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The Scarlet Butterfly Effect

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There is a place in Paris that nobody knows about. The only people who knew its secret are long gone.

It is dark and large, hidden deep underground, deeper even than the catacombs. It had been designed as the world's safest prison, whose sole purpose was to hold one prisoner, one with an unusual past. He was suspended in the air, held spread-eagle by chains that bound him so tightly, he couldn't even move a millimeter.

He didn't worry about it too much. In fact, he didn't worry about anything. His mind had been empty for years, kept that way by strong magical symbols on the walls.

He did still see terrible images and feel negative emotions, although they were hidden very, very deep in his mind and heart. However, they were still strong emotions, the kind that can attract akuma, particularly Scarlet Akuma.

The prisoner breathed slowly, comfortable in the silence because he didn't know how long it had been. His eyes drooped wearily, and he gladly accepted the kingdom of sleep. Just then, dozens of crimson butterflies slid under the large iron door and through the many chinks in the walls. They began to crawl up the chains towards the prisoner before covering his body.

That's when something strange happened. Instead of turning him into an akumatized victim, the butterflies started to fade quickly as the dark power left them.

As soon as the butterflies changed color, the runes on the walls changed shape, and a pure white light filled the room. It only took a few seconds, but afterwards, the prisoner woke up, roaring furiously despite his supposedly calm mind. In one swift motion, he jerked his arms and legs, ripping the chains off the walls.

He landed on his knees with a thud, staying in that position. The air was thick with dust, his ears were ringing, and he felt drunk, like everything that had just happened was some kind of hallucination.

Quietly, he inhaled and exhaled several times before opening his eyes. He carefully scanned his environment as a mix of white and red butterflies flew around him.

He stood there for what seemed like an eternity in the dark silence. Finally, he reached out. A butterfly landed on his open palm, and he grinned at it like a jackal.

"Hello, my little akuma."