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Freezing Rainbows

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Grand Admiral Thrawn aboard his Star Destroyer in his quarters has Sabine Wren who wakes up from her nap. He smiles unto himself and watches her rise and sit next to him where he was sitting, scrolling on his datapad. He turns to her knowingly and kisses her forehead. "Did you sleep well, ch'ain't? Are you ready for your next Chiss language lesson?"

Sheepishly replies. "Yes. Give it to me."

Thrawn turns to Sabine stares deeply into her eyes. “To lin'he'ah bah to vutur cart ch'acacah ch'a seatisv ch'aah csin'bi k'toebehn can ch'a ron tocas ch'avzukit –” 

She immediately knew what he was saying. "Can you SEE the colors of the rainbow, Loras?" She uses a nickname she gave him to his middle name, 'Raw'.

He turns up his mouth from her blurt comment to answer in basic. "Yes, I can see the colors of the rainbow. And I have seen a rainbow above ground on a planet I conquered."

Sabine hears his cavalier statement about the planet and chooses to ignore it. “You said, in Cheuhn,” recites verbatim: “The changing of colors is like a rainbow’s edge melding into a sunlit waterfall.” She smiles. “Your poetry about that art piece is probably greater than the art itself. How interesting you can see art and its elements, when others can’t. How lonely you must be.” 



Freezing Rainbows



Thrawn tilts his head to continue the poem in Cheuhn. "Ch'acah vah eban'cehn ch'otcah b ch'eo ch'itkuscas."

"Loras, everyone has faults. No one is perfect." She eyes him closely.

His eyes meet up and catches her stare. "Fail once and it's the difference between life and death, Sab'ika." A Mandalorian euphemism for her name. 

Gazes into his red eyes. "I know. But this moment right here is not the difference between life or death."

Watches the curvature of her lips and cheeks as she speaks fondly. "What is this moment in time?"

"A sunlit waterfall. A rainbow's edge. And its changing colors." She giggles to a wide grin. "It is a language lesson that has become a discussion about art."

He closes his eyes to process her comment for a moment and smile. "Sab'ika," his voice rises to a chuckle. "You vex me."