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The Room

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I rush to her, hug her tight – but not too tight for a human! - and then have to back up a little bit, because wow, that girl does smell wonderful, and I was not fully prepared. “You smell good,” I explain, haltingly.

Bella chuckles, “Um, so do you?”

Edward is right, she is odd. We could use more of that around here.

Go away, Edward, I think towards him. I want to talk to her alone.

He glares at me, but I see a quick image of him leaving the room before he kisses her cheek and excuses himself.

“Do you know what you're getting yourself into?” I ask her, as if it's not obvious. But we've all grown accustomed to pretending around humans, even if that human knows.

She moves her shoulders back, keeps her eyes straight on mine, a power stance that would be more annoying on someone who used it more often. “Yes.”

She is beautiful when she's angry.

The thought surges through me before I have time to consider shielding it from Edward, and then I see Bella and I kissing, her lips on my neck, my hands in her long hair and I need to take a step back, find my head, but I don't want to, and Jasper kisses my cheek then leaves the room, and Bella and I fall to my bed, ripping off clothes.


I need to think this through. Make sure I don't mess this up. This will hurt Edward, of course, but honesty is important to this family, and he cannot begrudge me this. I remember nothing of my human life, learned of Jasper from the beginning of my vampire life, and it was only twenty years ago that I realized I was attracted to women too.

And Bella is certainly … attractive.

So we'll take it slow. Become friends first.

I already know how this can end.