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Floweshop AU

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It's a nice breezy afternoon, 1:23 to be exact. Bucky is back from his lunch break and doing a quality check around the store to make sure all the flowers are well. The soft indie music is playing in the background as he spritzes a few older bouquets. He loves his job at the flower shop, he’s been working here for about half a year out of college. Bucky lives around the corner and down the street from the shop, it’s a small studio apartment. What more can you expect from New York City?

Suddenly, the soft bell rings, signaling someone has entered the shop. He strides back to the counter and is happily surprised to see his friend Natasha come in and lean on the counter.

“Hey Barnes,” she says easily, sipping from an iced tea from Starbucks. She has shoulder length straight red hair, and is feisty, which makes up for her height. “‘Getting any action in here? This is place always empty.” She looks expectantly up at Bucky.

“I swear I get customers!” He shakes his head in loving annoyance “They are just never here when you stop by,” He sighs “If you’re here just to talk, can you put yourself to work?”

“Actually,” She stops him “I found a guy at the gym, his name is Jake, he seems really nice and-”

Bucky groans loudly. “Nat, I’m not looking for a relationship.” He says exasperated

“Fine, but it’s not my fault if you’re lonely.’’ She rolls her eyes sarcastically.

Their conversation is cut off when a customer comes into the shop. A scrawny young man stumbles in, a satchel over his shoulder. He’s wiry and lean, it looks like you could break him with a handshake. His blonde hair is side swept and neatly groomed, unlike but Bucky’s slightly greasy, messy ponytail. He has bright blue eyes, and a resting slight smile. Wow, what’s his name? He’s beautiful that’s for sure. Bucky has to snap back out of it and go talk to him.

He greets him with a smile. “Hi. I’m Bucky, how may I help you?” The small man seems almost distracted and his head shoots up.

“Oh, hi-um.” He struggles for words and now he’s blushing. Of course he’s blushing. Bucky is screwed. “I’m here to get some flowers,” He pauses as if wracking his brain “white carnations, pansies, please,” He connects their eyes and smiles, nodding, as if agreeing with himself

Sweet and lovely, thoughtfulness and remembrance. Either this guy is guessing, or he looked up these flower meanings. Bucky snaps out of his thoughts and smiles sweetly “Sure thing, how many?”

“I don’t know,” He looks slightly surprised, he wasn’t thinking about that. “Whatever fifteen bucks can get me.” He smiles again

“Alright, they’ll be ready in a moment,” Bucky heads back to the gathering of flowers sorted by type. He doesn’t miss Natasha’s knowing smirk and slight chuckle as she gets tissue paper ready for Bucky. After wrapping the delicate plants, Bucky rings them up in the cash register.

The blonde haired man is waiting at the counter, glancing around at the different flowers, eyes occasionally landing on Bucky.

“Would you like to join our rewards club?” Bucky asks with as much cool as he can muster.

“Yes, that’d be great,” He nods his head.

“Alright, what is your name and email?”

“Steve Rogers, my email is” Steve explains and hands over his money and grabs his carefully wrapped and packaged bouquet.

Steve. His name is Steve. Bucky really hopes that Steve comes back. “Alright Steve, thank you for visiting Garden Utopia, I hope to see you again.” Bucky says cheerily and hands over Steve his change.

Steve walks out of the shop, almost a little more pep in his step.

“Don’t say anything.” Bucky turns to look at Natasha who is smirking wildly.

“Oh come on Bucky, did you not see him looking at you?” Nat shakes he head at her friends cluelessness

“Well, what if he isn’t into guys?” Bucky contradicts her.

“God, you are so useless.” Natasha grabs her things and gives him a friendly kiss on the cheek as she stalks out of the shop.

Shit. Bucky is screwed. He is nowhere near prepared for when Steve comes back.