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England Document, England, and Germany # 2

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I the Nation England, had to start new from where I left off in the last part kind of hard not to, as I wrote before, this is my telling for me, and no one else, I am not going to make this proper at all, this is just to help me sort out my own thoughts, so here we go.
I laid in an un known bed not able to move, it was like I was a wake yet, a sleep at the same time, an odd feeling in deed, I could have thought some one I know was talking to me, about random things but, I could not really tell in the state I was in, I hate listening to them as they cry, and I am un able to do nothing for this one.
I was finally able to move my own hand, in what seem like forever, holding who ever it was, that just made them cry louder from my actions, I was trying to make them feel better, not worse.
I thought it had to be one of my Adopted Twins Son Alfred America, he was all ways acting like every little thing was the end of the world, and was loud about it as well, not like his quiet younger Twin Brother Mathew Canada, both of them Nations, now for some one who is all ways going on that he is the Hero, Alfred sure makes a lot of noise over the oddest of things, wanting me to fix his own problems for him, I wish he would do it him self some times, I might be the Parent yet, I get tired of his continue Monster under the bed act, most of all at his age. Why cannot he deal with it him self once in a while?
"Alfred what is the matter now? It better be important, un like the last time, when it clearly had not been." I snapped at who I thought is America.
I had been laying on the bed with my eyes closed, so I did not know who it was, I opened my eyes, to see far to blue eyes look at me, as well as blond hair, wrong one, I am sure Germany, the Nation, was going to be mad at me for that as well, not that I blame him, I would be pissed if it had been me.
"Germany?" I asked confused. "What is wrong?"
"Nothing now you are a wake again."
Again? I thought to my self.
"You are a wake again, that is all that matters, you are fine now, you will be fine, I work again, I do not work with out you, I need you to argue with, no else to fight, just you, I would be nothing with out you, I have nothing."
I just listened as Germany, ranted to me, I was confused about what he was going on about, right at that moment.
"You saved me?" I growled at Germany. "Why did you not let me die?"
I remember what happened, why I was in the Hospital, not at Germany's, Home, with him.
"I wont let you go, not the first time on the Mountain, even now, or ever, I need you!"
"Is every thing fine in here?" The Human Nurse asked me.
"Get Out!" Both Germany, and I snapped at her.
I put my hand, in to Germany's, hair, pulling him closer to me, "I need you to."
I managed to kiss my Lover Germany, before the Human Doctor entered the Hospital Room.
"Pardon me Nations, I need to look over England, to make sure he is all right now that he is a wake."
"Do not go far German." I whispered in his ear.
My penis was pain fully hard, in need of Germany's, mouth yet, I would not say that out loud, most of all when it was not just my Lover, and I.
"Get off of me so the Doctor can look me over you young fool."
Germany, smiled his small smile at me before, he got off of me. "Admit you are just up set because, as all ways I am on top of you."
I watch Germany, as he walked out of the Hospital Room.
"You are very lucky." The Human Doctor told me.
"How so?" I asked the Human Doctor.
"To have some one who really loves you like he does."
"Yes I really am."