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Skeletons in Heat

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You tossed back another shot as the bartender slowly made his way down the bar grimacing slightly at the burn it left. Your mind continued to race, you could still imagine his curly black hair and shocking green eyes perfectly. Guess five shots just wasn’t doing it tonight. You tapped your shot glass once more signaling for a refill, trying your best not to focus on the fact your stuff currently sat in your car outside. Honestly you didn’t even know why you were here, was it because you didn’t want to think? Didn’t want to dwell on the fact your fiance of the past four years had tossed you out because of boredom? You watched numbly as the flaming monster filled it again, a flaming eyebrow lifting slightly at you. You ignored it and downed the magical contents again. For a monster liquor that was supposed to lift your spirits it was definitely falling short.

“having fun there kid?” You panned your eyes over to a skeletal monster that had at some point sat beside you, his face set into a lazy smile as he watched you tap the glass again.

“I wouldn’t call getting plastered fun.” You gasped as you downed the liquor, your face becoming flushed from the booze. The bartender made to move but the skeleton simply nodded allowing the bottle he’d been carrying to be sat beside you. You raised an eyebrow curiously but didn’t question it as you helped yourself.

“then why are you doing it?” The monster asked as he tipped the beer bottle he was holding against his teeth, a small curiosity nagging at the fact it hadn’t ran down the front of his blue jacket. You snorted pitifully at his question. Maybe because your ex hated alcohol? Maybe because it’s giving you a reason not to go outside and face the fact that you were homeless?

“Maybe I’m just feeling a bit…Meloncholy.”Oh god a pun, you hated puns…but then again so did your ex. You know what you love puns, fuck it you’re just gonna pun the night away. The monster looked mildly surprised before he suddenly snorted into his bony palm.

“guess you have no raisin to live huh?” You burst into laughter turning slightly to face this clever stranger better.

“Yep, totally want to kale myself.” You both shared a mutual laugh that slowly tapered off into amused silence. He watched you as you took another shot, the small smile on your face strained. He faced the bar as he took another sip of his beer.

“wanna talk about it?” You blinked blearily and stared at him a moment, his posture was relaxed and lazy and the aura coming off of him was far from hostile. If your ex could see you now talking to a monster he’d promptly build his own grave just to roll over in it. Maybe that’s why you’d drifted towards this side of town, drifted into this monster bar. You looked at the bottle now nearly empty and sighed causing your new companion to watch you silently.

“Don’t see why you’d be interested, I’m just…some whore.” You felt your chest pinch uncomfortably at the term, your darling fiances last term of endearment burning you. The monster hummed thoughtfully, his eyes panning your body before responding.

“you certainly don’t look like one.”

“Looks can be deceiving.” You drunkenly teased finally abandoning the shot glass and swigging straight from the bottle. Oh how they could be deceiving, you had after all been in a shame of an engagement, had been the only one in love during the whole thing. You wanted so bad to feel something right now, something other than pain, other than heartache.

And then you felt it, that familiar burning between your legs right as you neared the edge of panic. The flare of heat in your skin as your body’s addiction took hold urging you to find release…to find escape. You finished off the bottle and sharply turned to the skeleton next to you. He looked at you in confusion as you stared intently at him, your heart rate picking up and your blood pounding in your head with need.

“What’s your name? I’m Y/n.” He relaxed slightly and you had to forcibly keep your thighs from grinding together at his nonchalance as he answered you.

“Sans, Sans the skeleton.” Dear lord that baritone! How wasted were you to have not noticed that sexy voice sooner? As you internally struggled with yourself Sans raised a hand questioningly to touch your shoulder, the contact sending your hormones into overdrive.

“hey are you—“ He didn’t get to finish as you practically tackled him, making him drop his beer in shock as your lips slapped against his teeth and a hand snaked under his shirt brushing his bottom rib. As if on instinct his mandible folded down to meet your lips and his hands gripped your sides harshly. Yes! This was what you needed, this was what your body wanted. You briefly wondered how you’d do it with a monster made of bones but from his automatic response you figured there had to be a way. You let both your hands slip under his shirt and began to stroke and grope his ribs earning a predatory growl from him. You almost whined as he pulled you away, his eyelights hazy with hunger and his mouth lifted in such a way that you could see two prominent fangs peaking from the corner.

“you’re playing with fire.” He warned dangerously making your insides twist in a rush of adrenaline and pleasure. At this moment it didn’t matter he was a monster, didn’t matter if he was a threat, you just needed him to use you to the point you wouldn’t feel the darkness trying to brew inside you.

“I believe it with how warm your bones are…” You whispered seductively as you reached down to stroke his spine, a flush of deep blue gracing his face as his hold on you tightened.

“That’s alright though…I like to get burned.” You purred leaning in to lick his cervical vertebrae. He grunted at the heat from your tongue on his bones and finally snapped. You felt yourself pushed harshly into a brick wall, the warm inside of the bar gone in a blink. You didn’t have time to register what had happened before he lifted your legs up from under you and onto his shoulders, his hands sliding forward to push your dress up around your waist. You gasped at his quick movements, your core pleading to be filled. He loomed over you, his mouth opening to revel a blue tongue that he dragged slowly along your neck earning a moan for the action. Your mind went hazy as you felt him grind into you, an obvious bulge in his shorts stimulating your now soaked panties.

“you really are a whore aren’t ya?” He teased as he thrusted against you, your clothes annoyingly preventing him from entering you. He chuckled darkly at your obvious frustration, unable to do anything with how he had you suspended and pinned. He felt like he was practically in heat with how much the magic in his bones surged at your body against him, your eyes weak and pleading for him to screw you. He leaned in close to your hair and inhaled deeply, the pheromones of your body telling in the fact you hadn’t been claimed in months. He grinned as he pushed your dress further up and groped your breast, a rough phalange teasing your hardened nipple making you squirm. He knew you weren’t a whore, no one smells so untouched if they played the field for money. Not that he wasn't complaining right now.

“tell me what do you want hmm?” You reached up and grabbed his shoulders desperately, your body burning and shaking with want.

“P-please…” You whimpered as your spine arched. His hand slipped from your breast to your panties, brushing them aside and allowing the texture of his shorts to stimulate you.

“answer me human.” He said sternly as he halted his movements. You hissed in frustration as you looked up to lock eyes with him. Your mind cleared slightly at the intensity of his gaze, a chill running through you.

Why? Why was he asking? Why didn’t he just take you already like any human male would’ve?! Like Adam…would’ve…you felt the tears but kept your eyes on his. The emotions you were trying to avoid fighting within you.

“I…want to feel.” You felt his grip on you slacken and you tightened your hold. You needed this…you wanted it. Sans eyes seemed to soften as he took in the state you were both in, a gentle smile on his face as he raised a hand to tangle in your hair on the side of your head. You shook as he ran a hard thumb smoothly against your bottom lip swollen from his kiss. Slowly he leaned down and this time his kiss was gentle, almost loving. You felt your heart skip at the new sensation coming from him, and all you could think was that if this was how being a whore felt, to feel cherished more than you would be in a relationship then…you were a whore and you were glad for it.

He gently lifted you to be slightly more comfortable as he reached down and let his member spring free. Your heat growing with want as he pulled back and slowly pushed into you. You gasped as the blue glow from it faded and brightened as he began to move in and out of you slowly, the obvious knot at the bottom of it stopping just short of entering you. It felt so good to finally be filled, to finally be wanted. You clung to him as he leaned forward, burying his face into your neck, both of his hands moving to cup your ass as he gradually moved faster. The size of him burned pleasantly inside you as it stretched your walls and rubbed against them. He moaned as you pulled his shirt enough to expose his clavicle and licked it, encouraging his movements.

“Saaaaans~” You moaned his name as he hit your g-spot, your reaction making him growl as he locked onto it and began to piston the sensitive bundle of nerves rapidly. There was no familiar build, your orgasm hit you like a freight train as your body stiffened and twitched and your vision went white. You rode the feeling of bliss and euphoria as he continued to fuck you through it, his actions prolonging it and pushing the darkness in your heart to the back of your mind.

You groaned as you felt him expand inside you and then empty, his orgasm making him slam his fist into the wall beside you, the brick cracking from the force as he growled your name. All to soon both of your bodies began to come down from their high shaking and exhausted. You could honestly say this was the best lay you’d ever had, no one even Adam, had been able to handle your body so effectively and get you off so quickly. Who knew a monster would be so good at sex? Slowly he lowered your legs and let you balance unsteadily against the wall, absently pulling his shorts back up.

“W-wow…” You gasped as you straightened your dress and adjusted your underwear.

“Liked that did ya?” Sans chuckled. You hummed your response with a giddy smile, your legs still weak and unsure. He regarded you a moment in contemplation, a hand lazily brushing a sweat soaked lock behind your ear.

“how much?” You looked at him curiously.

“I…” He pulled away and pocketed his hands, his body slouching lazily again.

“that’s your tahoe isn’t it? with all the luggage.” Your eyes widened.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“well you were the only one trying to drown themselves at the bar. Not often grillby gets depressed customers. figured it was probably you, probably something bad. your homeless i’m guessing.” He shrugged casually. Suddenly you felt a bit uncomfortable, Sans was obviously very smart, and right now you were currently trying to recover from a smart guy. With slightly more caution you responded.

“Yeah…I just got out of a relationship actually.” He snorted.

“listen i’m not a relationship type of guy myself, but I wouldn’t mind having fun with you again. what do you know about monster heats?” You blushed at his bluntness but pushed his comment aside to answer him, curiosity getting the better of you.

“Um, I know monsters tend to go through them once a year—“ Sans shook his head amused.

“boss monsters.” There were different types? At your confused look he began to explain as he pulled a cigarette and lighter from his pockets.

“boss monsters have a higher heat rate,” He began drawing a deep hit from the newly lit cancer stick and then expelling purple smoke much to your bewilderment. “we tend to go through a heat every four months, our bodies trying to produce offspring at a quicker rate than regular monsters.”

“You’re a boss monster?”

“surprised?” He asked with a snicker making you glance away in embarrassment.

“It’s hard to tell honestly.” You murmured.

“you saw my knot right?” He quirked a brow as your face turned a deep red.

“are you embarrassed? after what we just did? cute.” He took another drag before flicking some of the ashes absently.

“anyways, just like regular heats they’re…pretty intense. but we tend to have a harder drawback from it if we don’t have sex in some form. due to our bodies wanting us to reproduce more often, we end up with some series issues…our bodies trying to punish us basically for it and that makes subsequent heats harsher.” He exhaled as he rubbed out the cigarette against the bottom of his slipper allowing you to gather your thoughts.

“Are you wanting me to help with your heats?”

“not just mine honestly, my family’s to.”

“So you want me to be your whore?” You asked uncertainly. Being a metaphorical whore was different from the actual thing, you honestly didn’t know how to react at the moment. San’s lazy smile remained as he nodded.

“personal whore more like. there would be some rules, for one you wouldn’t be forced to do anything, it would all be at your discretion. Two you’d be paid for every act you perform no such thing as free work, but it’d be your own money personally, you’ll live with us y’know for any needs we might want. Three no relations with other humans or monsters while employed with us, boss monsters are possessive except for when it comes to family, and i don’t want the hassle. and finally four, you are not allowed to share the details of this arrangement with anyone outside of the house we live in. my family’s safety comes first.”

That…actually sounded pretty sweet if you were honest. A free roof over your head, money to fill your pocket, you weren’t expected to actually do anything outside of their heats, and if any of them were as good at sex as Sans…you were seriously considering this.

“Could I have a rule?” Sans tilted his head in wait as you gathered your thoughts.

“I…still want to be considered a person.” His sockets widened a moment before he broke into unabashed laughter, your gut twisting anxiously. Slowly he calmed down and smiled softly.

“you honestly feel you need to ask that? being a whore doesn’t make you less of a person. truth be told the kind of work you’ll provide is very important for us, so if anyone ever even thought to treat you badly…trust me…they’d have a bad time.” You felt a shiver of fear as his sockets darkened, his voice promising untold suffering as it dipped dangerously low. Before any doubt could slip into your head though, his eyes and voice reverted back to normal as if it hadn’t happened.

"you said you wanted to feel." You watched him carefully, a small ache pulling at you at the softness of his tone. He shrugged playfully.

"i promise, you'll feel lots of things." He winked, earning a laugh from you at the innuendo. The tension left your shoulders as he smiled warmly and held out his hand.

“so Y/n, we have a deal?” You stared at his offered hand, countless worries and thoughts swarming your mind. What would anyone think if they…if Adam knew…you took a deep breath and gripped your new employers hand. Your resolve hardening. If Adam considered you a whore, might as well be one right? But then again who gave a fuck what he thought. Ok maybe you were also a little wasted to.

“Deal.” You smiled.