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  peach hair

Woe Is Me

“Get into your room and pack your bag, the car will be here in thirty minutes!”

I huffed up the stairs to room, dragging my feet as I went. My final attempt to avoid the month from hell hadn’t worked either, so upon entering my shared room I headed for my wardrobe. Rummaging around and tossing random items of clothing and a duffle bag onto my bed. Next I headed for the adjoining bathroom and threw my toothbrush and some basic makeup items into a toiletries bag and chucked that on the bed too. A few more things I deemed completely necessary soon joined the pile before I shoved them all in the duffle, not bothering to fold anything. Reaching for the zipper, it started fastening on its own. Letting out an annoyed sigh as I turned around and slumped onto my bed.

“I really don’t understand why you don’t want to come.” It was my twin sister. The apple of mummy and daddy’s eye. “Can I come in?”

She was kidding right? “It’s your bedroom too Mae, why are you asking my permission?”

Our relationship was tumultuous to say the least, but this seemed like one of her more kinder incarnations. As she approached the bed, a sock floated to the hamper, an empty can made its way to the bin. Fuck her and her perfect quirk.

“Can you not do that please?”

“Well sis, if you kept your side of the room clean I wouldn’t have to.”

We’d always shared a room, at our parent’s insistence, despite there being three spare bedrooms still available in the house. Our mother was a famous Hero and our dad was her sidekick. That’s how they’d met and fell in love - they were the countries sweethearts. So you can imagine that once her pregnancy was announced and the news of twins released, the nation sat on tenterhooks to see what our quirks would be. As the precursor of my life in her shadow, Mae’s quirk showed itself early. I’m too young to remember of course, but as I’m constantly reminded, she saved me from breaking my neck falling down the stairs before we could even walk. She has telekinesis, of everything. Animal, vegetable and mineral, and it’s a real pain in the arse to live with.

“It wouldn’t be the same without you there [Y/N].” Mae sat next to me and took my hand in hers. Everything about her was textbook hero. She had the brains, looks and personality for mass appeal. She’d studied for one year at UA, after which she was accepted into an apprenticeship program working along side my parents at their agency. I on the other hand attended normal, regular, boring high school. I mean sure, it was a fancy private one, but it was still just regular studies for me.

I sulked, resting my head on her shoulder. “People will probably think I work there.”

“You’re such a brat sometimes [Y/N]. It’s a family trip… And it’s to celebrate our birthday.”

“Yay! Four weeks at a Hero’s only resort. You know I’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”

“I guess I will too then.” I knew she was referring to the fact we were twins, but the reality was we were anything but identical. Yeah, we were similar, but where her hair was fluorescent pink with natural waves, and an invisible fan perpetually following her around ensuring it was always flowing. Mine was dead straight and a pale, dull dusty orange. We were both the exact same height, but our bodies were as different as you’d expect them to be; with one of us basically already a full time hero and the other until recently a full time student. And don’t get me started on my quirk. “You’ll have me, I promise I wont leave you on your own, and we will make our own fun… Ok?”

I nodded reluctantly but I knew her too well.

“Now are you sure you have enough stuff in that bag, a month is a long time.” Mae queried, but I just shrugged and threw myself backwards onto my bed. She let out an annoyed sigh and mentally delved through my drawers. “You’ll need a bathing suit, another pair of shoes, some active wear for when I drag you out with me aaaaannd… A few nice dresses in case you meet someone.” She wiggled her eyebrows and nudged my knee as the last few items glided into the hovering bag.

In case I meet someone. Not bloody likely! Never in my life could I remember a guy noticing me. Having our eyes meet before they darted theirs away, embarrassed that I’d caught them looking. I’m not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but when the person closest to you in the entire world is faultless, you accept early on that you will always play second fiddle.


“Come on sis, the car’s here. I’ve got your bag.” With a pat on my thigh, Mae got up – my bag floating just in front of her. I tried to catch up and tell her I could carry it myself, but just before my hand reached her shoulder, some of her hair blew in my face, tickling my nose. Shit… Please no! I couldn’t hold it in, and sneezed just before reaching my bedroom door. Mae giggled as she ambled down the stairs.

“It’s not funny.” I yelled out to her.

“Yes it is.” She yelled back.

I straightened myself up and took a deep breath through my nose. Not looking back into my room, I reached out for the handle and pulled my door shut. I’d deal with that when we got back.


The next eight hours that followed on route to our final destination, were as annoyingly eventful as I’d expected them to be. In line at the airport, the flight attendants on the plane, even the driver taking us to the resort – who was meant to remain discreet – all fawned over my parents and their protégé. While I just stood there, the pineapple that nobody wants on their pizza.

Finally we arrived as the sun was setting, and the place was as beautiful as you’d expect. Palm trees and hibiscus lined the main driveway, and the warm humid air kissed our skin as we exited the shuttle.

The place seemed deserted, which I knew was the point and what you paid for. But then why did they have a board in the lobby with a list of all the guests there on it? Seemed counterintuitive to me. While my parents checked us in, I wandered over and ran my eyes down the list. I stopped part way down. Enji Todoroki. Hmh…

“Oh my god, Endeavour is here?” Mae exclaimed jumping behind me.

“Seems like it.”

“Shit! Shoto is here too?”

“Is that his brother?” I dumbly asked.

Mae face palmed. “You need to get out from under your rock more - That’s his son! And he’s fine as hell!”


There was no point in getting excited about someone I didn’t even know being there, no matter how handsome he supposedly was. And besides, I was happy under my rock. Being bombarded on all sides with the hero-iness that was my world, I liked retreating from the spotlight. I never attended press conferences anymore, conventions or public meet-ups. It wasn’t my life, it was theirs. And it’s not like they missed me being there anyway. I’m pretty sure most people had forgotten that Mae was even a twin.

“Why don’t you girls take a walk along the beach and meet us at our bungalow. It’s the last one on the left facing the water.”

“Ok dad. We’ll see you there.” Mae grabbed my arm and skipped out the lobby doors towards the sand, dragging me along behind her. She knew well enough by now not to use her quirk on me just to get her own way. With all our ups and down, I was glad at least that much of her was predictable.

Making our way to the beach we noticed a few scattered blankets with couples taking in the romance of the sunset. There were some kids playing on the grass in front of one of the rooms and the crackling of the torches that lined the path just before the sand, gave the place a relaxing vibe.

I’m not sure what mum and dad were doing, cause we made it to the bungalow before them. There was a porch swing where we sat and waited for them to arrive. This was the closest I had felt to my sister in a long time, and even though the trip had only just started, if it continued like this maybe this holiday wouldn’t be so bad after all. Surely there’d be something nice planned for our 18th birthday, and as long as Mae remained in her current mood, I guess I could meet her half way and not act like I had something better to do all the time.

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just breathe

Just Breathe

It hadn’t been that long of a wait for mum and dad, and once they arrive we started to explore. The bungalow was large, meaning Mae and I didn’t have to share a room. I took the smallest one, because I just didn’t care. After throwing my duffle bag into the bottom of the wardrobe (my version of unpacking), I noticed a small desk with a few books stacked on top. Realising I’d brought none with me, I made my way over to see what they were. Just some boring travel and self help books…

Hah! Well isn’t that a stab in the face? At the bottom of the pile were The Catcher in the Rye and The Outsiders. I hadn’t read either of them, but my grandmother had compared me to Holden Caulfield more than once, so I kinda got the gist. ‘If only all that rebellion and angst could manifest them self into a decent quirk.’ Thanks Granny. I knew both novels were set in a quirk free world and figured that alone made them worth a read, and moved them to the bedside table.

“Girls, we’re leaving for dinner in ten minutes.”

I made way to the room opposite mine and leaned against the doorframe, watching Mae frantically change.

“Ten minutes! That’s not nearly long enough.” She was flustered, and it was fun to watch. “Aren’t you going to change?” She questioned me in disgust.

“What’s wrong with this?”

“Wha… Ha… How are you going to make a good impression in that?”

I smiled and shook my head. I was happy with my choice, or lack thereof. The same thing I’d had on all day. Lightweight black track pants pushed low on my hips, and an oversized t-shirt with the front tucked into the waistband of my pants. It’s not like anyone would notice me anyway.

I got the same reaction from my mother once I made it to the living room. My father gave me a soft reassuring smile like he always did to try and resolve any potential friction, and we waited together for Mae.

“You look lovely sweetheart.” My mother doted on her arrival. She wore a blue floral sundress with buttons all the way down the front. It had a tie, which cinched it in at the waist and left the skirt flowing. She had on a low pair of brown strappy heels and as much makeup as she could under the time restraints.

“Ok girls, there is one thing we need to tell you before we leave. It’s a rule of the resort.” Mum was visibly annoyed as she leaned against the arm of the couch. “It’ll be fine honey. It’s what makes this place to good… You see girls, you are meant to refrain from using your quirks in public – unless completely necessary of course. And we’re to refer to everyone by their actual names. The whole point of this place is to give rest bite to Hero’s. It’s so we can relax and recuperate.” He lovingly rubbed mums back. “They have their own security team in place, and it’s also why there are so few people here. We can’t have all the Hero’s out of commission at once.”

Dad noticed the smile I was fighting hard to contain, because this was perfect! And so fucking funny! I could see the look of contempt on Mae’s face – it was priceless. I couldn’t wait to see her having to do shit for herself, with her own two hands.

“It’ll be alright Mae. When we’re in here you can do what you like. But just try and be mindful when we’re around others. That’s all I ask.” She nodded sweetly to him, but I could already sense the shift in her mood.

We made our way to the restaurant, back along the beach path lined with torches. There were ten cabins in all that bordered the beachfront. Each identical and charming, painted white. At the opposite end of the row to where we were staying, there was a large infinity pool with a bar behind it, and on the other side was the dining room.

Finally, I’m starving… What? There were two large communal tables running down the middle of the room, with a buffet set up on the far side. There were name cards indicating set seating. What is it with these places and forcing people to mingle? Dad stood behind me in the doorway and placed his hands on my shoulders. “You’ll be alright Peach. They change the seating each night, and if you don’t like who you’re next to, you can swap with me.” He kissed the top of my head and proceeded towards his spot.

I don’t know what I’d do without my father. He always seemed to know when I was off, and his nickname for me was everything. He’d taken something that I saw as making me less than my sister – my hair – and used it to make me feel special. I knew he loved us both, but he only ever called her Mae – when they weren’t working of course.

Sitting down next to my sister, she playfully pushed my arm. “Oh my god [Y/N], this is gonna be awesome. I’m gonna make so many new friends.” There it was… I knew the loving sister role wouldn’t last long.

“Really Mae… There’s like 40 people here total.” I said looking around at the number of people and empty seats.

“Yeah, but there’s quite a few our age that look nice.” She replied, waving at two girls standing in the buffet line. They smiled and waved back at us, which was comforting, but they looked a lot more like Mae’s cup of tea than mine. They seemed to have put the same amount of effort into their appearance as she did, but I tried to keep an open mind. Don’t judge a book by its cover, I told myself.

I watched them take a step forward in the line before one tapped the other on the shoulder and pointed towards the door.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Mae hysterically whispered in my ear while squeezing my thigh.

“Quit it you freak, that hurt.” I furled my brow and pushed her hand off my leg. “What’s your problem?”

“That’s Enji and Shoto Todoroki!” Her eyes were wide and smitten as she stared at the young man walking with his father. Upon seeing them heading for our table she let out an annoying squeal which made his head dart in our direction. I just rolled my eyes and looked away but saw her wave to him out of the corner of my eye. Real subtle sis. Their places were on the opposite side and a few seats along from where we were sitting and Mae kept doing things to make him look in our direction. It was pathetic really. Sure the guy was hot… Really hot, but that wasn’t reason enough to behave so desperate.

“[Y/N], I’m gonna go get a drink. Tell me if he watches me while I walk away.”

Are we really doing this? “Ok fine.”

She got up and leaned over my shoulder at an angle that meant he could look right down the front of her dress. “I’m gonna get a drink sis.” She announced, playfully kissing my cheek and seductively walked past him. I tried to call out to her to ask her to get me something to drink as well, but she was too deep in her plan to hear me.

Sighing, I turned back to the table and rested my chin in my hand. Figuring I’d best look at least once to see if he was checking her out, I swivelled my head towards him. Fuck! My eyes widened and darted away. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. Breathe… Breathe…

Sucking my whole bottom lip into my mouth, I slowly blinked and looked at him again. Yep, ok… Same as last time. To my utter amazement he wasn’t looking at Mae, but at me. He didn’t smile or break his gaze. His eyes pierced through me. Where they two different colours?

Did I have something on my face? I rubbed my hand over my cheeks but there was nothing there. One side of his mouth curled into a smirk and I was about to ask him if something was wrong but my sister sat back down. She put her drink in front of her and I stared at the glass. I’d hoped she would be considerate enough to get me one too, but I was clearly giving her more credit than she deserved.

“So?” She asked.

I wasn’t sure what to tell her. Did I lie and say he did, or tell her that the opposite was true? I knew she’d have the shits if she thought I was getting attention she thought she deserved. “Not really. He was just looking at his phone.” Shrugging it off like it didn’t mean anything.

I nonchalantly looked back to him but he wasn’t there.

Placing my hands on the edge of the table, preparing to push my seat back, I saw an arm reach from behind my shoulder and place a glass in front of me. I froze as I felt warm breath on the side of my neck. “She’s trying too hard.” A deep husky voice whispered in my ear. By the time I whipped my head around to see who it was, all I saw was the backside of the voices owner.

What did Mae say his name was again? Shoto?

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“You know I like him… Why the fuck did he get you a drink?”

I shrugged my shoulders, her guess was as good as mine.

“What did you say to him while I was gone?”

“Nothing. There was barely enough time t –“

“So you did talk to him.” She interrupted me.

I leaned onto the table, slumping my head in my hands. Mae’s voice was ringing in my ears and I just wanted it to stop. Why the hell did he have to be a gentleman and get me a drink? I assumed it had nothing to do with me, and more to do with my sister. He’d clearly taken the opportunity as an excuse to tell me that she needed to simmer her efforts down. That he was interested, but preferred the chase.

“Do we really need to have this discussion? You can have him, I’d never stand a chance anyway.”

“You got that right.”

Her words cut deep. Even though she was upset, she was still my sister. I guess deep down I still had hope that she thought more of me. That she saw a lot, or at least some of herself in my appearance. We’d been so close when we were younger. She never cared about who had what quirk, I was just her best friend. My heart overflowed with love back then, but now it was just half full.

I fought hard to stop the tears welling in the corners of my eyes as I took the verbal barrage hurled in my direction. I just nodded, what else could I do. I was too trampled to fight back. Mae had mastered the art of subtle espionage. She could stab me with her words whilst maintaining a jovial expression, successfully hiding the conflict from our parents. I use to try and tell on her, but it always fell on deaf ears. She was the golden child after all. So I just kept my head turned away from them.

In my line of sight however was Shoto. I’d desperately tried to not look directly at him during the tirade, but with my sisters last words I couldn’t help myself. I gathered the courage and found him looking at me again. His eyebrows were tightly knit together – well what I could see of them from underneath the bi-coloured hair strewn across his forehead – and his face carried a concerned expression. He tilted his head to the side as if asking if I was ok, but my staring only caught Mae’s attention. She flung her head around and saw he was looking back at me and slammed her hands on the table.

I jumped in my seat, startled at the change in her outward demeanour. Seems she didn’t care about keeping things secret anymore. “You fucking bitch!” She leaned in and spoke, just centimetres from my face.

I was done. “I don’t want him Mae, I said you could have him.” I whimpered, louder than I probably should have. Instant regret stained my face red as I noticed the amount of eyes on me. I slid my chair back and as I stood the tears started to flow. I wanted to call her a bitch too, to say all the witty come backs I’d accumulated over the years, but like every other time I just turned and walked away.


The morning sun shone brightly in my face waking me up. Why the bloody hell didn’t I draw the curtains closed last night? As I got out of bed to close them, I remembered the previous evening. Unsure of what time the rest of my family had returned – or if my parents were even concerned about me – I hopped back into bed. Pulling the covers high up around my neck and snuggling in. I know summer is meant to be great, the sun and the warmth and all that, but I loved the cold. I had the aircon set quite cool and just how I liked it.

Reaching out from under the quilt and picking up my phone to check the time, I noticed it was 9:45am. Was everyone else sleeping in or had they gone to breakfast without me? I decided fuck them either way, it was my vacation too and I was going back to sleep. I’d sleep all day, each of the four weeks we were here if I wanted to. I smugly rolled over and settled back in.


Damn it, I gotta pee! I checked my phone again and it was 11:05. If I was getting up anyway, I’d just start my day.

Stepping into the hall I saw that the door to Mae’s room was shut. Part of me wanted to open it to see if she was inside. To reconcile. But not today, I was always the one who went crawling to her even though she initiated most of the brawls.

Once in the bathroom however, I saw one towel on the floor and one hanging on the rack. Her makeup littered the bench and the hair dryer was plugged into the socket. I headed back to her door and pressed my ear against it – nothing. I walked to the end of the hall and saw no one in the living room either. Wow, thanks fam.

Despite actually wanting to be left alone, I sulked back to the bathroom and took a shower. Once done I threw on my bathing suit. It was a simple black bikini with ties at the side. I slid on some frayed denim cut offs and a lose white tank top. Grabbing The Catcher in the Rye, my sunglasses and phone I headed for the door.

Stopping at the top of the porch steps, I heard my stomach rumble. Shit no wonder, I never ended up eating last night. My phone showed it was almost midday so I made my way to the pool. I didn’t want anything too heavy, so something snacky from the bar would be perfect.

Most of the tables were empty when I arrived, and I chose to sit off to the side at one that was partly shaded. After ordering a bowl of fries, I leaned back, resting my feet on one of the other chairs. Picking up the book, I opened it to the title page and scanned the fine print. Then I flicked through the pages to roughly the middle and brought it to my face. Breathing in deeply, allowing the aroma to overtake me. I loved the smell of old books, and this one had been printed in 1951. I found it so interesting imagining who else had turned its pages, and what their story was.

“Hope I’m not disturbing you.” I was startled by the same husky voice that spoke to me the night before. I gazed up from my book to see Shoto standing beside me with a hand on the back of my chair. Stop looking… Don’t stare… Don’t stare… But I couldn’t help myself, all he was wearing was a pair of board shorts and a hat.

I eventually caught myself as my eyes trailed down from his face to his chest. Shaking my head I managed to find some words. “Um… Hi…” Pure genius.

“So are you gonna invite me to sit down or do I stay standing here like an idiot?”

“Oh sorry.” I sat up taking my feet off the chair. “I didn’t expect anyone would want to join me.” I sat the book on the table and looked at him while he sat down.

“I figured anyone who reads Salinger was worth at least five minutes of my time.”

“Wow, so freakin’ generous.” I quipped, rolling my eyes.

“Here you go miss.” The waiter said as he placed the fries in front of me. I thanked him and signed the room charge.

“Did you get anything to drink?” Shoto asked. I shook my head. “Well can I get you something, or will you get in trouble again?”

I shot him a deadpan stare and stuck my middle finger up. He let out a small laugh – clearly pleased with himself – then addressed the waiter. “Can I please get a beer and a mojito?”

“Of course Mr Todoroki. I’ll be right back.”

“The fuck are you doing?” I leaned forward questioning him.

“What? I’m 18.”

“Yeah but I’m only 17.”

“Good to know.” He smirked with hooded eyes. “Look, I wont tell if you don’t… Deal?” He held out his right hand for me to shake. What was he playing at? Every word out of his mouth was like velvet in my ears, drawing me into him. I reached out my hand and took his – shaking it.

“It’s so cold.”

“Sorry about that.” He seemed embarrassed as he quickly pulled it back and rubbed it on his pants.

“Don’t be… I prefer the cold… It was nice.” I said reassuringly, placing my hand against my cheek feeling the remains of the chill left on my palm.

“Here you are sir.” Our drinks were placed in front of us, and once the waiter was gone Shoto scooted his chair closer to me. My heart jumped into my throat, but was sent plummeting back down again when he grabbed a fry and took a bite. “Needs more salt.”

I’m so stupid. I internally chastised myself for thinking he actually wanted to get closer to me. I could feel my cheeks starting to redden so I tried to put my mind elsewhere. I started swirling the straw in my cocktail. “So ah… What’s in this Momo-whatever-it’s-called drink anyway?”

“It’s a mojito.” He corrected as he took the straw out of my hand. “It’s white run, lime juice and soda.”

“And what’s the green stuff?”

“Mint leaves.” He started breaking them up with the straw on the bottom of the glass. Once to his liking he stirred the concoction again and slid it back to me. I took the drink and raised it to my nose. It smelt amazing. I took a quick sip, followed by a long one.

“Oh my god, it’s so good.”

“You’re welcome.” He shrugged knowingly and took a sip of his beer.

“Such a smug fucker aren’t we?”

He coughed slightly. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, Mr Freeze… Sorry, Mr Todoroki.”

He just shook his head with an expression on his face that I could only describe as ‘fascinated’. Like he was trying to figure me out. It was refreshing to have met someone I didn’t feel like I needed to impress. Someone I could just be myself around, cause I knew his interests didn’t lie with me anyway. So let’s get it over and done with then.

“Ok, no more beating around the bush. What do ya wanna know?”

“Your name.”

My name? Well fair enough, he needs to fain interest in the sister right? “It’s [Y/N][L/N].”

“I’m Shoto.” He smiled softly.

“Her name is Mae.”

“Whose name?”

“My sister… The reason you’re talking to me…”

He chuckled and ran his hand through his hair. “No offense, but that chick is stuck up as fuck. High maintenance, doesn’t really do it for me.”

I slowly nodded, fighting a losing battle with a giant smile. I knew if Mae saw us talking, the shit show would be ready for it’s second act, but I didn’t care anymore. I still didn’t know why he was talking to me of all people, maybe it was just as simple as a shared interest in literature, but I was curious to find out.

“[Y/N] what are you drinking?”

“Shit, that’s my mum… Thanks, but I gotta go.” I grabbed the book and briskly walked towards her.

“It’s nothing Mrs [L/N]. Just a lime and soda.” Shoto shouted out behind me.

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asahi and cold sobs

Asahi & Cold Soba

I didn’t see Mae for the rest of the day. Part because I didn’t want to see her and partly because she’d already made friends with the two girls from the night before. A fact my mother just had to tell me about. Instead of being congratulated on making a friend of my own, I was reprimanded for talking with the boy who’d been the cause of my sister being so upset. I tried to explain to her that he’d come up to me and I wasn’t going to be rude to him, but no. I just couldn’t win.

I didn’t bother changing for dinner again, and while dad waited for mum and Mae to finish getting ready, I told him I’d meet them there and walked ahead.

Approaching the dining room I noticed the menu sign had changed.


Minestrone Soup or Cold Soba Noodles

Chicken Parmigiana or Lamb Souvlaki

Served Alternatively

Half of that sounds ok. I went to step into the room but stopped, upon seeing Shoto walking along the table. Slinking back into the shadows, I spied on him as he moved some of the name place cards around. It was clear why Mae fancied him so much. He was tall with well-defined lean muscle and sexy broad shoulders. He wore pale blue skinny jeans, a long plain black tee and old skool vans.

Once he finally took his seat, I entered, and starting at the head of the table read along the names till I found mine. Directly across the long narrow table from Todoroki. I smirked and headed for the bar. I grabbed two drinks, and after being questioned about one of them – having to point out its intended owner – headed back to the table. Before sitting down, I leaned over and placed a bottle of Asahi Super Dry in front of Shoto.

“How did you know what I like?” He asked, quite surprised.

“Lucky guess.” I shrugged. He didn’t need to know I’d noticed it was the tap his beer at lunch had been poured from.

“I’m impressed… Where’s the rest of your fam? I can’t wait to see your sister again.” He let out a smug laugh, leaning back in his chair and draping his arm over the back of the one beside him.

“Cheeky prick!” I screwed up my nose and pocked my tongue out playfully. “Thanks for rearrange the seating too, it’s gonna go down a real treat.”

He was slightly taken back that I’d seen him change them around, but didn’t let it faze him. “Feel free to swap them back if you like… But the night will be more interesting this way.” He winked.

“Speak of the devil. It’s showtime.” I gestured with my head towards the entrance. In walked Mae. It seemed as though she was moving in slow motion – her hips swaying in their fitted jeans and her glowing hair flowing gracefully behind her.

There was a split second of malice visible in her eyes when she noticed where I was sitting, but she hid it with a smile and a seductive attempt at a greeting. “Hi Shoto.” She beamed, batting her eyelashes and taking a seat next to me. “I’m Mae.”

“Yeah I know.” He replied, somewhere between blunt and aloof. “Your sister told me.”

“Yeah, he was asking about you.” My nostrils flared and I pursed my lips together to stop from grinning.

“Oh really?” She leaned onto the table with her forearms and pushing her chest out.

I wouldn’t look at Shoto, but I could feel his disregard for the proceedings. I hung my head and let a smile spread across my face as he fained politeness in her conversation. When she asked him what he was doing after dinner, and if he wanted to go with her for a walk, I tried to stifle a giggle and ended up snorting instead.

They both looked at me. “I think that sounds like a great idea… You two seem to be getting on like a house on fire.”

At that exact moment, what I can only assume was Shoto’s foot, collided with my shin. “Fuck!” I leant under the table and rubbed my leg.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing sis, I think something just bit me is all.”

I looked at Shoto who was sending the biggest death stare my way. What? I mouthed at him, smirking again. He did say that staying in these seats would make for a more interesting evening, it’s not my fault he forgot to mention’s whose.

“So, do you prefer Shoto or Todoroki?” Mae inquired, attempting to start up their conversation again.

“I really don’t care.” He slumped down in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. A loud roaring laugh rang through the room and all heads turned towards it. Endeavour – sorry Mr resort man, I mean Enji – was walking in with my parents, chatting up a storm.

“Oh good.” He bellowed, “I see your lovely daughters are already acquainted with my youngest.”

All the parents took their seats, and over the next ten minutes the remaining guests filed in and took their places. At 7:30pm on the dot, the food made it’s way out of the kitchen and I tried to count along from the end of the table to figure out which meal I’d be getting. Please not the minestrone, I fucking hate celery and carrot.

God damn it. Dad, who was two seats away from me got the soup. My shoulders dropped and I raised one side of my top lip as the bowl was placed in front of me. I peered at the noodles in front of my sister and she quickly held her hand over then, non-verbally indication that a swap was out of the question. I looked hopefully across the table at Shoto, but saw he had the same luck as me.

“Hey Mae.” Shoto beckoned, leaning across the table towards her. “Would you swap with me?”

“Yeah… Of course.” She perked up, lifting her tray towards him, as he slid his bowl underneath. “Yum… I love minestrone.” She announced, taking a sip.

“Really?” I jeered, obviously annoyed.

Enji and my mother looked knowingly at each other. Shoto knew as well as I did the motives behind their new friendship, and it was visible in his heterochromatic eyes how much it grinded on him.



“Would you like to swap?”

“Sure thing.” Smiling as I took the tray from him.

I picked up the chopsticks and the small bowl of cool broth. Gripping some noodles, I dunked them before bringing them to my lips. Mid slurp I looked up to see Todoroki had slouched back down into his chair again, not having even lifted up the spoon.

“Aren’t you hungry?” I asked – mouth full of noodley goodness.

“Yeah, but I hate minestrone.”

I was unsure if I managed to get the meal I craved because he saw how much I wanted it, or because of the response he’d received from our parents. Did I really care though? Nah! And I gulped down another mouthful.

Most of the remaining meal consisted of Mae desperately trying to maintain conversation with Shoto, and me giggling or forcing the dialogue along. I loved watching him squirm.

“So, Mae says you and her are going for a walk after we’re finished here.” My mother questioned the clearly over it, young man across the table from me.

“Did she?” He deadpanned. “She must be mistaken cause I’ve got somewhere I have to be.”

“Don’t be rude Shoto!” His father rebuked, the flames across his face flaring up.

“Not my fault I’ve got plans father dear.” He spat back, getting up from the table.

Enji apologised to my parents and Mae – ignoring me completely. I ran both hands through my hair and let out a loud sigh as I draped my head and arms dramatically over the back of my chair. Hearing a cough, I turned towards it and saw Shoto part way out the back door of the restaurant. He mouthed something and held his hand up. Did he say ‘five minutes?’ Five minutes what?

I didn’t bother waiting the allotted time. My mother and sister were on the charm offensive with Mr Todoroki, so I gave my father a kiss on the cheek and told him I was leaving. Reaching his arm around and tussling my hair, he told me to “have fun Peach” like he knew what I was doing and encouraged it.

“I love you dad.”

“I love you too sweetheart. Now get out of here.”

Once at the back door, I blew my dad a kiss, the others still not noticing my exit.

It was dark out the back of the restaurant. No torches lit the way like along the beach, but there was enough moonlight to make my way. Not that I had any idea where I was going. Shoto wasn’t waiting just outside like I hoped he would be – I guess I misunderstood what he said. Still thankful it had facilitated my leave, I headed back around to the front of the building. Cautious of my steps in the dim lighting, I turned the corner… And screamed!

“What the fuck?” I yelled at feeling a hand grab my hip, quickly noticing how icy it’s touch was. “You two-toned little shit!”

“Sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry.” He repeated while laughing, as I let loose on his arm and shoulder a plethora of playful punches and slaps.

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But... So are you

My heart was still racing as I watched Shoto walk towards the path by the sand. “You comin’?” He sung out to me.

“Where we going?” I acquired on arrival.

“No where in particular, just thought you might like to go for a walk.” His face was illuminated enough by the torches that I saw him cheekily wink at me.

“You’re not gonna play anymore tricks on me are you.” I wondered warily.

“Nope, promise.” He raised his hands in mock defence. “But you’d deserve it if I did. That was so mean back there.”

“Hey, don’t get shitty with me cause you’re so easy to get riled up.”

He raised his eyebrows and tilted his head to the side, accepting it as truth. It was clear to see he enjoyed our banter, I could only assume because it was a welcome change from his usual female interactions.

He led me past the path and onto the beach, stoping to take off his shoes. I followed suit and holding onto my flip-flops, joining him on the soft sand. The day’s warmth no longer penetrated it, and it felt cool between my toes. We continued down until the sand became harder, and the lapping waves reached our ankles. We continued in silence for some time until my inquisitiveness got the better of me.

“Is this all just to piss off your dad?” I spoke timidly, wary of the possible response.


“Talking to me… All this… Pretending like you’re interested… Staring at me last night.”

He puffed out one side of his cheek and looked down at his feet wading through the seawater. “Yeah.” And there it was, the ulterior motive I knew must exist. I can’t believe I even let myself think for a second, that the first guy to show me any kind of interest – would actually be being genuine with them. I mean this wasn’t just any guy. He was the son of the worlds Number One Hero, poised to take over that position himself. I’m such a fucking loser!

“At least in the beginning that was the case…” My ears pricked up. “Dad had been on my back all day about a particular family being here. Two Hero’s that were married and had a daughter I should acquaint myself with… I didn’t want any part of it till I saw you.”

“And thought you could mess with him?”

“No. I thought you were the girl I was meant to meet.”

“Excuse me?”

“When we sat at the table dad just said it was the pretty one.”

“That’s not funny.” I huffed.

“Shut up you dork.” He nudged my arm.

“You don’t have to lie to me… I can take it.” I nudged him back much harder than he did to me, which clearly caught him off guard. He stumbled backwards and landed on his arse in the water.

I stared at him in shock, hand over my mouth. How was he going to react? Slowly the corners of his mouth started to turn upwards and a spark of mischief appeared in his eyes. Shit! Before he could stand up, I darted down the beach. “No quirks remember!” I shouted back to him.

I made it back to the path before he caught up to me, at which point it became my turn to profusely apologise whilst darting out of his reach. “Ok-ok I surrender.” I threw up the white flag and hoped he accepted it. I doubled over, resting my hands on my knees trying to catch my breath. Looking up to Shoto he was standing with his hands on his hips shaking his head at me. “I don’t want your pity… I’m not a Hero you know.”

“Fine, how about a truce instead?”

My face was red and burning – my god I’m unfit. I looked intently at his hand, outstretched once more, but it was more welcoming this time. There was a softness in his eyes, not the pity I’d joked about. I was running purely on instinct, and had no idea what meaning was hidden behind his actions. Ok… I’m just gonna do it. I figured if he responded less than favourably, I’d just brush it off and say I was messing with him. Here goes…

I reached out, not placing my hand against his, but letting my fingers wrap softly around his wrist. Raising my eyes to look at him, I placed his palm gently against my cheek. His cool touch felt like heaven on my hot skin. Closing my eyes I took a long, deep breath in through my nose. He didn’t flinch or try to pull away, it was the most perfectly innocent moment. Opening my eyes again, I was greeted with a smouldering stare, his lips slightly parted. I released his hand, and whilst lowering it, he delicately ran his fingers down my cheek and along my jaw.

Feeling a pressure grow between us, I turned away. “Come on, that’s my bungalow. Let’s go sit down.”

Shoto followed me up the steps to the porch swing and sat down next to me. He seemed tense, his shoulders were high and his face appeared tormented. Not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable, I relaxed into the seat – letting my hands fall to my sides. I pushed the swing to rock ever so slightly while studying the reflection of the moon on the ocean, as it rippled with the current.

“So to answer your question from before…” He hesitated, nervously rubbing the back of his neck before laying his hand to rest next to mine. “I was staring at you last night cause I thought – if you were who dad had been talking about – that it might not be so bad after all. I thought it was you the whole time… Until you stormed out and told your sister she could have me cause you weren’t interested.”

I’m so stupid. Why did I say it? “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t be, I’ve got pretty tough skin.”

“I still don’t get it though.” My voice was full of disbelief.

“What? Why I don’t wanna jump your sister?”


“I told you she tries to hard, plus she’s a bitch for treating you the way she does.… Ok fine, Yes… Your sister is hot.” He paused. “But so are you.” With that admission, he ran his pinkie along the outside of mine. Gulping my heart back down my throat, I turned my hand around so my palm was facing upward and Shoto laced his fingers with mine. Still unable to look at him, for fear of loosing consciousness, I reverted back to what I knew best.

“So is this were you expect me to tell you that I think you’re hot as fuck? Cause I wont be doing that.”

He smirked through his nose and squeezed my hand. Despite the coolness of his touch, a heatwave ran up my arm and into my chest leaving goosebumps in its wake. “You don’t need to tell me anything… Just try and not let your sister get to you as much“

How did he know exactly what to say without it sounding like a rehearsed line? There was no way I was the first girl he’d fixed his eyes upon, nor was I the first to be holding his hand. Hell, there was no way anything that might happen between us would be his first go around. So why then did this feel so pure and untouched?

I gave into my impulses and rest my head on his shoulder. It’s subtle rise and fall was so soothing. My eyes grew heavy, and they fluttered closed as we sat in silence – just rocking back and forth – for I have no idea how long.

Startled by the sound of my sister’s voice, not too far off in the distance, I sat up and ripped my hand away from Shoto’s. “You have to leave now!” I demanded. He knew why, so I received no argument. He jumped over the far end of the veranda and ran around the side of the house. I laid down and pretended I’d fallen asleep waiting for my family to return.

Dad rubbed my shoulder to wake me. “Come inside sweetheart.” I nodded and rubbed my eyes – I was very committed to my role – and wearily followed him inside.

Mae had already claimed the bathroom and the shower was running. Meh, I shrugged, too lazy to wait for her. I’d just have one in the morning.

Once in my room I changed out of my clothes and into a clean pair of underwear and a t-shirt full of holes I kept just for sleeping in. I couldn’t throw it out it was too damned comfy. I clicked the aircon down a few degrees cooler and jumped into bed. What just happened? I smiled to myself in the dark, replaying the perfect series of events over and over in my mind. Surely I’d wake up any second, proving it was all a dream. But I didn’t pinch myself just in case. In case this wasn’t reality. I didn’t want to plummet from this unimaginable high. If it really was a dream, I never wanted this one to end.

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Arse Backwards

I woke up late again , and didn’t feel bad about it in the slightest. I stretched my arms out into the cold air of my room and grabbed the book I never actually got a start on yesterday. Chapter one was a pretty basic read – some similarities to my own existence. A private life my parents didn’t like me talking about. A sibling with all the success, no interest in the flashy world around me. A hatred of ‘phonies’. But oh my god! The second chapter was dry. The narrator was visiting his teacher in a hospital I think. It’s not really clear. Ok, I’ve read this paragraph three times now.

Figuring a change in scenery may deliver a new perspective, I forced myself out of bed. Traipsing down the hallway I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. I looked like shit and my hair was pretty dirty – plus it looked so much nicer when I wore it out. Ahhh, fine I’ll wash it. But it was just such a tedious task I usually put off as long as possible.

Shower done, and feeling a little daring, I headed into Mae’s room. If I’d under packed it was safe to say she’d brought way too much stuff. Like the perfect princess she was, it was all folded nicely in drawers or hanging in the wardrobe. She was already pissed at me, so it’s not like wearing some of her stuff would make matters worse. Lucking out and finding what I was looking for right away, I filed through her swimwear – purposely grabbing something I’d never chose for myself. A light blue one-piece with a zip at the front, that showed off a little too much of my derriére. Moving to the closet I chose an almost sheer cover up to provide at least a little bit of modestly.

Collapsing onto the couch in the living room I opened the book and started chapter two again.

“Good your up!” Dad popped his head in the front door. “We’re all on the beach. I just ordered a fruit platter, I’d love it if you joined us.”

“Eh… But it’s so hot out there.”

“Come on get up.” He grabbed my hand as I let my body go limp. Acting like a toddler came as second nature to me, but dad was strong and threw me over his shoulder. I accepted my fate, but didn’t give up my sulking, letting my arms hang loosely above my head.

“So dad… I may or may not be wearing Mae’s stuff thaaaaaat… I also may or may not have her permission to do.”

“Sometimes I think you actually like fighting with her.”

I saw the ground beneath dads feet change from grass, to gravel, to sand. “Look who I found.” He stated, rolling me off his shoulder. “And Mae…” He held up his hand to her. “Your sister is borrowing some of your stuff and I don’t want to hear anything about it.”

Smiling smugly to myself, I walked over and sat on the end of the reclining beach chair my sister was on. Swallowing her pride, she even managed to force out a compliment – even if it was a little backhanded. “Those bathers suit you. My butts not big enough to fill it properly.” Sucks to be her, cause I like the size of my toosh. Sure it had a few dimples, as did my thighs, but I much preferred having some shape to my figure.

“Is there any sunscreen?”

The platter arrived shortly after and the four of us surrounded the table under the beach umbrella. Small talk was abundant and there was a peacefulness among the group. It seemed as though my sister was really trying making an effort to be nice again. Well that or she’d been subject to a stern talking to. Sometimes I just couldn’t help being cynical – and I strongly believed it had to be the latter. There would’ve been a point last night when she realised that Shoto and myself weren’t there anymore, and mum can’t have been pleased about my absence either, so it must have been dads doing. As I hoed into a chunk of watermelon, Mae mumbled just loud enough for me to hear. “Great, look who it is.”

“Ha?” I said, with juice dripping down my chin. But she didn’t answer.

“Hey Peachy!” A voice called. It was Shoto. How did he know my – oh never mind. “Come on, we’re going jet skiing.”

Wiping the juice from my chin with the back of my hand, I looked to Mae. She was trying hard to seem unaffected, but I was her twin and could read her like a book. “No thanks, not really a huge fan of the water.”

Dad reached across and put his hand on Mae’s leg. “You should go [Y/N], right Mae?”

She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and shrugged. “I guess… Not like it matters what I say anyway.” Dad just sighed. She had to be kidding though. The audacity to actually let those words leave her mouth. It must be so hard for her. Having everything you’ve ever wanted served to you on a silver platter. Your first taste of rejection must really feel like shit sis.

My line of thought was interrupted by a hand grabbing mine and pulling me to stand. “I don’t remember giving you a choice.”

“Um… Ok…”

“Don’t worry about her, she’s safe with me.” He assured my parents. I couldn’t help but notice my sisters stare burning holes in my hand. The hand that Shoto still hadn’t let go of. I gave a shy wave goodbye as he pulled me along again.

“Are you deliberately trying to make my life harder?”

“I distinctly remember telling you to stop worrying about your sister.”

Down at the waters edge was the jet ski. Shoto climbed on and held out his hand. I pushed my pursed lips to one side as I analysed the situation. “You sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“I barely know you.”

“So let’s change that… Come here.” He waved me over. My inner gambler knocked-out my voice of reason and I jumped on behind him. “You need to hold on.” He informed me, taking my hands and wrapping my arms around his waist.

I’m glad he couldn’t see me, cause my face flushed deep pink as I slyly flattened my hands over his stomach. I could feel the slight indentations of his abs under my fingertips. It took all my self-control not to rub my hands across them. “S-s-so where are we going?” I managed to stutter.

“Just leave that to me.” He said as starting the engine.

He took of pretty slowly at first. It was nice that he respected my nervous apprehension and made sure I was comfortable. Once feeling my tension melt away, he sped up. I felt so free with the wind in my hair and I closed my eyes relishing in the cool droplets of water splashing up onto my face. I should have been paying more attention though, cause Shoto took a wave with a little too much gusto, and we flew off the top of it. I grabbed onto him tighter, pushing my chest flush against his back. He slowed down again and placed one of his hands over mine, lightly stroking the back of it with his thumb.

We rounded some giant rocks, obstructing any view beyond them. Once on the other side, I was awed by the most picturesque site I’ve ever seen. Shoto stopped, still a little ways out so I could take it all in. The quaintest lagoon, only about ten meters across and surrounded by boulders. Several palm trees were clumped together with one even jutting out over the water. “It’s perfect.” I whispered, resting my chin on his shoulder.

He pulled forward a little more till he reached a sand bank. “The tides too low, we’ll have to walk the rest of the way……………………….um… you know it’d be a lot easier if you got off first.”

“Shit, sorry. I was distracted by the view.” The view however had really nothing to do with it. With my head on his shoulder, id become preoccupied by the smell of Shoto’s hair. Since when do guys have hair that smells this good? I couldn’t put my finger on what the scent was either, it didn’t smell like any shampoo I’d ever smelt, there was a masculinity to it.

I swung my leg over and stepped into the knee-deep water, then up onto the sand bank. Shoto followed, pulling the jet ski closer. He opened up the back of the seat and took out a sand anchor to secure it in place. Watching him as he worked was a huge mistake cause I was pulled back into another trance. Unable to stop myself from studying his broad shoulders and how they were further emphasised by the narrowness of his hips. His sun kissed tan highlighting every lean muscle from his biceps to the ‘v’ of his hips that lead straight to –


Now it was my turn to fall arse first into the ocean. In my dream-state I’d stepped off the edge of the bank, except the water was a lot deeper than when Shoto had fallen. And being caught so off guard, my whole body went under. I stood up quickly, whipping the water first from my face then running my hands over my hair and wringing it out. Wonderful, I just fucking washed it!

“Are you always such a klutz?” He laughed

I splashed some water at him, before squinting my eyes and shading them with one of my hands. “I should have brought my sunnies.”

“You’ll be right once we get to shore.” He said wading into the water with me. “Do you need to hold my hand so you don’t fall over again?”

“Touch me, and I’ll take you down too!” I shot back.

“Not if you can’t catch me.” With that he darted towards the sand.

I didn’t chase after him, I was happy where I was for the moment. “You know it’s not a game if you’re the only one playing Sho.” I called out as I spun in circles letting my fingers just break the surface of the water. I’d never been a beach person, as you would expect anything to do with summer and heat was off my to-do list. I bobbed back under till the water reached my neck and watched as the sheer cover I was wearing floated through it. Dipping the back of my head under again, I arranged my hair so it would sit better as it dried, then brought it over my shoulder – wringing it out again as I walked to meet the two-toned boy of my dreams.

By the time I’d made it to shore, he’d already set up a blanket on the sand under the palms trees. I walked over to one of the smooth rocks and took of the cover-up, bending down to lay it flat so it would dry. As I turned around I saw Shoto’s head whip forward and his face went white. Caught ya.

“Were you just checking me out?” I poked with satisfaction.

“Shoot me.” He shrugged his shoulders unapologetically. “You’ve got a nice arse, can’t expect me not to look at it.”

I wasn’t at all embarrassed by his remark, I was proud. It wasn’t perfect, but – lumps and all – if he had seen this much of me and still produced a compliment, I guess he’s been totally truthful with me last night.

“Such a perve.” I quipped, pushing his shoulder as I walked behind him, then sitting down cross-legged on the blanket.

“You’re one to talk. ‘Oh, clumsy me I accidently fell in the water.” He mocked.

“Conceited much?”

“Tell me I’m wrong.”

I couldn’t, so I didn’t answer.

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The Blue Lagoon

The lagoon was just as beautiful from my new vantage point as it had been from the water. The surrounding boulders made it our own private retreat, a world away from the resort and my family.

“You’re manly enough to build us a shelter right? I don’t wanna go back.” I announced laying down with my hands behind my head.

“Have you seen The Blue Lagoon?.. I don’t remember that ending well and they had a lot more shit to work with…” I shook my head, but I knew the movie he was referring to. “Guess you’d better make this last then.” He joked, taking out a bottle of water for me from the bag he’d brought.

“What, no cocktails this time?”

“Come on… I do all this and you’re still not happy?” He teased.

“I’m a woman, it’s my prerogative to always want more… The quicker you learn that the easier your life will be.”

“Thanks teach…”

“On second thoughts, I don’t know if I could live without aircon and ice cream… It’s not fair that places this beautiful have to be so damn hot!”

Shoto laid down too, copying my position so our elbows just touched. We listened to the sound of the waves crash against the rocks. He commented on how much he loved the smell of the ocean because it reminded him of a trip he’d taken to the beach with his mother when he was small. We spoke candidly about our lives and the expectations placed on us by our families. My insecurities and deep seeded need to impress my parents mirrored the intensity of his extreme yearning to prove himself. We learnt of our mutual desire to live as separate entities from those we were closest to, and I started feeling connected to him as a result.

I asked why his hand was so cold, so he told me about his quirk. It sounded amazing and I secretly wished I could see it in action, but I’d made a point earlier about how that stuff didn’t really impress me, so it’s not like I could ask to see a giant wall of ice and sound like a dumb fangirl. He inquired about my quirk too, but I just brushed it off, ensuring him it was totally humiliating in its pointlessness – which it 100% was.

The more we talked, the deeper the stories became. It appeared that nothing was off the table, that no question was off limits. The thing I wanted to know the most however, I was too embarrassed to ask. I was scared he’d be turned off if he probed about it in return. So that really only left one more question.

“Is your scar part of your fire quirk?”

He hesitated at first – I didn’t think it would be that hard of a question to answer. He took a deep breath and dumped his heart out. I learnt about how his father had ‘created’ him. Fourth time lucky apparently. About his parents arranged marriage and how – and why – his mother ended up in the hospital.

I was floored by his admission and his openness. It humbled my soul that after knowing each other for such a short amount of time, he felt comfortable enough to confide in me and lay everything out.

I moved onto my side to face him, resting my head on my bent arm. “Thanks Sho.” I said softly.

Rolling towards me, he copied my position once more. “For what?”

Reaching out with my free hand, I gently swept the red hair away from his forehead. “For trusting me.” I watched my fingertips as they traced the outline of his scar. They were normally so ugly and disfiguring, but this one only added to its owners appeal. It was a medal of honour for integrity and the ability to forgive, and I don’t think he would have been any more handsome without it.

Tucking some hair behind my ear, then sliding his hand just behind it, he leaned forward and kissed my forehead.

I swear he must have been able to hear my heart beating, cause when he pulled back he peeked down at my chest and sighed. “I’m trying really hard to stay respectful but you’re not making it easy.”

“What are you talking about?” I breathed heavily.

I felt his hand move towards my upper stomach. Holy fuck, what the hell is he doing? I feel like I’m gonna be sick I’m so nervous. Feeling him tug slightly on the zipper of my swimwear, and move it up till it was completely fastened.

“If you show me anymore of yourself, I’m not gonna be able to hold back.” His low voice oozed sex appeal, and I could clearly see the desire in his gaze.

Quickly I rolled onto my stomach, hiding my face in my hands and squirming with shame.

“Did I do something wrong?” He chuckled, rubbing my back. Face still buried in the blanket, I just shook my head stubbornly. “Come on ya dork.” He encouraged.

Reluctantly I lifted my head, separating my fingers so my eyes could peek through. Shoto tried to move my hands from my face, but I wasn’t having it. “Nope. I’m too embarrassed and I know my face will be as red as yours.”

“OOO, still feeling bold though.” He teased. “What’s there to be embarrassed about anyway?”

“Well, you probably think I did that on purpose… But these aren’t mine and I didn’t know the zip was down.”

“It’s ok [Y/N]. Wether you meant it or not makes no difference to me. Even if it didn’t happen, I’d still be struggling to keep my hands to myself.”

I couldn’t even look at him, I was so scared and ashamed. Not due to what he said, but because of the way my body was reacting. We’d not even kissed, but I wanted him to pin me down so I could feel his hands on me. I wanted to know what it felt like to have his weight on top of me, to touch me where no one ever had. I wanted him to make me his.

Realising what my face must look like while my mind grappled with its sexual awakening. I rolled away from him and covered my head with my arms.

“You’re not doing yourself any favours you know. I actually prefer this angle.”

Oh…My… God!!!!!! This can’t actually be happening. Stop it Shoto!... No don’t… Yes do… My ears wanted to hear him compliment my body and explain what he wanted to do to me. But I’d never had feelings like this before and I didn’t know how to handle them. I knew it was too soon for me to feel comfortable actually doing the things my mind was having a field day imagining, but at the same time I wanted to do them all. Right now!

Figuring I’d already reached the point of no return embarrassment wise, I gulped and asked the question I wanted to from earlier. I was still facing away from him when I spoke.

“Have you been with a girl before?” My voice quivered.


I paused before continuing. “More than one?”

“Uh-huh.” He was calm, and it didn’t feel like he was bragging.

“So everything else then too I assume?”

“It kinda comes with the territory – why does it matter what I have or haven’t done?”

I shrugged. Did I dare tell him we couldn’t possibly be more different in that regard? That all I’d ever done was kiss someone – and each time that’d happened there was no emotion. That it was part of a game at one of my friend’s parties, just random pairings. I’d never felt nervous about those encounters cause I hadn’t liked any of the guys involved. I mean I’d found them attractive enough – or I would’ve flat out refused – but I’d been counting down the minutes or concentrating more on the cheers of those around me. None of those boys had made my chest tighten so much it was like I’d forgotten to breath. They’d never given me sparks or tingles, or whatever the hell was going on with me now. I’d never wanted to impress them, and they’d certainly never made me feel inadequate. No. That was what my sister and mother did – so why did I feel that way right now?

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t the girl he’d hoped I was. That he’d put all this together with the anticipation I’d open up to him – and I’m not meaning my heart. I really thought we’d made a legitimately honest connection, but he was also an 18-year-old guy who clearly had needs. Needs I wasn’t able, or willing to fulfil right now. And I’m not sure when I’d feel comfortable enough – outside of my own head that is.

Clearly able to sense the shift in my mood, Shoto put his hand on my shoulder and tenderly circled his thumb. At least it seemed tender and sincere. Why am I questioning everything all of a sudden? Why was I suddenly assuming all of his actions must have ulterior motives? That he just wanted another notch on his bedpost.

“I’m getting pretty tired. Do you think we can head back?’

“U-um sure.” He stuttered sounding a little taken back before quickly gathering the blanket and shoving it in the bag as I walked back to the jet ski. The tide was even lower now, and I was happy to not have to get wet again.

“Here, you forgot this.” Shoto handed me Mae’s cover up.

“Thanks, would have been a disaster if I’d left that behind.”

“No need to thank me.” He smiled, letting his hand linger on mine as I took it from him. I looked down and away from him and retreated my hand. Feeling his smile fade, I turned around and stood by the jet ski to wait while he wound up the anchor.

Once everything was stowed away he hopped on and offered me his hand again. “It’s ok, I’ve got it.” I insisted, and once on gripped the back of the seat for support instead of wrapping my arms around him.

The return journey didn’t hold the same joy as the trip out had, and once we arrived back at the resort, I thanked him for the afternoon and gave him a solemn kiss on the cheek. As I turned to walk away Shoto grabbed my wrist and looked at me deeply. “Did I do something wrong?” His eyes were searching in mine for the answer.

“No… You haven’t done anything wrong.” And he really hadn’t, he’d been the perfect gentleman.

He let go of my hand. “I’ll see you at dinner then?”

“Maybe.” I shrugged, and headed back to the bungalow.

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D & M

Arriving back at the bungalow, I was comforted by my family being there even though I didn’t want to talk to any of them. Dad looked up from the couch and greeted me, but I just grunted in response and headed for my room. I flicked through the music folder on my phone till I found what I was looking for, and once Ana’s Song by silverchair was playing, I threw my phone onto the bed. Standing in front of the mirror I took a good look at myself. I glanced over my shoulder to see the reflection of my backside and how it really looked in the bathing suit. I ran my fingers over the indentations on the back and sides of my thighs. Turning around I undid the zip to get a look for myself just how much he’d seen. Ok. I’ll give him that one. Although not much was showing except the middle of my chest and a touch of cleavage, it was still rather risqué.

Doing the zip back up, I slumped onto the bed and laid face first on the pillow. I just couldn’t get out of my own head. He hadn’t made me feel uncomfortable, or pressure me into anything. He hadn’t even tried to kiss me for fuck sake. So why did I feel so uncertain right now?

“Peach?” Dad enquired from the hall. “Can I come in.”

I moaned ‘no’ into the pillow, but he gingerly came in anyway. He sat on the bed next to me and rubbed my back. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” Ahhhh, the last person I wanted to talk to about this was my father. “Did he hurt you?”

“Oh my god dad, no!” I whined.

“Did he try to?”

“Daaaad!!! No I’m fine, he didn’t hurt me. He didn’t do anything.” I loved my dad so much but this couldn’t be more uncomfortable. I know he was just looking out for his little girl, but this conversation was so cringey.

“Honey.” We both looked up and saw my mother standing in the doorway. “She said she was fine. Why don’t you leave her be?”

He stood up and paused in the doorway, where my mother rubbed his shoulder reassuringly. They gave each other a small peck, and once he was out of earshot, mum headed to the spot on the bed where dad had been.

“He means well, but he just doesn’t understand that there’s some things you can’t talk to your father about.” I rolled onto my side so I was facing mum, just staring at her hands in her lap. “You seemed so happy when you left sweetheart.” She softly stroked my head, and I closed my eyes. Whenever I had a bad dream when I was younger, this was the only thing that could settle me down. I’d distanced myself so much from my mother in the past few years, convincing myself I was the family disappointment, and blaming her for my own issues. “You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong if you don’t want to… But I want you to know I’m always here for you… And I’m sorry.” I reached out and started twisting the fabric of her dress between my fingers. “I know I haven’t been there for you as much as I should be, but I wasn’t sure how to relate to you. Any time I tried, you always seemed to pick a fight and bring up your supposed shortcomings. I need you to know I have never though you weren’t good enough… I admit I’m closer to your sister, but you have your father wrapped around your little finger – and that’s something Mae doesn’t have…”

Neither of us spoke for quite some time. There was just the faint sound of music, muffled beneath the sheets.

“I can’t explain how I feel mum… I don’t know why I’m upset.”

“That’s totally normal… Does it have something to do with the Todoroki boy though?”

I nodded and sat up cross-legged, now staring at my own hands as my fingers fidgeted. “Mmm… There’s a million things running through my head, not to mention how Mae is feeling.”

“You need to stop worrying about your sister so much [Y/N]”

“Funny, that’s exactly what he said.”

“Did you not want to spend time with him today?...... I’m just trying to understand.”

“No I really did, but… I’m scared.” I leant forward, putting my face in my hands.

“You like him don’t you sweetheart?” I just nodded my head. “So what’s to be scared of. You’re a beautiful, intelligent girl with so much to offer.”

“That he doesn’t actually like me back. That he’s just using getting close to me as a way to piss off his father. He wanted him to get to know Mae, not me. And… Well it seemed like it’s what you wanted as well.”

“I’m sorry that you feel that way darling, but the happiness of you and your sister is more important to me than any potential alliances. I’d never force Mae to be with someone who didn’t reciprocate her feelings, and I’d never stop you from being with someone, no matter who they were, as long as they were making you happy.”

“We’re not together though mum. I barely know him… but I’d like to. *sigh* But I think I already screwed it up.”

“Don’t be stupid!” My sister was leaning on the doorframe with her arms crossed. “He clearly likes you.”

“How long have you been standing there?” I demanded.

“Long enough.” She made her way to the bed too, and sat with her legs crossed facing me. My phone floated out from under a fold in the quilt and turned to silent. “I’ve known you long enough to know that when you put on your ‘I feel sorry for myself’ playlist, you really just need to talk about something. And I’m pretty sure being worried about him not liking you isn’t the real issue.”

“Stop it… You don’t know that. And you can’t speak for him either.”

“Have you two kissed?” She asked bluntly. I looked at mum, but didn’t see any judgement in her eyes, just concern for my well being – and a little curiosity of course. Turning back to Mae, I shook my head. “Has he complimented you – on your appearance I mean.” This time I nodded. “So he finds you attractive, but has made no attempts to get physical… Yeah… He definitely likes you then.”

Mum was now smiling in agreeance. And I gave them both a look of utter confusion.

“He actually sounds like a really nice young man [Y/N].” I blushed slightly at my mother’s admission.

“Look, he’s the one trying not to screw up.” My sister continued. “I think I’ve got it from here mum.”

Taking her cue, she hopped up from the bed, and once giving us each a kiss on the top of our heads, left.

“Why do we fight so much sis?” I questioned timidly.

“Cause you’re stubborn and I’m a bitch.” Well she had that right. “I’m sorry about how I’ve acted the past few days. Rejection isn’t an emotion I’m overly familiar with, and I got a little too defensive.”

“Ya reckon?” I retorted sarcastically.

“Please don’t think he doesn’t like you because of what I said… hmmmf… Complimenting you doesn’t come easy you know.” I rolled my eyes, making a beaconing motion with my hand that said ‘come on, out with it.’ “Fine…” She huffed. “You’re really pretty with a bangin’ body. And super smart… Who gives a fuck if your quirk is shit.” With the last comment, she smirked and I punched her in the arm.

“Thanks Mae.”

“Hey boobs-McGee, the zips undone.”

“Fuck, not again!” I threw myself backwards on the bed and covered my face with the pillow, every bit of nervous energy from the beach, came rushing back through my body.

“Haha, what?... Did you say again?” I pulled the pillow off my face and stared at her. Without uttering a word, she knew exactly what I was saying. “Oh my god, did he see much?”

“I have no idea.” I shrugged, sitting up once more. “He zipped it up and said he was struggling to keep his hands to himself.” With that confession, my sister threw her hands over her mouth and squealed. “What are you so excited about? That’s why I’m worried, I’m pretty sure he’s only interested in me for one thing…. Ow!”

My sister had leaned over and flicked me on the forehead. “You really are thick! If he only wanted one thing, he would have tried to take it by now, or at least tried to make a move. But you said you haven’t even kissed… Is that cause he tried and you turned him down?”

“No, we’ve only held hands. He hasn’t tried anything else.”

“So what did you do this afternoon then? Just rode around on the jet ski?”

“Uh-uh… He took me to this little lagoon. He set out a blanket under some palm trees and we just talked… And he told me I had a nice arse.” I glanced at her slyly.

“Dearest sister.” Mae took my hands in hers. “This boy is truly, madly and deeply infatuated with you. So now you need to tell what’s really bothering you.”

“Don’t laugh at me.” I sighed, bringing the pillow onto my lap and hugging it. “He’s had sex before… With more than one girl.”

“And how do you know that?”

“I asked him…”

“Now why would you go and do something stupid like that?”

“I wanted to know.” My sister looked at me deeply. It was clear she was trying to understand, but just couldn’t wrap her head around it.

“You don’t have to tell me anymore, and I understand if you don’t. But everyone deserves to feel like a princess, and everything you’ve told me so far, makes me think Shoto is trying to be your prince.”

“I’m just going to tell you everything, and I don’t want you to get mad.” With my chin still buried in the pillow, I took a long deep breath, and laid it all out for Mae to decipher. “The first night when you wanted me to see if he was checking you out, he wasn’t looking at his phone – he was looking at me. For ages… The next day at the pool café he came and sat with me while I was reading. I didn’t invite him, I never even saw him coming. He ordered me a cocktail.”

“Oh my god [Y/N].”

“I know, I have no idea what it was called. But that’s when he told me he was 18.”

I continued on with every small detail, missing out nothing till –

“Wait wait wait. You’re telling me you were perving on him so hard you fell backwards into the water?”

I nodded and pouted my lips. I could tell she was loving this part – even in the most tender times we shared, there was always an underlying rivalry.

“He’s so hot Mae. Like God Damn! It’s not like I was blind to his looks before, but… Anyway…” I shook my head to refocus. “We laid on the blanket for ages talking. He told me everything. The more we talked, I felt like I’d known him for so much longer than two days. There was a point when we both rolled to face each other, and that’s when he said he was ‘trying to be respectful but I was making it hard,’ and zipped the swimsuit back up… I got hella embarrassed cause he prob thought I did it on purpose, that’s when he said he even if it hadn’t happened he’d still wanna touch me, or some shit like that…”

“Ok, so let me lay a few things out for you. Firstly, that… was a DATE! Secondly, guys never talk about themselves unless they really like a girl – period. Thirdly, he could have kept ogling your titays but he didn’t. He was obviously desperate for some contact with you, but if that’s all he did… Fuck – you need to marry this guy!”

Ahhhhh!” I screamed into the pillow out of pure frustration. “I’m fucking scared Mae. I’ve known so many guys longer, but never felt a connection with them like I do him. He has me hanging on every word out of his mouth. His eyes hypnotise me, I feel like I’m under a spell.”

“You like him. Like… really like him. I know you’ve never liked someone like this before.”

“So you really think he doesn’t just want me for sex?”

Reaching out and placing her hand on my shoulder, my sister said something that made more sense to me than I could have imagined. “Sis, don’t think for one second that he doesn’t want to fuck you, cause he does. He’s probably imagined doing it 50 different ways by now. But when all a guy want’s is sex, it’s the only thing they seek out. Ole Todes is showing all the hallmark signs of someone who’s smitten, and when boys are smitten, they want to take it slow. They want to make sure you are who they hope you are, cause they don’t want to get hurt either. They like us to think that sex doesn’t mean anything, but when they really really like someone, they get waaaaay more attached than we do.”

“But… hmph… What-if-I-do-wanna-do-all-that-stuff-with-him?” I blurted out at lightening speed before burying my head back into the pillow on my lap, not being able to bare the thought of my sister looking at me.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.” Slowly peaking up from my fluffy shield, I saw my sister rocking back and forth with her lips tightly pursed together attempting to maintain composure.

“Oh my god, I knew I shouldn’t have said anythi –“

“No don’t.” The stopped me, waiving her hands. “That’s not it at all… It’s just, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you talk like this. I’m really proud of you [Y/N]… Honestly… And shit, I mean every chick here from 15-25 wants to jump his bones – and probably some a lot older too. So there is NOTHING to be ashamed of.”

“But I’ve only ever kissed someone.”

“So leave it up to him, I’m certain he knows what he’s doing. And if he likes you half as much as I’m certain he does, he won’t care if you don’t do anything back… But if you want to try something, then don’t be shy. Talk to him about it, he’ll want you to be comfortable.”

I had nothing to say, I just stared blankly at the wall behind my sister as I attempted to process all the information that had been bombarded at me.

“Well I can tell that’s probably enough for one day.” Mae bopped me on the nose before shimmying her way to the edge of the bed. However she seemed to freeze before standing, like she was fighting with herself about wether to say something more. I’m not sure which side won, but she fixed her eyes on her knees, keeping them there as she finally spoke. “I’m sorry for the last few years… When we were little, and quirks didn’t matter, I loved how we did everything together. But as we got older and more and more emphasis was placed on then, the more guilty I felt… I’ve always blamed myself for our quirks being on such opposite ends of the spectrum. I know my umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck, and it’s why mum had to have us so early… And… I can’t help but feel like it’s my fault, like if that hadn’t happened, things might have been different for you. I guess what I’m saying, is for my own selfish reasons it was easier to keep you at a distance.” With that she got up and headed for the door. I didn’t say anything in return, I’m not sure if I needed to, or if she wanted to hear something anyway.

It had been a very cathartic conversation all round, and would be the catalyst needed to start mending the relationships with my mum and sister.

“Hey, tell ya what.” Mae popped her head back into my room. “If in a week, he’s tried to make you do more than kiss him… Then you can call me a liar and throw everything I said out the window… Now go wash your hair and have a nap before dinner.”

Aye Aye Captain!

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The Number Makes No Difference

My eyes fluttered open to a dark room. What the fuck? As I sat up, the towel still wrapped around my head fell off. Reaching for my phone, I realised it was almost midnight. Being in the sun all afternoon must have taken it out of me, cause I was just meant to have a short kip before dinner, but instead I’d totally passed out. I was on top of the covers, and I could feel my hair was still damp as I ran my hands through it.


My attention was quickly pulled to my bedroom window.


There it was again. I slowly crept to my window and drew the curtains, hesitant of who or what I find. To my relief – and surprise, it was Shoto. The bungalow was one level and only slightly raised from the ground, so when open, the bottom of the window was the same height as his shoulders.

“It’s so late, what do you want?” I questions softly.

“You, weren’t at dinner and I wanted to make sure you were alright.” He replied, placing his forearms on the sill and resting his chin on his hands.

“So you left it till now?” Still weary of his intentions, despite the talk with my sister. “Wait… How did you know which room was mine?”

“Just a lucky guess.” He shot me a cheeky smile, and the last remaining wall - my final stronghold, came crashing down. “So you comin’ out, or are we gonna do this Romeo & Juliet shit all night?”

“Ok, just let me put something on and I’ll be back.” I closed the curtains again and flicked on my bedroom light. Till this point I’d put very little effort into my outfit choices, but now nothing seemed right. All my clothes were strewn across the floor when I felt my mouth shut tightly. I tried to speak, but the attempt was just muffled behind my firmly closed lips. I spun to the door to see my sister heading towards me. As some clothes floated into her right hand, she grabbed my wrist with her left and dragged me out of the room.

“What the hell are you doing Mae?” I blurted out once we were in the bathroom and she’d released me from her hold on my vocal cords. “The one thing you promised to never do was use your quirk to manipulate me.”

“I know, but this is for your own good.” She spoke quickly as she handed me my toothbrush.

“Why do I feel like I’m the only one not in on something?”

“Just hurry up and get ready.” I have her a look indicating she’d better explain herself, as I started getting dressed in what she’d picked out – full-length black adidas leggings with trademark stripes and a white long sleeve fitted t-shirt. “Mum and dad didn’t want to wake you for dinner, and when you weren’t there he asked if you were ok. I could tell he thought he’d done something wrong by the hangdog look on his face… Now… I did tell him that you were worried he only wanted you for one thing.” I was outraged, and she could tell. “I know, I know, but I didn’t tell him anything else we spoke about. He said he wanted to see you tonight, so I told him what room was yours, and I’ve been waiting for you to wake up so I could tell you.”

I spat out the toothpaste and rinsed my mouth. “Mae, I look like shit, but he’s already waited too long.” She took her brush from the bench and ran it quickly through my hair.

“You look better than the first time he saw you, so I wouldn’t worry too much.”

“Gee, don’t know what I’d do without ya sis.” I jeered sarcastically, but she just spun me around and pushed me out the door.

Once back in my room, I went to slide on my flip-flops, but something told me no. I’m not sure if it was the ensemble Mae picked out, or just my intuition, but I picked up my Cons instead and slipped them on before closing my bedroom door and turning off the light.

“Took ya long enough.” Shoto heckled once I opened the curtain again.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you that good things come to those who wait?” I quickly shot back as I hooked my legs over the windowsill. He reached up, placing his hands on my waist, and after bracing myself on his shoulders, he helped me down. Finally I shut the curtain and pulled the window most of the way closed. “So here I am… What was so important it couldn’t wait till tomorrow?”

I didn’t get an answer, he just ran his hand through his hair and smiled before walking around the back of the bungalow. He knew I was going to follow him, my curiosity forbid me from doing otherwise, so I let out a huff and dropped my head back before trudging after him like a spoilt child.

“Is my company really that bad?” He joked once I caught up.

“No, but I tend to lean toward the over-dramatic.”

“Hadn’t noticed.”

I playfully smacked him on the shoulder.

Behind each of the beach houses, there was a four-posted cabana day bed. Shoto made his way to sit on the edge of it, with me following after. Once I was seated next to him, he took my hand and started fiddling with it in his. He traced over my palm and knuckles, finally lacing his fingers with mine.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable today, it was never my intention.” He confessed sheepishly.

“It’s ok Sho. I think I may have over reacted.”

“No… You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my fault for not being clearer.” He composed himself before continuing. “I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since I first saw you… I find you captivating… I know we only just met, but I feel like you have me under a spell or something.” I started giggling. “Not really the reaction I was hoping for.” He sounded dejected.

“No-no-no that’s not it at all.” I reassured, placing my other hand over his. “I feel the same way… I’ve never felt like this before. And well… I’ve never been with anyone before – other than kissing – and I got scared about what you might want to happen.”

I felt him tense up slightly. He took his hands away from mine and started rubbing his eyes, bringing his index fingers to the inner corners, up over his eyebrows and out to his temples before stopping. Again he didn’t say anything, just stood up and took my hand – this time not letting it go – as we walked along behind the other bungalows.

I kept glancing at him as we strolled along. We weren’t moving quickly, but it still felt like there was purpose to it. I desperately wanted to break the silence, but he seemed so annoyed by my last comment, so I kept my mouth shut.

Soon enough we made it to the infinity pool near the restaurant. Shoto stoped very close to its edge and still looking away from me, casually waved his hand in its direction. Before my eyes the entire surface froze solid, and I didn’t have time to think before he was guiding me out onto it. Holding tightly onto his arm so I didn’t slip, he led me to the very centre. Next, he held his hand out in front of him – as high as his hips, and turned in a circle. A huge wall of ice formed around us on all sides, completely enclosing us within it. I was happy with the shoe choice I’d made, because the air was noticeably cold inside this personal ice fortress.

“Sho… It’s beautiful… I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Then just listen.” Placing his hands on my lower back, he gently pulled me closer to him, till my torso was touching his. The nerves I’d become all too familiar with, started creeping up from my toes. My cheeks felt warm, but I didn’t back away. I mimed zipping my lips, signalling my ears were open and ready to hear whatever he had to say. Then keeping my arms straight, I rested them on his shoulders and clasped my hands together behind his head.

“[Y/N], I could care less if you’ve never been with anyone… Zero or 100, the number makes no difference – it doesn’t dictate the person you are.” He sighed deeply. “I like you, more than I thought possible in such a short time, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing anything, I can deal with that… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to though.” The sly little half smile and shimmer in his eyes he was currently sporting, burned themselves into the back of my mind as I smiled back at him – coyly gazing down. “You’re not like any girl I’ve ever met… You don’t fawn over me, you aren’t afraid to piss me off and you’ve got good banter… I didn’t know I had boxes, but you’ve ticked em’ all.”

Raising my eyes to meet his again, I felt an invisible string pulling me towards him. As we got closer, a gust of wind – made cold by the ice - blew past my face. You have to be kidding, no, not now. I quickly spun my head away and “Achoo!” With a small flash of light, the air around us was littered with billions of specs of glitter. Reflecting the light of the moon, they shimmered as they slowly fell.

“At least it looks like it’s snowing.” I shrugged gingerly.


Shoto raised one of his hands to the nape of my neck – reiterating the invitation, and moved towards me again, placing his lips on mine. His mouth felt like velvet and I melted into his touch. Our lips moved in perfect sync and I didn’t hesitate in deepening the kiss as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Feeling bold, I nibbled on his bottom lip causing him to smile against me. Our tongues rolled over each other as they dipped in and out, awakening a thirst within me I wasn’t sure could ever be satisfied by anyone but him.

Reluctantly we parted, but only slightly. He nuzzled his nose with mine before resting our foreheads together, breathing in unison. We remained in this position for some time, just embracing each other. It was the most perfect kiss I could have hoped for. Gentle, intense and in the perfect surrounds. I struggled to fathom how anything could be more intimate than this.

“That was the best kiss I’ve ever had.” He whispered, straightening his stance. He ran his hands through my hair, and gripping the back of my head he continued. “And you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Pulling me into him once me, it was time for round two – and I was more than happy to oblige. All nerves had fallen by the wayside and given in to a burning desire. I knew I wasn’t a girl anymore – happy with innocent flirtations and pecks on the cheek. I needed more. I needed him – all of him – and I was willing to give myself over in return.

“Amazing as this is, I should probably melt this away before security notices.”

Releasing my arms from his neck, I reluctantly broke the embrace. I knew it wasn’t the last time he’d hold me, but I was suddenly very needy.

Taking his left hand, Shoto cleared a way through the wall of ice for me to walk through. It took a while for him to clear the ice, with all the excess water spilling over the front of the pool and onto the beach. When he was finally through, he approached me – brushing the glitter off his shoulders. Once in front of me, he shook his hair sending all that’d settled there airborne once more.

The eyes that now owned my heart twinkled again, but his face remain emotionless. “Shit quirk.”

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Lime Time


I flipped my head over and shook it, running my hands through my hair. “I told you it was terrible. Uncontrollable quirks are the worst.” Standing back up I attempted to brush the rest off myself. “Short of burning your clothes and shaving your head – you’ll be finding it everywhere for days.”

“I guess it could be worse… You could puke or piss everywhere…” He ran his hand behind his neck, and inspected his palm. “This is pretty annoying though.”

“You don’t have to tell me. I literally sneezed walking out the door of my bedroom when we were leaving to come here, so I’ve got to clean it all when I get home.”

“Does water help?”

“Yeah showers get most of it off.”

“That’s not what I had in mind.” He raised his eyebrows and dragged me towards the sand.

“What are you doing? Glitter and sand… I thought you were trying to ooooh.” He’d already removed his shirt and kicked off his shoes. Even in the moonlight my eyes saw all they needed to send my mind wild.

He looked back at me enticingly. “You can wear all your clothes in if you like, but it’d be more comfortable if you didn’t.”

I was torn. He’d already seen most of me earlier that afternoon at the lagoon, but now physicality had been thrown into the mix, I wasn’t sure how quickly things would move. Shoto had told me that I didn’t have to do anything – and he wouldn’t push it, but it wasn’t him I was worried about.

Fuck it! Tonight has already been the most perfect one in memory, and this was a scene straight out of a romantic movie – most girls would kill for this. I slipped off my shoes and shimmied down my leggings. All I was left wearing was navy blue bralette and matching undies.

Shoto was just in his boxers, and already waiting for me waist deep in the water. The ocean was uncannily still tonight, a perfect mirror reflection of the night sky. I got in as far as my knees and shook my head, hugging myself. “Nope, way too fucking cold.”

“You’re an enigma, you know that? Everything is too hot, now it’s too cold… Are you ever happy?” He deadpanned.

“Watch it buddy or I’ll leave with all your stuff.”

“I’m only messing with ya.” Placing his left hand into the water and spinning again, the ocean around him started to bubble. After about a minute he approached me and took my hand.

“Ah!” I recoiled my hand and shook it. “That’s really freakin’ hot Sho!”

“Shit, sorry wrong hand. I sometimes forget how hot it get’s cause I’m use to it.” Using his right one this time, he squeezed the hand he’d burnt tightly – kissing it and letting his icy side sooth the pain.

He motioned for me to step deeper into the water so I could test the temperature for myself. I slowly crept further in, reaching out with my foot before taking a full step. Once we were under up to our ribs, he spun me so the moonlight was cast across my face. Taking his – both now at a comfortable temperature – hands, he brushed the glitter from my face. Just the touch of his fingertips on my skin was enough to send me over the edge again. But this time the rush wasn’t in my chest. My lower stomach and thighs were pulsing as I watched his eyes move around my face. With an arm around me, he told me to lean back into the water. Placing a hand on his shoulder, I dipped my hair into the water – using my free hand to move it about.

Pulling me back up, he squeezed me tight to his chest. I could feel his breath on my lips, and every fibre of me wanted him but I was feeling audacious. I ran my tongue over my bottom lip before biting the side of it between my teeth. With the coyest look I could muster, I gazed intently into his eyes. “Your turn!” With both hands on his chest, I pushed him backwards into the water.

Mayday! Mayday! Big mistake… HUGE mistake! My attempt at being flirtatious and cheeky had backfired something shocking. As he drew himself back out of the water – slowly running his hands through his hair in the process – he looked just like one of those models from the cologne commercials. You know, sexy as hell! Whatever he was selling I was buying in bulk. Before he could utter a word, I grabbed his face and latched on. There was no taking it slowly this time. Our tongues attacked each other as a furious passion encircled us. He ran his hands from my lower back and over my arse. He let them linger there a while – studying it’s form and giving the odd squeeze – before lowering them again to my upper thighs and lifting me up. As he raised me, he ran his hands along my legs, wrapping them around his waist. Letting the water take most of my weight, meant my hands were free to explore his chest and arms. He was carved to perfection, yet I was unable to determine what I liked more; me touching him, or him touching me. I didn’t feel used at all, quite the opposite actually. It was as though he couldn’t get enough of me, like he needed to learn every rise and fall in case I disappeared right before his eyes.

He moved his kisses along my jaw and down my neck. As he nibbled on my collarbone, I released a breathy sigh – full of want, which even surprised myself. His lips on my shoulder, back to my neck, up to my ear. “Please don’t leave any marks.” I rasped.

“I wouldn’t, I think hickeys are tacky.” His deep voice spoke. “I don’t need - *kiss* - to brand you – *kiss* - as mine. *kiss* I’m not that - *kiss* - insecure. *kiss*

God damn you Shoto Todoroki, I’m already yours. Stop being to fucking perfect! The guy was a walking, talking, breathing contradiction. I didn’t understand how he could be so masculine but so soft. Mysterious but open. Genuine but aloof. Endearingly sweet and secure but with a bad boy lurking beneath the surface.

Both his hands trailed up my back till then reached my bralette, then quickly retreated. “You can take it off if you like.” I whispered.

“No, not tonight…” Our eyes met again, and I smoothed out his slicked back hair with my wet hands. “It’s already so faultless as it is, I don’t wanna ruin it.”

“But I said it was ok.”

“I know, but I don’t want you to regret it. I’m not going anywhere, so we have plenty of time.”

“Fine, it stays on.” With a rise of my eyebrows and a sassy tone, I took his hands and placed them on my chest. He shook his head slightly and with a grin allowed me this small victory. He didn’t leave both hands there though, choosing to return one to my back for support. Our lips met again, but more gentle this time. His touch on my breast was heaven. He didn’t uncomfortably knead at it like the last dick head from my school had before I batted his hand away in disgust. He cupped it softly, letting his fingers trace over my nipple – not pinching it, just rubbing it lightly between his fingers. It was all that was needed.

The pulsing that originated in my thighs was starting to surge upwards to my core. This was such a new feeling, and I wanted to know if he was as turned on as I was. With my legs wrapped around his waist I couldn’t feel anything, so unhooking my feet I brought them back down to the sand. Still kissing him I lowered my hands from his shoulders to his backside. Lord have mercy, it was so firm and muscular. I have no idea what I was expecting, cause I’ve never touched a guys butt before – nor had I wanted to. I felt him smirk into the kiss and realised I must have reacted physically rather than just in my mind like I though.

“What?” I innocently questioned, barely pulling my lips from his.

“You’re cute.” He teased, rubbing his nose on mine again.

Taking advantage of our close proximity, I pushed myself against him. I could feel an obvious bulge in his boxers and smiled to myself. Raising onto my tiptoes, I smugly breathed into his ear. “Looks like I’m not the only one getting excited.” Rotating my hip and upper thigh against him, I heard his breath hitch as he leaned his head against the side of mine. I went to start rubbing him with my hand but he grabbed my wrist before I made contact.

“Aaaaaaand that’s where were gonna stop it.” He stepped back from me. “You’ll thank me later.” I crossed my arms and poked out my bottom lip, play sulking.

“I know… come on, the waters cold again and I’m tired.”

Back at my bedroom window Shoto gave me a hug. He was only a few inches taller than me, which meant I could easily rest my head on his shoulder while I softly traced my fingers over his back and he ran his through my hair. “I promise no late night rendezvous’ for at least a few days.” He whispered.

I lifted my head to look at him. “What if that’s a promise I don’t want you to keep?”

“It wasn’t a promise to you… I need to slow it down for my own sake too. And trust me, you might think you want it in the moment, but it’ not always the case”

“I’m flattered that you’re so concerned about me, but really, we didn’t do anything tonight I didn’t want. And I wanted to do more.”

“I know but… - “

I placed my finger on his mouth to stop him. “Let me worry about me, alright? I’ll let you know when I want to do more – and I promise it won’t be while we’re kissing, or whatever.”

He nodded at our deal.

I pushed the window and curtain back open and threw my clothes inside. Shoto gave me a leg up and I tumbled back inside and onto the bed. “Goodnight Romeo, I’ll see you in the morning.”

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Well Fuck

Set seats are only assigned for dinner, which means the other meals are a lot more casual. Breakfast runs for several hours and lunch can be taken pretty much anywhere you want – including room service. This is available for dinner as well, but depends on the night and what the resort has planned for that evening.

Today was Saturday and tonight there was going to be a barbeque on the beach and a movie under the stars.

True to his word, Todoroki hadn’t made an appearance at my bedroom window since Wednesday – not that I hadn’t hoped every little rustle outside was him. We’d spent time together during the days, but since the conversation with Mae and mum, I was making an effort to spend more time with my family. We were seated at different tables the past two nights at dinner, but within five minutes of sitting down, he was placing a virgin mojito in front of me and kiss on my cheek. My father told me on several occasions that he liked him, only for me to point out that he hadn’t really ever spoken to him. ‘I don’t need to speak to him to see how he treats you,’ was his reply.

So mornings would be spent with the fam, and Shoto would always manage to find me after lunch. Mae was usually off somewhere with the two girls from the first night, which made the time I spent with him easier – knowing she wasn’t left on her own.

The movie screen was already being set up on the beach when we left for breakfast this morning, right in front of our bungalow. “I wonder what it’s gonna be?” Mum asked rhetorically as we walked together.

The dining room was quite full this morning, but the aroma of pastries and fresh bread made it all ok. I was waiting with Mae in line at the omelette station when her two friends joined us.

“Finally you get to meet my sis. [Y/N] this is Himari and Niko – they’re sisters too.” We exchanged pleasantries, and they seemed legitimately nice. As we inched forward in the queue, Niko elbowed her sister and motioned with her head towards me.

With some visible apprehension – the obviously older sister – Himari, addressed me. “Sooo… You spend a lot of time with Shoto Todoroki… What’s he like?”

I can’t say I wasn’t expecting to be quizzed at some point, but I’d avoided it so far – even from my parents. But Mae did little to quell the inquiry, raising her eyebrows to reiterate the question. *Sigh* “He’s really nice… He’s a great guy.”

“Oh come on, you got to give us more than that.” The younger of the two sisters spoke up. “You’re with him every day. Are you two an item?”

Well were we? We hadn’t spoken about it. We hadn’t really been physical either since our time in the ocean. He’d stolen a few kisses, and we’d often hold hands. But considering how heated things had gotten, everything since seemed like a huge back pedal. What really was going on? I knew I wanted more, soooo much more.

“No, I’m not sure what we are… Friends I guess.”

“Yeah right.” Mae winked at them and they giggled. “He was at her bedroom window the other night.” I shot her a look of mortification, but when I saw their jaws drop in utter jealousy, my face softened to a sly grin as I shrugged my shoulders – admitting it was true.

“Oh my god, you’re so lucky. Has he kissed you?”

“A lady never tells.”

“Booooring!” Mae jeered as she rested her arm around my shoulders. “But she hasn’t admitted anything to me either, so I can’t report on the matter.”

We all laughed and took a step further in the line, placing my sister at the front. She ordered, and I let the chef know I’d have the same when it was my turn. Before I could turn and face our small group again, I felt an icy-hot grip take hold of me from behind and lift me off the floor. I was caught so off guard that I squealed, but knew who it was instantly. “Shhh.” His sexy-arse voice whispered in my ear, and he lowered me back down. “Save that for later.” Maintaining his embrace, he leaned his chin forward to rest on my shoulder. “So who are your friends.”

I could tell he was humouring them, and they were geeking out big time.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Niko… Himari…” He addressed them whilst they just stared at him dumbfounded.

“Chins off the floor girls.” Mae teased. “Say Shoto, did you happen to notice the glitter all over the beach on Thursday morning?”

“Can’t say it’s something I took notice of.” His voice remained neutral, but one of his hands squeezed the bottom of my ribs, causing me to twitch slightly.

Stroking her chin with a knowing, cheeky smirk. “What about you [Y/N]?” I just shook my head. I wasn’t mad at her, it was actually kinda fun.

“As much as I’d love to stay and chat, I have something rather pressing to discuss with [Y/N] and it requires her attention right away.” He took my hand and as he stepped away from me, I spun as his arms unravelled from my waist. He then pulled me towards the restaurants back door.

“Mae, please get my omelette.” I called back to her.

As I was lead away I heard the two sisters say ‘just friends ha?’ in unison to each other, and a huge shit-eating grin overtook my face.

We were barely out the door before Shoto had me pinned up against the back of the building – his hands on either side of my head. He stared at me with a predatory look in his eyes, and I revelled in it – raising my top lip, taunting him. In a flash, his lips were on my neck and I tilted my head to allow him better access. “You have no idea what you do to me.” He breathed into my skin, as his tongue made its way up to my ear. “I’ve been slowly going insane not being able to touch you.” His voice mumbled while he nibbled on my earlobe.

“It was your stupid rule.” I jeered, letting my hands drift under the back of his t-shirt.

“I didn’t expect it to be this hard… You look so fucking sexy.”

I was wearing a black skirt and cropped white t-shirt, but I don’t think it would have mattered what I had on. He had so much pent up frustration, anything could have sent him over the edge. He placed his hands on my cheeks – the juxtaposition of temperatures sending shivers down my spine – and kissed me. There was so much passion in his touch, and I couldn’t get enough. With my hands still under his shirt, I flattened them on his back and brought his body flush with mine. I pushed one of my thighs between his and wrapped the other leg around him. He braced himself against the wall with his left hand, while the frosty right one ran along the outside of my thigh and up under my shirt. He squeezed my arse – electricity sparking from his fingertips, filling my body with a vicious craving.

“Sho… I don’t want you to keep yourself from me. I’m yours whenever you want me.” His lips now paying attention to the side of my neck he’d previously ignored. “I know I said this isn’t how I’d tell you but I want more. I need more of you.”

“I know, so do I…” He removed his hand from my backside and stepped back slightly to straighten out my hair and shirt for me. “Tonight ok?” I nodded and he placed a final soft peck on my lips. “Come on let’s get back in there, I’m starving.”

He walked ahead – adjusting his pants as we went, while I remained leaning against the building. My head swum with unrequited desire, and an unfamiliar wetness in my underwear. I didn’t want him to leave me, and I didn’t care we were in a place anyone could’ve seen. My mind and body only cared about quenching the thirst they had for him. But I couldn’t stand here all day, so I pushed myself off the wall and retreated back inside.

“Your lips are red.” Mae teased, once I joined her back at the table. I tried pulling them inside my mouth, but my face was already awash with a lovely pink hue. Staring down at the omelette in front of me, I was still struggling to tear my mind away from what just happened. “Eat it before it get’s too cold.” My sister encouraged, obviously trying to help me down from the cloud I was still floating on. But my mouth was dry, I needed a drink. Before I could stand from my chair, like clockwork Shoto was placing a glass of juice in front of me. He rested his hand on mine and leaned into my ear, his hot breath just as paralysing as the first time he’d performed this gesture.

“I’ll always respect you, but when we’re alone… I can’t promise I’ll always be a gentleman.”

With that, he ran his fingers along the back of my hand and forearm as he stood, then headed back to the seat next to his father.

Well fuck!

Chapter Text


Spilling the Tea

I made it through breakfast – barely!

I’m not sure if he was doing it on purpose, or he just couldn’t help himself, but every time I’d leave the table to get something else to eat Shoto’d sneak up behind me, or walk past and grab my arse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I wasn’t loving every minute of it, but it was definitely making it hard to maintain any kind of focus. In the end, whilst waiting by the toaster, I managed to grab his wrist before he touched me. Squeezing it whilst staring him down, I threatened, “Back the fuck up Sho, none of this is very respectful – our parents are here. If you don’t want me to take everything back, I’d settle down if I were you.” I threw his hand and walked off, not looking back – but with a huge grin on my face.

“What the hell did you say to him?” Mae queried as I scooted my chair back in next to her. “You left him standing there with a face like a slapped arse.”

“He’s been grabbing me all morning, and I’d just had enough.”

“Oh it must be so terrible having that fine piece of arse touch you.” She rolled her eyes, and I hung my head. I actually liked the attention, but needed him to know that I was still the one setting the boundaries. “I’m sorry [Y/N]… I understand, really I do.”

“It’s ok, it’s just all new to me.”

“I’m proud of you for not backing down to him.”

“It’s not like that sis… He’s really great, just needed to… tighten the leash.” Mae coughed on what she was eating and I giggled to myself. “I do need to talk to you, in a more… private setting.”

“OOO, sounds juicy. I’ll be all yours when we get back.”


“Ok mum, you and dad just go ahead and we’ll be out in a little while.” My sister sung out to our parents from my bedroom door. “I’m gonna have some tea.” She said so only I could hear, as she walked towards my bed rubbing her hands together like an old miser adoring his riches.

“Oh my god Mae, if you’re gonna be like this I wont tell you anything.” I sulked, making myself more comfortable on the bed.

“Don’t be like that, I know you wanna tell me.”

And really I did. I’d been keeping it all to myself for long enough, and she’d proven herself to me by now. There’d been no more fights, or catty remarks, and the advice she’s given me had really helped.

“So, I know you’s have kissed. That was obvious from how you looked when you came back inside earlier. But it wasn’t the first time was it?” I shook my head, fighting hard to keep my smile under wraps. “It was Wednesday, when you snuck out ay?” This time I nodded. “I bet it was romantic… Come on, tell me!” She pushed my shoulder.

I let her know all the ins and outs, and about our moonlit dip after. About how he put things on hold, and got as far as him pinning me against the back of the restaurant.

“That’s so hot.” She fanned herself with her hand.

“You have no idea.” I slumped back onto the bedhead. “He had his hands up my skirt, grabbing my arse… That’s when I told him I wanted to do more.”

“Right out there in the open.” She teased, a fake look of horror on her face.

“He said tonight.” I squeezed my eyes shut, opening one slightly to peek through at my sister.

“Ok…good…” She spoke slowly. It was clear to me it was an attempt to appear calm, but anyone who knew her even slightly could tell she was excited. Whenever she tried to hold her emotions in, her hair would start floating around her - as was the current situation. “So what’s the problem then?”

“You said, if he tried to do anything more than kiss me before a week was over, all the stuff about him liking me wasn’t true… Ow!

“Idiot!” Mae had sent The Outsiders flying into my head. I don’t know why she thought that would help get the point across. “I said if he tries to do more. You said you were the one who suggested it. So… all good… Except… Him gettin frisky with you a breakfast, was that before or after you said you wanted more.”


“Then yeah, all good.”

“So what the fuck do I do?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Well I’m not ready to have sex.” I admitted, and she gave me a ‘well I should hope not’ look. “But, ahhhh, I don’t know.” I hid my face in my hands.

“Well, how did you know what to do this morning, or the other night?” I shrugged. “Exactly, you just did what felt right at the time… You followed your instincts, and they seem to have lead you pretty well so far.”

“What do I do to him though?”

“Nothing if you don’t want to. Let him do all the work, you just sit back and reap the reward.” My eyes pleaded with her for more information. “Fine, you just kinda run your hand up and down it. How easy it is will depend on if he’s been cut or not.” I acted like I knew what she was talking about, but had no freakin clue. “If he has been, then you mite need to spit in your hand if you aren’t ready to go down on him… Which I’m pretty sure you aren’t.” I shook my head feverishly. “But truthfully, you putting your hand or any part of yourself in contact with it – he’ll think all his Christmas’s have come at once, so don’t worry if he thinks it any good or not. It just comes with practice.”

“Right… But what about me?... Like, I want him to, but… um…”

“Spit it out.” Mae sighed. “We’ve come this far, no point getting uncomfortable now.”

“Um... This morning… When we were done… I felt… God this is embarrassing.” I covered my face with the book, previously flung at my head.

“Were yooooou… Excited?” Mae pried, trying to figure out what I was too ashamed to admit.


“Oh, so you were wet.” I lowered the book, and looked at her curiously. “That’s nothing to worry about, guy’s live for that shit.”

“But it was gross – and why?”

“Yeah, it is gross when you have to carry on like it never happened. But it just shows you are ready, your subconscious even wants him. And if you can’t figure out why, then you will soon enough.” She gave me a cunning wink and she stood up form my bed. “Now, first things first. You need to shave. Underarms, legs, bikini line. How much further you wanna go in that department is up to you, but I’d recommend at least a trim. And as a rule I’d say; hair up top is ok, not so cute lower down. And that goes for him too. If he has any respect for you at all, he’ll make it presentable.”

I was dragged into the bathroom, where Mae had all her toiletries floating in the air, picking out which ones were needed.

“Usually I’d say you need to pick out the perfect ensemble, but in this case, you need it to look like you put in no effort at all. You already have him, and he will be crawling to you by the time tonight comes. So make it seem like you’re the one doing him a favour. Like he’s the one lucky enough to be graced with your presence. Don’t be a bitch or anything, but guys pick up on more than they let on. So don’t make it seem like you went to any extra effort.”

How was she so wise beyond her years in this regards? Or maybe it was just that I was so far behind. But whatever the case, I clearly had a lot of preparation to do.

“Ok, so this is everything you’re gonna need. Use as much as you like.” She wrapped her arms around me tightly and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. “My little girl is growing up.” She wiped a fake tear from her eye, and pushed my palm against her forehead.

“Oh, and one more thing… Don’t go looking for him tonight. Have dinner with us just like normal, then come sit with us for the movie. I know every part of you will be silently screaming for him, but just play it cool. If he want’s you, he’ll figure out how to steal you away. And it’s another excuse to see how much he wants you, you can always use the ego boost.”

“Hey, what do you think mum and dad have planned for our birthday?” I questioned as we made our way to the front door.

“No idea... No shade, but it can’t be anything too extravagant. This place isn’t that big. This trip was nice enough, and we can go for our first night out and really celebrate when we get back.”

The thought of my sister and I being close enough to actually go clubbing together, made me happier than anything Shoto had said to me. I was under no false illusion that this was going to be anything more than a summer romance. It couldn’t possibly stretch beyond the confines of these four weeks in paradise – it just wasn’t logical. But Mae was always going to be my sister, my twin. We were two parts of the one whole.

My heart was finally starting to fill up again.

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Cinema Paradiso

Mae and I spent the morning with mum and dad, trekking through a jungle trail. It took a lot of my effort not to complain, but who in their right mind would enjoy schlepping themselves up a mountain – through all the bugs and humidity – just for a view? Yeah sure it was nice and all, but we were meant to be on vacation, and getting this sweaty was not my idea of a holiday. I could really use Todoroki and his ice quirk right about now!

I promised myself I would follow what my sister had told me, appearing nonchalant about the whole thing. It was partly because the more I thought about it, I was kinda pissed by how he behaved at breakfast. He’d made a point of ‘wanting to respect me’ so many times, but surprise groping me in public didn’t seen very respectful to me. No! He was gonna have to make it up to me, come crawling back. And how well he performed in that regard, would dictate how the evening played out.

“[Y/N] come on, we’re heading back down.” My dad startled me out of my daze.

I threw my arms up in a huff. “Well what was the point of all that? We hike all the way up here just to turn around and head straight back to where we came from… This is why I hate exercise!”

“It’s not all bad.” Mae skipped up beside me, why was she in such a good mood? “Your boyfriend wouldn’t look the way he does if he didn’t work out.”

She made a good point, but “you know he’s not my boyfriend. It’s not like he’ll ever be. It’s just… a summer fling.” My eyes darted all around me, trying not to make contact with anything. It didn’t feel good to say it out loud – no matter how true the words were.

“Chin up sis.” She flung a sweaty arm over my shoulder. “This guy likes you more than any of my boyfriends ever have. I’d trade them all for a month with a guy who genuinely cared about me.”

“I don’t know how I’m gonna say goodbye to him Mae… I’m falling so hard for him already and it’s only been one week.”

“Sounds like true love to me.” She looked out of the corner of her eyes at me, and once mine met hers she cracked up laughing.

“You’re such a bitch sometimes.”

“I know… But it may end up being that sooner or later. Yeah, he got handsy this morning, but I’ve seen how he looks at you.”

It was a sobering thought – one that hadn’t entered my mind. Surely you can’t fall in love with someone over the span of a few weeks. That’s just insane, it was just infatuation. A fascination with each other that was opening my mind and body up to things they hadn’t contemplated before. I know that sounds dumb, I’m not saying that I didn’t know the things people do when they hook up, and about sex and all that. What I mean is, I didn’t know if or when I’d ever feel them. I’d hooked up with guys before and never got excited. I was 18 in just under two weeks and had never been ‘wet’ before. Remembering back to one of my stints in the closet during seven minutes in heaven, there was this guy called Riku. He was fine as hell, and the cousin of one of my friends. The other girls had been noticeably jealous when my name was picked, and my heart flipped inside my chest. He seemed really into it, he was polite – did absolutely nothing wrong, but as soon as he touched me my energy fizzled. I didn’t say anything cause I figured I should be enjoying it. He was a good enough kisser, and I even let him touch me through my jeans. He didn’t do anything I didn’t let him do – lets get that much clear, but I guess what I’m trying to say is… I thought that’s just what it was… Nothing… That guys must get a lot more out of those situations than girls. None of my friends ever spoke about their boyfriends going down on them, it was always what they’d done. Sure there was the occasional fingering, but it was mostly hand-jobs, BJ’s and sex. I guess guys don’t like giving girls head. And none of my friends could understand why I didn’t want a boyfriend, or even a casual hook up. It never made sense to me though. Why would you want to do something that wasn’t exciting or feel good. Turns out I’d never felt the true spark of attraction.

“What-cha thinkin’ bout?” Mae pried in a cutesy voice.

I shook my head to clear those thoughts. “Just about other guys I’ve hooked up with. Comparing notes I guess…”

“Forget about all them. They we’re just boys.” She waved her hand, and with this dismissive gesture – I pushed all those bad memories out of my head. Nothing about Shoto was juvenile. Even when he’d annoy me, it was sexy. Strong. His touch was masculine and I finally understood what my friends were feeling.


The sun was setting across the ocean and the beach smelt amazing! All kinds of seafood was being barbequed, along with vegie kebabs and grilled pineapple. A large table with a variety of sides was set up on the grass, buffet style.

I hadn’t seen Shoto – well no that’s a lie – I hadn’t spoken to Shoto since the morning. Id seen him a few times, but I’d either turn around breaking our eye contact, or walk away from where he was. I felt no guilt whatsoever. I was a fucking prize, and 100% worth the effort.

With a plate full of deliciousness, I made my way to a small table on the sand. We weren’t forced to sit with people we didn’t know tonight, so it was just my family. And it was a welcome change.

“They’re playing Blue Hawaii.” My father announced once we were all seated.

“Has that got Elvis in it?” I questioned, stuffing my face with pasta salad.

“Who’s Elvis?” Mae asked unabashed.

“Seriously! How are we even sisters?”

“I’m surprised you know who he is sweetheart.” My mother contributed.

Shrugging my shoulders apathetically. “Guess when you aren’t Hero-ing all day, you have time to study a bit of culture.”
My father gave me a ‘that was uncalled for’ look, and I apologised. I really hadn’t meant to become the bitch. “He was a singer and actor.” I mimicked the stereotypical ‘oh-uh-uh’, with raised lip and everything.

“Oooh, the one with the hips?”

“Exactly, see you do know who he is.”

Over my mothers shoulder, I saw Shoto and his father making their way to the buffet. He wore skinny jeans, a t-shirt, flip-flops and a defeated look on his face. His hands were in his pockets and his head hung down. Every other time I’d seen him, he had such an air of confidence about him, but he looked so… so beaten down. I caught his eye, but his face remained neutral, so I threw him a bone and smiled at him. The corners of his lips turned up slightly and he mouthed ‘sorry’ to me, giving him the slightest nod of recognition in return. How in the world had I managed to have such an effect on him? I started feeling really, really guilty about ignoring him all day.

I made my way over to the makeshift bar, and after some sweet talking – and pointing out my parents, the bartender gave me what I wanted. I sullenly made my way to the Todoroki table, drinks in hand. Doing just as he had done to me every day, I placed the beer in front of Shoto and whispered; “me too” In his ear.

“Here Mr Todoroki, I’m not sure what you drink, so I just guessed.” I bashfully handed him the bottle and went to walk away.

“Ha-ha, so this is the lovely young lady you wont shut up about.” His booming voice surprised me, and I tensed up about foot from the table, standing between the father and son. “Please, call me Enji.” I just nodded politely, not sure what to say. I had no idea how he felt about me being the one Shoto was spending time with, and right now I didn’t want to stick around to find out.

“Let her go eat her dinner dad.” Shoto mumbled, using his fork to move food around his plate.

“Of course, but I’d like to talk to you some more soon. My son wont tell me anything about you.”

“Thank you Mr Todo- I mean Enji.” I went to walk behind Shoto and back to my table, but as I passed him he held up his hand. I let my fingers glide over its palm, hooking slightly with his before breaking contact and continuing back to my seat.

That small connection felt so innocent, yet so intimate in its intensity. With the small touch he melted away the anxieties of the day, and the small – yet intense interaction with his father.

As the sun sank lower over the water, staff brought out extra lanterns and torches. Beanbags littered the beach around the movie screen and guests started to pick their spots. My family started heading towards the middle, but a warm hand gently stroked my arm.

“Would you sit with me?”

I glanced at my mother – and with a small nod of her head, I knew I was free to do as I pleased.

“Sure, go find a spot and ill be there in a sec.” I continued with my family till they were seated, I gave mum and dad a kiss on the cheek, and Mae a hug.

“It’s lovely to see you so happy sweetheart. Have a wonderful night.”

I hope things continue on like this between my mother and I once we get back home.

I spotted Shoto at the back and headed over. He went to stand up so I didn’t have to sit in the sand but I shook my hands. “Don’t move, you look comfy.”

“Where are you gonna sit?”

I playfully kicked at his feet, making him separate them. Once there was enough room, I sat down between his legs, leaning against his chest and resting my head on his shoulder.

“I’m so fucking sorry about this morning – it was so outta line.” I could hear the regret in his voice.

“Don’t worry about it… please…” I turned and gave him a peck on the cheek, positioning his arms around me in the process. “There was a lot of pent up energy – from both of us… Just don’t do it again.” I pretended I was going to give him another peck but licked him instead. His face finally cracked a smile, as he wiped his cheek against the side of my head.

The movie started soon after and we settled in. I felt so relaxed and comfortable in Shoto’s arms, not saying anything. I let my eyes rest for a moment and almost drifted off to sleep, when Elvis started singing the movies most iconic song; I can’t help falling in love with you. My mind was hyper aware of what every part of my body and his was doing. I tensed as Mae’s words from our hike repeated in my ears. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, like I was afraid Shoto was thinking it was all set up – even though it couldn’t possibly be.

He started lightly running his fingers up and down my arms, somehow knowing I needed to relax. I followed suit, and traced along the outside of his thighs. “I’m falling for you pretty hard.” He divulged before placing a soft kiss on my temple. My heart flipped at the revelation. Dear god, this can’t really be happening. My right hand found his, and knitting my fingers with his from on top, I kissed his palm and placed both our hands on my chest.

“You know, I just realised I don’t even have your phone number.” I spoke loud enough for just him to hear.

“I’m the one who’s done all the chasing… If you wanted my number, you only had to ask for it.”

Fuck! He was right. I’d done nothing to initiate anything thus far. He looked at me. He approached me. He took me jet skiing. He came to my window. He kissed me. And on and on and on. Why did he keep up the chase, when I’d been such a bitch to him today?

Once the movie was over, most people were quick to leave. Neither of us made an attempt, wanting to keep this perfect contact as long as possible. I didn’t even care that both our parents saw us like that. Mine seemed happy enough and Mae gave me a cheeky wink. I have no idea what Endeavour’s feelings on the matter were, cause who the hell can tell what’s going on underneath those flames?

“I think my butt’s gone to sleep.” I finally, and reluctantly made the move to stand – groaning like a geriatric the whole time. I rubbed my hands over my backside to try and ‘wake it up.’ I looked at Shoto who was now standing, and he raised his hands in mock defence and shook his head.

“Nope, I learnt my lesson this morning.”

I stepped towards him and stared him down. I grabbed his wrists and slapped his hands on my arse – holding them there. It didn’t take long for my ‘serious’ face to crack, and I started laughing. He moved his hands up and brought me to his chest for a hug.

“You’re killin’ me, you little shit.”

Sassy as always, I poked my cheek with my index finger and twisted it – producing a huge cheesy grin. Shoto leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead. “Tonight was nice, but please don’t ignore me again tomorrow.” With that he licked my cheek and quickly stepped back.

“Ew… Only gross people do that kinda shit.” I mocked disgust as I dramatically wiped my cheek with my shoulder.

He smirked – which I’ve learnt is as good of a laugh as I’m gonna get – and placing his hands in his pockets turned to walk away.

“Hey Sho.” I called to him. “Can I have your number?”

Chapter Text


Sweet Baby Jesus!

I threw myself onto my bed, face first with my head in the pillow. The day had steered quite a ways off course, but at least it had ended well. It’d been nice just sitting with Shoto, being in his company without having to say anything. I know we were watching a movie, but I think we needed to just be together without talking.

I still couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed he’d done all the chasing. Was I really that selfish? I thought our feelings were mutual, and they were, but I really did only reciprocated his already put forward intentions. No wonder when I told him how much I wanted him this morning he couldn’t keep his hands off me. He’d probably been dying to hear it since the night we met.

Understanding why he’d only hugged me goodbye tonight didn’t help much in the way of making me feel better. I knew he was still trying to make up for his wrong doing by not pushing things again, but it’s not what I wanted. So why hadn’t I made him stay? Why was I unable to say what I really wanted? Was I still ashamed that he made me feel so good? Embarrassed I constantly had depraved thoughts flashing through my mind. Did I think that if I asked for something, that it made me a slut? The only times I’d been bold enough to say what I actually wanted was in the heat of the moment. Moments always initiated by him. Ahhhhhh! I screamed into my pillow.

Jerking my body on the bed till my legs were over the edge, I stood up and stropped to the bathroom. All the lights in the bungalow were out. I guess everyone is already in bed. I leaned on the bench and stared at myself in the mirror. What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re almost 18 – you’re not a slut. You’re allowed to want things too. Wake up to yourself! I sighed and dropped my head. Nope, I didn’t shave for nothing!

I brushed my teeth and put on some of my sisters mascara. I was still wearing the same outfit I’d had on all day – as per Mae’s insistence, but I was gonna change one thing.

I ‘freshened’ myself up, and once back in my room I changed into a clean pair of underwear.

Laying back on my bed, I grabbed my phone – unlocking it. I opened up new message and stared at the blank screen. My thumb hovered over the letters while my brain tried to compose a text….



A marvel of literature able to rival Shakespeare! I put the phone down. I couldn’t just stare at the screen waiting to see if he responded. Or worse, see that he saw it and have those three little dots wave at me, just to stop and never get a reply. I was about to give up – after about 30 seconds – when I felt my phone buzz.



What's up Peachy?

Peachy 🍑

Come over...


You sure?

Peachy 🍑

I need you

Please don't make me beg


maybe I'd like to see you beg

Peachy 🍑

U comin or not


The fuck do you think?

Give me 5


Shit-shit-shit. I can’t ever remember feeling this nervous and excited at the same time. Also, I felt relief. I’d asked for something I wanted. I didn’t feel dirty or slutty. I felt empowered. A small part of me doubted if he would come, in case he wanted me to sweat it out for a change.

It didn’t even take five minutes before I heard tapping on my window. A million butterflies took flight in my stomach at the sound. I took a few deep breaths before pulling back the curtain and opening the window. Shoto made a ledge out of ice to climb up on, and was soon standing in front of me at the foot of my bead.

“U-um, I’m glad you came.” I stuttered, shaking so hard he had to have noticed.

“You couldn’t keep me away… I just needed you to ask.” He took my hands in his and gently kissed me. Our heads kept changing position as the kiss became more passionate, but still no other parts of our body made contact. Energy surged from his hand, through my arm and into my chest before travelling down my other arm and back to him. It seemed like this cycle of power was circling quicker and quicker, stronger and stronger like we both were going to explode with pure want for each other.

Slowly I stepped back to the edge of my bed, and sat down. He followed, with lips still pushed to mine, as I scooted up the bed finally laying my head on the pillow. Positioning himself with an arm on either side of me, he lowered down to rest on his forearms – his hips pressed to mine, and a leg between my thighs. His hair tickled my forehead as our tongues rolled over each other.

I was feeling greedy and gathered up the bottom of his t-shirt and tugged on it – hinting that he’d better lose it. Propped back up on his hands, I looked up at his bare form. My god it was perfect! I was gifted a sly side-smile and began tracing my fingers up his arms, feeling the indentations of each and every muscle they passed. Over his biceps and shoulders. Down his chest and stomach. His abs – his fucking abs!

“Perve.” He smirked.

“Guess it’s just another thing we have in common.”

Licking my lips, my hand gripped the back on his head, leading his mouth back to mine.

My fingernails dug into his back as he trailed kissed down my neck, focusing on the spot just past where it met my shoulders. Why the hell does that feel so good? His teeth started to bite, and not softly either. The pain was intoxicating.

Bringing my hands down to the waistband of his jeans, I hooked my thumbs in and pushed up, rolling my hips against his. I could hear him moan into my neck, the vibration of which sent tingles straight to my core. As if he knew what I was feeling, Shoto hunched his back, bringing the leg between mine up so his knee was at my crouch. Gently he pushed it against me, circling it ever so slightly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought my forehead up in contact with his shoulder. My lips were tightly pressed together to stop any noise from escaping them.

Go on, just do it! I gathered all my courage and put my hand on Shoto. I wasn’t really sure what to expect seeing as your legs and hips aren’t really known for their ability to tell the size of things. But… There was a lot there. I have nothing to compare it to of course, but it was well and truly longer than the length of my hand and… I had no idea they got that hard. Now I wanted to feel it, I wanted to know what all the fuss was about and see one for myself. My shaking hands, fumbled with the button of his pants for a few seconds before he pushed them away.

“What?” I breathed, confused.

“Tonight’s about you.”

I relaxed back down into the bed and he undid my skirt. He tugged at it, I lifted my hips so he could slide it over my arse and down my legs. Bringing his face back to mine, I became paralysed by his stare as he kissed me again, our gaze still connected.

“You ready?” He whispered, lust dripping from his pores.

I nodded.

He began inching himself backwards on the bed, kissing my tits and stomach through my shirt as he made his way south. His lips finally made contact with the skin below my bellybutton – then the penny dropped.

“Wait, stop!” I gasped – propping myself up on my elbows. “I know guys don’t like doing that.”

“Not sure who you’ve been talking to.” He smirked.

“Well, none of the guys from school would do it.”

“Maybe they just didn’t know what they were doing.” He looked up at me through his red and white hair. “So lay back down, I’m exactly where I wanna be.” His husky voice commanded I obey. A demand I was surprised by how readily I followed.

He was using his quirk to his advantage as he ran his icy fingertips along the band of my underwear. He laid kissed over the fabric, and my breath hitched. Next his touch ghosted over my inner thighs and traced the outline of my panties as they ran down between my legs. I dissolved beneath his touch, my core now begging for contact. He kneeled and slipped my underwear off, discarding them. Lifting my legs so they bent at the knees, he laid back down on his stomach between them.

So this was it… He was face to face with all of me. My face grew red and I covered my eyes with my hand.

He blew cold air against me. The cheeky prick. “What are you so stressed about?”

“I’m just kinda… Embarrassed… About…” I waved my hand over my… area.

“Looks perfect to me.” Without hesitation, he licked from my opening up to my clit in one smooth motion. “You taste good too.”

Pushing my head back into the pillow, I shut my eyes tight and gripped the quilt with both hands. Shoto had one arm wrapped around my upper thigh, holding it. He put his mouth over me, sucking my lips in before pulling back and letting them slowly slide out. He ran his tongue over me, tracing my outline and lapping up all the ‘wetness’ I was so self-conscious of. I guess guys really did live for that shit after all. Using his cold side again, he took his middle and index fingers to separate my folds and licking their insides.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep quiet, and as the tip of his tongue finally made contact with my clit, I cupped my hand over my mouth and moaned into it. The hand wrapped around my leg, reached up and pulled on my elbow – removing my silencer.

“I wanna hear you.”

A breathy gasp escaped me, as his perfect lips made contact – sucking on my clit this time and humming. Sweet baby Jesus that’s good! I could feel my entire body heating up, my forehead was getting clammy and Shoto’s fireside wasn’t doing me any favours. But his… his tongue was magic. It licked and flicked me, and my breathing became heavier as he got faster.

Electricity started to build up in my core, sucking energy from all over my body – making my knees weak and fall further apart. I pushed myself up into Shoto’s face, forcing him to apply more pressure, and I felt him smile against me. I grabbed a fist full of his hair, and then it happened.

Sh-Shoto fuck!

An explosion in my core. My back arched involuntarily as shock waves pulsed though my stomach and down my legs causing small spasms and an overwhelming feeling of euphoria. Shoto immediately ceased all contact and wiped his chin with the back of his hand while I lay stunned, breathless.

My chest was still heaving as he crawled back up the bed and laid next to me, propping his head up on his hand. I rotated my head towards him and he kissed me again. I could taste myself on his tongue and lips, and figured I should be grossed out by it, but I really wasn’t. It was kinda sexy.

“Looks like you enjoyed yourself.” His eyes smouldered.

I bit my lip and nodded. Finally I understood what all the fuss was about. That was freakin’ amazing, though if my mates from school hadn’t ever had their boyfriends give them such a treat, why did they keep going back for more? I internally swept the thought away, I was having too good of a time to care about it now.

Rolling onto my side to face Shoto, I reached once more to undo his jeans. “Your turn.”

“Not this time.”

He pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel the bulge in his pants was still present, and had to be uncomfortable.

“Why? I wanna…”

He sighed. “And I want you to, really badly… But I want tonight to be just about you. To say sorry and show you how much you mean to me.”

“So let me show you how much I like you in return.” Placing my palm on his chest, I tilted my head to look at him.

He ran his fingers through my hair, sending tingles through my scalp and down my neck – relaxing me. “Next time, ok?”

I nodded and kissed his shoulder before yawning into it.

“I don’t want you to leave Sho. Please stay with me.” I nestled into his neck.

“I’d love to… Just ah… Got to go handle something first, I’ll be right back.”

Giggling to myself as he climbed off the bed and snuck down the hall into the bathroom. I knew exactly what he was doing and my chest tightened slightly knowing he was most likely thinking of me.

I changed my undies again and put on my hole-ridden bed shirt, figuring he was already won over – didn’t need to impress him by pretending I wore sexy pj’s.

I was turning down the bed when he crept back in.

“Plenty of easy access.” He teased, poking his finger through one of the tears in the back of my shirt.

I bumped him with my hip and hopped into bed. Shoto took off his jeans, turned off the light and climbed in after me.

“You think 6am is early enough?” I pondered, opening up the alarm on my phone.

“Make it 5:30 just to be safe.”

Resting my phone back on the bedside table, I clicked the air con down a few extra degrees knowing I’d be quite toasty cuddling up to Shoto’s fire side. Rolling into him, I nestled my head into his shoulder and intertwined my leg with his. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled the covers up over us.

Chapter Text


I Love the Smell of Ponies in the Morning

My hand reached blindly behind me to the bedside table to silence the 5:30am destroyer of sleep. Once it was off, I tossed my phone on the floor beside the bed. All I wanted was to stay in Shoto’s arms, snuggled up all day.

I couldn’t believe how easily I’d fallen asleep, lulled by the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest. Our bodies never parted the entire night, each time one of us needed to move, the other somehow instinctively knew where to go.

An annoyed groan came from the icy-hot dreamboat beside me. “I feel like we just went to sleep.” He huffed, turning to bury his face in the pillow.

Rolling over, I curled my right arm and leg around him – rocking back and forth. “You’re the perfect thermostat.” I gushed in an overly sweet voice.

“How are you so happy?”

“What’s not to be happy about?” I asked, kissing his back before tugging on his shoulder so he’d face me.

“Didn’t know I was sharing a bed with a panda.” His raspy morning voice teased. What the hell was he talking about? He brushed the lose hair from my face, and ever so gently ran his thumb across the delicate skin under my eyes. Not caring about the remnants of last nights mascara littering my face, I cupped his hand with mine – leaning into it and closing my eyes. Never had I ever been so content.

“I don’t want you to go.” I sighed, finally breaking the silence and releasing his hand.

“We'll spend an entire night together before we leave, I promise… But right now I don’t feel like battling with your mum if we get caught.”

My eyes dropped, and I nodded. I knew I’d see him in another few hours anyway, but it didn’t make breaking our little bundle of perfection any easier.

“Will your dad get mad if he knows you weren’t in your bungalow last night?”

“Dear old dad doesn’t really care about that kinda shit.” He shrugged dismissively.

“Is he ok with us?” I knew I’d have to breach the subject sooner or later – no matter how much I didn’t want to find out the answer.

“He doesn’t know anything.” An irritated expression overtook Shoto’s face, but I knew it wasn’t directed at me. “He doesn’t need to meet you… I’m old enough to make my own decisions, and be with who I choose.”

Did he just say ‘be with’?

I brushed the two-toned hair from his forehead, revealing his slightly puffy morning eyes. It was so endearing to see him like this, struggling to remain austere despite obvious internal unrest. I desperately wanted to know more about how Enji felt re: his son canoodling with the lesser [last name] twin, but I knew better than to press the topic.

Tussling his hair to lighten the mood, he was distracted enough for me to climb on top of him – pinning him down.

“You really never struck me as someone who’d be this chipper in the morning.” Shoto said cheekily, placing his hands behind his head.

“Guess there’s still plenty to learn about me.”

I started circling my index finger on his bear chest. He was right though, but I didn’t need him knowing it. I felt like a totally new person around him. Like a kid learning things for the first time, I was seeing my world in a whole new way. His effect had rippled out into the relationships with my mother and Mae – soothing them in it’s wake. Our whole family dynamic was a lot calmer, and I had this faultless specimen beneath me to thank for it.

“Much as I love being in this position, I need to make my move.” I pouted and he tenderly rubbed the top of my thighs. “C’mon, up ya get.” He insisted and I begrudgingly let my body roll off him, slumping back onto the bed - forever the drama queen.

He got up and I searched beside the bed for my phone. Shoto flicked on the light, causing me to hiss before grabbing the phone and retreating my head back under the covers. I could hear him chuckling as he tried to wake himself up a bit more by stretching. My inner perve couldn’t resist a peek and I snuck back out. Yum! Pressing my thumb over the phone to unlock it, then clicking to open my camera, I took another sneaky gander before inconspicuously snapping a pic. Think I just found a new screensaver.

Being the cheeky bitch I was, I couldn’t stop myself from instantly sending it to my sister with the caption – what did you wake up to this morning? Placing the phone down on the bed beside me, I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest. Without warning, the chorus of Pony by Ginuwine started blaring from my cell.

If you’re horny, let’s do it

Ride it, my pony

My saddle’s waiting

Come and jump on it

Frantically my hands fumbled over themselves trying to shut it off, all the skin on my body turning red in the commotion. Goddamit Mae! Shoto didn’t strike me as the type to embarrass easily, and not wanting to be upstaged, he stared me down and started rolling his hips. An eyebrow wiggly and a devilish grin soon followed as he ran his hand down his abs in a deliberately sexy way. I grabbed the first thing my fingers touched on the bedside table and threw it at him – no surprises when he caught it.

“You’re no fun.” He deadpanned, tossing it back to me before picking up his t-shirt from the floor.

Once he had it on he stepped back to the bedside and leaned over to give me a kiss goodbye, but I pulled back earning me a 'what the fuck' look. “I don’t need stripper morning breath all up in my face.” I turned my head away – faking disgust.

“Oh come on lil peachy.” He coaxed, tickling under my chin. So I took the edge of my sheet and held it up over his mouth and nose and pecked him through it. “Good enough for me.” He shrugged and headed for the window. “I’ll see ya at breakfast.”

Once he was gone I picked my phone back up to see a shit tonne of messages from Mae.



Hot Damn! 🔥

Are you telling me he spent the night?

Is he still in there?

Did you guys bang? 💦


Stop ignoring me!!!!

Give me the ☕️


Screw you Mae that was low even for you


I couldn’t resist

Is he still there?


Just left




If you wanna talk just come in here I’m not gonna write 1000 texts


Within five seconds my door was flung open and my sister ran in and hurled herself onto me.

“Tell me-Tell me-Tell me-Tell me!”

“Shhhh you psycho! Get off me!” I was trying to act annoyed, but she could see straight through it. Most probably due to the huge grin I was sporting.

“So did ya do the dirty?” She pried, hopping under the quilt with me. I only needed to look at her and she knew the answer. “Didn’t think you would, but just checking… You’ve got shit under your eyes.”

“Yeah, cheers for that.” I scoffed, rubbing them.

“No need to get shirty with me cause you didn’t get any sleep.” She nudged. I wasn’t mad at her, but it was going to take a while to reverse our go-to attitudes with each other. “You can use my make up remover… But I did tell you to bring more stuff, you should have just listened to me.” She tried to hold her attitude, but we both broke and started laughing. Who was I kidding? She’d always be a bitch and stubbornness coursed through my veins, it was just too deeply engrained into who we were.

“Anyway… I guess I should congratulate you.”

“No need to be condescending.”

“I’m not!” Her voice did seem sincere, so I was probably a bit to quick to bite. “I’ve never spent the night with a guy in the same bed.”

“What about Huyato? You guys were together for ages, I know you weren’t allowed to stay at his place but what about all your ‘study nights’ with Kiki?” Air quotes were a necessary addition, cause how mum and dad never figured out Mae wasn’t helping her friend study is beyond me. Kiki was dumb as dog shit and when it came to book smarts… Let’s just in our family, I was the brains of the operation. Kiki’s grades never got any better – and why would someone who never finished high school be a good tutor? Geez! Every time Kiki’s mum was out of town on a business trip, Mae and her friends would congregate at her house.

“Na… We’d just hook up then he’d head back to the boys and play PS all night.”

“Even after the first time you guys did it?” I mean, surely not.

Her face dimmed as she relived what I can only assume was a demoralising feeling. I’d never been a fan of the guy, and not cause he never bothered to give me the time of day. A small tear gathered in the corner of Mae’s eye, and I quickly flicked it away before it had a chance to flood her spirit.

“That’s why you need to believe me when I tell you how lucky you are.” She implored. “He never did half the things Shoto has done for you in a week, in almost nine months. He never looked at me like Todes looks at you. I thought I was in love with him but I was an idiot. It was desire, and not the kind you think. I wanted him so badly to feel the way I did, that I tricked myself into thinking that I must love him or it wouldn't hurt so bad… It took ages to see the light, and it wasn’t till after he broke up with me… Love hurts, that saying is bullshit! Love should be easy. Just look at the parentals - they never fight. Mum dotes on dad, and he looks at her as if she hung the stars just for him.”

My heart was breaking for Mae. If only I could have been there for her to talk to, to help ease the pain she endured.

“You’ll never have to go through anything like that alone again sis.” I hugged her tight, and meant every word.

“I’m sorry for not being happy for you.” I pulled back to look at her. What does she mean? “You know I was jealous about Sho, but I was also angry. It wasn't fair that you seemed to be getting what I’d always wanted. It really had nothing to do with who it was coming from.” I cocked my head and pushed my lips to the side. “Fine… It kinda mattered who it was…” She giggled and I squeezed her tight again.

Chapter Text


Don't Dream It's Over

My sister and I skipped towards the dining room – arms linked, wearing matching outfits and behaving like the best friends we should have always been. I had my adidas leggings back on with a white cropped tank and cons, the only thing differentiating Mae’s get up from mine, was her tights being grey rather than black.

“What are you two so happy about?” Dad questioned.

“Nothing.” We replied in unison.

“Were you in your sisters room all night? I swear I heard a commotion very early this morning.” Mum probed.

My heart stopped beating, and I swear my face turned white as a ghost. Shit!

“Sure did… Just some loooong sister chats.” Mae jumped in without missing a beat. She squeezed my arm tight with hers and gave me a knowing look. “Right sis?”

“Yep!” I gave a cheesy grin, and following her lead, we both skipped ahead.

Bounding into the restaurant, we stumbled slightly and giggled as all eyes darted in our direction. Composing ourselves, we headed straight to the buffet and grabbed plates while mum and dad got us some seats. I assumed Shoto would already be there, and within no time approach me, but after a few minutes of nonsensical chatter with Mae, I couldn’t find him anywhere. Scanning the place a second time as we headed to the table – shrugging to myself – figuring he’d be there soon.

He never showed though. The likelihood that he’d been and gone before I arrived was slim to nil. Besides, he was the one who said he’d see me here. My face must’ve been easily read, cause Mae started prying.

“What’s up?” She inquired, poking my cheek.

“Just overthinking things I guess.”

“I know exactly where you’re mind has gone… There will be a reason why he isn’t here, so stop stressing.”

She was right, Shoto had never done anything to make me not trust his word. However, it only made me feel more uneasy. When I’d asked about his fathers opinions on us, I was surprised when he admitted to telling him nothing. The night before Endeavour had been nice enough. Well as nice as a giant fire-man can be I guess, but he never mentioned my name. Maybe Sho really hadn’t told him anything. Did I embarrass him?

My mind started spiralling – thoughts on top of thoughts, swirling around making me dizzy. I was snapped out of the haze by Mae clicking her fingers in front of my face.

“Sis… *click* Sis…” *click*

“Ha… Wha?” I shook my head, attempting to regain some clarity.

“Just go and see him. Your brain is obviously not able to let your body function in this state, so do yourself a favour and go now.”

“I dunno, I don’t wanna seem too desperate.” I was trying really hard to come across unfazed, but I don’t think it was working.

“Stop being a dick head… look I’ll tell the ‘rents that you’d planned to meet him for the day anyway. It’ll be fine, now go!”

She gave me a forceful nudge – which I actually needed to get me up and out of my chair. I took a deep breath and nodded to myself before heading out the door.

Once I reached the beach path, I stopped and stared at the ocean. The rhythmic waves breaking on the sand did a lot to calm my nerves, but my brain was still working overtime.

Just then I heard yelling – really loud yelling. Looking quickly up and down the beach and path, noticing I was the only one there. Heading towards the Todoroki’s bungalow, it wasn’t long before I realised it was the source of the ruckus. Not daring to approach the door, but unable to pull myself away – I crept closer till their words were clearly audible.

“If I see you with her again, you wont have a house to go home to.”

- “You think that’s a threat?”

“You’ve never been anything without me.”

- “Forever the supporting and loving father – consider my bags already packed.”

“Ha-ha! Enjoy your time slumming it with that quirkless piece of trash… She’s nothing.”

- “She means more to me than you ever have!”

“Her parent’s should have sent her away, she’s an embarrassment to their family.”

There was a flash and a loud bang seconds before the front door flung open.

- “Go fuck yourself, you fiery piece of shit!” Shoto yelled back into the beach house before heaving the door back towards its frame. I squinted my eyes in anticipation of the slam that never came. Enji had caught it stepped onto the porch, meeting his son chest to chest. Shoto’s hands clenched into fists by his side as he stared down his father.

“Do you think she’s special cause it feels good when she touches you? Whores like her only care about one thing – the Todoroki name, but she can’t offer us shit!”

I’m not sure who was more hurt by that, Shoto or myself? Enji had lowered his voice, but it made the words twice as painful. They cut through like hot knives, stabbing straight into my chest.

“Get the fuck away from me!” Shoto spat, pushing his father.

Before I could compute what was happening, Shoto was lying face down on the floor boards – his father towering over him. “Don’t you ever forget who made you. I can still break you like a twig little boy.”

Shoto lay curled up on the porch for a few seconds - I can only assume regaining his composure before taking on his father again. However, when he turned to get up, his eyes met mine and he paused – hanging his head.

“Come on, be a man and get up.” Enji taunted again.

Shoto ignored his fathers latest remark, quickly grabbing his skateboard from the top of the stairs. He jumped down from the porch and skated away past me along the path.

“Sho… Sho!” I called out to him, but he ignored me too.

Enji started laughing at the scene now playing out before him. “He’s not worth your trouble sweetheart…” He turned to walk back inside. “Oh, and tell your sister she’s welcome to become a Todoroki whenever she’s ready.”

All I could see was red. I hadn’t wanted to believe the stories Shoto had told me about his father, because it would mean the worlds number 1 hero, wasn’t really a hero after all. Having the ability to do something, doesn’t give you the right to do it – you have to earn it. And I didn’t care how many people he had saved, if he was this much of a prick to his own child.

I didn’t have time to let tears well in my eyes, as I quickly shifted my focus back to Shoto. I saw him reaching the end of the path, step off his skateboard – letting it roll into the sand – and jog off into the jungle. The invisible string that had pulled us together for our first kiss, was now tugging me again. Without thinking I was led into the trees after him, not concerned with wether he wanted me to follow him or not, my only priority was making sure he was ok.

“Sho?” I beaconed, cautiously stepping into the undergrowth. There was no track where he entered, and I really hoped I wouldn’t encounter any snakes. “Sho?” I spoke again, unsure of which direction he’d gone, but determined to find him none the less.

Continuing ahead I heard some rustling, and followed the noise to where the trees broke at the foot of a small sand dune. Shoto was seated at the base of a palm, knees bent up - his arms resting on them. I didn’t move towards him, nor did I say a word. He knew I was there, and I knew he was safe.

Eventually, I sat down too – the quiet continuing for some time.

“You’re not nothing.” He murmured, barely louder than a whisper - finally breaking the eerily comfortable silence. I didn’t answer though, I wasn’t the one who had things to explain – I just turned to face him. Shoto still hadn’t raised his head to look at me since my arrival, and the weight on his shoulders was evident. It was clear to me now why he’d been so blunt with me this morning.

“Sorry.” He cleared his throat and paused again.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. “Sho, you don’t have to tell me anything... I just –“

“Dad heard me get back this morning…” He cut me off. “He confronted me as we were about to leave… He knew I’d been with you.”

“He seemed fine with me last night.”

“He didn’t know anything about you last night… He was just so smug, like his little plan had worked… He kept making comments like, ‘well if she’s anything like her sister’ or ‘that family is known for their quirks’…”

“Oh.” I remarked meekly, my head now hanging in shame.

“I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore… I’ve just got no fucking self control around him – that son of a bitch makes me so mad. Why can’t I live my own life and make my own decisions… Why is he so narcissistic? He’s already driven my brother and mother away – can’t he see his way isn’t working?” Despite the myriad of questions, I knew they were all rhetorical. “You didn’t have to follow me, I know we’re done – and I don’t blame you.”

Like fuck we are! I stood up and walked to him. Placing a foot on either side of his legs, I kneeled down in his lap – unperturbed by the wet, mossy ground soaking my pants, laughing to myself at the realisation that his arse must be drenched. Shoto lightly stroked the side of one of my calves – his head still not lifting and mood not shifting.

“I’ve been so happy, every single second I spent with you… But this is just too much for you to –“

Softly placing my thumb over his lips, stilling his words and raising his chin with my other fingers, I slowly blinked before gazing into his defeated, hair covered eyes. “You told your dad about my quirk?” He gave the slightest nod. I knew it was the straw that broke the camels back – the ultimate deal breaker for a man so hell bent on superiority.

“Don’t waste anymore time with me… You’ve seen my father, you know what you’re getting yourself in for.” He averted his gaze somewhere over my shoulder.

“Shoto Todoroki!” I scolded, pulling his focus back to me. “Do you care about my quirk?”

“You know I couldn’t care less.”

Taking his face in my hands, I leaned in closer to him. “You’ve done nothing to make me think you’d ever end up like your father. You’re kind, thoughtful, funny, considerate… Please don’t dream this is all over before it’s begun. I’m under no false illusion that dealing with your father will be hard, we’ll just pick our battles – and when he tries to build a wall between us, we won’t let him win. This is our life, not anyone else’s, we’ve got the freedom to chose what we do with it… We’ve still got two and a half weeks here, I don’t think I can spend them without you.”

The hand that once stroked my calf, now reached behind my head – closing the remaining gap between us. His kiss stamped approval that we’d go forward together, in whatever this all was. The rational side of my brain screamed for retreat, the holiday was almost half over and this could have been used as an out. I could have spared myself the future pain of having to say goodbye once my feelings undoubtedly deepened. But the impulsive – heart driven side, had majority rule. I’d rather have a passionate, brief romance and suffer the torment of not seeing him again – over never having the whirlwind to begin with.

My hands settled behind his neck and his trailed down to the dip of my lower back. There was no urge to make this more than a kiss – it didn’t need to be, in the same way we required no more words. Shoto’s eyes told me everything I needed to know. The door to his soul had been unlocked by my stubborn refusal to leave, and he held the key to mine firmly in his icy cold hand. I rested my forehead against his, remaining that way till my legs started to go to sleep.

For what this was, it was perfect. I knew he’d be the boy I’d tell my granddaughters about when dishing out advice on how a man should treat them. And in those dark day’s my future would inevitably have, I’d hold these memories tight to my chest - reliving the day’s that a guy with two-toned hair, filled my half empty heart.


This chapter was inspired by this song by Crowded House that'd been playing on repeat in my head for days. Listen to it or not, it doesn't really matter. But I think It speaks volumes to the budding relationship.

Chapter Text


And We May Never Meet Again

“I’ve got pins-and-needles.” I complained as I stretched my leg out and removed myself from Shoto’s lap, repositioning myself by his side.

“Yeah well your arse is gonna be satched in a minute.” He laughed, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and pulling me towards him.

I leant my head on his shoulder and hummed in acknowledgement of the wet ground, neither of us caring about the uncomfortable sensation. “I’m sorry I was such a brat when we first met… About my family I mean…”

“It’s all good Peachy, everything is relative. I just happen to have the worlds number one arsehole as my father.”

“I’m still sorry all the same.” I shrugged. “Why did you come on this trip with him anyway?”

Shoto took a long deep sigh, running his hand through the red side of his hair before answering. “Things had been alright. I graduated from UA last year, and started working for his agency… He just came home the other week and said he got us tickets – I figured what the hell. He said my sister couldn’t come cause she was working – she’s a teacher… I should have known he’d have ulterior motives. It took four tries till he ‘got it right’, so he wants me to start making him mutant spawn grandchildren a.s.a.p.”

“Well any kids from us would defiantly be mutants.” I joked as I poked him in the ribs – instantly regretting my words a split second later. Am I touched in the head? What the fuck did I say that for? “Ah… Um… Not that we’d…” I sat up straight and face-palmed, desperately trying to backpedal.

“Don’t worry about it ya dork… I know what you mean.”

Shoto draped his arm back around my neck – pulling me towards him again, placing a kiss on the top of my head. It was hard to not continue with attempting to explain that I knew there was nothing serious going on between us, and that I understood it could never be long term. So to drown out the compulsive word-vomit about to spew forth, I succumbed to another impulse. Allowing my head fall down from Shoto’s shoulder, I let it rest in his lap. Turning so I was laying on my side, facing towards him.

“Make yourself comfortable.” He smirked sarcastically.

“Hush, I’m trying to sleep.” I joked, taking the arm I wasn’t laying on and dramatically stretching it above me with a fake yawn, before picking up the bottom of Shoto’s t-shirt and pulling it over my head. He played along and stroked my hair beneath it, softly singing a non-descript lullaby. His voice was smooth and silky – something I was not expecting. He usually spoke with such a sexy rasp, but this was a more than welcomed surprise.

Opening my eyes, it was hard to not allow my mind to wonder to much naughtier thoughts as I stared at his washboard stomach, tinted slightly green by the light shining through his shirt. I wanted to touch it so badly, and my face was so close it took all of my self control not to kiss and lick it. Come on girl, keep it together. That was just the beginning though – cause you know – my head was practically touching his crouch. With very little effort I could have his shorts unzipped, flip myself over and show him how much he really meant to me. The tingling between my thighs - that was becoming an all too familiar third wheel – started to grow. Screw it, no one’s here. Who could possibly see? I began to psych myself up – I was gonna do it. There was no pressure, it was all one hundred precent my idea.

Ok ready…3…2…1… But my hand never moved, it couldn’t. There was no way I could spoil this moment. Removing the shirt from over my face, I peered up at Shoto, who looked almost like a dream. His eyes were closed as he tenderly hummed the intro to a song I was all too familiar with. A hand was resting on my hip - his thumb lightly circling, he was lulling me into the most comfortable of trances.

I will come to you at night time
I will raise you from your sleep
I will kiss you in four places
As l go running along your street

I will squeeze the life out of you
I will make you laugh and make you cry
And we will never forget it
You will make me call your name
And I’ll shout it to the blue summer sky

I rested my hand on top of Shoto’s – intertwining my fingers with his as I too closed my eyes and sung the chorus with him.

And we may never meet again
So shed your skin and let’s get started
You will throw your arms around me
You will throw your arms around me

I don’t know how or why, but the two of us under the shade of that palm tree, felt like the only two people on earth. This was intimacy incarnate – we connected on a level outside the realms of explanation... Cheesy as fuck, I know. But I couldn’t explain it any other way.

Once the song was over, all the sounds of the jungle seemed clearer – more acute.

I made the move and crawled away from Shoto and onto the base of the dune. I laid down on my back, allowing the warm sand and heat from the sun to start drying my clothes.

“Didn’t think a song about a one night stand could be so touching.” I teased, placing my hand over my heart - looking back through squinted eyes.

“Way to ruin a perfect moment.” Shoto deadpanned, roughly flopping himself down next to me in the dry sand.

The sunlight made his tanned skin glow, though I couldn’t help but notice the developing bruise and small cut on his cheekbone just beneath his frosty blue eye. Spinning onto my stomach, I reached up and lightly grazed my fingertips over the swelling skin. He didn’t flinch in pain, but his eye narrowed slightly. Raising myself up on my hands, I placed the most tender – feather light kiss over his broken skin.

“I’m sorry I’ve caused you so much trouble.” I spoke, looking directly into his eyes.

“The life of a damsel in distress ey?... You’re always worth it in the end.” I couldn’t understand how even when he was being a smart-arse, he still managed to say the sweetest things. “You didn’t cause any of this… We were overdue for a fight – it’s been a while since he hit me though, so I guess that’s on you.” The cheeky spark flickered in his eyes and the warmth returned to them.

The ocean breeze blew hair into my face, and before I could brush it away, Shoto tucked it back behind my ear then cupped my cheek in his hand. “So do you regret coming away with your father?” I knew it was selfish to ask considering the events that brought us here.

“Why are you to insecure?” I still hadn’t shaken off the inferiority complex I’d developed over the past few years, and I just didn’t want to get into that with him right now. Attempting to lower my face away from his prying eyes – but he wouldn’t allow it. “I just took a punch for you… I don’t know what else I can possibly do to show you I don’t regret anything?”

“Where are you gonna stay? I mean… your dad made it pretty clear if you even spoke to me you weren’t welcome back there.”

“Well…” He moved his hand from my cheek to my back – drawing a swirling line from between my shoulder blades, ending with a slap on my arse.

“Sho!” I chastised, pushing him firmly in the chest. He chuckled and wrapped both arms around my waist, rolling me towards him – pulling my back to his chest. I kicked my legs and pretended I was trying to get away from him, before laughing too. He released his grip slightly allowing me to spin over – laying my arms on his chest and resting my chin on my hands. He put his hands behind his head and we looked at each other. “You can’t stay with me every night – no matter how much I’d love you to.”

“I know Peach… Spend tonight with me again and I’ll get my own room tomorrow.”

I raised my chin slightly and stroked an invisible beard – contemplating his offer. He bopped my nose with his finger and I screwed it up at him. “How you gonna pay for that?” I question, resting my chin again.

“I’m Pro Hero Shoto!” He exclaimed in the most obnoxious voice he could, making my eyes roll in reaction. “I’ve been working for almost a year remember - I’ve got money. No need to worry about me.”

“And what if there are no free bungalows?”

“Then I guess I’m gonna be staying with you after all.”

“I’ll have dad make you up a nice comfy bed on the couch – whadya say?”

“Sounds perfect to me, part of the family already.” My stomach twisted in response to his words. I’d been so embarrassed by my earlier slip of the tongue about us having kids, but his comment seemed purposeful. Part of the family, was he hinting that this was going to be more than just a fling? Cause… Cause it couldn’t be. It just seemed like a very familiar statement to make to someone you’d known for this long – and actually mean it. “Stop thinking so much and just enjoy the process [Y/N]. You’re making me work too hard.”

“That’s funny… I thought you liked the chase.”

“Yeah when there’s a good goal in sight… But this chick I’ve been hanging out with is hella frigit.” I shot him a look that said ‘fuck you prick’ and he smirked – unable to keep a straight face. “I mean, she’s alright I guess. Got a pretty sweet arse on her.”

I moved quickly so I was straddling him – pinning his hands above his head. “This girl sounds fricken awesome, you’ll have to introduce me to her some time.”

“Can do, I think you’d get along well. She’s a lot like you… Funny, sexy, awesome taste in books and music – can sing too apparently.” I allowed him to slip his hands out from under mine – he ran them up my arms, down the side of my ribs, over my hips to my backside. I couldn’t help closing my eyes and hanging my head at his touch. He used his quirk to subtly inject both sides of my body with juxtaposing temperatures. My skin felt lavish as a result and now radiated outward from his final resting place. “Your arse is way better though.” He remarked, giving it a cheeky squeeze.

“What you wastin your time with her for if she’s not putting out?” I straightened up and pulled my hair into a messy bun cause the breeze had picked up substantially.

“Cause nothing in life that comes easy is worth having.”

His hands left my backside and gently brought me down to him. Careful to tilt my head away from his blackening eye – I kissed him. His lips were slightly chapped from the sun but it only added to his appeal. Things started to feel like they were heating up when a huge gust of wind blew sand all over us.

“Probably a sign we should head back.” I suggested, shielding my face with my arm.

“Yeah alright – best get off me then… just give me a minute and ill be right to go.” He winked at me.

“Fuckin hell sho! Keep it together mate!”

Chapter Text


Your Chariot Awaits

Pushing aside ferns and branches, we made our way back to the beach. Shoto’s skateboard was still lying in the sand, so he picked it up – putting it under his arm, and joined me back on the path.

Ahem.” I coughed with hands on my hips. “I’m a damsel remember, I require a chariot.”

“Of course me-lady… Where are my manners?” He bowed slightly and placed his skateboard at my feet. I nodded in approval and stepped on, grabbing his arm for support.

He walked back along the path, pulling me beside him. Passing the pool, I noticed Enji sitting at the bar chatting with a small group. I tried unhooking my arm from Shoto’s to step off the board but he wouldn’t let me. He squeezed me tighter and kept walking – determined to not let his father disturb any more of our day. The same could not be said for Enji though. The flames around his eyes and across his chest tripled in size, and the glass in his hand shattered at the sight of us together. He managed to compose himself enough to explain away the mishap so as not to make a scene.

Arriving in front of the Todoroki bungalow, Shoto headed up the stairs before turning back to me. “Come on, help me get all my shit.”

I folded my arms across my chest and stubbornly shook my head. “Nope! No way am I stepping foot anywhere he has spent that much time!”

Mischievous determination swept over Shoto’s face as he marched back to me. He hooked his hands under my arms and hoisted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist – cause you know… I didn’t want to fall – and my arms around his neck, while he supported the rest of my weight by gripping the top of my thighs. “You’re gonna regret this you know.” I warned. “I’m nothing but dead weight.”

“We’ll be dead for real if dad finds us in here.”

He made it up the stairs with very little effort considering the extra load he was carrying. He tried getting me to open the door, but I was taking no part in this mission. He managed to balance on one foot while raising his leg to support me as one of his hands struggled with the handle. Once inside, I could see that is was – unsurprisingly – the same as where I was staying, but it felt very different.

“It’s so cold in here.” I shuddered, feeling uneasy.

“You should love it then.” He scoffed as he made his way down the hall.

“It feels eerie Sho… Thought it would have been hot considering.” I tried to break free from the uncomfortable aura surrounding us, but it kept lingering.

Approaching the door to Shoto’s room, I threw him a bone and opened it for him. The fog seemed to instantly dissipate, and I took a deep calming breath. “It feels so much better in he – “

My words were captured by Shoto’s lips as he slammed be against the back of his door. There was a frenzied hunger in his kiss, and it was a huge turn on. Despite the door now bearing some of my weight, I was still in awe by how effortlessly he’d supported me till now. He was taller than me – though not by much, and his body didn’t bulge with obvious strength. He was 100% lean muscle, and it was clear to me how all those years of training had paid off.

He ripped away the strap of my singlet and bit along the top of my shoulder. The slight stubble on his face creating the lushest sensation on my skin, hitting a spot that sent sparks scorching through my body. He moved away from it, but I pushed his head back. “Look who’s not afraid anymore.” He mused, quickly getting back to work.

“Your father would burn the place down with us in it if he knew what we were doing.” I breathed, eyes closed – head resting back against the wood of the door.

“Let him try – don’t forget who you’re dealing with.” Removing the other strap from my shoulder before placing his right hand flat against the middle of my chest – his forehead pressed against mine. The lust-fuelled heat that consumed my body began to disappear, making way for a wave of frosty tingles that left me shivering in his arms. “Wanna really piss him off.” Shoto queried, a deviant glint in his eye.

“I think you already know the answer.” I whispered in his ear before nibbling it.

He hands reached instantly for the door handle. I leaned against him to balance our weight and he kicked the door open with his foot. Back up the hall he went, stealing another kiss before opening the door to Enji’s room. I didn’t think it would be possible to feel any colder, but I was wrong.

Shoto stepped to the perfectly made bed and tossed me onto it. “Hey!” I squeaked, bouncing on impact.

“What? You still haven’t stepped foot in here.” His cheeky grin would win me over every time.

Like a lion stalking his prey, he pounced onto me – I bounced again underneath him with a giggle. The straps of my tank were still hanging off, so he tugged at them – pulling my top down to bunch around my waist. This was the first time I’d been exposed to him like this – and even though there were some underlying nerves niggling at me, I was too turned on to want to stop.

“Sorry they aren’t big.” I spoke shakily while he kissed down between my breasts. All the famous female Heroes had huge, perfect tits – my sister included, and I knew he was around that every day in his regular life.

“I don’t see anything wrong from where I’m looking.”

“B-but they’re pretty small.” I stuttered.

With a slight sigh, Shoto shifted his weight to one side and leaned his head on his hand. “[Y/N], when are you gonna realise that shit doesn’t matter to me? I think your tits are perfect cause they’re yours, plus I think I’ve made it pretty clear I’d rather a nice arse anyway – and you’re certainly not lacking in that department.” A light blush coated my cheeks as I gazed demurely down at him.

“Warm me up Sho…”

“W-wha ha? Do you – really?” A look of excited bewilderment overtaking him.

“No you dirty perve, I’m freezing.” I chuckled.

Pfft… And I thought it was something I’d done.” He scoffed, referring to my hard nipples – giving one a playful pinch.

“Please, I’m serious.” I begged.

Positioning himself back over me, he brought his left hand to my throat – firmly wrapping his fingers around it. My breath hitched and my head writhed back under his grip. The most opulent warming sensation emanated from his touch – vanishing my goose bumps instantly. He loosened his hold, getting ready to move his hand but I clasped my fingers around his wrist and held it there, applying pressure downwards.

“Full of surprises aren’t we Peach?” I bit my bottom lip and stared at him through hooded eyes. “Best get back to work then…”

Lowering his head he delicately traced around my nipple with his tongue before sucking it in between his lips – my back arching upwards. I made a pact with myself – then and there, to stop apologising and questioning his actions. I’m gonna grab the bull the horns and accept that to Sho, I’m sexy as fuck!

“Shirt off.” I demanded before separating my legs beneath him, feeling the hardness in his pants as he grinded it against me. I pulled his hand from my throat and lifted my head to his, biting his lip as I pulled him back down with me. Grabbing hold of his arse, I rolled us onto our sides – his fingers rapidly making their way between my legs. I squeezed my thighs around his hand as he pushed harder, causing me to moan into his mouth. My pulse skyrocketed and it took all of my self-control not to become a drivelling mess.

My hands found their way to the waistband of his shorts, quickly unbuttoning them and zipping down his fly. Unlike my first attempt back in the ocean after our first kiss, Shoto didn’t try to stop me this time, instead using his free hand to push his pants down as far as he could. His size was now much clearer, only hidden beneath the soft cotton of his underwear - my eyes widening at the sight. He bit back a smirk at my reaction and nuzzled his nose into the crook of my neck. I gulped the anxiety back down and reached into his boxers, pulling him out. Holy shit! Are dicks usually this big?

“Fucking hell Sho, any other secrets you’re keeping from me?” A soft laugh was his only response as he raised the hand from between my legs to my chin, tilting it to him for another soft kiss.

My fingers only just wrapped he whole way around it, and I finally understood what Mae had been trying to explain to me with all the ‘cut/uncut’ talk. Thankfully he wasn’t, cause I don’t think I’m quite at the ‘spitting in my hand’ stage yet. Nervously I started working my hand up and down his length, prompting a low groan to escape him. Tightening my grip slightly – I picked up the pace.

He moaned into my ear and gently removed my hand before rolling onto his back and returning it once more. Well this is a whole lot easier. The new position meant I didn’t have to awkwardly have my forearm bump into my hip, and was just a lot more comfortable in general. Noticing a clear bead trickle down from the slit – assuming it was precum, and figuring it must feel good, even though I was working purely on instinct. Empowered by the small boost of confidence, I improved my rhythm and sped up again, all the while laying kisses across his toned chest.

“You’re a natural.” He rasped, his breath hitching again as I ran my thumb over the head of his dick. It felt so good to be able to return the favour and show him how attracted to him I was. I’d kinda always assumed that the emotional and physical aspects of a relationship were separate. The term ‘making love’, just seemed so silly. I knew it was more than possible – and very common – to be physical with a person with no emotional connection, but I never figured that actually wanting to give someone pleasure could be such a soul connecting exercise.

So with that in mind –along with the recollection of what he’d done for me the previous night, I knelt between Shoto’s legs and began psyching myself up. Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, I made my move. Wrapping my lips gently around his shaft – I took him into my mouth. He tasted salty – but it wasn’t bad. Creating a slight suction, I bobbed my head up and down on his length – maintaining a firm grip at the base.

“Fuck that feels good!” He grunted, grabbing hold of the hair just above my neck. Feeling bold – cause I was clearly doing something right, I massaged the underside of his shaft with my tongue and circled it around its head.

Stopping to take a breath, I made sure I kept pumping him. The hand in my hair made its way around to my cheek, his thumb running over my red and swollen lips. I raised my eyes slowly to meet his. “I’m so glad I found you Peach.” Kissing his thumb, I playfully nudged his hand away – knowing this admittance had nothing to do with the fact his dick was just in my mouth.

Worried Enji could return at any moment, I quickly got back to the task at hand. Using my hand to work what wouldn’t fit into my mouth – faster and faster I sucked, bobbed and licked. Shoto’s breathing became erratic and his moans more frequent - feeling his body tense beneath me.

“F-f-fuck, don’t stop!”

A another dip of my head and Shoto pushed his hips upward, thrusting deeper into my mouth – releasing his salty load at the back of my throat. What the hell do I do with this?

“You don’t have to swallow it.” Shoto panted – no chance of that, but thanks anyway Sho.

A devilish smirk overtook my face and I jumped off the bed and strolled over to the dresser – opening the top drawer and spitting the cum on Enji’s clothes. I spun around, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand before pulling my tank back on as Shoto was pulling his pants up.

“Get over her you perfect, cheeky minx!”

Chapter Text


Getting To Know You

I ran and jumped on Shoto, laying him flat on the bed again.

“What did I ever do to deserve a girl who hates my father as much as I do?” He joked.

“Just lucky I guess.” I replied, tapping his cheek lightly.

He started tickling my ribs – making me a writhing mess in his arms.


The front door crashed into its latch. “Fuck!” We both exclaimed, frantically looking at each other and around the room. “Quick, out the window.” I motioned with my head, nudging Shoto for extra urgency.

“What about my stuff?”

“It’s fine, Mae can get it later – now hurry.”

We dashed to the window – opening it as quick as humanly possible. Shoto was supporting me while I hooked my legs over the sill when we heard Enji’s giant footsteps pass by his room and head to Shoto’s.

“Where are you boy?” His voice boomed.

“He knows we’re here.” Shoto whispered down to me.

I was outside waiting for him to join me. Reaching my hands up – needing him to hurry the fuck along. “You’re skateboard’s out the front ya dick head – now hurry up!”

Shoto turned around one last time, then quickly jumped out the window.


His fathers voice bellowed, shaking the windowpanes as we cornered the front of the house. “What did you do?”

Shrugging a shoulder as he bent down to pick up his board, “froze the bed” he replied, like it was a totally normal – no big deal – kind of thing to do.

“Cause that’s gonna make things better, he’ll probably burn all your shit now!” I pushed him in the back. He spun around and swung the skateboard at my head – slow enough for me to duck out of its way – so I crash tackled him onto the sand.

“Hey, no fair!” He exclaimed as I straddled him – picking up handfuls of sand and throwing them under his shirt.

I found it so endearing that in this moment he let me feel like I had some power – like I was actually strong enough to hold him down. He could be so playful when he wanted to be, and not taking himself too seriously showed me that he’d somehow managed to find and develop a decent level of self-confidence, despite the torturous upbringing inflicted on him by his father. He really was amazing. In spite of all the shit he’d been through, he’d gone out of his way to bring me out of my shell and reveal my inner dork. His cheeky – and yes, sometimes blatantly cocky actions and remarks were one of the main things I was falling for.

“Get a room you two!”

Both our heads spun towards the direction of the voice – seeing it was my sister. She was standing with her new friends, Mae and Himari had an arm around each other’s waists – that seems awfully familiar.

“You shouldn’t let her win Todes, she’ll give you another black eye.” She smirked walking over and sitting by us in the sand.

I released Shoto, and the five of us sat together.

“Why are you both so dirty?” Niko asked.

“It’s a long story… Involves a jungle, a princess, a fiery demon – you wouldn’t be interested.” I waved my hand.

“You should’ve seen her.” Shoto continued, moving so he was sitting behind me – wrapping his hands around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder. “She fought valiantly, rescued me and left a special little surprise for our fiery friend.”

“She rescued you?” Mae added with a ‘how very interesting’ look.

“Surely that would be a given.” I retorted – trying to keep a straight face, but smiled at my sister once she winked at me.

“So what are your plans for the day?” I tried to change the subject.

“Not much.” Himari answered, resting her hand on Mae’s knee. “Thought we might go and see what activities this place has to offer. I’ve done about all the sun bathing and swimming can I do for a while.”

“What’dya feel like doing?” Shoto asked. “I think I can remember most of what they have.”

“Well we know there’s a spa.” Mae contributed – all us girls humming together at the thought of a relaxing day of pampering. “But that doesn’t come cheap, so tell us what you remember.”

“Well… Jet skiing – obviously. Windsurfing, quad bikes, cooking classes, they do tours to some waterfall and the markets. There’s snorkelling and scuba diving, a day trip to a private island…”

“Well that all sounds expensive.” The younger sister sighed solemnly.

“I think there is a library or something too – maybe at reception – where you can borrow books and dvds, but I also think they have a bocce set and some other games you can use too… Maybe volleyball?... Not totally sure.”

“Guess it’s worth a look.” Mae nodded to Himari, placing her hand on top of hers. “Hey what about lunch? We should all eat together, you’re spending so much time with my sis I feel like I should get to know you a bit better.”

Strangely I felt like I could say the same about Himari. Like, I knew they’d known one and other the same length of time as Shoto and me, but they were very touchy-feely with each other. Like more than regular friends it seemed. But I could be wrong, I never really had spent much time with my sister since I’d started high school – so maybe it’s just the way her and her friends behaved.

“Sounds good.” Shoto agreed.


“What d’you wanna drink Peachy?” Shoto asked, leaning on the back of my chair while the others took their seats around the table.

“Surprise me, I trust your taste.” I replied, stroking his arm as I looked up at him.

“How bout you girls?”

“Whatever you’re getting Peachy is fine with me.” Mae teased, leaning over and squeezing my knee.

“You don’t have to get us anything, we’ll be fine with water.” Himari spoke for her and her sister.

“Sure sure.” Shoto spoke dismissively as he walked away to the bar.

“What the fuck [Y/N].” My sister darted her head quickly in my direction. “How in the hell did he get a black eye?”

“It’s not really my place to say Mae.” I looked down at my hands in my lap. I wanted to tell her, but it really was a private matter. Likely I’d have told her if Niko and Himari hadn’t been there, but I still didn’t know them well enough to assess wether I could trust them or not.

“Judging by your reaction – and the cut on his face, it seems pretty serious… But I understand if you don’t wanna tell me. Just make sure you don’t get hurt, ok sis?” Her words brimmed with genuine concern.

Before I had a chance to say another word on the matter, Shoto threw five menu’s on the table before sitting down and scooting his chair all the way up next to mine. He leaned in and gave me a quick kiss – totally forgetting my current surrounds until he pulled back. I bit back a smile and hung my head to hide the growing red of my cheeks. I could feel Mae was itching to make a comment, but just kicked me under the table instead.

“Drinks’ll be here in a minute.”

We all grabbed a menu and had a quick read – deciding to get a few things to share between us; a bowl of fries, salt n’ pepper calamari, chicken karaage and a bowl of edemame – cause we had to be somewhat healthy.

“Your drinks Mr Todoroki.” The waiter said, placing a pint of beer in front of Shoto. He seemed to know who was getting each of the others – handing Shoto the room charge to sign once he’d delivered them. Once signed he ordered the food and the waiter left again.

“We said we didn’t need anything.” Himari reprimanded, but Niko clearly didn’t feel bad – taking a sip right away.

“Yeah, cause I’m gonna let you drink water.” He dismissed again.

“So what is it this time Mr Bartender?” I inquired, swirling the straw around in the ice-tea coloured mixture.

“You two have Pimms.” Referring to Mae and myself, “and… I’ve got no idea what you have… I just told him to make something that looked fancy with no booze in it.”

“Well thank you very much.” Niko said proudly.

“Ok then.” Started Himari “how are we going to split the bill? Neither of us can sign for our room.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s all on my wonderful father today.” Shoto stated smugly, leaning back – resting his arm on the back of my chair.

“You sure Todo- Sho-… What the hell are we meant to call you?” Himari blurted out.

I coughed on my drink in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“Well we aren’t meant to use Hero names here, but you call him Shoto. So do we call you Todoroki? I just feel kinda dumb not knowing which is right.” She answered, slightly embarrassed.

“Honestly I don’t care.” He chuckled, “Shoto is my actual name, but all my friends back home call me Todoroki… Mae calls me Todes for fuck sake, so… Just whatever you feel like really.”

I was happy Mae and the girls had been walking along when they were. It was nice seeing how he acted around other people, and I was more than a little bit chuffed with how he treated me around them. He was still flirty and playful, and most importantly not ashamed of me. He’d not hesitated to ‘claim’ me – not in a domineering and possessive way, but more like an announcement that I was his and anyone else with their eyes in my direction should back off. My god it felt good.

Lunch arrived not long after and we each grabbed a fork – digging into whatever took our fancy. “Shit that’s hot.” I exclaimed fanning my mouth after biting into a piece of calamari hotter than the sun. “Oh, that reminds me… Mae, we need you to help us with something later.”

“Yeah what is it?”

“Can’t really explain now… But it’s quirk related, so we need to try and be discreet.”

Chapter Text


Family Values

Lunch with my new friends turned into most of the afternoon spent laughing, teasing and learning more about each other. Niko and Himari were from Hiroshima and Shoto was from Musutafu – but I already knew that. Unsurprisingly, they all had a billion questions for him. He and Mae compared notes from their time at UA, both having had Eraserhead as their homeroom teacher – or Mr Aizawa as they referred to him. I learnt that Himari had a music quirk – whereby she could make any instrument she touched play a tune just by reading the sheet music. She planned on moving to Osaka once finishing school to study performing arts. Her sister Niko’s quirk however, was much more impressive. Known as Particle-MV, she could change the weight and density of any object – living or inanimate. She didn’t even have to touch it, just be within 100 meters. Shoto wondered why she didn’t apply to study at UA as well, seeing as her ability could be manipulated to work in conjunction with so many other quirks, making her a potential Hero or Sidekick candidate. She just rolled her eyes – like she’s had to answer for herself thousands of times before. Turns out she was quite shy, choosing instead to concentrate on academics so she could be an engineer in the military.

Under usual circumstances my self worth would have plummeted having to listen to the amazing things everyone else could do. I loathed being reminded that involuntary, pathetic, pointless quirks that had no use to anyone but a freakin party clown were even more rare than having no quirk at all. But now, I couldn’t give a flying fuck. I felt like the most important person at the table, the resort, in all of Japan, but best of all – the most important to Shoto.

Eventually though, the girls decided to go check out the room Shoto had told them about and we followed, all heading to the reception building. Mae, Himari and Niko walked in, but Shoto stopped – taking my hand so I’d stay back with him.

“Do you mind if I head to the gym for the rest of the afternoon?”

He was kidding right? “Why would I care Sho? You can do what you want.” I replied shaking my head, still a bit taken back that he felt the need to seek my permission.

“Well I just…” He nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “All my ex’s would get really needy once we got this far… You know… Wanted me to spend every second with them.”

“Oh my god.” I giggled – pinching his cheek. “I’m not your girlfriend Sho… Plus that’s hella insecure. I might not have the greatest self-esteem but if you have to force someone to spend their time with you… Maybe you shouldn’t be with them.”

“Such a little gem.” He whispered adoringly, pecking my nose.

“Are denim shorts and Van’s really exercise appropriate?” I joked.

“It could be worse.” He shrugged. “I’m gonna see if there’s any free rooms while we’re here. See you in a couple hours at dinner?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.” I beamed, wrapping my arms around his neck for one last kiss.

Shoto playfully tapped me on the arse as I walked to join the other girls and he stayed at the reception desk.

Himari and Niko’s parents had found them shortly after and we all separated for the day.


“So come on then, tell me what’s going on.” Mae insisted, opening the front door of the bungalow.

“With what?” Mum asked, gazing up from the book she was reading.

“[Y/N]’s boyfriend’s been in a fight.” She jabbed, gesturing to me over her shoulder with her thumb.

My mouth hung agape in shock. “What’s going on [Y/N]?” Dad asked seeming concerned, leaning forward on the kitchen bench overlooking the lounge room.

“Fricken hell Mae! He’s not my boyfriend.” I pushed her pretty hard in the shoulder cause I was pissed! “And it’s none of anyone’s business but ours.”

“Don’t get shirty with me.” She bit back. “Tell me why he’s got a black eye then? Did you punch him?”

My fists clenched tightly by my sides, I stared at Mae with a look of rage - unable to put a sentence together. Her face softened, it was suddenly clear to her how serious the matter actually was. She gripped the top of my arms and looked me dead in the eye. “If it’s got you this worked up, I really think you should tell us about it.”

“Your sister’s right honey. Come on…” Mum pat the couch next to her, and reluctantly I made my way over. I knew they needed to know – and not only because I could understand their concern in finding out the boy their daughter’s been spending all her time with is now sporting a brand new shiner.

As soon as I sat down and mum wrapped her arm around me, the tears started flowing. Mae cuddled to my other side, resting her head on my shoulder and dad sat on the coffee table in front of me. “It’s really bad mum…” I sniffed.

“Are you ok sweetheart? Are you hurt.”

“No mum… Not physically anyway.” I wiped my hands across my face, clearing some of the tears. Giggling slightly when I saw the look on my dads face. “Don’t worry dad, Sho didn’t do anything.” Relief overtook him and he leaned forward – rubbing my knee.

“Whatever it is, we can figure out a solution.”

“I think it’s beyond that dad…” Ok deep breath. They really need to know, especially if Sho and I plan on continuing to see each other. “It was his dad.” I spoke barely louder than a whisper.

“Ha?” Mae exclaimed, sitting up to look at me.

“His dad punched him when he found out about my quirk… He told him if he spoke to me again he wasn’t welcome back in the bungalow… Or when they got home either…” My head dropped as sobbing took over. “H-he said I w-was only a-after him f-for his last n-name… *sniff*… That I was nothing and he was slumming it with me…” My fathers relief hadn’t lasted long. He was visibly irate at my admittance to the mornings events – lips pursed tightly together, breathing heavily through his nose, trying to stay as calm as possible for my sake.

“Was he standing up for you? Is that why he hit him?” I nodded in response.

“Well I know what choice Todes made, considering he was with you all day.”

“Absolutely disgusting that a father could do that to his own son.” Mum shook her head, sickened.

“It’s not the first time.” Slowly I raised my eyes to meet with each of theirs individually. This conversation was far from over, so I gulped and told them everything I knew. All the forced training – more like torture – his father inflicted on him. His mothers downward spiral resulting in his burn and how Enji wants Shoto to start having kids as soon as possible.

“I – I – I’m lost for words.” Mum stuttered. “I’m surprised he grew into the young man you’ve told me about [Y/N].”

“Can’t say I’m 100% surprised though.” Dad added. “Enji was always a bit of a prick whenever we had to work with him. And you never really see them together as Endeavour and Shoto.”

“That’s why we need your help Mae. He was at reception earlier seeing if there are any more rooms – but he still needs to get all his stuff out of the bungalow. His dad’s not gonna let him just waltz in and get it.”

“We’ll do it after dinner.” She assured me.

“We’ll come too.” Dad insisted.

“No. Please let us do it… Plus you guys can keep an eye on him and let us know if he heads in our direction.”

He was about to protest but mum shot him a stern look and he retracted – sulking slightly. I was so blessed to have this little group around me. For so long I shut them out, and for no good reason. Understanding what true familial hardship looked like – I really felt like a spoilt little bitch.

“Tell him he’ll be eating with us from now on.”

“Thanks mum… Is it ok if I go take a shower? I need to wash this day off me.”

It seemed like it took every ounce of my energy to stand – my body felt like it was made of brick. My hands remained limp at my sides, as my father hugged me to his chest. “Stay as far away as you can and don’t provoke him, ok Peach?”

“Sho calls me Peach too.” I smiled softly, tilting my chin upwards to look at my father.

“That’s cause he knows how special you are.”

With a kiss on the forehead, he released me. Mae scooted closer to mum and dad joined them on the couch. I was baffled how one day, one – single – day, could possible be one of the best, as well as the worst I’d ever had.

Staring at my tear stained face in the bathroom mirror, I couldn’t help but question everything again. How was that the face of someone worth fighting for? What could I have possibly done to lead him to believe that I was worthy of his affections – over every other girl in all of Japan?



Sup beautiful
me feet are killin me! U were right 🏋🏼 + vans = ☠️😫

Fuck you Shoto Todoroki – always knowing when to swoop in and save me from myself.


No need 2 worry again. Mae said she'll help after dinner
Ur eating with us by the way


Meetin the folks already, have 2 b on my best behaviour


Wont have 2 worry bout that they ❤️ u already


Natural charm & good looks work every time


They know what happened


. . .


I'm sorry Mae wouldn't leave it alone


. . .


Fuck Sho please don't hate me


Calm down peach
I don't hate u I know why u did it. I've not told many people my story & ur parents know dad so its just a bit weird.


U don't have to sit with us


I wouldn't be anywhere else u nutter
Still at the gym gotta shower & find something to wear tonight


"Dad, can Shoto borrow some clothes for dinner?" I screamed down the hallway.


B here at 7 u can shower & wear something of dads


That'll b interesting XOXO

Chapter Text



I couldn’t help but laugh to myself at the sight of Shoto clothed in one of my fathers Hawaiian shirts as he sat next to me at our table at dinner. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t look bad – he was wearing the hell out of that shirt. I don’t he’d look bad in anything.

Since his arrival at our bungalow, my mother had been doting on him – more than once his cheeks blushing at her compliments. The official meeting of my parents went smoothly, and Mae couldn’t help but bounce on my bed whilst teasing me as he showered in the next room.

We all knew the situation that’d brought us together, so there was no point in mentioning it.

He was the perfect gentleman, never touching me once – which of course made me want him to even more. But the respect he was showing me in front of my parents warmed my heart no end. There were general discussions about how he found the transition into full time Hero work and what he thought the biggest issues facing modern Hero’s were. Truthfully though, I was paying no attention to what he and my parents were talking about – catching myself on more than one occasion, staring at him like a love struck fan girl.

“Pull yourself together.” Mae teased, leaning over and flicking me on the bottom of my chin so I’d close my mouth.

“Crap! Is it really that obvious?” I whispered nervously.

“You weren’t like this today, what’s gotten into you?”

“I dunno... Maybe seeing how much mum and dad like him… I’ve never had a guy interested before, and the first one they meet fights with his father for me… It’s pretty surreal.”

“I told you before, you don’t understand how lucky you are. Remember when Huyato came over for dinner? He was just a smart arse the whole time – dad hated him form the get go.”

“Yeah well he was a dick Mae.”

“The point is, if dad likes him then you know he really is a great guy.”

“Speaking of you and your dating life, what’s the go with you and Himari?” I bit the bullet and breeched the subject. “You were all over each other earlier. Short of kissing, anyone would think you were together.” I made sure I leant in for extra discretion.

Mae’s face turned a shade similar to her hair, and she shifted in her seat. She glanced over to the table where Himari and her family were sitting and bit her bottom lip. This wasn’t a normal reaction, if indeed they were only just friends. Understanding that it wasn’t the time and place to push the topic further, I went to speak, but an overwhelming pressure came down around me.

Mae grabbed my hand as I whipped my head around and saw Enji standing at the restaurant entrance. I could feel my chest begin to shake as tonnes of nervous energy coursed through my veins.

“It’s fine Peach.” Shoto took my other hand in his – laying them both in my lap.

Enji stalked over to our table stopping directly behind Shoto – placing a firm grip on his shoulder. “Seems I missed you today son. Surprised to find you here.” It was obvious he was trying to intimidate him whilst putting on a fake fatherly act.

“We’re happy to have him, and whenever else he wants to join us as well.” Mum spoke up firmly before he had a chance to answer his father.

I noticed the grip he had on Shoto was becoming tighter, as was his hold on my hand as a result. The air was thick with tension while the forced dialogue between our parents strained on. I made eye contact with my mother and darted my eyes to Enji’s hand – imploring her to take notice of it. His palm pressed so hard Shoto’s posture faltered and his face tensed as smoke began to ascend from the mans fingers. Shoto clasped his father’s wrist with his right hand to counteract the heat – a hissing sound arising on contact.

“Time to go dad.” Shoto forced through gritted teeth.

“Not without you my son.”

“Last time I checked 18 made you an adult.” I scoffed under my breath.

“Shut your mouth girl.” His tone was short and laced with venom.

In an instant, both my parents were standing and shards of ice grew from under Enji’s feet knocking him to the ground. He threw fire at Shoto’s chair causing him to jump up – allowing his father to grab his ankle and throw him into the restaurants wall. Raising his hand in my direction, a frozen fortress encapsulated Mae and myself. Red stained the icy shield in front of us and it began to melt.

“Still no match for me.”

“I don’t want to fight you.”

“For having such strength, you’ve always been so weak.”

A chunk of ice broke off, opening the scene back up to us. Enji began to slowly rise from the floor. “Put me down you little bitch.” Mae had engaged her quirk distracting him long enough for Shoto to climb to his feet. He ran over, pushing me behind him.

“Put him down Mae.” Mum demanded, and with an evil laugh from my sister he dropped to the floor.

“Get them out of here.” Dad shouted at Shoto and he pulled Mae and I towards the back door.

I struggled to look over my shoulder, wanting to see what would happen next.

Enji’s head dropped forward and his flames fizzled out as his body went limp. Before hitting the floor, my father grabbed a cloth napkin from the table in his left hand and – reaching with his right – his fingers stretched out in the form of cotton ropes and restrained the motionless man. Security darted in a few seconds later as I was yanked out of the building.

“We’re getting your shit now.” Mae insisted, and we didn’t need any convincing – all three of us running in the direction of bungalow #4. “Does this sort of drama usually follow you around?” She yelled back to Shoto.

“For as long as I can remember.” We reached the bungalow and Mae had the front door open before we even made it up the stairs. “You still think I’m worth all the trouble?” He spoke softly, pulling me back to him before I entered the building.

Looking up into his eyes, it was as though I was meeting him for the first time. He was no longer the confident and cocky guy who approached me by the pool. He didn’t ooze sex appeal and subconsciously command the attention of everyone around him. Instead I could only see an insecure boy, hollow, begging for approval. Desperately asking me to accept him, to tell him that he mattered and everything would be ok.

I stepped to him - looking deeper, searching for his spark but it’d disappeared. His hand trembled like he was about to give the key to my soul back, but I didn’t want it – it wasn’t mine anymore. Leaning forward I pressed my forehead into his chest and wrapped my arms around him. His remained by his side –limp, lifeless. I could feel his heart beat against me, the only sign that my Shoto was still there. How could this be the same person?

A million, billion emotions swirled through my body, but I couldn’t cry – even if I’d wanted to. I felt the strongest I ever had, as though I was supporting him to stand, like if I let go he’d fall. I wanted all of him, good, bad, right, wrong, every bit of baggage he had. I’d carry it all if he let me and never complain once. Some how, amidst everything going on within him, he’d managed to put me first. To show me that I was worth fighting for, how could I possibly walk away now?

“There’s no way I’m going anywhere.” I assured him, squeezing tighter.

There was a long silence. Eventually he set his cheek on the top of my head and ran his fingers through the hair that fell down my back. “I’m scared you’ll get hurt and I’d never forgive myself.”

“Do you plan on hurting me?” I asked sweetly, tilting my head up to look at him.

“Don’t be stupid Peach.” He implored, though an emptiness was still behind his stare.

“Then why would I go anywhere? In a week you’ve managed to raise my self esteem higher than it’s ever been. You mended my relationship with Mae and… and given me a reason to wake up in the morning. I don’t care if this has a stopwatch attached to it – and the end is pre determined, cause… cause this story of ours is better than Salinger. No one could write a song this perfectly imperfect. I’m certain we were sent here to find and heal each other.”

“I’m damaged as fuck with more inner demons than you can imagine.”

Hah! Doesn’t that sound all too familiar? I could see that neither of our hearts were full and finally understood why it’d been so easy to fall for each other and in such a short space of time. We recognised each other’s inner darkness. No matter how dim we saw ourselves, the other was our shining light – illuminating the void.

“You can’t chase me away Sho, I won’t let you.”

“Fuckin’ hell you two.” May stomped back towards the front door, arms full and a suitcase floating behind her. “You’re lucky I like you so much Todes, but you owe me for this!” She reprimanded with a smirk.

“You don’t need to worry about removing your personal belongings Mr Todoroki.” An unfamiliar voice informed. It was the resorts general manager, standing with my parents. “Your father has been removed from the premises and will not be returning. You are free to remain in this villa.”

“Oh come on!” Mae yelled, throwing her arms into the air – along with everything she was carrying. Shoto and I let out a small relief laden laugh, and stepped back from each other.

“I’m really sorry sir for everything that happened.” Shoto apologised, stepping down from the porch to talk with the manager.

“Although a very unfortunate set of events, I am more than aware that it wasn’t your fault.”

“Are you sure you’re alright?” My mother spoke up, still visibly concerned.

“Sad to say I’ve taken a lot worse… But yeah, I’m fine.” He shrugged. “They’re safe so that’s all that matters right?” He asked, looking back to Mae and I.

We made our way to join the rest of the group, when mum suddenly – and very out of character – sprung forward and caged Shoto in loving and thankful ‘mum hug’. “Thank you Shoto! You’re such an amazing young man.” She praised, as his body tensed and he stared at me with eyes so wide I thought they’d pop out of his head. “I… I…” I could tell she was biting her tongue – trying to chose her words carefully. “I’m glad we all had the opportunity to meet you.”

She stepped back again, trying to compose herself after that slight outburst. Dad shook Shoto’s hand and gave a nod of approval. Nothing else needed to be said on the matter. We’d successfully rid ourselves of the negative catalyst threatening to burn our story before all the pages had been transcribed. My parents had stamped their approval and Shoto and I had now seen each other at possibly our lowest points – but still held tight to each other.

Mae joined our parents, leaving Shoto and I together. I took his hand and lead him to the darker path that ran along behind the bungalows. With both of my hands clasping his left, I leant my head on his shoulder as we ambled slowly along, no real destination in mind – just happy to be in each other’s company. As luck would have it, we ended up seated under the cabana behind my beach house. The very place he’d first admitted his feelings towards me.

“I still can’t believe it, you know?” He calmly spoke, shuffling up onto the bed and laying his fiery arm straight out to the side.

“What’s that?” I asked, crawling up beside him and resting my bent leg on his.

“That I had to come all the way to Okinawa to find you.”

I was thankful that he couldn’t see the nervous embarrassment written all over my face, as I fiddled with one of the buttons on the borrowed shirt. There is no way I could let this end. A meeting of two souls – as perfect as this – surely wasn’t a coincidence. It couldn’t have been by chance.

Out of nowhere, something hit me in the head – but it didn’t hurt. “What the fuck.” I mumbled from underneath the fabric of a throw blanket. Once uncovering my face, I saw my sisters silhouette retreat back inside, and the back porch light flicker off.


Thanks sis. I love you

Don’t sweat it. Just promise me you’ll never let him go.


"Hey, I meant to ask. What’s the deal with your sister and Himari?”

I giggled to myself as I laid the blanket out over us before snuggling back into Shoto’s shoulder. “I have no idea, but she got mighty nervous when I asked her about it earlier.”

“Very curious indeed.” He quipped, placing a kiss on the top of my head.


Chapter Text


eww... Moist


It was no longer the trip from hell, and week two got off to a flying start.

Monday morning began with a phone call from my sister at 5am, waking me up from the most perfect night sleep I’d ever had. Shoto and I’d spent the entire night on the cabana wrapped in each other’s arms, but knowing it would defiantly be for the best if mum and dad saw me coming out of my own room – alone, I dragged myself away from him and back into the bungalow.

Strangely though, I still didn’t feel the need to cling to Shoto at all times. I can’t say that there was no insecurity, but even if I didn’t know where he was; I always figured he’d show himself sooner or later. And not a day went buy that I didn’t receive a good morning text. He’d made the ultimate gesture, so who was I to question his motives – he’d more than proved himself. Right?

It was nice to see that he and Mae were developing a friendship as well. They had so much in common, it really was inevitable. Once she shed her outer skin, and the true Mae was on show – it was hard not to like her. They became gym partners, and man – I just don’t get it! They love it so much but… why? You sweat, it’s hot and your absolutely shattered at the end of it, where’s the fun in that? Once or twice they did manage to drag me along though, so I guess I was thankful for the active wear Mae’d packed for me, but come on, do you really think I had the same motivation for being there that they had? The first two times I just spent an hour lazily ambling on the treadmill, having a good ol perve on Shoto. My god, he was sexy! He’d usually end up in only his sweats, skin flushed red and sweat dripping down his chest.

Today however, it was just me and him. Practically kicking and screaming he’d dragged me there, and I wasn’t going to be getting away with a leisurely stroll this time. I moped through the doors, hunched – letting my arms swing overdramatically by my sides.

“I hate you so much Sho.” I sulked, planting myself on the weight bench.

“20 minutes warm up on the bike, then we start the real stuff.”

Ahhh.” I groaned, stomping over – setting the time and speed before reluctantly beginning. “Hey!” I protested when he came over and clicked the intensity up a few notches. Looked like someone had put on their personal trainers hat. Yay, lucky me

Shoto started on the treadmill – jogging the whole time, and after 20 minutes he’d barely broken a sweat. The guy was bionic. Enji may be the words biggest dick, but he was right about one thing – his son was strong. I didn’t however agree with the rest of his statement, Shoto wasn’t weak because he showed his emotion and a softer side. His disposition made him even more formidable in my eyes. To be human is to be vulnerable, to show some elements of being powerless. No one is indestructible.

“Alright, over here.” He gestured as he sprung over to the mat in front of the mirror.

“How are you so chirpy? You’re a machine, it’s like you didn’t just run five K’s.” I panted, dragging my feet.

“I’ve barely had a day off in 10 years… It’s good though, clears my head... I find it relaxing.”

I walked over and knocked on his forehead. “Is everything alright in there?” I questions sarcastically. But I guess I could understand where he was coming from – not from the exercise part of it, but the escapism. It was his vice, the place where he could shut out everything going on in the world and just be.

He playfully bat my hand away and took his shirt off, leaving him in black basketball shorts, trainers and a thin headband holding back his hair. It was nice seeing his whole face, to be able to truly appreciate the masculinity of his features. I knew why he usually wore his hair down on his face though; it was clearly a type of security blanket – covering up most of his scar.

“Right! 20 reps of everything – four rounds –“

Ugh how long you gonna make me do this for?” I whined flopping my whole body forward at the waist and letting my hands fall to the ground.

“You’ll thank me for it. It’ll do you good, plus everyone else in your family trains – “

“Ha!” I interrupted again. “I thought you said you liked my body?” I joked, turning around and wiggling my bum at him.

“I do.” He chucked, grabbing me from behind and hugging me. He faced us towards the mirror and spoke to me through the reflection. “But even perfection starts sagging at some point.” He quipped, darting a quick peck onto my cheek. “It’s good for your mind too.” He tapped me on the shoulder as he broke away – way too excited to get back into it. “Ok, starting with squats.”

I got two in before he started critiquing. “Lower.” I went lower. “No, I mean like – deeper.”

I stood up and looked at him with an annoyed and puzzled stare. “Whadd’ya want from me man?”

He smirked and made his way next to me. “So squat for me.” I rolled my eyes and followed instructions. “Now lower… Ok, but stick your bum out.” He made his way behind me, and placing his hands on my hips – positioned me correctly. “Now squeeze your butt – “

“Oh come on!” I jumped up, spinning around and smacking him in the chest. “If you wanted to cop a feel, I’d have let you ya know.”

“I’m serious.” He laughed, stepping backwards with his hands up. “You need to feel it in your arse and quads, otherwise you’ll kill your back.”

“Fine.” I shot him a cheeky glare out of the corner of my eye. “You’re the boss.” Giving him an ‘aye aye captain’ salute for good measure.

I was a writhing ball of patheticness by the time he was done with me. A ten-minute run – and by run I mean sprint, and 40 reps of six different kinds of sit ups had finished me off. “N-no m-more.” I panted, barely able to squeeze the words out through my body’s desperation to obtain more oxygen. I looked disgusting, my face was bright red and blotchy – hair strewn all over it, glued down by sweat. He shook his head at the drivelling mess in front of him and handed me my water bottle. Instantly pouring a large portion of it over my head before gulping the rest down.

He took me through about 25 minutes of stretches, which by the end of, I’d gained back most of my composure. I still looked terrible, certainly the worst Shoto had ever seen me, and the voices started to chatter again in my head. Somehow he looked even more desirable after the workout. As he reached out a hand – helping me to stand – my head started swimming. He should smell gross, covered in man sweat – but it intoxicated me. My whole body felt stimulated, like every cell was waking for the first time. I couldn’t pull away from him and my eyes focused on his lips – noticing the rise and fall of his chest quicken in my peripheral vision. I pulled my eyes away from his mouth and brought them up to meet his, noticing he was staring at me too. The thickness in the air around us was palpable as our bodies swelled with wanton desire for each other. We were frozen in time, unable to withdraw, but terrified of the implications of contact. It was primordial magnetism drawing us together – chemical reactions as old as time dictating our body’s response with no regard for what our minds thought about the time or the place.

“Oh here you are.” We rapidly recoiled from each other as my father stuck his head through the door of the gym. “I’ve booked us all in for lunch in an hour. We need to discuss your birthday.”

“Ok dad, see ya.” I waved him off, my face flushing even redder than I thought possible. Shoto had kept his back to dad and now moved to sit on the weight bench, leaning forward – with towel in his lap – resting his arms on his knees. It was clear to me he was trying to hide something, and was more than a little embarrassed by it. Normally I’d tease him relentlessly, but I was in the same boat. Apart from our hands, out bodies hadn’t even touched, and I was uncomfortably moist in the underwear department – and trust me, it had nothing to do with the workout.

“I’ll see ya, k babe?” I smiled knowingly, and made my way to the door.

“Peach?” He softly summoned before I left.

Turning back, I met his gaze. “Mmm?

“Be my girlfriend?”

What the actual cruel and unusual fuck? It was everything I wanted to hear, and everything I knew would break my heart in the same three small words. We couldn’t deny the raw attraction and indescribable connection we felt to each other, but there is no way this could possibly be for the best.

“I – I can’t Sho.” My voice was barely above a murmur, but he heard every word. “You don’t really want that. You just think you do.” His eyes closed and his head hung down. “I’m sorry.”

“I do though Peach…” He spoke into his lap.

“That’s not fair!” My voice cracked as it rose slightly. “You know it will make things too hard, and I can’t be hurt anymore than I already know I’m going to be. Can’t we just let things keep going how they are?” I pleaded – my nose starting to tingle as water pooled in the corner of my eyes.

He just nodded, unable to raise his head.

“What, now you can’t even look at me? Do you feel sorry for me or something – like you had to ask? I’m no one to feel sorry for Sho! I’m a big girl, you of all people should know that!”

I stormed out leaving him alone. How the hell did things take such a turn? Why would he want to ruin what we have? We both knew what it was, and I was happy to delay the inevitable as long as we didn’t have to discuss it in the meantime.


“What the fuck is wrong with you!” Mae chastised me, smacking me pretty hard on the back of the head. “You mean to tell me, he asked you to be his girlfriend and you said NO?!”

“Is everything alright girls?” Mum asked, turning around to us as we all continued to walk to the restaurant for lunch.

“Yeah, everything’s fine.” I annoyingly answered, rubbing the back of my head.

“You guys go on ahead, we’ll get Todoroki and meet you there.” Mae called forward before pulling me to sit down on the front steps of his bungalow.

“I don’t want to talk about it Mae!” I yelled in a whisper through gritted teeth.

“You’re happy to just flush the best thing that’s happened to you down the toilet?”

“That’s not what I’m doing. I just don’t see how making me his girlfriend helps the situation.”

“So you don’t want to go out with him?”

“Of course I do.” I planted my face in my hands and breathed out deeply. “But what’s the point of being official with someone for two weeks?”

“Did he say it was only for two weeks?”

“Mae please, you’re not making this any easier… I – “

My words were cut short as Shoto stepped out onto the porch. He closed the door and stood solemnly, looking downward in our general direction with his hands in his pockets. “Hey, thought I heard you two out here.” He spoke, his face remaining emotionless.

Just freakin great! He’d probably overheard everything we’d said.

My sister and I stood up, allowing him to make his way down the steps and the three of us walked slowly in silence to meet my parents. Shoto’s hands remained in his pockets, and I gripped my left arm above the elbow with my right hand – watching my feet as we walked.

I was glad that he didn’t cancel by making up some stupid excuse – he was much more mature than me in that regard. I only hoped it was because he still wanted to be around me, and not because my father had invited him and he intended on showing him respect.

Over and over throughout lunch I played Mae’s words on a loop.

I did want to be Shoto’s girlfriend, but I also needed him to tell me that I was more than a summer fling. More than just the piece of arse he’d tell his friends about once he was home again, but we all know I’m not one to talk about my emotions. I’d never initiate that conversation.

Lunch wasn’t overly uncomfortable, and I managed to get a few straight-lipped smiles from Shoto when our eyes met.

“Ok girls, not I know your birthday is on Friday, but the only night we could have anything organised is Wednesday.” Mum started to explain as the waiter collected our plates. “So it’s nothing huge, there’ll be a formal dinner, some music. All the guests are invited and we all get to dress up.” Mae was visibly excited at the prospect of donning a gown, but I just looked down at my hands.

“It’s ok sweetheart, I brought quite a few dresses cause I knew you wouldn’t have.” She chuckled reassuringly, and I gave her a soft smile.

“[Y/N].” Shoto said, taking my right hand in his. “Would you be my date and we can feel uncomfortable together?” The corner of his mouth gave the slightest inkling of a smirk and his eyes showed a glint of cheekiness.

Pursing my lips together, placing a finger at the side of my mouth and looking up – to feign deep contemplation, before turning to him and kissing him on the cheek. “I’d love to… But do you have a suit?”

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Common People

Though not saying much more to each other, Shoto didn’t let go of my hand for the remainder of the time we were sat at the table. Mae excused herself – stating previous plans with Himari, which of course provoked a suspicious glance between Shoto and myself. Mum and dad made their exit soon after, leaving the two of us sitting alone.

It felt like he was clinging to me for dear life. Afraid to let go in case I’d evaporate if contact was lost. I could tell he wanted to say something, but I just didn’t want to hear it. I wanted to continue without further discussion of the mornings events, happily forgetting it’d even happened.

“You didn’t have to ask me to be your date ya know.” I perked up slightly, leaning over and nudging him with my shoulder.

“Why… Did you have someone else in mind? Where is he? I’ll kill him.” He narrowed his eyes, looking side to side.

“You’re such a dick head.” Covering my mouth as I giggled, I was happy that we were joking around again. “No… I just assumed it’d be a given that we’d go together.”

“If I’ve learnt anything from the past two weeks, it’s that I can’t assume anything when it comes to you Peach.”

My lips pursed into a tight smile, as a coy look overtook my face. My head bowed as I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear, before bashfully looking back at him. “Just keeping you on your toes, I guess.”

“You drive me crazy.” He groaned, releasing my hand to clasp my upper arms and playfully shake me back and forth. “You have me second guessing every thought I have. Every move I make. I’ve never been so insecure before about something I was so certain of.”

“I’m sorry Sho… I don’t mean to make you feel that way.”

“Apologies are for things that should never have happened.”

“C’mon lets go for a swim.” I quickly said, trying to stand in the hopes the heavy feeling would dissipate, but I was pulled back down into my seat.

“I wanna talk about this [Y/N].” He spoke calm but firm.

Rubbing my lips together, I stared into his eyes. Unlike a week prior when all I saw was a cold empty gaze, this time I was met with nervous tension. Slowly closing my eyes, I exhaled. “Please Sho… Do we have to?”

“I don’t think you realise how much you mean to me Peach.”

“And you obviously don’t know how much you mean to me. If it were up to me, we’d have never met here. We’d live in the same city, and everything could be normal.”

“So why did you say no then?”

Because I like you so much… I don’t wanna think back to you as being my ex… Being your girlfriend will put so much pressure on the rest of the time we have here to be ‘perfect’.” Using air quotes to get my point across further, I paused again before continuing. “You’re so amazing, but we both know what this is… UH-UH!” I cut him off as he attempted a rebuttal. “No more.”

He sighed in defeat, this time letting me stand unopposed. I’d made it a few meters before realising he wasn’t following me. I couldn’t figure out why this seemed like such an important thing to him. Did he have as many ex’s as he did because he’d always jump into relationships so quickly. That’s gotta be it! He was just one of those guys who always needed a girlfriend – probably due of his mummy issues he craved female attention. But even if that was the case, I didn’t want him moping around anymore.

“C’mon candy-cane pubes, last one back to the pool has to confront Himari and Mae.”

I shot him a devilish grim over my shoulder, and wiggled my eyebrows. His face lit up, illuminating the boy I’d fallen for from underneath the fog. Spinning in his chair, he placed one hand on its back and the other on the table – pausing like we were going to start a race. I pocked my tongue out at him and darted out the restaurant doors.

“You’re lucky we can’t use quirks.” He yelled, chasing after me.

“Yeah well you’re lucky I’m so easily amused.” I’d turned around and started jogging backwards so I could continue our tete-a-tete face to face. He quickly caught up to me and we stopped momentarily in front of his bungalow. Biting my bottom lip and batting my eyes, I looked demurely at him. Placing my palm on his chest as I closed the space between our bodies – my other hand snaking behind his neck. I leaned in slowly – never allowing my eyes to stray from his. Then right before our lips connected, my hands rapidly changed location, jerking his head around as my tongue sloppily licked his cheek. I darted backwards before he had a chance to grab me in retaliation, and sprinted away.


I always knew he’d beat me back to the pool, it was never a fair race to begin with. His bungalow was closer, and he only had to pull on a pair of board shorts. Never one to shy away from a dramatic performance however, I did start jogging again once the pool was in sight – pretending like I thought I’d stood a chance of getting back first.

“Hey, no fair. I bet you cheated!” I jeered once I saw Shoto sitting on a sun lounger with a towel over his shoulder. He looked up from his phone and selected a song before sitting it down on the table next to where he was sitting.

“What took ya so long? Need to shave or something?” He jabbed, leisurely sauntering in my direction.

“It takes no effort at all to look this good.” I informed him with a pop of my hip and wave of my hand.

“So modest, is my Peach.” He smouldered, wrapping his arms around my lower back. “If you look this good now, I’ll be fighting guys left right and centre when you put some effort in.” His witty jab was doing all the right things to me. He’s smooth, a little too smooth. Before I could get my wits about me I was being flung through the air – splashing back first into the water. The little shit used my own move on me!

Jumping up with gasp - sharply intaking as much oxygen as I could – I death stared holes through his skin. “For a Pro Hero, I’d have thought your attacks would be a little more creative.”

“And for a girl who literally just used the same move on me, I thought you’d have a better memory.”

I shrugged to admit the statement as truth, and waded over to the side of the pool where he’d sat. His legs were in the water and I leaned against him with my arms and chin on his knees. “Is that Powderfinger?” I asked, surprisingly shocked at his choice of music. I started softly singing along to the song Living Type, closing my eyes as rested my head.

“You hold the future in your hands
And sullen eyes soothe and command
A graceful mouth your deadly tool
Too bad the truth has fallen through”

“Who are you and where did you come from?” A similar look of disbelief on his face. “My friends back home give me shit about my music cause they’ve never heard of most of who I listen to.”

“I’ve never really been into the current charts. Dad’s always said I was a old soul.” I replied, looking up at him with one squinted eye.

“What’s your favourite era.”

Hmmm.” I closed my eyes, scouring my brain as I sifted through countless files like it was iTunes. “If I had to pick one it’d probably be the folk rock scene of the 60’s and 70’s… I’d give Mae’s quirk to’ve been at Woodstock.”

Shoto nodded his head, clearly recalling the period. “Nice… If I could be at any festival though, I’d probably say… Live Aid.”

“London or Philadelphia?” I nonchalantly inquired, not skipping a beat.

“Fuck you’re good!” He leaned back to look down at me form a different angle, clearly impressed with me. “Sooo… Even though Queen gave the best performance of all time in London, I’d still have to say Philly. Bob Dylan, Run DMC, Tom Petty and Phil Collins playing with Led Zeppelin… I mean come on, there’s no competition.”

He was right, and it was taking all of my energy to remain composed. I’d never come across someone who shared the same taste and knowledge as me, but I needed to remain calm – like it was no big deal. So I just lifted a hand to him for a high-five without even raising my head.

“So is that your fave era then?” I enquired, assuming I knew the answer.

Nah.” Clearly I wasn’t as clever as I’d supposed. “Have to be 90’s Britpop.” What the actual fuck? I was starting to believe Shoto Todoroki had been sent down from whichever heaven creates such flawlessness – a perfectly formed dream boat, with all the same interests, just for me.

“So which team are you on? Blur or Oasis?” I’d pepped up, taking his hands in mine and stepping back to look up – awaiting his answer.


I should have known it wouldn’t be one of the big two. “Fave song?”

Common People.”

Opposite’s attract, my arse! Perching my feet on the side of the pool, I pushed backwards – pulling him into the water. He didn’t thrash, or try to drag me under with him, but in one fluid movement he lifted me to his waist. I wrapped my legs around his hips and hands around his neck on instinct. He walked back to the side of the pool, resting me on a ledge beneath the water.

“So what’re your favourites?”

There was no need to flick through the catalogue to find the answers this time. “Billy Joel! No one else even comes close.” I remarked proudly with a sharp nod of my head.


“Hey Siri… Play Drift Away.”

Within moments the velvety tones of Dobie Grey were emanating throughout the pool and bar. Luckily there were no other guests there, but even if there had been I wouldn’t have cared – this was our moment, and to hell with everyone else.

“Just when I think I’ve got you figured out, you go and throw another spanner in the works.”

“I am a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. But… perhaps you are the key.” I joked, doing my very best Winston Churchill impression.

“You’re perfect, I hope you know that.”

How? Just… How? It felt as though I was looking into the eyes of an old friend - wise beyond his years, but I also saw myself in his stare. The familiarity was unexpected to say the least, but more than eagerly welcomed. I wish things could always be like this, no Pro Heroes, no Quirks, no fame and prying eyes. No one cared about who the famous Shoto was canoodling with, hell, we didn’t even need to worry about Enji anymore. Right now, in this fleeting moment, we were just like everyone else – common. Nobody. My body remained wrapped around his as we gazed at each other, both revelling in the new depths we found there.

Maybe I should have said yes.

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Happy Birthday Eve-Eve my sexy Peach

Do you plan on doin this every day?

You bet!

*smh* ur lucky I like u so much. Lesser woman would’ve been done with u by now

You’re a terrible liar.

Excuse me. We both know I could be a professional actress if only I could be bothered applying myself.

FML you’re hard work sometimes :P

Yeah yeah but u wouldn’t have me any other way. I know the spiel

I guess I’ll see you tonight then




I threw my phone across the room and into a pile of dirty clothes before I could write another response. I fucking hate that! Literally one of the worst things in the world is seeing someone start writing in messenger, but to never get a reply. What were they going to say? Why did they decide not to send it? And why – in this instance, did I have to be so god damned cocky? Everyone has a threshold, and I think I just reached Shoto’s.

This wasn’t a new phenomenon in my life, I was more than acquainted with self-sabotage. You might even call us besties. It’s far easier to be the architect of your own demise than to sit idly by. You know it’s coming – there are no surprises. Stop it you stupid fucking girl. Why do you go through this every single day? WAKE UP TO YOURSELF!

I went to reach for my phone to text Mae, momentarily forgetting I’d already discarded it.


I screamed, instantly regretting my impulsive action given it was still early morning and my parents were likely still asleep.

The bottom of my quilt flew up over my head as my sister flung open my bedroom door, stropping over before collapsing onto the bed next to me – the quilt soon falling back into position, tucking us in.

“What’s wrong now you whiny little bitch?” She yawned, making herself comfortable.

I snuggled down next to her so we were facing in towards each other. “Ya know, the usual… Things are perfect, Sho is amazing, and my smart arse mouth gets me into trouble...Get my phone, it’s over there.” I huffed, feeling sorry for myself and showing Mae the text correspondence once she’d retrieved it.

“Why are you so fucking hardly-done-by? He said he’d see you tonight… Just shut your brain off and be happy… Fuck me, you’re infuriating!”

“Well sorry for wanting to talk things over with my wonderful and understanding sister.” I replied, slightly taken back by her forwardness.

“Given… But I’m just telling you the same things each time.”

“I really am a head case. Why can’t I just let things be?...”

“Cause you’re a teenage girl, ya Muppet!” She giggled, rolling onto her back.

I scooted towards her, and hugged her arm – snuggling against it. “I love you so much Mae…” There was silence between us for a short while after my statement. She just leaned her head in towards mine, and rested the side of it against my forehead. We both closed our eyes, recalling all the unnecessary fights, the silent treatments and one-upmanship. “I don’t blame you for anything sis… We weren’t even self aware, there is no way you can be held responsible for what happened before we were born… Who knows what my quirk would have been anyway – it would’ve probably been the same. Doubt I’d have got mum or dads… Look at you, you got Grandma’s and dad’s is a weird mutation of his fathers. Our family doesn’t really follow the typical quirk inheritance algorithm.”

“I’m still sorry that we missed out on so many years being this close.”

“So do I. It kills me when I think about how Huyato treat you. I was always so jealous of everything you seemed to have. I just wish you’d have told me.”

“You wouldn’t have listened.”

I sighed knowingly, cause she was right. I wouldn’t have given her the time of day. Id just have assumed that things couldn’t be that bad up in her ivory castle. “I think I made a mistake Mae.” I whispered after another short silence.

“Yeah, what about?”

“You know…” And she did, but she knew better than to rub it in my face.

“Where’s your phone?” She inquired sleepily, allowing her eyes to slowly close.

“How come?”

“Cause I’m taking it… I’m not gonna let you text him again like an idiot. If he contacts you, I’ll let you know.”

She really was the best sister, and – better late than never – our connection was finally perfect. The contentment I had in knowing she was always looking out for me, and was my champion when it came to my relationship with Shoto. Shit. I just called it a relationship.

I shook my head internally for two reasons. Firstly I didn’t want to get caught up again in my own thoughts on the matter, and secondly because I wanted to concentrate on Mae. So much – well all practically – of our conversations since reconciling had been focused on me. And though talking about one’s self is usually a good way to pass the time, I’d decided this was the perfect opportunity to drill her about a certain intriguing matter.

“You better not fall asleep.” I announced, tugging on her eyelids so they’d open.

“Piss off!” She hissed, smacking my hand away. “What’dya want now?”

“Well…” I flipped over onto my stomach and propped my chin up on one of my hands. “We need to talk about a certain someone.” I wiggled my eyebrows and shot a devilish smirk.

“What? You ready to screw Cherry Sprite?” She pepped up.

“Ha?... No… Well maybe – but this isn’t about me. You’re gonna tell me all about your little maestro Himari.”

Mae sighed, gritting her teeth slightly. “Would you believe we’re just really good friends?” She questioned hopefully, peeking through one squinted eye at me.

“And would you believe I haven’t sucked Shoto’s cock?” I grinned smugly.

Her eye’s widened and she rolled onto her side to look at me better. “You little slut. Why didn’t you tell me?”

I shrugged, trying to pass it off as no big thing. “Too busy getting it on I guess.”

“Well… When? Where?”

“After his dad hit him, on his bed. And by his bed I mean… Enji’s.” I shut my eyes tight and wrapped my lips around my teeth.

Ahhhhh, I love it so much!” Mae squealed, kicking her legs and playfully slapping me. “You dirty whore… Has he eaten you out yet?” I silently nodded, still not opening my eyes. “Well out with it. I want details.”

I let my chin slip off my hand and fall onto my pillow. How have I managed to make this about me again? I really was hopeless, and selfish, and all the other names that my sister had called me over the years. “Ok Mae, I’ll tell ya, but then it’s your turn ok?” She hummed in response, egging me to continue. “Fine… It was fucking amazing! I had no idea anything could feel that good… I mean I have nothing to compare it to, but there’s… He just…”

“Sounds like The Todes’ got skills… Ay?... Ay?...” Mae teased, nudging me.

“That he definitely does.”

“Was that on fire-crotches bed as well?”

“Um, no… It was the night he stayed over.”

“You mean you didn’t return the favour?” She seemed shocked.

“He wouldn’t let me, trust me I tried. He said he wanted it to just be about me.”

“My god he makes me sick he’s so perfect.” Her face held onto its grimace for a fair few seconds before it cracked into a smile. “I am surprise you have any teeth left though, with how sweet he is… So what else ya done.”

Mae! Enough, stop avoiding my question.”

“He fingered you? Sixty-nine? Ha… Ha?”

No! There’s nothing more to tell.” I lowered my voice before continuing. “We’ve done nothing else, and I promise to tell you when we do, but please sis. I don’t want to talk about me and Sho anymore. I wanna know about you… I’ve told you some pretty juicy stuff, so I think you owe me.”

“I know I do… I just don’t really know what to say.” Her voice was meek and so very out of character. I could sense that she really did want to tell me about it, but perhaps was unsure about what to say or how to start. It was unlike her not to brag, usually more than willing to be the point of topic – so I knew this was either something she was ashamed of, or the total opposite. I threw her a bone and set forth with specific questions she could give the answers to, figuring easing her in may help.

“Are you guys more than friends?”

She nodded.

“So you’re attracted to her?”

Another nod.

“Have you kissed.”


“Is Himari a lesbian?”


“Are you?”

“No… I mean, I don’t think so. I’ve never been into a girl before, and I didn’t look at her like that when we first met. But she was so nice to me, always giving me compliments and finding ways to touch me. She’s funny, and just seemed so sure of herself… Then one day while we were swimming she took my hand under the water and I didn’t pull away.” Mae let out a huge breath, like all the weight in the world had just been shifted from her shoulders.

“That’s awesome sis. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know what you’d think… And you had your own shit going on.”

“Fucking hell, being gay ain’t no thang. And I’m not saying you are, maybe it’s just her. I mean… I get it – she’s pretty. And persistence from a cutie is hard to ignore. Trust me, I’d know.” We both laughed. “So you need to spill it now… What have you two been getting up to?” I cocked an eyebrow and scissored my fingers from both hands together.

“Fuck you.” She jeered.

“Really?” I scoffed, adding a few fake coughs into the mix for extra effect. “Now you know how it feels to have inappropriately personal questions flung at you!”

Rolling her eyes, she sighed. “Fine… No, we’ve only kissed.”

“I get it, you’ve never been with a gir – “

“Excuse me?” She interrupted. “I’m not the one who isn’t ready…” She paused, and I stared at her wide-eyed. “She’s the one who doesn’t want to do anything cause she’s scared we’ll get caught. And she’s worried what people will think.”

“Well tell her Sho and I don’t care.” It was Mae’s turn to stare with wide eyes. “C’mon, it’s so obvious. You guys aren’t subtle… And yes, we’ve talked about it.” I couldn’t help letting a giggle slip at the devastated expression on her face. “So… You guys don’t need to worry about us, if you wanna give her a kiss just do it. I mean you have to watch me and Shoto, and you know he can’t keep his hands off me.”

“Brag much?”

“I’m just sayin’. Be yourself, and don’t hold back.” I finished the remark by placing my index and middle fingers over my mouth and wiggling my tongue between them.

“Who the hell are you – ya crude wench, and what’ve ya done with my sister?” She huffed, grabbing onto my tongue and pulling on it.

“I’ve always been like this, we just never talked… Or maybe Shoto is rubbing off on me.”

“So now that you know what’s going on – my dear sister. Can we please try and go back to sleep? We have a big night tonight, and I don’t wanna pussy out and leave early cause I’m too tired from talking shit with you.” I nodded and reached for the air-con remote. “Still hate the heat I see.” She chuckled, nestling her head into my shoulder. “Must suck having a boyfriend who’s half hot as hell.”

I knew she was teasing me, and meant nothing by it – but now the thought was back in my head again!

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You'll Always Have My Unspoken Passion

“I still can’t believe mum and dad organised this!” I exclaimed excitedly, looking at Mae in the reflection of the mirror in front of me. We were sitting side by side in the beauty salon attached to the resorts Spa.

The hairdresser was having a hard time wrangling Mae’s hair, due to its unwavering insistence to float, and I’m almost certain she was about to loose it completely when the makeup artists suggest she take over. It was so nice having someone do everything for you, my hair had been washed, blow-dried and now it was getting straightened. While my sister was getting her makeup done I’d have a manicure – then we’d swap. I felt like a fucking princess.

“So is Himari comin’ to the bungalow or are you gonna meet her at the restaurant?” I asked Mae, simultaneously choosing which colour of nail polish I preferred.

“Why wouldn’t she just meet me there?’ She replied, slightly confused.

“Well dates usually accompany their partners to events like this.” I chose purple; I always thought it paired nicely with orange.

“I guess I never thought about it, but I suppose I’d like her to be my date… I mean now I realise we aren’t as subtle as we’d hoped… But it’s probably too late to change the seating.”

“Don’t be stupid, I’ll text mum.” I reached for my phone, forgetting that Mae had confiscated it earlier in the day. I leaned over and looked at it sitting next to hers on the bench under the mirror.

“Get your eyes off it!” She fake scolded me, whilst picking up her own to inform mum there would be another guest at our table.

“You certain he hasn’t messaged?” I queried, sounding like a broken record. “It’s almost five o’clock and dinner starts at seven… I haven’t heard from him all day.”

Staring at my reflection, I knew there is no way I’d have been able to hold myself together if Mae hadn’t taken my phone from me. Every two minutes I’d be checking if he was online or updated anything – not to mention, Messenger would have certainly gotten a workout with the plethora of needy questions I’d have sent through.

“Wake up to yourself and have a little faith… How do I have more trust in him than you do? I bet he’s testing you. You said you didn’t wanna be his girlfriend so he’s givin’ you the cold shoulder for a bit, ya know – to make you realise you do wanna be with him…”

“Funny way to go about it, to make me paranoid and pissed off…” I huffed, making the beautician smudge the nail polish.

“You’ve got less than two hours to wait. He’ll either be at out door to take you or he wont. They are the only options.”

Our conversation came to a halt – bar a few short words regarding lipstick and which style of eyeliner to go with. My sister looked stunning as always, but I was completely floored by how good I looked.

“You’re a freakin’ magician.” I praised the makeup artist.

“I had a great canvas.” She complimented back.

“Todoroki ain’t gonna know what hit him when he sees ya.” Mae beamed, stepping in to the mirror behind me.

“Oh my god, are you the girl who’s been with The Hero Shoto for the past couple of weeks?” The makeup artist eagerly questioned, spinning quickly to look at me. “Some of the girls here had said he’d been hanging around with a real natural beauty – I can’t believe you two had been talking about him the whole time and I didn’t even realise… He could have literally any girl, but I can see why he likes you. You have such a unique look… But I get it.” She leant in and winked at me. “Why you’re insecure about it… I would be too, I mean, it’s Shoto for gods sake!”

My face started to heat up, but thankfully the tint of red couldn’t be seen underneath the actual blush on my cheeks. What had become of me? It seemed as though without my noticing, I’d become a creature of others desire. Guys wanted me, and women wanted to be me. I felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole – my world was flipped on it’s head and everyone had lost their god-damned minds.

“Fuck-shit-fuck-fuck-shit-crap-fucking-fuck!” I paced back and forth waring a hole in the carpet of Mae’s room, shaking my hands trying to calm down. “Ah-fuck!” I tripped in the heels I was wearing and stumbled, falling onto the bed next to my sister and Himari.

“Just breathe, your gonna give me and anxiety attack.” She teased. “He still has five minutes.”

“Should I change? I should change.” I quickly stood but Mae pulled me back down to sit.

“You look amazing. That dress makes your arse took like… pow!” She explained widening her eyes and doing spirit fingers with her hands.

It turned out that Mum hadn’t brought some of her own dresses, but had bought some for Mae and I to chose from. My sister had chosen a burgundy two-piece gown, while I currently adorned a plain black mermaid tail dress and felt – ironically – like a fish out of water. I raised my eyebrows at Himari, silently asking if she agreed.

“Come on… I haven’t been checking you out.” She sighed with a playful smirk. “But yeah… You look damn fine.”

She turned to Mae, who gave a slight spiteful giggle before pecking her lightly on the lips.

He-he-he.” I tapped my feet and softly clapped my hands – momentarily forgetting my own nervousness, relishing in the fact I now had something to tease my sister about. But it didn’t last long. “Shit-fuck-balls!” I stood straight up and started shaking my hands again when someone knocked on the front door. Someone, who am I kidding I know exactly who it is, well – who it’d better be!

My breathing became shallow and I honestly thought my chest was about to rip open with how hard my heart was beating.

“Ok, you really need to calm down. You’re gonna hyperventilate. Now look at me, breath slowly in through your nose.” Mae was now standing directly in front of me, with her hands gripping my arms just below the shoulder, and trying desperately to ease my composure. Staring into her eyes and following her instructions, I was soon in a much better state. “Ok, now go out and see who it is.”

I rolled my shoulders backwards in their sockets and taking one more sharp inhale, I stepped to the door and reached for the handle – though never making contact with it. The knob turned and the door cautiously opened towards me, revealing the most handsome man I’d ever laid my eyes on. I didn’t think Shoto could’ve possibly looked better than the first day we’d spoken by the pool – tanned and shirtless, but a lot can be said for leaving something to imagination. He’d never had on this many clothes before, but he’d never looked better. He stood before me wearing a flawlessly tailored all black tux – his hair endearingly & rustically unkempt, adding perfectly to the overall charm of the vision that was the guy I’d turned down.

Bi-coloured orbs stared at me, wide-eyed and unwavering. Masculinity in all its glory – frozen solid. His mouth slightly agape, with quivering lips.

“P-Peach…. Y-you look…”

“I believe the word you are looking for is breathtaking.”

Mae stood beside me, instantly – and thankfully, smashing the building sexual tension between Shoto and myself, with her sassy tone. “So you just gonna stand there or come and give this stunner a kiss?” She bumped the side of my hip with hers, sending me slightly off kilter. Then once Shoto stepped into the room, she pushed me towards him.

Stumbling forwards, I braced myself with hands against his chest as he grabbed my hips to steady my balance.

With the heels I was wearing, we were now the same height, but I felt so tiny in the best way. We had already seen so much of each other, and been more intimate than I ever could have dreamed – but in this moment I felt so shy. So demur in his arms, like he was a knight in shining armour and I’d just been saved from an evil sorcerer, or dragon – or some other stupid shit like that.

“Well no one needs to tell me when I’m not wanted.” Himari announced, taking Mae’s hand and leading her out the door. “See you two love birds out there.”

Shoto was too enthralled in my gaze to even notice the girls holding hands, or hear the door latch behind them – which is what made his next move all the more primal. Sun chapped lips connected with my neck before slowly making their way towards my ear.

“I was worried you weren’t gonna come.” I meekly admitted through small, trembling intakes of breath.

“You fuckin kidding me? I wouldn’t miss the chance to show you off.”

“Please Sho – not my face I don’t wanna ruin my makeup.” I warned as he began to trail kisses along my jaw. Once he’d repositioned, I continued. “Why didn’t you text me all day?”

“Been busy -*kiss*- didn’t bring a suit -*kiss*- had to get one -*kiss*-.”

“I thought you were pissed cause of what I said this morning.”

“You’re so dumb sometimes. -*kiss*- I never stop thinking about you -*kiss*- and you’re the one who rejected me remember? -*kiss*- Plus I wrote as soon as I woke up -*kiss*- I knew you’d be busy too. -*kiss*- Weren’t you? -*kiss*-”

“Yeah… But that’s not the point.” I managed to answer in a breathy moan.

“So what’s the point then?” With his last query, Shoto latched onto my shoulder blade.

“I… I… mmm.” My eyes closed, succumbing to the deep and intense sensation. “Fuck, Sho! What are u doing?” I could feel a stinging begin to grow as he hummed against my skin, but he wouldn’t ease up. “I thought you said hickey’s were tacky.” I stated firmly, pushing his head away.

“I do. I hate em, but for some reason I wanna mark your entire body from head to toe. I want any and everyone who sees you to know you’re mine, and I want you to do the same to me… Fuck, why do you do this to me. I’ve got no control when I’m around you, you could tell me to do anything and I’d obey without question.”

“Really… Anything you say?” I lightly bit my manicured index finger between my teeth and stared at him through hooded eyes, giving off the most seductive aura I could muster.

“God damn it.” He growled, kissing my cleavage. “You’re more dangerous than any villain I’ve come across.”