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for him.

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Izuku’s green eyes widen as the anonymous villain smirks almost teasingly. It was the worst possible situation he could think of. This villain was unlike any other they had fought before. Nothing like they had seen on TV or even in front of their very own eyes.

The thing is, he hadn’t even used his quirk at all, which made it difficult for Izuku to figure out a way to win the fight.

The villain jumps off a large disposal bin, his hands lighting up in some bright grey light. Deku was useless, frozen in place. The green electricity volts illuminating his body seemed to seize.

Huh, so that was his quirk.

“Midoriya!” Todoroki calls out anxiously. Izuku turns his head as if in slow motion. It was weird for Todoroki to have such a scared look on his face. It frightened Izuku.

The light came closer, blinding the boy's vision. The last thing he saw was a distressed Todoroki reaching out to him. His face was beyond scared, he really thought he was going to lose Izuku.

The light met his skin, a faint burning smell reaching Izuku’s senses.

The weird grey light burns at his fingertips, singing off the tips of his gloves. He knew he should have gotten fireproof gloves. He closes his eyes as he was enveloped in light. This was it.

He was gonna die in an alleyway, right in front of Todoroki and Bakugou. Todoroki, someone he admired much more than anyone else in the class. And Bakugou, his childhood friend, hero, enemy, partner, hated classmate and idol. That went both ways.

It was as if he had lived for nothing. And by the hands of an unknown villain was worse. A student at UA, killed, by an unknown villain. And with the other two boys being unable to save him would make a mark in their career, damaging it greatly and most likely be bad on their ranks.

A new threat to the city. Having its first kill, Izuku Midoriya. Also known as “Deku”. Loved by all, yet hated by most.

Bakugou wasn’t going to let that happen. A strong arm wraps around Izuku’s torso, tearing him away and into a hard chest. The other hand was blasting the villain, causing the grey light to cease. He managed to get to him.

This whole time he was holding back, not wanting to accidentally hit Deku instead of the villain. They didn't need a burnt Izuku and plus, they needed all the help they could get.

Izuku flutters his eyes open. Bakugou was above him, protecting him with all his power. The scent of salted caramel reaches his senses in the midst. His eyes widen for the second time that evening. Bakugou was protecting him. Him.

As the smoke clears, Todoroki quickly takes Izuku from Bakugou arms. He quickly backs away from the fight, holding Izuku back. Knowing him, he would most likely try and help Bakugou. He was in no position to move let alone fight a villain.

The smoke was gone, and so was the villain. Bakugou looks around frantically before a sickening laugh comes from above them.

They all look above, seeing the villain smirking evilly. The mask that had been covering their face was singed and hanging off half of their face. Izuku had questioned it might have been Toga, intimidating an average citizen and making it look like a new threat to the city. That was until the grey light came, she’s completely unable to copy someone’s quirk.

If she did, the world would have been burned to death by now. But they could all tell, this villain was not Toga and in fact, a new villain on the rise.

Fucking Great.

He snaps his fingers. The trio falls to the ground, unconscious. The villain got away. The three bodies lit up in grey light, a large white light formed above their chest. It was bright and shining, similar to the types of string lights that would lit up even Tokoyami's room.

The light switched with the body next to them, before settling down and completely disappearing. Nobody saw anything.

Nothing at all.

Izuku woke up first, rubbing his eyes with his fists. His body felt weak and throbbed in multiple places. His chest rose up and down heavily. It seemed a bit bigger than last time he looked at it.


Wondering why he was in an alleyway and not his dorm room back at UA high school. He remembers last night and shot upwards. He looks around frantically but alas, the villain had escaped. That hurt his side, making him wince in pain.

This was gonna be a piece of huge news when they all got back to UA. A lot of questioning, maybe even court involved. Everyone was probably worried sick about their whereabouts. All Might and Aizawa would be the most worried by far. I mean it’s their adopted kid-students. I meant students.

That thought processed slowly in Izuku’s mind, only now realising that Todoroki and Bakugou had accompanied along with him. Where were they? Izuku stumbles around slightly, looking around the dirty alleyway for Bakugou and Todoroki’s body. Instead, he sees, himself on the ground. He shook his head again to comprehend what he was seeing. It was him, on the ground, unconscious. It hurt his head greatly.

Izuku immediately started freaking out. Did he become a ghost??? Was he in a different reality or something crazy like that?? A different dimension?? What did that villain do to him? Was this their quirk? In his current identity crisis, he brought his hands up to rub his temples, instead accidentally hitting himself in the head with something accompanying his wrists. Bakugou’s arm grenades.

This just makes him question himself even more. Why did he have Bakugou’s grenades on? Maybe he forgot. Maybe Bakugou gave them to him to use against the villain during the fight?
The confused hero looked down at his arms in shock and confusion.

He realises he was wearing Bakugou’s hero costume as well. The boots, baggy pants. Crisscross top and everything. A thought running through his head surfaced. About the hero’s quirk. In shock, he stumbled to the nearest trash can and threw up inside of it. Whatever he ate before was now resting at the bottom of a trash can. An idea came to his head in the midst.

He lazily leant down from his sick state and picked up the largest piece of glass and holding it up to his face. His gloves had blood on them as well, unnerving Izuku a little.

It wasn’t his face at all. The soft white skin, red piercing eyes that Deku had been staring at for years, pink lips and the spiky blonde hair were quite familiar to him after all. It was Bakugou’s.

A deep scream echoed down the alleyway.

“Bakugou quit screaming.” A flat voice said from behind him. Izuku quickly turned around. He saw. . . . himself, sitting up and scratching his head lazily.

“I’m not Bakugou! I-I’m you! You’re me!! Why are you in my body? Get out of me!!” He yells loudly, pointing at the body accusingly.

“What in the world are you talking about? Did you get brain damaged or something? Are you okay?” He asks in that flat voice again, holding his hand up and pushing back Izuku-Bakugou blonde spiky hair back to see if he had a wound or bruise on his head.

The green haired boy’s eyes widen as he realises they weren’t his hands. They were Izuku’s. Scar strewn, bitten fingernails. His hands were slightly tanner than Izuku’s, something you would only notice after looking at them for a long time, which Todoroki had. It was for science.

His hands didn’t have lots of scars and especially not bitten fingernails. The tips of his fingers were only just making an appearance. His eyes trail down from Izuku’s hands down to his sleeves and there it was. Izuku’s ripped hero costume.

He looks at Izuku with a drained expression on his face.

“I-I’m you.” He stutters, slowly realising what was happening.

“Todoroki?” Izuku asks, grabbing his hand from Bakugou’s forehead. Nobody ever really sees Bakugou’s forehead at all. Todoroki actually wondered about it a lot. Again, for science.

“Midoriya?” Todoroki questions. Izuku nods. It was very strange to see such a soft and innocent facial expression on Bakugou’s face.

It was honestly unnerving.

“Then. . . . . where am I?” Todoroki asks, taking his hand away from Bakugou’s hands. Yes, it was Izuku, but it felt weird to hold Bakugou’s hand. It felt different than it would be with Izuku.

They both turn their heads at the same time. Todoroki’s body, still unconscious and lying on the ground. They both knew who was in there. One angry blonde boi.

"Go wake him up," Midoriya said quickly, hitting Todoroki in the arm.

"You go wake him up!"

"You do it!"

“You go wake him up, he won’t freak out as much.” Izuku said to Todoroki. Todoroki grunts in annoyance.

But he knew was right, but he didn’t want to be the one to tell him. He would completely freak out. And knowing him, wouldn’t know how to control Todoroki’s ice power.

When you have Todoroki’s ice power, whenever he gets angry, embarrassed, even bashful or shocked to an extent, he could freeze a whole village. Sometimes it’s hard to control the ice when your emotions go haywire. That would explain why Todoroki had such a monotone expression all the time. He only shows emotion in battle, which is why he can use his ice power to his extent.

When he was a kid, he was happy and lively. Now, he was just like an empty shell. It took him ages to control his emotions to this extent. Bakugou hadn’t had all of that control training so you could see why he didn’t want to wake him up. It had to be done eventually anyway.

Todoroki nods, stumbling over to his body on the ground. It was weird to see himself on the ground, unconscious. Does my hair always look like that from the back? He grabbed his shoulders and shook them slightly. “Wake up,” Todoroki said boringly. Bakugou didn’t wake up. Todoroki slaps him across the face, earning a cry from Izuku behind him.

Bakugou still didn’t wake him. Todoroki sighs annoyingly. He didn’t want to have to go to these measures. But it didn’t seem like he had a choice. The boy turns back to Midoriya almost menacingly.

“Tell anyone about this, I’ll kill you.” He warns.

He would never actually kill Midoriya, Midoriya was the only person in his life he actually cared about. Even if he did tell everyone, he would always end up forgiving him and going back to him. Whether he liked it or not. But it got his point across.

Midoriya nods Bakugou’s head quickly. It made Todoroki cringed, it looked weird on Bakugou’s face. Oh well, he couldn’t complain about it now. He turns back to his body on the ground.

He takes his head and tilts it backwards slightly, using his other hand to open his mouth. Technically speaking, it was just like giving CPR to yourself. Right?

Todoroki cringes again before taking in a big breath and leaning down. Izuku watches from behind, saying no word. He puckers his lips up, despite his embarrassment. Todoroki closes his eyes to avoid embarrassment, before getting hit straight in the face.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING DEKU?!” An angry voice yells, hurting Todoroki’s ears. His own hand was pushing his face away. Thank the lord and saviour.

“I was trying to give you CPR until you woke up!” Todoroki yells back. Bakugou pushes him away even more. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!”

An angry look was plastered on Todoroki’s usually calm face. Midoriya quickly backed away at the mere sight of it. He agreed then and there that he never ever wanted to see an angry Todoroki, ever.

Bakugou head turned to Midoriya behind Todoroki, making Izuku back away even more. The angry boy’s eyes widen in anger and confusion.

“WHAT THE FUCK-” Todoroki cuts him off by hitting him in the back of his head. Bakugou falls down into Todoroki’s arms. Exactly the same as Kendou hitting Monoma when he went too far with Class 1A. It was a wonder how Monoma hadn’t been beaten to a pulp by now.

“Todoroki!” Midoriya scolds angrily. Even on Bakugou’s face, he still looked innocent and cute while he was angry.

“It’s better this way.” Izuku hated to admit it, but he was right.

“We should go back to UA and immediately tell the teachers. They’ll know what to do.” Todoroki said thoughtfully. He didn’t sound like he believed they would know what to do. But they’d both rather go to the teachers than the authorities first. They’d know what to do knowing their students.

They didn’t need to be asked a million questions by authorities that they didn’t know. Some of them wouldn’t even be authorities. Some would be news reporters like when Bakugou was captured by the Villain League. Besides, they didn’t have much time until Bakugou woke up again and caused another incident. He would have been a drama queen either way.
Midoriya nods. He takes Bakugou’s other arm and helps Todoroki carry him back to the school. It felt weird holding up Todoroki when he knew that Todoroki was on the side helping him hold him. This whole thing was confusing for them both.

Thankfully, they were in a very unpopular area by the school. It was lucky they didn’t get recognised. Nobody came up to him saying that they knew them and then start to question them. They just wanted to get to school and try and have this done and over with. The back entranceway to the school would be more suitable, trying not to cause anything major.

As they limped back to school, Izuku muttered to himself relentlessly. What he had pieced together so far was that the villain waited all that time to use his quirk. He guessed that his quirk was a mind-altering type.

Those types of quirks were protected heavily and were used for government needs. The people who were born with those quirks were immediately kept under care and close eye. It was illegal for them to use their quirk without permission or a very desperate situation.

Otherwise, they were arrested.

Or sometimes, even worse.

Todoroki turns to Izuku as he mutters to himself.

He takes his other hand from his upper lip and clasps it tightly. It didn’t feel weird as much as it did before, even though it was still Bakugou’s hand.

Izuku blushes slightly as his hand was held tight. It was a sight for Bakugou’s face to be blushing. Todoroki wished he had a camera so he could take a photo and show Bakugou after this whole charade. Maybe blackmail him to stop yelling so much.

They both concentrate on getting back to UA. But, their hands were still holding each other’s tight, even intertwining together. Their hands were warm, although it hurt for Todoroki since Izuku’s fingertips had been signed from the villain he ignored it.

He’d walk through fire to hold Izuku’s hand at least once.

Normally, he would have been the one to cause the fire but it’s the thought that counts.

A few people behind them, recognised the heroes in the making. They saw what they thought was Bakugou and Izuku holding hands. As of, they got out their phones and quickly snapped a few photos.

And knowing the internet, it spread fast.