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Woe Is Me

“Get into your room and pack your bag, the car will be here in thirty minutes!”

I huffed up the stairs to room, dragging my feet as I went. My final attempt to avoid the month from hell hadn’t worked either, so upon entering my shared room I headed for my wardrobe. Rummaging around and tossing random items of clothing and a duffle bag onto my bed. Next I headed for the adjoining bathroom and threw my toothbrush and some basic makeup items into a toiletries bag and chucked that on the bed too. A few more things I deemed completely necessary soon joined the pile before I shoved them all in the duffle, not bothering to fold anything. Reaching for the zipper, it started fastening on its own. Letting out an annoyed sigh as I turned around and slumped onto my bed.

“I really don’t understand why you don’t want to come.” It was my twin sister. The apple of mummy and daddy’s eye. “Can I come in?”

She was kidding right? “It’s your bedroom too Mae, why are you asking my permission?”

Our relationship was tumultuous to say the least, but this seemed like one of her more kinder incarnations. As she approached the bed, a sock floated to the hamper, an empty can made its way to the bin. Fuck her and her perfect quirk.

“Can you not do that please?”

“Well sis, if you kept your side of the room clean I wouldn’t have to.”

We’d always shared a room, at our parent’s insistence, despite there being three spare bedrooms still available in the house. Our mother was a famous Hero and our dad was her sidekick. That’s how they’d met and fell in love - they were the countries sweethearts. So you can imagine that once her pregnancy was announced and the news of twins released, the nation sat on tenterhooks to see what our quirks would be. As the precursor of my life in her shadow, Mae’s quirk showed itself early. I’m too young to remember of course, but as I’m constantly reminded, she saved me from breaking my neck falling down the stairs before we could even walk. She has telekinesis, of everything. Animal, vegetable and mineral, and it’s a real pain in the arse to live with.

“It wouldn’t be the same without you there [Y/N].” Mae sat next to me and took my hand in hers. Everything about her was textbook hero. She had the brains, looks and personality for mass appeal. She’d studied for one year at UA, after which she was accepted into an apprenticeship program working along side my parents at their agency. I on the other hand attended normal, regular, boring high school. I mean sure, it was a fancy private one, but it was still just regular studies for me.

I sulked, resting my head on her shoulder. “People will probably think I work there.”

“You’re such a brat sometimes [Y/N]. It’s a family trip… And it’s to celebrate our birthday.”

“Yay! Four weeks at a Hero’s only resort. You know I’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”

“I guess I will too then.” I knew she was referring to the fact we were twins, but the reality was we were anything but identical. Yeah, we were similar, but where her hair was fluorescent pink with natural waves, and an invisible fan perpetually following her around ensuring it was always flowing. Mine was dead straight and a pale, dull dusty orange. We were both the exact same height, but our bodies were as different as you’d expect them to be; with one of us basically already a full time hero and the other until recently a full time student. And don’t get me started on my quirk. “You’ll have me, I promise I wont leave you on your own, and we will make our own fun… Ok?”

I nodded reluctantly but I knew her too well.

“Now are you sure you have enough stuff in that bag, a month is a long time.” Mae queried, but I just shrugged and threw myself backwards onto my bed. She let out an annoyed sigh and mentally delved through my drawers. “You’ll need a bathing suit, another pair of shoes, some active wear for when I drag you out with me aaaaannd… A few nice dresses in case you meet someone.” She wiggled her eyebrows and nudged my knee as the last few items glided into the hovering bag.

In case I meet someone. Not bloody likely! Never in my life could I remember a guy noticing me. Having our eyes meet before they darted theirs away, embarrassed that I’d caught them looking. I’m not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but when the person closest to you in the entire world is faultless, you accept early on that you will always play second fiddle.


“Come on sis, the car’s here. I’ve got your bag.” With a pat on my thigh, Mae got up – my bag floating just in front of her. I tried to catch up and tell her I could carry it myself, but just before my hand reached her shoulder, some of her hair blew in my face, tickling my nose. Shit… Please no! I couldn’t hold it in, and sneezed just before reaching my bedroom door. Mae giggled as she ambled down the stairs.

“It’s not funny.” I yelled out to her.

“Yes it is.” She yelled back.

I straightened myself up and took a deep breath through my nose. Not looking back into my room, I reached out for the handle and pulled my door shut. I’d deal with that when we got back.


The next eight hours that followed on route to our final destination, were as annoyingly eventful as I’d expected them to be. In line at the airport, the flight attendants on the plane, even the driver taking us to the resort – who was meant to remain discreet – all fawned over my parents and their protégé. While I just stood there, the pineapple that nobody wants on their pizza.

Finally we arrived as the sun was setting, and the place was as beautiful as you’d expect. Palm trees and hibiscus lined the main driveway, and the warm humid air kissed our skin as we exited the shuttle.

The place seemed deserted, which I knew was the point and what you paid for. But then why did they have a board in the lobby with a list of all the guests there on it? Seemed counterintuitive to me. While my parents checked us in, I wandered over and ran my eyes down the list. I stopped part way down. Enji Todoroki. Hmh…

“Oh my god, Endeavour is here?” Mae exclaimed jumping behind me.

“Seems like it.”

“Shit! Shoto is here too?”

“Is that his brother?” I dumbly asked.

Mae face palmed. “You need to get out from under your rock more - That’s his son! And he’s fine as hell!”


There was no point in getting excited about someone I didn’t even know being there, no matter how handsome he supposedly was. And besides, I was happy under my rock. Being bombarded on all sides with the hero-iness that was my world, I liked retreating from the spotlight. I never attended press conferences anymore, conventions or public meet-ups. It wasn’t my life, it was theirs. And it’s not like they missed me being there anyway. I’m pretty sure most people had forgotten that Mae was even a twin.

“Why don’t you girls take a walk along the beach and meet us at our bungalow. It’s the last one on the left facing the water.”

“Ok dad. We’ll see you there.” Mae grabbed my arm and skipped out the lobby doors towards the sand, dragging me along behind her. She knew well enough by now not to use her quirk on me just to get her own way. With all our ups and down, I was glad at least that much of her was predictable.

Making our way to the beach we noticed a few scattered blankets with couples taking in the romance of the sunset. There were some kids playing on the grass in front of one of the rooms and the crackling of the torches that lined the path just before the sand, gave the place a relaxing vibe.

I’m not sure what mum and dad were doing, cause we made it to the bungalow before them. There was a porch swing where we sat and waited for them to arrive. This was the closest I had felt to my sister in a long time, and even though the trip had only just started, if it continued like this maybe this holiday wouldn’t be so bad after all. Surely there’d be something nice planned for our 18th birthday, and as long as Mae remained in her current mood, I guess I could meet her half way and not act like I had something better to do all the time.