or noticing. "Yes. The negative forces started to get stronger. It creeps into the positive living energies. Something has happened," he said focusing more on his uneasy feelings.

"Father said he will call for us when we are needed. Till then we should concentrate to get stronger and wiser and ready," he said kissing Matt's neck and moved to stand and gather their clothes. They have duties to fulfill...


Ever since Matt had learned from the Gods that they would come to Japan to learn more about himself and his powers, as well as acquiring additional knowledge and training that could be useful for him in the future, there's been a question in the back of his mind. He wondered if he would learn more about his family's past too. The Gods couldn't (or wouldn't) provide more information about that and it wasn't clear to Matt whether their senseis knew something more or not. There were a few hints that they did, but when he asked about it, they acted all mysterious and cryptic.

That day though was different somehow. And not just because of the successful matings during the previous night or that strange feeling in the energies that they all could feel since the morning. After doing their usual morning tasks and rituals, a servant was sent to fetch Matt from the library where he's been studying some ancient texts.

Curious, he followed the man to the sacred inner sanctuary of the shrine where very few were allowed to step in. And there in front of a huge fox statue their three senseis were waiting for him with Corey standing on the bottom of the few stairs that led up to them.

Stopping a few steps away, he bowed to the young-looking women and waited patiently to learn why they were summoned, even if Matt could feel that Corey already knew more about the situation.

"Dark cherub! We called you before us to talk about your origins. We have information that you've been searching for all your life," the sensei standing in the middle and a little bit before the other two women spoke.

Corey meanwhile stood there and kept glancing at his pair. Knowing well what this was about, he was a little worried about how it would affect Matt.

"We have your father held captive. He is a cherub, as you may know," the trinity said waiting for Matt's reaction and questions.

Looking up at the trio wearing black traditional kimonos with silver foxes embroidered on them, Matt focused on the one doing the talking. Hearing that his father has been this close all this time made his dark eyes widen for a few seconds.

Taking a couple of deep breaths to keep his calm, he overcame the urge to babble out his first thought about that. Instead he thought through the situation and simply nodded.

"I understand. You were waiting for me to be ready to share this with me," he said on a calm deep voice, even if there was some excitement in his eyes and vibes. "Yes, I knew that I inherited my Cherub side from him. Can I ask for how long and why he’s been held captive?"

"You are his last offspring. We managed to capture him a few days after he had left your pregnant mother. Matt-san, you have to know that he is not a good person," the leading female demigod said with maybe a little worry for Matt in her voice.

Corey also took a few steps to be closer to his pair, clearly feeling his stirred up emotional state.

"You know that the hunter angels used you to lure King into a trap. Your father was also a part of that cult that tried to help the prophecy come true as quickly as possible," the sensei added.

Matt stayed in silence for a long moment, processing what he was told. Then he sighed with a slight bitter taste in his mouth and nodded again. "I figured he wasn't going to win the best father award. And not just because of leaving my mother even before I was born," he said, remembering how little his mother told him about his father. Although she never talked about him badly. Still, it was a deep wound that she carried with her into the grave.

"I had no idea he was so deeply involved in that... You say, I'm his last offspring. That means I have siblings too? Do they know about him and his plan?" he asked quietly, wondering if they were still alive and all bad too.

"Not every offspring of his turned out to be the amount of cherub as you did. From what we know about some are alive. But you inherited most of his powers and because of that you were the most awakened and best subject to his plan. We are sorry, Matt-san," the trinity bowed showing their true empathy for Matt. "Would you wish to see him?" the sensei asked and waited for Matt to deal with all the new information first.

"I see..." Matt's jaw tightened but then he focused on his breathing again like he was taught. He appreciated Corey's supporting closeness and he also let him feel that through their stronger than ever bond. "At least we know the first part of his plan has failed. They couldn't kill my pair because of me," he looked at his long-haired man with love but also some deep sadness in his eyes.

"Thank you, Megitsune gami," he bowed back to the Trinity, addressing them on their more formal title, which meant female fox gods.

Curling his hands into fists by his side, he tipped his head up, determination sparkling up in his eyes. Matt knew it had to be done, otherwise he would always wonder about it and eventually regret it. "Yes. I would like to meet him."

The three young females nodded and one by one walked off the shrine stairs and took the small path to the back. Corey rubbed Matt's back and nodded to follow them. He felt that Matt now needed all that silence. The cherub's thoughts were already messed up and loud in his head.

The Trinity led them far back into the bamboo forest to the foot of the mountain. There they could spot some small cabins and caves. A few armed warriors in samurai armor hurried to greet them with bows and without a sound walk with them as guards to the caves.

Matt sent a grateful look at his pair, loving that Corey just knew what he needed. He also knew that he would stand there with him as a silent support and he needed that now very much, even if he didn't say. Not that his pair wouldn't feel it clearly.

As they walked deeper into the cave tunnels, the silence was broken only by their breathing, steps and the quiet sounds of water dripping on stone here and there.

Deep in the belly of the mountain, they reached a big carved stone door, which was lit by torches. The magic was strong there as it was meant to keep the prisoner inside. The Trinity stepped forward and raised their hands while chanting some ancient Japanese spell to which the heavy stone slowly started to slide on the ground, opening up in the middle to allow them inside.

And the inside was a torch-lit dungeon. Iron bars shimmering with magic divided the small caving, fully blocking out the back space. Even the 'cell’s' stone walls were protected by magic runes to prevent any damage to the and a chance to escape.

From their entrance a male stood up and walked to the front bars to see who came. He looked thin and old, but his small shining eyes told them all that the man was very much in his own control and power and all the years of his punishment have not changed him as some humans could have been. With his aura of oozing power, this male person was nothing near a human.

The trio stayed close to the door while Matt took a few steps out of the shadows towards the bars to take a look of his father for the first time in his life.

His own face was a hard mask to hide his true feelings and thoughts as he sized up the cherub. He was powerful, indeed. Matt could feel that aura prickling his heavily marked skin.

"You know who I am, don't you?" he asked, looking straight into the shining eyes of the other being. He appeared as tall as Matt and he could also detect a few similar features to his own on the cherub's face. A good part of their energies vibrated on the same wavelength too, but that's where the similarities stopped. One deeper look at his "father" was enough for Matt to know that he was nothing like this being.

"The one that turned out good," the prisoner said and straightened up clearly very proud of himself. "The one from the scrolls who will mate with the eldest son of the fallen scum... The stupid weak angels were eager but not ready. This is still not over, "he turned to look at King with a looking down smile in the corner of his lips. "Your family will still pay for everything our race had to go through. Even your mother was a traitor…" he spoke with disgust.

Then he turned back to look into Matt's black eyes, sizing up the powers of the changed dark cherub.

Anger flickered in Matt's eyes from how the cherub talked to his mate. He even took a step closer towards the bars, but then stopped and forced some calmness on himself.

"The world outside is changing. The future is changing and we'll make sure to wipe out everyone who tries to harm this planet or us and our allies. You've made a grave mistake with your disgusting experiment which resulted in me and my half-siblings. But I guess in the shadow of the mad Elohim you've got the urge to play god yourself over innocent lives. You are the only one who's disgusting here. Your plan will fail and you'll die here alone and forgotten by everyone," Matt said on an icy tone.

"You are no father of mine but the greatest disappointment I could ever imagine. I can see now clearly that you don't care at all or regret what you did. I pity the emptiness of your soul which you try to fill with hatred..." Matt said then turned around to walk away.

Corey wasn't surprised by the caged man's actions. He bowed to the Trinity and followed Matt, knowing well that under the pride and strength his pair will need his support and care.


Two months earlier in Europe at some cursed mountain where a group of gods and demigods investigate an ancient spell… [ Basically where Catharsis ended...]

As the demon horses got closer to the strong dark energies, the revelation struck Mick that normal horses surely wouldn't stand so calmly near such energies. And that thought about how that huffing indifferent creature between his legs was carrying him and kept him safe made their bond suddenly click in. The animal's eyes shone up red and he turned his head to exchange an agreeing glimpse with Mick’s sparkling white eyes shining out from behind his mask.

Truth was, the weight of the place was heavy on them all. Even on the Gods at the front. And Satan himself pressed his blood red painted lips together hard as they were riding on the narrow path into the isolated little village that was stinking from afar with the smell of death and rotting.

On Samael's side Kerim smiled a bit noticing that moment Mick had with his horse, but then he focused on hiding his presence as much as he could while also trying to keep all that... rotting darkness away from himself. Which was no easy task and the stench only got stronger the closer they were to the powerful portal. Seeing and feeling all that death and destruction weighted on his being as he tried to comprehend how his once angel brothers could allow this and so much more to happen to this world...

Brent was quite nervous as he was riding his demon horse next to Paolo. He was also glad that mating with Christos made him stronger and more prepared for this, because now he needed that plus power to be able to help the others and prove just how much he's come since that shy drummer in King's band.

The Nephilim was tense as his mismatched eyes kept searching their surroundings and the sky. It was the first time they were out in the world with such a large group and the fact that two of the Gods and the "unholy pair" have joined them was a telltale sign that this wasn't going to be easy…

Christos and Seth rode up to ‘The Call'. Close enough for their own energies to start manifesting and get visible around them. As if it wanted to shield their physical bodies from the massive dark energy that was pulsating like a wild black hole.

All the survivors of the village were there on the small main square. The white chalk circles and runes were still shining bright. The about two hundred humans were all over. All their blood drained and their bodies looked like extreme heat has disfigured and melted them away.

The middle of the magic circles was holding the wildly swirling black mass. Which was rhythmically pulsing with throbs of energy that each time shook even the ground, making small electric power charges strike into the endless eye of its middle.

"Stay back," Christos said as he and Seth stood a few meters away from the portal, but feeling the energy, the horses – the immortal demon horses – started to tap around nervously and they moved back. "It gets energy from the living. Look around... It feasted on the bodies, and now the vegetation all around… It sucks the force of life out of everything to be able to continue sending the call," Christos continued.

Jim has never seen or felt anything like this before and it both amazed and terrified him as he tried to calm his own restless huffing horse, making it stop next Paolo's. He instinctively felt the need to be closer to his pair, but not just to "protect" him, but to let their energies mingle a bit and make it easier for both of them to resist the effects of “The Call”.

"It looks like a black hole..." he said loud enough for the two Gods to hear it too. His voice carried some shock in it as he glimpsed around again, his heart heavy with the sorry he felt for the victims of the ritual. It was a terrible way to go...

"In the way it consumes everything living, you are right," Robb said, glimpsing at his pair, his eyes asking if Samael was okay. He just couldn't help it. He would always worry about him, though Lucifer made sure that his pair would feel that his trust in him was strong.

Brent nodded too, but he kept silent and rather kept his eyes on Christos, not knowing what would happen next.

"I don't feel anyone lurking around at the moment," Kerim said more to himself then addressed the Gods, asking the big question probably the others had in mind too. "What should we do now?"

"Can't it be… closed or something?" Mick asked unsure. This thing was nothing he could ever imagine. The decaying force was so strong that they all could feel it reaching out for them as 'new food'.

"All that life energy was used to open it. Human life force, but still a lot," Seth said quietly, even his voice was filled with sadness.

"There is a way..." Christos said getting off his horse and let his silvery shining power closer to the black mass of the energy tornado.

"Right… That thing again... Maybe no." That was Samael who was covered in his flames by then as a reaction to the portal.

"Two times it worked. Three times’ a charm. I don't think you should risk it," Robb added looking at Seth with a stare as if telling him to talk some sense into his younger brother…

Jim was looking from one man to the other two in turns, a big question mark in him, which manifested in the comment that practically burst out of him. "Could you be even more cryptic?? What the hell are you talking about?!" he frowned behind his mask.

"I second Jim's question. What's going on? I have a bad feeling." That was the equally frowning Brent, but he addressed his question clearly to his pair, already feeling that he wasn't going to like the explanation.

"It can't be left like this. Look at all that," Christos turned to them, clearly very upset as he waved his right hand over the rotting mass of once human beings. "You know I can't let this continue." Those last words he addressed to Seth who shook his head with a sigh.

Kerim guided his horse next to Brent and touched the demon's arm in a supporting way. "Prometheus, Thoth, Nabu... All helped to create mankind and educated them. He lived as a mortal twice already," the angel said quietly.

"I understand how you feel. But maybe this thing is stronger than you," Robb said with worry.

Jim glimpsed at Paolo shocked, not sure he understood right what they implied, but Brent seemed to do.

The small man was grateful for Kerim's short explanation and support as he felt some more eyes on him. But he stayed silent until his eyes met his pair's. He could feel how angry Christos was at the archangels for taking so many human lives for this terrible act and he let out a small sigh.

"I understand. Do it, if you have to," he nodded to him, but what he said only through their bond was that he trusted Christos fully and that he would love him no matter in what form. "Just make sure you survive this time too."

The God of Wisdom nodded to his pair and looked at Kerim. "Creating mankind, changing mankind... All that religious stuff. But knowledge changes a person. In that way we all were involved. Just like many others. Lucifer, you know how I feel..."

"Yes. I totally understand and feeling with you. But we also need you to keep what is left for saving," Robb replied, seemingly he also made peace with Christos’ determination to close the portal.

"Okay, okay… Wait a minute!" Seth finally had enough and raised his leather glove-covered hands. "It not just... how you say… magic. It feeds on the force of life. Your creative power may not be enough." Seth here looked at Robb. "Paolo heals, so does Vega. Lucifer was born with the gift to create life too. We, who have dark powers can't help. But the light ones…"

"I keep him healed to make sure he stays alive," Paolo said at once without any hesitation and was already off his horse.

"It's an honor," Kerim said giving an apologetic look to Mick and followed Paolo.

"I don't want any of you gone," Samael blurted out only that and nodded to his pair.

Robb smiled at him for that and even winked barely noticeable before getting off his horse to join the Gods by the portal. The closer he got, the more his own powers manifested too and for glimpses his true self could be seen too.

"I want to help too," Jim stated firmly. "I could use my shield to protect us all, you know. Not to mention that merging my energies with Paolo would make our forces stronger too," he added, looking questioningly at the Gods and his pair.

"Yes. He is useful!" Paolo said smiling proudly at his pair.

"Alright. Jim merge your powers with Paolo and form a shield," Seth said moving back to be closer to the mentioned dark ones. "Vega and Paolo, keep them alive as much as you can. You must know that I don't like any of this, you grumpy asshole," he added with an upset frown to his brother. "Robb... Please try to keep him alive," he said last and standing next to Samael signaled to Jim to create the shield.

Christos nodded a thanks to Robb and walked up to the swirling dark mass. He was chanting a spell from a different world as his powers reacted too.

Robb focused on the God, standing behind him a bit. Their forces met and allied, suddenly making the vegetation spring alive all around. Just to be eaten up by the endless pulsing darkness in the next moment.

Jim chuckled at his pair low from behind his jester mask the concentrated on the task at hand. He felt glad that he could help too.

As the ones with the different "darker" powers pulled back a bit to give them more space, Jim let his greenish power loose, searching for Paolo's golden one. Once they met, the pair opened up their bond, making a satisfied feeling spread in Jim, like always. But he was already channeling "half" of that power to create that protective shield around the chanting God – and effectively around them all.

Kerim, like his angel brother, focused on covering Christos with their healing energies. His brilliant white wings spread behind him and his whole being became radiant too.

Christos took a few steps to be even closer to the strong pulsing energy. With Robb's power to sort of distract the force, they kept bringing life to the dried trees and bushes just to immediately be sucked away by the whirlpool.

Samael agreed with Seth about not liking this one bit at all and he never took his full black eyes off his pair.

The chant seemed to be working. Or at least was doing something... because the pulsing stopped from the center of the portal. The signal of The Call did not go out anymore, but the strong dark matter started to expand. As if it was overfed or stimulated by all the powers.

Christos seemed to stand dangerously close to the raising tornado-like force. His power was quite visibly being sucked away from his body by the more and more wildly spinning whirlwind. His physical form blurred and Robb used the last of his powers to keep the stubborn God on this plane of the Earth.

Kerim's light became blinding as he released more of his healing powers to keep Christos' health (both the physical and spiritual) more or less steady with the help of Paolo. He feared for his God, but didn't let doubt influence his thoughts. Not now.

Seeing what was going on, Jim concentrated on thickening and strengthening the shield, even if he could feel that the "black hole" was hungrily taking from everyone's energies too. He just hoped that Christos would succeed soon, because by this rate, none of them were going to last long.

That thought seemed to trigger something in him and he managed to dig further down into himself than ever before, releasing more of his power to mix with Paolo's. He just hoped it was going to be enough for Christos to finish this and the visibly unstable portal.

"I hope as hell that it won't explode into their faces," Mick's frown deepened, hating that he had to stay back too with the others.

Robb growled as his demon form was now fully on the surface and his power also got sucked into the growing mass. He couldn't even see Christos anymore in the dust the swirling of the portal raised around them.

And that fact made the small war demon get to the brink of panic. He could still feel his pair through their bond, so that was some reassurance that he was still alive. Even if it looked like the dark matter has swallowed him up.

And just like a reply to Mick's concern, the growing of the whorlpool stopped and with a blinding flash of light it collapsed into itself in a blast. The shockwave swiped them all back and tossed them on the ground...