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Maybe, Probably

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Jim stepped into his quarters and stood there in the middle of the main room for a moment, uncertain how to feel or what to do.

His gaze raked over the space. Would it have to change? Did he have to get a bigger bed? Make room for someone else’s stuff?

Or would…would Spock even want that? Would he just want to keep everything the same? Him in his quarters and Jim in his. As though nothing at all had changed.

Jim had just been released from the medbay after being there for two days. Bones had said he could have forty-eight more hours. Spock too. Under the circumstances they were docked at Yorktown, because that space station had been closest to the ship's location when they'd been rescued.

And Bones had…well, he’d had to contact Starfleet.

The thing was…this was the fault of the mission. Spock hadn’t wanted this. Jim didn’t even know if he’d wanted it. Sure, he wanted…something with Spock, but, um, well, he hadn’t really had all this in mind.

They’d been stranded. The planet had been strange. Stranger than any Jim had yet encountered and something, somehow, made Spock go into his time. And that time had been irrevocably with Jim.

Three solid days of sexual claiming. And during that time, their minds had connected, bonded.

When they’d finally been rescued they’d been wrapped up together, still naked, both of them. A tangle of limbs. Spock had been, at first, reluctant to release Jim to the crew, but then reason returned, he recognized Bones and Uhura and the others, and he let go.

Jim had not seen him in person since, but, oh, yes, he felt him. Their minds were interlocked. He got Spock’s thoughts sometimes even and he was sure Spock got his. And he felt the Vulcan’s emotions too. Confusion, irritation, anger. Jim didn’t personally feel the second two emotions, but yes, he felt the first. And sorrow and fear. Because he was both sad and afraid that this was the last thing Spock would have wanted.

Bones had healed Jim all over. Jim was fine mostly. Nothing more than some scrapes and bruises and soreness. And some of that was from being stranded there and had nothing to do with Pon Farr.

Thinking the words made his quarters hot and heavy somehow. Oppressive. He tugged at his T-shirt. He hadn’t bothered with his uniform just yet as there was no need. Bones himself had fetched these clothes for him as he’d worn a medbay gown while he’d been there.

“Bridge to Captain Kirk.”

Uhura’s voice had him wincing. She and Spock hadn’t been together anymore, Jim knew that, but still she had to have feelings over his sudden shotgun wedding with Spock. And as Bones and M’Benga had advised, in the laws of Vulcan and the Federation, they were married now.

He strolled over to his terminal and sat down. He was glad he could without any residual discomfort. “Kirk here.”

She appeared on his screen, her expression one of perfect professionalism. “Sorry to disturb you, Captain. Admiral Freemont for you.”

Jim nodded. “Put him through, Lieutenant.”

Freemont appeared on his screen, his one blind eye looking clouded in his scarred, battered face. “Jim, how are you feeling, son?"

“Good, sir. Much better.”

“Of course we have your CMO’s full report on what happened on Beta Ceti 8.”

Jim waited.

“Everything’s in order on our end.”


“Everything’s been filed for your new…relationship with Commander Spock. We’ve been in touch with the Vulcan High Council as well. Now, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, Jim, that the Vulcans take this bonding thing very seriously.”

“No, sir. I know.”

“And consequently, they expect you to remain bonded with Commander Spock.” Freemont leaned back in his chair. “However, that being said, circumstances being what they were, you had little choice in the matter on Beta Ceti 8, and therefore, if you’d prefer to initiate a dissolution of your bond with Commander Spock, given those unfortunate circumstances, Starfleet will acquiesce to your wishes.”

“I understand.”

“What would you like to do, Jim?”

“Uh. I really don’t know, sir. I don’t think I have an objection to being bonded to Spock, but to be honest I’m still not even sure what it all means or entails. We, uh, haven’t had much time to talk since we were rescued.” Jim shook his head. “And it’s not only up to me, obviously. Spock didn’t have much choice either and I’m guessing he might not be fully onboard with this idea.”

“You think he wants to dissolve the bond?”

“I think it’s called sever or something,” Jim replied. “And maybe. He might. I sense anger in him to be honest. I don’t think this is the result he would have chosen for himself if we hadn’t been stranded on Beta Ceti 8.”

“Surveys are still being done for Beta Ceti 8 but for now, we’re calling it off limits to other Federation ships. We’re not yet sure what caused Commander Spock to enter into his, er, unmentionable time.”

Jim’s lips twitched, though it really wasn’t funny. But the old admiral was clearly uncomfortable with the details of Spock’s time.     

“I think Spock was just as surprised as anyone.”

“For now, you’re to stay docked at Yorktown for the next two days, Jim. We’ll reevaluate at the end of those days. Obviously if this bond interferes in your command team as it is, we’ll have to reassess that too.”

“I don’t think it will, sir. We’re well aware of our duties, Admiral.”

“I have no doubt of that, Jim. You two are exemplary examples of our finest officers. We’ll be speaking with Commander Spock as well. For now, Freemont out.”

The thing was, Jim most definitely had been interested in sex with Spock before the whole ‘Okay, we gotta’ happened. But he hadn’t acted on it. And really, he wasn’t sure he ever would. Because while he wanted Spock more than anyone, respected Spock more than anyone, loved Spock more than anyone, if he were honest, Jim didn’t have a lot of friends, not that he could trust and rely on like he could Spock and Bones, and he hadn’t wanted to lose that, lose Spock, with sexual and romantic nonsense that could and would only complicate things.

Besides, up until Beta Ceti 8, Jim had been sure that any feelings Spock had for him were most certainly platonic in nature. He’d never given Jim one reason to think otherwise. Until obviously Jim was lying under him with Spock’s tongue in his mouth and um, well, other parts in other parts. But he shouldn’t be thinking like that. Should he?

Jim had never thought he’d commit to anyone. Because obviously the person, Vulcan, being, whatever, he loved could never be his. But now, he was. But it was probably only temporary, right? Why would Spock want to be permanently bonded with him?

“Bridge to Captain Kirk.”

Uhura again. She sounded a bit harried this time.

Jim frowned. “Kirk here.”

“Captain, there’s a Vulcan priestess asking for permission to come onboard.”

“To see Spock?”

“No, Captain. To see you.”


“Yes, sir.” She cleared her throat. “Something about giving you pointers on being bonded to a Vulcan.”

Jim’s mouth hung open. “What?”

Uhura shrugged. “She happened to be on Yorktown and heard about it. She feels you could benefit from her instructions.”

Jim pinched the bridge of his nose. “Swell.”

“Should I tell her to take a flying leap?”

“Yes.” Jim sighed. “But probably shouldn’t. Let her onboard.”