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The Flip of a Coin

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“Good, now get running!” Morgana’s voice being the first to call in, confidence never wavering.

“This is our only chance!” Ryuji, pointing out the obvious.

“Stay calm! You can get away now”! Haru, such a worry wart, it was sickeningly sweet.

“We’ll retrieve the briefcase on our end.” Makoto, always getting to the point

“Must you yell?” I can’t help but ask, starting to get a headache. What was it with everyone talking over one another during these missions, I really had to nip that in the butt next run.

“…Suspects…not…confirmed… …hold …your…positions…” the radio started to fuzz in and out. Ah, so the real fun finally begins.

“Hm…? What was that…?"

"Don't worry Ann, probably mixed frequency. You all still good to go?"

“Don’t worry about us Joker. Just concentrate on getting away!”

Right, easier said then done. But even so, I couldn’t hold down the grin on my face. I always was a glutton for a challenge.

“There he is!” My head snaps up, security on a balcony not far from me, more showing up after, taking aim.

“Just run! Get out of there!” I nod, knowing they could see me, and make a quick stop, jumping to the side, and over the walkway arches, up onto the next floor. And with that, I flung myself into the door, further into the casino.

“He’s not alone, find them and kill them all!” Well, that’s rude. I huff silently as I pass the security room.

It was only a few floors up the stairs to reach my exit; I could hear the footsteps of security behind me get louder. Hmm, must be getting sloppy.

It doesn't take long for me to teach the only door at the top of the staircase, and as I slam the door open, I freeze, before sighing as I realized just where my team lead me. Of course my escape would be through the window this time. The footsteps get closer, stopping behind me. I turn to them, their guns held up at me.

I pause, before giving a two finger salute before leaning backwards, catching myself on the ledge beneath; and start running across it to the other side of the room.

‘Okay… One, two…’ I reach the end of the ledge. ‘Three!’

I jump, turning my back towards the window, praying it would actually break from my weight and I wouldn’t just bounce off it again. God that was embarrassing last time.

Thankfully it did break, and so I twisted around again, landing on my feet, ignoring the chimes of awe from my team mates.

Then suddenly, light flooded towards me. Shit.

“What? Enemies here? These readings, it can’t be!?
“An ambush?”
“What happened?”
“Joker can you handle this?”
Everyone started yelling their concern over the mic. God I needed to make sure Futaba fixes the volume on this thing next time.

Scanning the area briefly, there had to be several dozen armored police. I knew where I’d end up, there was no way to escape. But still, this wasn’t the first time this had happened, what fun would it be to go silently?

So, I was surrounded. But I knew I was faster then they were. So after a tense pause between us. I booted it.

As they began chasing me, I take my leap, grabbing hold of the ladder that always seemed so conveniently near by, and of course, as I reached the top, I ended up facing more armed men; but…

You ever have the moment where it feels like time slows down as you realized you messed up?

Yeah, me to. Too often in fact.

This time however, happened as I was staring at the barrel of a gun that was point blank to my face.
Before I could say anything though, my ears rang for a short second, and then I’m suddenly consumed in black.

I guess I had slipped up somewhere; and now, it was time to start again.

I wonder what would be in store this time.