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Something silly

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Barri Ambroise wanted to die. He wanted to be clubbed over the head with something heavy until he either passed out or lost all feeling in his arm, perhaps both. He wanted to stop time and dip his knuckles in a vat of acid.

Larkin was first to break the awkward quiet that had settled in their cell. "Oh. Oh no".

The darkness below produced a skin-crawling squelch as Barri mechanically retracted his fist from the depths of what was, no doubt, the worst decision he'd ever made in his life. His whole body shook at the sensation. Squelch.


The smell came next, hitting him in waves of pure, unparalleled terror.

"Is that-" Jackson bristled as Barri finished pulling his arm out of the hole.

Larkin made a face. It said it all, really.


With a slow turn, Barri gave his companions a pleading look of despair.

“Uhh. What... do I do? ”.

Larkin pressed herself against the wall. Jackson shut his nose. With an awkward smile, Barri walked over to a wall and smeared the uncomfortably wet excrement against the stones. The surface pulsed with bright light as he drew a half-circle with the filth. It didn’t really help. Jackson huffed in a quick breath and instantly regretted it.

Please tell me you have a spell for this” he asked.

Eyes wide, Larkin quietly shook her head.

Things had, literally, gone to shit.