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Call It What You Want

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It's strange, falling for James Sirius Potter. He's quite the popular bloke at Hogwarts. You never know if he's going to so much as notice you exist. It's even stranger when he's your brother. What can I say? I didn't plan it. Obviously it's not strange in the same way. He's obviously noticed me. He lives with me, for Merlin's sake. (Oh, jolly me.) Let me just say. My sixth year at Hogwarts is not looking to be my greatest year.




Anyone who has any interest in reading this, let me know. It's gonna be really eventful and sad and it's made me cry just plotting it. There's lots of twists and turns and Scorpius and Teddy get really cheesy. James is a bad boy, Lily's favorite colour is floral (I think that sums her up), Al is a mystery as to how he got into Slytherin, and I never base my characters in the Cursed Child.