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It could have been anybody

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It´s dark. Namjoon can´t do anything, he isn´t reachable. His mind is drivting away, not able to react to, or even to remark, what is happens around him. His dark red blood, which is running down from the reopened wound on his forehead, slowly strockes down over his peach coloured lips. A thick rope was pulled around his body and ties him to an uncomfortable wooden chair. If he were awake, he would be tortured by pain. But at least he is not able to be afraid of the dark room in which he is right now, or about what will come next. He´s dreaming. Dreaming about writing some new songs in his comfy studio, in which he always is so contented. But unfortunately, this comforting safety is just a dream...

"Wake up Namjoooooonnn !" he opens his eyes as if strucked by lightning. Jungkook and J-Hope are staring at him, barely caring about how much they have frightened him. They just keep on teasing him, by tickle him and pinching his cheeks. "The- until just a moment ago - sleeping beauty" only briefly shakes his head, to get them to stop. Then he prepares himself to get up and start a new day by stretching out his arms and yawning. He doesn´t really wants to get up. Normally he has not that big problem with standing up early, but today he was just so exhausted. He stayed up late, because he had found an Hater´s Website and even though he knows, that there are always some haters, and always somebody complaining bout something, it hurted him so much. He just couldn´t stop reading trough all the hate comments against him... "RM is shit; RM has no talent at all; he looks like a pigeon has shited on him..." A lot of stuff like that, everything already heared, everything still hurting a bit. But the one who really cut into his flesh was, "RM should leave BTS" this was followed by a huge text with a lot of explainations why the user thinks so . Under the text there were a lot of people agreeing to his opinion. Well honestly that hurted him, because there were so many saying the same. Stupid page. Why had he clicked on it ? Well that is the reason you should never search yourself on Naver or on Google. Despite of the fact, that it would be a lie to maintain that he wouldn´t care, Namjoon will keep this as a secret. The others should not know how down he is. Normaly he always talkes with them bout something like that, but he was disappointed in himself because he still believed them. The members told him so often that he should just not care, but he can´t do that so simply.
It´s just really hard what some people write about him, without even knowing him in person.
RM seems to be deeep in thoughts and the two guys are wondering what´s wrong with him. So J-Hope suddenly grabs a pillow and screams "Pillow battleee!". And before Namjoon can say anything against it, he already has a pillow in his sleepy face. Jungkook shrugs his shoulders and then he grabs the Koya cushion to join in. Kookie and Hobi hit Joonie with the pillows again and again. RM tries to cover his face with his arm. All three are sitting on the bed laughing now. Hoseok is always able to make everyone feel better. RM forgets about what he read the day before. Their laughter gets interrupted after a few moments by Suga standing in the door frame. His hair is tousled and he seems drowsy. "breakfast is ready" he mumbles. As Suga trots off again, still half asleep, Namjoon, Jungkook and Hoseok look at each other, bursting out into laughter again, this time about their Motionless-comrade. Then J-Hope and the golden Maknae follow Suga while Namjoon gets dressed. While putting on a new shirt, he looks out of the window of his room. His gaze wanders across the balcony, then up to the blue sky. RM notices that he's been staring out of the window for quite a few minutes. Shaking his head, his thoughts come back to him and he opens the door to join his brothers at breakfast. He walks through the narrow corridor, rubs the rest of his sleep out of his eyes and then sits down by the others after wishing them a "Good Morning". Tae is drumming on the table with his chopsticks, Jimin can´t hold back a short laughter. Suga is looking at the rice as if it would be a soft pillow and he would drop his head on it any moment.
Now all seven members are sitting at the dining table. Jin has prepared an wonderfully fragrant Banchan, which is standing on the middle of the table. There are also seven rice bowls, one for every member. This is a traditional South Korean breakfast. He already made this a few times. Everybody knows, Jin cooks extremly good and he loves to try new recipes. If he tries Something new, J-Hope is the taster, because he is the only one who will tell Jin honestly wether it tastes good or bad. The others just can´t, maybe because they are afraid of making Jin mad. Once he had made seaweed soup for J-Hope and he liked it very much. He said that it reminded him of his mother’s cooking, RM hated it but he said that it´s good, then Jin was mad because he knew exactly that Rapmon lied. Well so even though he does not like to be called like that, Jin is kinda the mother in BTS. Or Let´s say he fits quite good in the role. Everyone enjoys the fine food. The big dinningroom/kitchen is connected open-walled with the spacious livingroom. This is such an amazing appartement, in one of the most expensive luxus complexes in Seoul. Amazing how far they came. They all started as normal people, some of them even come from poor backgrounds. And now they have litterarly everything you can get for money. Amazing. The TV next to the sofa, which you can see from the table, is on. Showing the News. Not really listening to, the seven Members continue eating.
After the title melody, the reporter speaks. " Good morning Seoul, a hiker which name is Choung Soo-an is missed. His dependants said, that the young man wanted to stroll in the Cheongdam Park. But he haven´t returned since Saturday, please if you saw this man, call this number." A man talks: "Well Hye this is not the first time of an reported missing case in the near of the Cheongdam Park right ?" "Right Sean, this already happened a few years ago. So the police assumes the worst, but if you out there can help, then please call." Suga switches the TV off, against the will of Jungkook who has already finished eating. "Hey why have you switched it off ? `the girl who leapt through time` would have aired next ! I wanted to watch it !" he complaines. " Jungkook ! It´s not even noon, you will not watch TV now! except that we have to practise. On top of that, you have the Movie on DVD so why you can not watch it in the evening ?" Jin replies, recognizing that he stood up while blustering the golden maknae. Suddenly RM starts laughing first just a little, then he bursts into total laughter. "Why are you laughing ?" Jin shoutes nervous, then recognizing, that he did it again. Behaving fitting to his most hated Nickname given by the fans. BTS´mother. Everyone joins RMs laugher, even Jin himself. But then RM suddenly becomes serious again. The scene reminded him at his family. Currently he missed them so much especially because he couldn´t go to his little sisters birthday party, because he had such an busy shedule. And as Leader he had always something to do. Tasks and duties every day so many of them. But everyone feels like that thats the price of fame. But they are all still just kids in some kind of way. Sometimes this is so heavy, but he do like it ! BTS is a life, he would always chose. But right now he just wants to be a normal guy, right now he wants to be alone a little bit. Just for getting a clear mind again. Namjoon stands up, thanks for the food, and puts his plate into the dishwasher. Then he goes back in his room. He packs a few things like a water bottle and headphones inside his backpach while he´s writing a message to his little sister, saying good morning to her and wishing her a good day. Joonie takes his bag and goes back into the kitchen, where the others are still sitting and talking. While taking an red cheeked apple out of the fruit bowl he says "I already go, we meet at BigHit later, see ya". "before the others can say anything RM has already left the appartement...