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Blue Moon Sinking From The Weight Of The Load

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Shards of a bottle and pools of whiskey joined Sam and Dean Winchester on the floor of the bunker as they rolled onto their backs and sighed with relief at being finally able to pull away from each other.

Then Dean looked over at the wasted whiskey and let out another sigh, this one of disappointment.

"You had to do that to the whiskey? That was good whiskey, man."

Sam raised a languid eyebrow and rolled his head back to look at the dark liquid spreading over the floor. He watched it for a few seconds, pouted at it, then turned his head back to smirk at Dean.

"Worth it."

The frown on Dean's face lifted into a smirk to match Sam's.

"Yeah, guess it was. Shit, I'm gonna be paying for it tomorrow though, and I don't just mean buying another bottle." Dean shifted onto his side and felt at his ass with a pained expression. "Feel like I got my ass pummeled by a werewolf. Oh wait I did."

Sam snickered and moved closer, wrapping his arm around Dean's waist. "You're okay, right?" His voice held a note of concern.

Dean leaned in to kiss him softly, pulling away with a smile.

"Better than ever."

Sam nuzzled at him, fingers running over Dean's stomach. Only a slight bulge there but Sam could feel his children growing inside of Dean. Such small, powerful things. Little declarations of Sam's love for Dean.

"You're... you're really okay with this, Dean? With all of this?" Sam's index finger circled Dean's navel. There was no question of Sam wanting it, but then this wasn't going to be Sam going through a pregnancy, it was going to be Dean, and Sam knew Dean was scared. No matter what he said otherwise. "You know I'll love you no matter what, D. Always. And just being with you is enough to make me beyond happy."

Dean nuzzled Sam's bearded face and rubbed Sam's arm gently. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little freaked out about it. A lot freaked out. And I'm not just talking about the pregnancy here, I mean... this whole different biology we have now. The werewolf thing, the Alpha and Omega thing, and now babies." Dean stopped with a heavy sigh, pushing his fingers through his short dark blond hair. "It's so fucking much to process."

Sam kissed Dean's forehead. "It is."

"There's that whole thing about Alphas dominating Omegas and, I'm telling you right now Sam, that shit is not happening," muttered Dean. "I will fucking die before I bend over and submit like some weak little bitch."

Sam wanted to laugh, with relief, with love, but he didn't want Dean to think Sam thought he was joking so he just gave Dean a broad grin. "I'll die before that happens too, Dean, I don't want anything like that to happen to you."

"And you better not turn into some pushy douchebag. You're still my little brother and I will still beat your ass if you get out of line."

Sam did laugh warmly this time. "Agreed."

Dean fell quiet for a minute or two, resting his face against Sam's neck as Sam kissed along the side of Dean's face, along Dean's ear, into Dean's sweat-dampened hair.

"Aside from the obvious burning question of 'how the hell am I supposed to give birth without a vagina', there's also the question of what we're supposed to tell these kids about their parents when they're born," said Dean anxiously. "I mean... do we tell them we're brothers... and do we tell them how the rest of the world feels about that?"

Sam fell quiet as well for a moment, his lips resting at Dean's neck. "Yeah we should tell them what we are," he whispered. "Although, I mean... we're a whole lot more than just brothers, D."

Dean pulled back to look into Sam's dark hazel eyes, inviting him to continue.

Sam smiled fondly. "You're everything to me, Dean. Not just my brother, you're my parent, my idol, you're the best friend I've ever had, you're the most beautiful human being I've ever known, inside and out."

Sam's love was reflected in Dean's golden-green eyes, but Dean dropped it to give Sam a teasing wink. "Most beautiful person you've ever been inside, huh? Such a romantic, Sammy."

Sam laughed and rolled on top of Dean. "Yeah, well, that too, baby," he murmured at Dean's mouth before kissing it, coaxing Dean's lips open with his tongue. Dean met Sam's tongue with his own, buried his fingers in Sam's long brown hair and kissed him harder, both of them groaning.

Dean felt Sam's erection connect with his and he broke the kiss. "Fuck, wait, we gotta... we gotta stop." He rolled out from under Sam, sitting with his back against the map table they'd been lying next to. He winced as his weight rested on his sore ass, felt yet another trickle of Sam's come leak out of him, and he laughed a little wildly.

"We just got through like an hour of being stuck together... I just had my ass pounded into multiple times... pretty sure there's more jizz than blood inside me right now. We should take a break."

"We should."

The look on Sam's face wasn't matching up with the words coming out of his mouth.


Sam crawled over to Dean on his hands and knees, animal hunger in his eyes, and Dean's legs parted to allow Sam between them without Dean instructing them to do so.

"Do you know... how many years... I have wanted to fuck you, Dean?"

Dean couldn't help but shiver with want.

"Almost as many years as I've wanted it?" Dean's treacherous body reached out for Sam, pulled him closer, and Dean's voice was just as hungry as Sam's. Sam grinned against Dean's throat.

"So you know that we're only just getting started."

Sam swept Dean into his arms, pulled Dean's legs around his waist, stood up and started carrying Dean through the bunker towards Sam's room. Dean shouted with indignation but his body continued to betray him, his legs clasping tight around Sam's slim hips, his hands grasping at Sam's muscled shoulders.

Sam laid them both on his bed and they sighed at the softness of the mattress underneath them, after the hour they'd spent on the floor.

Then Sam's hips rolled, slow and serpentine, against Dean's, rolling their cocks together, and their sighs took on a different tone.

"What happened to you not being a pushy douchebag," breathed Dean into Sam's ear.

Sam licked at Dean's ear. "Tell me to stop and I'll stop."

Dean only moaned in answer, pulling Sam's body closer to his with his leg around Sam's hips, drunk on the intoxicating scent of Sam above him, drenched with arousal, and below him, steeped into Sam's sheets. He slid his hand down Sam's back and onto Sam's ass, squeezing hard.

And Dean made a mental note to do that a lot more often - the noise Sam made was an animal growl, rising up from deep within Sam, and he bucked against Dean, his dick throbbing hard. Dean was throbbing too and his ass, fucked as it already was, ached to have Sam back inside of him.

"God, Sam, just fuck me already," Dean gasped out as he gripped Sam's ass and arched up against him.

Sam laughed low and sexy, lifting himself up to meet Dean's eyes. "How bad do you want it, baby?"

Lust and amusement played over Dean's face. "Baby, huh... am I your baby?" Dean leaned up to nip at Sam's mouth. "Does that make you my Daddy?"

Dean felt a powerful shudder run through Sam at that and he grinned wide.

"Daddy," he purred, licking at Sam's throat. "I want your cock so bad, Daddy."

"Dean." Sam's voice was deep and ragged, barely even a voice at all.

"What's the matter, Daddy?"

Sam's eyes were pitch black as they looked down into Dean's, and Dean watched a wicked grin crawl over Sam's face before Sam flipped them on the bed.

Sam's hand slid up around Dean's neck, pulling him down into a kiss that curled Dean's toes. He sucked at Dean's lip as he pulled back.

"Such a filthy mouth," Sam rumbled. His thumb slid across the fullness of Dean's lips. "Such a filthy fucking beautiful mouth."

Dean sucked Sam's thumb into his mouth and laved it with his tongue before pulling back smiling. "Mmmm, you like my mouth, Daddy?"

Sam's hips lifted against Dean's, letting Dean know just how much Sam approved. "I want you to put that filthy mouth on my cock, baby."

Now was Dean's turn to shudder. Those words coming out of Sam's mouth, Sam's voice like triple-distilled sex, the things it fucking did to Dean... Dean gave Sam another heated kiss and without another word he slid down Sam's body to wrap his lips around the dripping head of Sam's dick.

He tasted both himself and Sam there, and there was a part of him that was disturbed by the fact he was sucking the dick that had just been inside of him, but there was a much greater part of him that was insanely turned on by that. Sam thrust up into his mouth eagerly, dug his fingers into Dean's hair, growled out Dean's name and the little game they were playing was over - it was all about racing for the finish line now.

Dean stroked himself with one hand and Sam with the other as he sucked Sam's dick, sliding up and down over the first few inches. The other time he'd done this (which was also the only time he'd done this until now), Sam's knot had made deepthroating difficult, and Dean had little enough experience sucking anyone's dick, so he was gonna play it safe for now with a combination handjob/blowjob. Sam didn't seem to mind, if his hand fisting in Dean's hair was any indication.

Dean moaned around Sam's thick cock, stroking both Sam and himself hard and fast, savoring the taste of Sam's precome and the sound of Sam's stuttering gasps. Sam's knot started to push at Dean's fingers, Dean pulled off him, smirked up at Sam as he licked at Sam's leaking slit and he whispered, "Come for me, Daddy, fill up my mouth."

Sam came with a ragged moan, shooting come into Dean's open mouth and across the lower half of his face. Dean took Sam back into his mouth and swallowed the rest, moaning as his own orgasm hit him, coming all over Sam's thighs and Sam's sheets.

Dean laid on his back beside Sam, scooping some of Sam's come off his face and sucking it off his fingers. Sam turned towards him, licked the rest of it off Dean's face and leaned over to kiss him, pushing his come into Dean's mouth with his tongue.

"You don't ever get to call me that again," breathed Sam before sucking at Dean's lower lip again. Dean rumbled with laughter.

"Call you what, Daddy?"

He hissed as Sam bit into his lip.

"I fucking mean it, don't call me that, it's... just don't."

"You seemed to like it just fine," said Dean with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "And you don't get to order me around, you bastard, we agreed on that."

Sam shook with a soft laugh, curling up against Dean's side. "Yeah, you're right." He nuzzled Dean's neck before kissing it gently. Dean turned to find Sam's mouth with his, holding his brother against him. His brother, his lover, the father of his children, his entire world enfolded him with love.

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Jody Mary Winchester called out to her parents in silence, called out in hunger as her twin sister Charlene Roberta Winchester slept beside her in their crib. Dean awoke reluctantly, letting out a sleepy groan as he started to rise from his bed. Sam caught his arm.

"W'me to do it?" Sam's voice was heavy with sleep.

Dean looked over at the bottle of baby formula beside the bed. He sighed.

"Nah it's okay I got it," he grumbled. "You know how they fuckin' hate the formula." Sam pulled Dean's hand close and kissed the top of it before settling back into his pillow.

Dean shuffled tiredly over to the crib, bare-chested with boxers on. He leaned down to pick Jo up, grimacing before holding her up to his left nipple and letting her suckle at it.

He hissed with pain as she sunk her tiny little baby fangs in. He fucking hated those fangs.

He looked down at her as she fed. He was relieved at least that his body didn't seem too affected by the whole giving-birth-and-breastfeeding thing; his chest was still the same leanly muscled chest it had been before, his stomach still flat with the hint of a beer belly. And his nipples, even through the abuse these girls inflicted, would heal quickly thereafter and be as they always were. When the girls had been born he was doubtful that breastfeeding would be possible with him, being that he didn't have any breasts to speak of, but it seemed that he still had mammary glands in there. He guessed it made enough sense, being that dudes had nipples, having mammary glands wasn't too much of a stretch.

He tried to avoid doing this if he could, though, for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it fucking hurt, secondly because he'd gone through enough pain giving birth, and thirdly because it weirded him the fuck out.

He just wanted her to go back to sleep and he knew the bottle wouldn't help with that, so he let her feed. He sighed quietly as the pain started to subside, and smiled when Jo finally took her mouth away.

"Jomy you little beast," he whispered, kissing her forehead before laying her back down in the crib beside Charlie. He watched over them as they curled up together. The rest of the world fell away.

He had given birth to them three months ago. Everything was moving so damn fast. The pregnancy was lightning-quick, the birth, and now them beginning to grow on their own. They seemed to be aging twice as fast as normal humans, getting almost too big to share the crib now... pretty soon they'd need separate sleeping spaces and Dean wasn't sure how well they'd do with that. The girls hated being split up.

They bore identical features; Sam's brown hair, Sam's sharp eyes, Dean's full lips, and their eye color shifted constantly. Sometimes it would be green, sometimes brown, and when emotions were high, those irises sparkled with silver and gold. They were breathtakingly beautiful babies and Dean knew their beauty would only grow along with them.

There weren't many ways they were different from human babies, aside from their rapid growth and the fangs that lurked in their mouths. And of course the fact that they, like their parents, turned into wolves during full moons.

Before the first full moon they had all experienced together, Sam and Dean had set up the bunker's dungeon to accommodate the babies, made sure there was nothing in there that could harm them, and then they'd locked their babies inside. It was one of the most difficult actions Sam and Dean had ever taken, but they did it for their children's safety, fearing their own animal instincts that would take over when they transformed. They didn't know for sure that they would hurt their children, but they didn't know if they wouldn't either.

They had left a dead rabbit for their children to eat, and when they'd returned to their human forms and unlocked the dungeon they'd found the girls clothed in blood and curled up where the rabbit had been. They'd also previously set up cameras inside and outside the dungeon to see what transpired, and they watched the recording to find that the girls, as wolves, had initially cried out for their parents while Sam's and Dean's wolf forms had cried for their children, pawing uselessly at the locked door of the dungeon. When the girls had found the rabbit they'd stopped crying, and their parents had curled up by the door satisfied that their children were safe and had food.

It was the only time Sam and Dean got to actually see themselves as wolves; Sam was ever the massive creature, a hulking shaggy brown wolf, and Dean was the size of a regular wolf, sinewy with fur the color of tarnished gold. The girls had become little brown wolf cubs.

For the full moons after that, the family of four stuck together, safe in the bunker they called home.

Arms slipped around Dean from behind, bringing him back into the moment.

"You gonna stand here all night and watch them sleep?" asked Sam with his chin on Dean's shoulder, his voice a whispery scrape. Dean smirked and turned his face to kiss Sam's cheek.

"Watching 'em grow like weeds," said Dean. "It kinda scares me."

Sam murmured his agreement, gazing down into the crib along with Dean. Dean's hands rested over Sam's where they rested in front of Dean's stomach. Sam turned his face down to kiss Dean's shoulder tenderly.

"Jomy tried to bite my nipple off again."

Sam snorted laughter against Dean's skin. No one really called the girls by their given names and while Sam called them Jo and Charlie, Dean liked to have his own names for them. Jomy, which was a mixture of her first and middle name, and Charlie Bobby, dragged out on a drawl.

"It's not funny, man, one of these days she's gonna succeed. And I'll finally find out if werewolves can grow their nipples back."

"Valuable information to have," murmured Sam with a grin.

"Yeah, laugh it up you bastard." Dean turned in Sam's arms."Fuckin' knock me up and make me lose my nipples."

There wasn't any real anger in Dean's eyes or voice, and when Sam leaned in for a kiss, Dean returned it.

"You think this makes it all okay, huh," said Dean against Sam's mouth.

"I think," whispered Sam as he bit at Dean's bottom lip, "you should come back to bed."

"You think so?"

Sam responded with a deeper kiss.

"Because... I think... maybe we should... go back to your bed." Dean filled each pause with a hungry kiss. Hungrier each time.

Sam's bed, secluded from their kids, was where they spent their nights when they planned on doing more than sleeping - and at that moment they definitely had more in mind than sleep. Sam turned on their baby monitor and Dean pulled Sam through the bunker and into Sam's room, kicking away his boxers and pulling down Sam's sweatpants before falling naked onto the bed with Sam.

Sam laid between Dean's legs, sucking at his neck as Dean's entire body lifted up against Sam's, nearly floating off the bed with desire. Dean nibbled on Sam's ear and moaned into it.

Yet again, Sam fought the powerful instinct to fuck Dean the way they both desperately wanted.

They were afraid though. For a while after the babies were born they avoided it because of what Dean's body had just gone through, and after that... they avoided it because of the possibility of more babies.

And yeah, there were condoms, but apparently no condoms that could survive Sam's orgasms. They'd tried, handjobs and blowjobs, brand after brand of condoms, every single one of them ending up shredded by Sam's gigantic knot and Sam's endless supply of jizz.

So they did other stuff. And tonight, Sam was happy just to taste Dean.

He lifted his head to taste Dean's mouth first. Lips sliding against Dean's before tongues slid together as well, Dean's fingers finding their home in Sam's hair. Sam stayed there until his lips started going numb, drinking in Dean's saliva and Dean's soft groans.

Sam sucked at Dean's swollen lower lip before nuzzling down under his chin, down Dean's neck, licking and sucking at the tenderness of the skin there, the scar on Dean's neck even more tender and tasting of both Dean and Sam.

Sam licked his way down to one of Dean's nipples and Dean pulled Sam's hair back to tip his face up.

"Go easy on those, okay," warned Dean. "They've taken enough abuse from your daughters."

"Have they," said Sam. He licked around the pink bud of flesh, breathed hotly over it, listened to Dean's breath hitch as he took it into his mouth to suck at it. He groaned when milk trickled into his mouth and he sucked harder.

Sam traced the muscles of Dean's chest with his tongue, kissed his way down Dean's stomach and kissed his way around the cock that begged for his attention, grinning at Dean's frustrated whine. "Working my way up to that, don't worry."

He folded Dean's legs up and spread Dean's ass open, biting his lip at the delicious sight of Dean's hole dripping with slick. He drew his tongue up Dean's cleft in a long slow motion, savoring Dean's arousal and groaning deeper now. He blew softly over the hot wetness of Dean's skin, then pushed his tongue slowly into Dean, as deep as it could go as Dean moaned loud and gripped his hair.

He fucked his tongue in and out of Dean a few times as he drank the sweetness of Dean's slick, then he moved up to lick first at Dean's balls and then around the base of Dean's throbbing cock.

Dean's hand fisted tightly in Sam's hair and he filled the halls of the bunker with his moans as Sam's tongue swirled up his shaft, catching drops of precome as they slid down, pressing warm and wet against the leaking tip, and Sam's mouth began to slide down over Dean-

And Charlie began to wail from her crib.

Sam and Dean looked at each other, both almost crying tears of frustration.

Sam shut his eyes and pulled himself back with a sigh, combing his fingers through his hair. "I'll... I'll go feed her."

"Argh, Charlie Bobby you cockblocking son of a bitch," groaned Dean. Sam gave Dean an apologetic smile.

"To be continued?"

Dean mumbled a yes and Sam got off the bed, pulled his pants back on and made his way back to Dean's room to feed Charlie.

Dean fell asleep in Sam's bed as Sam dozed off in Dean's bed, Charlie in his arms sleepily sucking at her bottle.

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"Come on baby, you can do it. Say Daddy."

Dean shot a wicked smirk up at Sam, who shot a bitchface back at him. Dean turned back to Charlie who he was balancing on his knee.

"Come on sweetie," Dean encouraged her. "Say Daa-dee."

Charlie furrowed her brow up at Dean.

"I know you can do this, you little loudmouth. It's just two little sounds. Daaa-deeee."

"Gee?" said Charlie.

Dean sighed and Sam kissed the top of Charlie's head.

"She'll do it, Dean, just give her time."

"Damn right she'll do it, she'll do it today."

Jody Mills, who was sitting next to Dean in the bunker's library and holding the baby she shared a first name with, laughed the knowing laugh of a seasoned mom. "Might wanna give her a few more months there, Dean."

"Jody, these aren't ordinary kids."

Jody laughed louder. "Uh, yeah, I should think not."

"No, I mean, beyond the obvious... like that one there for example?" Dean pointed at baby Jo. "She freakin' talks with her mind. They're superbabies."

Jody cocked her head and smiled down at Jo. "Is that true? Are you a little superbaby?" She tickled at Jo's side and Jo squirmed in her arms, giving her a dimpled smile.

Sam smiled with the same dimples as he sat down next to Jody. "She's really quiet, never makes a sound, but she can talk without actually speaking."

"We're trying to get her to actually say something but she won't, she just talks in our heads. And then this one here," Dean held up Charlie, "complete opposite, never shuts up."

Charlie laughed at this, almost like she knew what he had said. Sam and Dean had a feeling that she did, and Jody's raised eyebrow said that she shared the feeling.

This was Jody's first visit with the kids, and her first visit with Sam and Dean since before the werewolf attack. There had been endless debate over whether or not she should visit at all. Even right then with her there, Sam and Dean still weren't sure it was a good idea.

The biggest point against it was that Sam and Dean were fucking werewolves now. They were now the creatures that Jody and her adopted daughters hunted (and were frighteningly good at hunting). Hunted for good reason. Werewolves were dangerous. Sam and Dean hadn't been around a whole lot of humans since they'd been turned, and they didn't know how safe humans would be around them.

But they couldn't just cut themselves off from everyone. Turn into some batshit crazy family sealed up in an underground bunker (whether or not this was already the case for them was debatable). They didn't want to lose people like Jody and her family... they weren't sure if bringing Jody in would be what made them lose her and their other friends.

It wasn't just the werewolf thing. It was Sam and Dean. Having sex. Having children. A concept most people would find deeply unsettling. Castiel and Crowley hadn't made much of a fuss over it, but then they weren't human. They didn't live in this world.

Sam and Dean knew that Jody and their other friends would find out what had happened one way or another, and they figured the best way for them to find out would be from Sam and Dean themselves. And, well, they'd even named one of their kids after Jody, they couldn't not tell her. Afraid though they were.

Jody's reaction to the news was initially stunned silence, which was a pretty mellow reaction to hearing that your friends who are brothers were turned into werewolves and now have kids together. Jody had asked hopefully if they were joking. When she finally laid eyes on the girls was when she seemed to finally realize that Sam and Dean were telling the truth.

The hunter in her was wary of them, but she remained their dear friend Jody, satisfied that she hadn't lost Sam and Dean to werewolves. And she was already mothering the hell out of their kids.

"So how's it going with Donna?"

The blissful smile that bloomed on Jody's face was answer enough. "It's going awesome. Better than awesome... that woman is too good to me."

"Psh, no such thing, Jodes, you deserve all of the love," said Dean, hugging her with one arm as he held Charlie with the other. "So happy for you guys."

Jody laughed quietly and looked between Dean and Sam.

"I'm happy for you guys too," she said after a moment.

And this time the stunned silence was from Sam and Dean.

They hadn't expected anyone to actually say that to them. To actually be happy for them. They'd expected disgust. They'd expected fear. And maybe if they were lucky they'd get someone's half-hearted acceptance. But in Jody's voice was love, whole-hearted love.

They felt tears at the corners of their eyes. Dean beamed at her and Sam leaned in to give her a hug this time. "Thank you, Jody," he whispered.

She patted him on the back. "Hey, no need to thank me," she whispered back before pulling away and smiling. "The two of you have been through so much hell... to see you happy like this, to see you with these kids..." Her eyes teared as well. "Makes me happier than I can say."

Dean cleared his throat and wiped his eyes. "Alright enough with the making us cry already."

Sam and Jody laughed and Dean got up to hand Charlie over to Sam, who cradled her in the furrow of his thighs and took her tiny hands in his massive ones, letting her examine them in wonderment. Dean wandered over towards Sam's iPod which he'd hooked up to speakers in the library and Sam watched him mess with it.

"So I get to keep this one, right," said Jody as she rocked a sleepy Jo in her arms and smiled adoringly down at her. "That is why you gave her my name, is it not?"

Sam grinned. "You might not like dealing with her feeding habits. She may seem sweet right now but she gets vicious."

"Who doesn't, honey, who doesn't," she murmured down at Jo, looking up at Sam with a smile. "Seriously though, you guys are welcome at our house anytime. Just want you to know that."

"You think Donna would be alright with that?"

"You kidding me? Donna would be all over these kids even more than I am," laughed Jody. "Trust me, she'd be fine."

They sat in silence for a while before Jody spoke again, worry in her voice.

"Have you guys told anyone besides me?"

Sam gave her a measured look. "Besides Cas and Crowley, no." He looked down at Charlie as she bit at one of his knuckles. "No one else knows. We've just been keeping to ourselves. Figured it's safer all around that way."

Jody nodded, returning his measured look. "And you've been helping hunters who are out in the field?"

Sam sighed. "Wondering if we should just leave hunting altogether. Doesn't make much sense for us to do this anymore and it's just gonna put the girls in danger."

"If anyone tries to hurt you or these girls, they're gonna have to deal with me too, hun," proclaimed Jody. Sam gave her a deeply grateful smile.

The Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream started to play quietly through the speakers and Sam looked up in confusion. Dean walked back over to him and Jody.

"Why'd you put this on? You realize there's Zeppelin on there too right."

Sam had put some of Dean's music on his iPod so he was surprised that Dean was playing Sam's music, which Dean disdainfully referred to as pussy rock.

"Why wouldn't I? This is a good album," replied Dean. "You're not the only one who gets to like it."

A tender smile curved one side of Sam's mouth and he pulled Dean towards him by his wrist, tipping his face up to offer a kiss to Dean and Dean leaned down to take it.

Then they remembered they had an audience and they shrank away from each other with red faces and averted eyes.

"Hey, no, you guys don't have to be embarrassed," said Jody. "It's not like I don't know. And I meant what I said about being happy for you."

Charlie squealed along to Billy Corgan's voice, kicking her little legs, and the adults all grinned at her.

"Aw, honey, are you singin' and dancin' for us?" Dean picked Charlie up from Sam's lap, dancing her through the air as she laughed. Sam watched Dean dance with Charlie, love surging powerfully within him.

"You love dancing with Daddy, don't you Charlie Bobby," Dean murmured as he held Charlie against his chest.


The adults' eyes shot wide open as they all turned to look at the no-longer-silent baby Jo, who beamed back at them.

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Sam opened his mouth for Dean, unfurling his tongue to wiggle it suggestively.

Dean fought back a smile as he smacked the side of Sam's head.

"Stop bein' an idjit," he chided. "You're not helping."

"Idjit!" exclaimed Jo, doing her best to smack Sam with the extremely limited reach of her arm.

"Oh god," muttered Sam, "I really don't want that to be what she calls me."

"Eejee," Charlie joined in merrily. Sam shot Dean an accusatory glare.

"Hey man you're the one acting a damn fool when all I'm trying to do is get these girls to eat their food. Now come on, open up Sammy!"

Sam sighed and opened his mouth once more for Dean to spoon baby food into it.

It tasted nothing like what the jar said it was supposed to taste like. He fought his gag reflex, swallowed and gave his daughters a strained smile.

"Mmm," he said dispassionately. "So yummy."

"So not convincing," said Dean.

Sam grabbed the jar and the spoon and forced himself to eat another spoonful, smiling brightly at Jo and Charlie as they watched him suspiciously from their high chairs. He offered a spoonful to Jo, who was usually the more cooperative of the two.

"Want some, sweetheart?"

Her face wrinkled in disgust. He agreed with her disgust.

"Oh come on! You call that trying?" Dean rounded the kitchen table, grabbed the spoon and flew it through the air like an airplane while making airplane noises. "Comin' in for a landing, Charlie Bobby!" He directed the spoon at Charlie's mouth, smiling encouragingly. "Come on, kiddo!"

She looked up at him with amusement. The smile fell from his face.


Sam watched Dean with amusement as well. "Pretty sure begging isn't gonna work."

Dean let out a frustrated sigh. He glared at the spoon for a second before sticking it in his mouth. His expression went from contemplative to repulsed and he pulled the spoon out.

"Oh god that cannot qualify as food."

"It doesn't."

"What the hell are we supposed to feed these kids then?"

Sam pursed his lips in thought. "Think we're gonna need a blender."

"A blender?"

"And uh..." Sam trailed off, gazing at the fridge. He got up and looked through it, extracting a package of ground beef. "This, probably."

He and Dean shared a look of concern.

"Is that supposed to be less disgusting than whatever's in this jar?"

"To these kids? I think so," murmured Sam. "They're not human, Dean. They turn into wolves and eat dead rabbits. I think this is what they need."

"Alright well you get to be the one who gives 'em meat smoothies, since it's your bright idea."

Sam laughed softly. "Is this where you tell me it's my job to feed my little monster kids?"

"You said it, not me," said Dean with a smirk.

They fell quiet for a beat, and then a thought struck Sam. "Wonder if they'd like bacon as much as you do."

"Sam, how could you say something like that, you know my feelings for bacon go way beyond liking."

Sam walked back over to Dean, resting his hands on Dean's shoulders as he buried a kiss in Dean's hair. "I know, baby." Dean leaned back to grin up at him and Sam kissed Dean upside-down, scratching Dean's nose with his beard.

Charlie laughed riotously and her parents pulled apart to quirk their eyebrows at her. "I don't know why she finds that so funny," said Sam with a laugh in his voice. He went over to her and leaned down to blow a raspberry on her belly, making her laugh even harder while Jo sulked next to her.

Dean picked Jo up to sit her on his lap. "Hey grumpy girl," he murmured with a smile, tickling her sides until she started laughing too. Quietly, as she always did. He kissed the top of her head and glanced over at Charlie.

"Sammy, you think we should tell Charlie? The grown-up Charlie. Should we tell her about all this, about this kid we gave her name to?"

Sam gazed at nothing as he kissed the softness of Charlie's hair, which was growing thicker now on both girls' heads. Five months old and you'd think they were closer to a year. If you looked into their eyes, you'd think they were even older than that; he looked down into Charlie's gold-green eyes, saw so much of Dean there, saw wisdom and strength that far surpassed her age.

He remembered the wisdom and strength of the Charlie they had called their friend, the Charlie who had sacrificed herself to save Dean. The Charlie Bradbury that they knew now was not that Charlie. This Charlie just wanted to live her life, to try to find love like the one she had lost. She didn't want to hunt monsters and neither Sam nor Dean could blame her for that.

And now Sam and Dean were monsters too. Sam sighed sadly.

"No," he whispered. "She's not our Charlie. I don't want to drag her into all this. I don't think she wants that either."

"Yeah," said Dean with sorrow in his voice. "We should let her be free. She's suffered more than enough."

Sam stretched his arms up towards the kitchen ceiling, pushing away the sadness he felt with the strain of his muscles. He released the tension with a slow sigh.

"Kinda feel like going for a run, if that's alright?"

Dean laughed. "You don't have to ask permission, Sam, just go do your jazzercise, I'll stay here and hang out with the cool kids."

Sam smirked and ruffled Dean's hair. "Be back soon, jerk." He kissed each of the girls on the cheek, went to his room to change, and set off running down the road outside of the bunker.

He closed his eyes briefly as he ran, emptying his mind, filling his lungs with cool clear air. There was something about this that was different since his transformation... it had always been invigorating to him, but since he'd become a werewolf, it was more than that. It felt right in a way that sitting indoors no longer did. Feeling fresh air flowing through him, blood pumping rapidly.

Letting go of his cares and his control, letting something else emerge inside him, Sam lifted his head to howl long and low at the moon as it sank down the early morning sky.

Dean lifted an eyebrow at the sound of an animal howling outside. He wondered if he should feel threatened by it, but something in him told him it wasn't a threat. He noticed the girls listening to the sound as well and they seemed equally untroubled.

"Whatever that is better not mess with us," he said with a smile. "Some badass mofos in here." Jo and Charlie smiled their agreement.

Dean fed them, the old-fashioned way from his non-tits since they were refusing to eat the baby food or drink their formula, wincing at their fangs sinking into him. Afterwards he put them down for their post-breakfast nap, got some breakfast for himself and went to go hang out in the Den of Sin, also known as Sam's bedroom. It was also where their TV was now, since the crib was in Dean's room.

Dean heard Sam get back and listened to his footsteps approach, smiling when Sam appeared in the doorway.

"Sup nerd."

Sam looked between the TV and Dean. "You're calling me nerd and you're sitting here watching Scooby Doo?" He shook his head with a smile and stripped off his sweaty clothes to throw them in his hamper.

Dean started to reply but was suddenly assaulted by Sam's scent. And not in a bad way. Definitely, definitely not in a bad way.

This was far from being the first time he'd been confronted with Sam coming back from a run, but this was the first time it had ever made him this fucking aroused. Sam's scent was overpoweringly sexy, sending Dean's blood rushing downward to fill his cock while slick dripped out of him like a faucet. He stared with helpless hunger at Sam's cock.

Dean wasn't the only one being affected by this.

Sam's cock twitched mightily and he froze as Dean's scent filled the air. He stared at Dean with just as much hunger, stared between Dean's legs where he could smell the slick beginning to soak his sheets.

He recognized the scent in the air. He hadn't smelled it since before the girls had been born... since before Dean had gotten pregnant...

When Dean had gone into heat.

After all this time, Sam had wondered if it was ever going to happen again, or if it was going to stop once Dean gave birth... he guessed he had his answer now.

"Sammy," Dean moaned as he pulled his soaked jeans and boxers down and off. "Fuck, Sammy, get the fuck over here."

Sam's dick knew exactly what Dean was asking for, and it became even more clear when Dean spread his thighs and started to push his fingers inside himself.

"Sam," Dean breathed out. "Fuck me, please, god, please, fuck me."

This was not good.

Not good at all.

Sam was hanging on by his fingertips to the edges of his willpower as he breathed in Dean's powerful arousal, watched Dean writhe on his fingers, listened to Dean beg to be filled. God how he wanted to give Dean what he was begging for, even before today, every fucking day since the girls had been born, Sam had yearned to push back inside of Dean where he belonged.

He stroked his throbbing cock as he watched Dean try so hard to fuck himself, moved closer to the bed without telling himself to, found himself suddenly kneeling between Dean's legs.

Dean's legs slid around him and urged him forward. Sam let himself be pulled flush against Dean, his dick sliding through the slick that covered Dean's ass.

Slipping... falling...

The head of his cock brushed Dean's asshole and he moaned weakly.

"Put it in me," Dean panted as he tried to impale himself on Sam's cock. "Please, Sam, I need you in me."

"We can't, D," Sam panted back at him. "You could get pregnant."

"I want to," Dean hissed in Sam's ear, "want you to get me pregnant, Sammy, do it, please."

Dean's skin was on fire and his voice was panicked, and as turned on as Sam was, he was frightened as well.

Sam gathered all of the mental strength that he could and he wrenched himself away from Dean, turned away on the bed. He couldn't do this. Not with Dean like this, hopped up on hormones.

Dean started crying behind him, trying to pull Sam back between his legs.

"Sammy, oh god, please don't fucking stop, I need you, please help me."

Sam looked over his shoulder at Dean, wanted to cry with him. He needed this almost as bad as Dean did. But then this wasn't really Dean asking for it. What Dean needed was for Sam to help him get through his heat without doing anything they might later regret.

Sam had never been more glad that he'd had the foresight to prepare for this. After Dean's first heat, Sam figured it might happen again, so he'd researched and he'd bought supplies.

He turned back to Dean and leaned over to give Dean a gentle kiss. "Gonna help you, D," he whispered, and Dean sobbed with relief. "Just wait here a second, gonna get something to help you."

Dean very reluctantly let go of him and Sam got off the bed to search through his dresser. He returned to the bed with a fabric drawstring bag hanging from his wrist, the shirt he'd just worn to go running, and the baby monitor that was in his room. He prayed that the girls would be asleep for a good while longer and he pushed his hands under Dean's body to lift Dean into his arms, gathering the other stuff into his hands.

"Where we goin'?" Dean's voice was muffled by Sam's neck, where his nose was firmly pressed to inhale Sam.

"Bathtub," answered Sam as he carried Dean through the bunker. "So we can cool you down. So we can both cool down." Dean murmured his approval, mouthing at Sam's throat.

Sam set all the stuff he'd brought on the bathroom counter and helped Dean lay down in the tub, pulling Dean's sweat-drenched shirt off him, kissing Dean after, resting his nose against Dean's for a minute. He asked Dean to let him go for one more second, and he reached into the bag to withdraw an enormous blue silicone cock with a knot above the base. Dean's eyes went wide.

Sam's face flushed. "I tried to get something as close to my own as possible."

"I don't want that plastic piece of shit, Sammy, I want you."

Sam got in the tub with Dean, settling himself between Dean's legs and kissing Dean again. "You have me, D," he whispered, "this is me, right here, just focus on me."

Sam twisted the tap to let cool water flow over Dean's burning body. He smiled at Dean's relieved sigh and leaned in to kiss Dean's neck, sucking at the scarred skin and growling. Dean arched high up against Sam and Sam slid an arm around Dean's body to hold him like that. Both of Dean's hands slid down Sam's back to grab Sam's ass and haul him in close, and both men groaned with want as their dicks pressed together.

Sam raised his hips enough to slip his hand down between Dean's legs and into Dean's wet warmth, three of his fingers pushing in easily so he added a fourth, twisting them into Dean's body until Dean was forcing Sam's hand away and begging for his cock instead. Sam sucked Dean's arousal off his fingers, moaning at its exquisite sweetness.

He swept his lips against Dean's in a fiery kiss, pressing Dean's taste into his own mouth, and he slipped the tip of the silicone dick inside of Dean. He and Dean groaned at each other's mouths, and both of them imagined the cock was Sam's as it slid forward to fill Dean's aching hole.

"Feel me inside you, Dean," Sam murmured. "Feel how much I fucking need you."

Dean melted back against the tub with a whimpering moan, slipping his fingers around the velvet-wrapped steel of Sam's cock, hot with blood and throbbing for Dean. "Sam, shit, you feel so fucking amazing," he gasped as Sam started thrusting into him with the fake cock while thrusting the real one into Dean's hand. Then Sam's hand took hold of Dean's cock and Dean could no longer put words together.

Sam licked at Dean's throat, drinking his scent along with the water streaming over him. He moved fluidly at first, slow deep thrusts into Dean as he rained kisses on Dean's neck and shoulders. Then he started to pick up the pace.

He felt both of their orgasms approaching. His balls began to draw up, his knot began to push out, Dean's cock was leaking steadily and Dean's hips were bucking quick and hard into Sam's hand.

"Fuck, Dean, come for me," Sam growled, sinking his teeth deep into the scar on Dean's neck as he sank the dildo's knot deep into Dean's ass. Dean bowed against him and cried out as he came between them, Sam moaning low as he did the same.

For a long while they just laid there, breathing rapid, shivering at the cool water sliding over their heated skin. Sam's fingers danced around where the silicone knot was held tightly by Dean's body. Then Sam nuzzled against Dean purposefully, giving Dean his scent.

He took some of his own come on his fingers up to Dean's mouth. "I think this is supposed to help when you're in heat," he said meekly as he offered his come to Dean.

Dean contentedly sucked Sam's fingers clean, drawing a whimper and another spurt of come out of Sam. Dean smiled as Sam's fingers pulled away.

"Do you feel better?" Sam leaned in to nuzzle Dean again.

"Better," replied Dean, kissing Sam's temple. "Hey but how does this work, getting knotted or whatever by this thing, I'll be able to take it out, right?"

"Yeah you just gotta wait for your own body to release it. It will in a little bit."

Dean pulled Sam's mouth onto his.

"I love you so much, Sammy," he whispered. "Thank you for helping me through this."

"No need to ever thank me, Dean," Sam whispered back with a soft kiss. He stretched to reach the sweaty shirt he'd brought into the bathroom. "I um - I also brought this because Alpha scent is supposed to help alleviate heat symptoms, so I figured this shirt should have enough of that."

Dean snorted a laugh. "Alleviate, yeah right, that shit brought this on, I was just fine until you attacked me with Alpha stench."

Sam grinned guiltily. "I'll try not to do that again."

Dean pressed his face into the shirt anyway, breathing in deep, closing his eyes as he held the breath, then letting it go with a satisfied shrug. "I ain't mad."

Sam looked over at the silent baby monitor. "Dean, they actually stayed asleep."

Sam and Dean stared at each other in concern.

"Go fucking make sure they're still alive," urged Dean. "I don't trust their angelic silence one goddamn bit."

Chapter Text

The heat didn't pass as quickly as Dean's first heat had, presumably because this time didn't succeed in getting Dean pregnant. Dean's body remained stubbornly in heat for several days, stubbornly demanding more babies as both Sam and Dean did everything they could to deny it this.

Denying something that they both wanted but were afraid of wanting.

When it had finally ended, when Dean was given back control of his body and the option to get the fuck out of the bunker, he seized on it.

Jody had extended the invitation to Sam and Dean and the girls, and Dean figured it was time to take her up on it - so Sam and Dean procured some car seats, figured out how to use them which took a lot longer than it took to get the seats, strapped their babies into Baby and headed for South Dakota to visit Jody and Donna and their merry band of hunter chicks.

Hendrix's Bold as Love filled the space of the car that the Winchester family was packed into, the voluptuous notes of the song floating up and out through the open driver's side window to play against the vibrant colors of the afternoon sky. Dean's hand drummed on the side of the car and a smile eased onto his face as he drove.

Sam smiled as he watched Dean, his arm resting across the back of Dean's seat. His fingertips fluttered against the nape of Dean's neck and Dean's eyes met Sam's.

"So," he started softly, "I guess this is our first family road trip, huh?"

Dean considered this and replied, "Dunno if this qualifies as a road trip if we ain't swinging by the twine ball on the way."

"We'll do that on the way back then."

"No, Sam. No we will not."

Sam snickered. He looked back to see how the girls were faring; Jo was tearing yet another pacifier to pieces with her fangs and Charlie was drooling in her sleep. Jo's silvery brown eyes lit up mischievously as they met her father's.

"Jo's destroying another pacifier."

Dean snorted his amusement. "We should just give 'em steaks to chew on."

"They're not dogs, Dean," said Sam as he reached back to tickle at Jo's bare feet, making her giggle and pull them back as she continued to gleefully tear into her pacifier.

"They're not human either," countered Dean.

Sam quirked his eyebrows up and his mouth down before conceding with a shrug. He looked out the passenger side window at the heartland rolling by.

"We should take 'em on a road trip sometime," murmured Sam. "Maybe out to California."

"Always wanting to run off to California," said Dean with a laugh. "Such a hippie."

"Says the world's biggest Led Zeppelin fan," teased Sam as he leaned in to nip at Dean's ear.

"Alright, alright, just no biting me in front of the kids, gonna give 'em bad ideas." Dean pushed Sam away with a smirk.

Sam looked back at the girls with a smile. He couldn't wait to take them on a real trip, take them places Sam and Dean never got to go as kids... show them all the wonders of the world. And do all that he and Dean could to protect them from the world's horrors.

They arrived at Jody's house as the sun was setting, a blessedly half-moon rising in its place - still another week until the next full moon. Sam and Dean caught Jody gazing warily up at the waxing moon after greeting them. They exchanged a glance but said nothing about it.

Donna Hanscum dragged Sam and Dean into a single hug somehow before falling all over the babies in adoration. Jody grinned at Sam and Dean.

"Told ya she'd be all over these kids."

"Can ya blame me, I mean look at these little angels," cooed Donna. Charlie gazed wide-eyed up at Donna's long wavy ash-blonde hair and reached for it eagerly.

"They ain't angels, and I don't mean that in a bad way, we all know what douchebags angels can be."

"Dean!" Donna fixed him with a stern mama face and Dean shrugged.

"It's not the worst word they've heard from me."

"I do not doubt that one bit," said Jody with a shake of her head, smirking as she watched Charlie play with Donna's hair. "Aw, look, she loves your hair, babe."

"This is the first time they've ever seen someone with blonde hair," mused Sam.

"Well I'm honored to hold that distinction," said Donna with a grin. She looked Sam and Dean over once more, narrowing her eyes this time. "So tell me, why'd it take you both all this time to let us know what was going on?"

Sam smiled weakly. "Well, you're hunters... we're hunted now."

"You really think we would go after you?" Donna's stern mama face was back. "You two haven't hurt anyone, have you?"

"No, no one."

"Then you got nothing to worry about," Donna assured them. "Now go grab yourselves some beers and some tacos, we got way too much catching up to do. Starting with the face-fur, Sam."

"Why... why does everyone make such a big deal out of it," muttered Sam as he rubbed at his beard self-consciously. Dean rubbed it too and winked at Sam.

"Because it's really, ridiculously good-looking on you."

"Ahhh, so that's why you kept it," Jody said to Sam, giving him a wink as well.

Sam and Dean were greeted by a hesitant Claire Novak. She hugged them both perfunctorily and attempted a smile, but when her eyes fell upon Jo and Charlie, the smile faded to nothing.

Sam and Dean glanced at each other once more, sad understanding in their eyes.

They remembered all too well what werewolves had done to Claire. Remembered her shredded shoulder, her terrifying transformation, and when they'd injected her with the werewolf antidote, her screaming in pain and twisting on the couch as the werewolf blood nearly killed her.

Dean patted her on the shoulder. "I know it's weird and it's... it's a lot, I know," he murmured as she gazed cautiously up at him. "Hell, we're still trying to wrap our heads around it. But I just want you to know, you don't have to be afraid of us."

"The change only happens on a full moon and there won't be one of those for another week," Sam offered. "Trust me, we keep track of that now. We have to." Claire nodded and gave them another weak smile.

"You guys weren't able to cure yourselves?"

They said nothing for a moment and Sam looked at Dean guiltily. "I couldn't," said Sam. "I killed the werewolf who bit me so I wasn't able to get its blood when it was alive. And um... I was the one who bit Dean..."

"Hey I was promised beer and tacos," Dean cut in, "and I do not intend to miss out on beer and tacos. Not this night." He grinned and made his way into the kitchen. The three women cast Sam questioning looks which he deflected with a hopeless shrug.

Dean had been unwilling to address the possibility of Sam curing him for a long time now. They had both dismissed it when Dean had decided to go through with the pregnancy, but after the girls were born Sam had figured Dean would want to go back to being human, so he'd brought it up again. Expecting Dean to be fully behind the idea.

Dean hadn't said no, but he hadn't said yes either, and anytime Sam would bring it up, Dean would promptly change the subject. Sam didn't know what this meant, beyond the fact that Dean obviously didn't want to discuss being cured. Sam didn't know why.

But looking at Claire, remembering how close the cure had brought her to death, he began to understand... and he'd never been more grateful for Dean's stubbornness. He looked down at his and Dean's daughters in their carriers, smiled and lifted them to follow Dean into the kitchen, Donna and Jody scoffing at him carrying both girls and insisting on helping.

Alex Jones, former vampire and current nurse, seemed less freaked out by Sam and Dean than her adoptive sister - perhaps because she'd once lived as a non-human and knew all too well what that was like.

The two families sat together around Jody and Donna's fire pit, enjoying their beer and their tacos in the cool South Dakota evening air, catching each other up on the events of the previous months. Jo and Charlie roamed the backyard under the watchful eyes of their parents. The girls were crawling still but there were several attempts at walking upright, which earned proud smiles from all of the adults.

Claire eventually excused herself and Alex remained to play with the babies while the two couples continued their conversation. Sam and Dean watched Jody and Donna snuggle together... the Winchester Brothers looked longingly at each other but kept a distance between them.

There was an absurdity to their awkwardness expressing affection for each other, being that they had children together now and showing affection would be less strange than showing none, but it was an absurdity that clung to them. The shame inside them that wouldn't be vanquished.

Charlie thankfully broke into their thoughts with a cry of "Daddy! Eat!" Sam and Dean watched Charlie approach them, first with joy at the fact that she was walking towards them (an unsteady walk but a walk all the same) - then with horror as the blood smeared all over her became more visible - and finally with weary relief as they saw the tiny dead animal in her hands. Jody, Donna and Alex stared in alarm.

"It's fine, you guys," Dean assured them. "Just a chipmunk."

"Are they supposed to eat chipmunks?" said Jody, still very much alarmed as Charlie took another bite out of it. Jo whined from where she sat with Alex and started towards her twin sister.

"They eat a lot of stuff that they shouldn't," Sam replied with a smile. "She'll be fine though."

"Hey can we keep these kids here? Those friggin' chipmunks chewed up the wiring in my car last winter," said Donna as she regarded Charlie with an impressed raise of her eyebrow. The eyebrow fell when Jo tried to grab the chipmunk from Charlie and the sisters growled at each other. Sam got up and pulled the girls apart, taking the animal's remains away.

"If you two can't share then no one gets it," he scolded them, picking Charlie up as she started whining. He gave Jody and Donna an apologetic look. "Gonna go get her cleaned up and changed, think it's just about bedtime for these two anyway."

"Yep, you know it's gettin' late when they start fighting over who gets to eat Chip 'n Dale," sighed Dean as he stood to pick up Jo. The three women headed inside with Sam and Dean, Jody and Donna making sure the Winchesters were settled into the spare room before hugging them goodnight.

Sam and Dean settled into bed once their daughters were sleeping soundly, if a bit squished together in their fold-out crib.

"Guess it's finally time to split the girls up," said Dean. "We'll have to look for a second crib when we get back. Ah, Sammy, they're gettin' too big too freakin' fast." Sam gave a mournful hum before pressing his lips to Dean's gently.

Sam kept on kissing him and slid one hand up the back of Dean's shirt, pulling his brother closer. Dean pushed deep into Sam's mouth with his tongue, eliciting soft moans from them both - but he pulled away when Sam's fingers slid under the waistband of Dean's boxers.

"Whoa whoa, keep it above the waist, Sammy," he whispered with a husky laugh. "We're in somebody's home, where are those manners I taught you?"

Those manners were there. That shame was still there inside Sam. The world was still there to impose it on him and Dean. But he just wanted to tune it out, if only for a little while, here in this bed with the man he loved more than life itself. Sam touched his nose to Dean's, breathing in the breaths Dean let out. Dean did the same for a moment, eyes glittering in the night, then he leaned in to kiss Sam defiantly, lighting their candle in the darkness.

Chapter Text

Jo and Charlie were exactly six months old (very big six-month-olds), up off the floor and strolling around the bunker (which both elated and frightened their parents), chowing down on solid food (and thankfully no longer on Dean's nipples), and they had mastered (little) enough of the English language to misguidedly exclaim "Daddy!" when Crowley suddenly smoked into sight before them.

Crowley's eyes widened along with Sam's and Dean's, and his eyes locked with Dean's, a smirk creeping over his face.

"Oops. Guess our little secret is out, Squirrel."

Dean frowned with distaste. He and Sam were sitting with their daughters in the bunker's new nursery; the girls' cribs were in here as well as a dresser, changing table and a little shelving unit filled with toys and baby books. The furniture was old wood and brass, the concrete walls had been covered with sky blue wallpaper, the stone floor covered with a deep blue rug, the room lit by a bronze and glass sun-shaped ceiling lamp, and the girls each had a little wooden mobile of the solar system above their cribs. Mainly Sam's decorating choices because Dean's had involved a lot of black paint and Metallica posters and mobiles with toy guns hanging from them. A bit brutal for small children, Sam argued, and Dean conceded although he still hadn't completely given up on the gun-mobiles.

Sam stood up, regarding Crowley coldly. He started towards Crowley and murmured, "You think that's real funny, huh."

Crowley raised an eyebrow. "Are you jealous of me shagging your brother? Would it help if I said it meant nothing to me?"

Sam's expression grew colder as he moved closer to Crowley.

"Do you really think you can intimidate me, Moose?" said Crowley even as he backed away from Sam. "You do remember that I'm the King of Hell, don't you? A snap of my fingers and I paint the walls with your blood."

Crowley's back hit the wall and Sam halted inches away from his face.

Sam cocked his head, eyes burning into Crowley's - and his face split in a wide grin.

"You're such a fucking tease," said Sam, running a finger up the lapel of Crowley's black overcoat and giving the demon a kissyface before backing off.

"Yeah how about no cussing in front of the kids," grumbled Dean, "and no flirting with each other, or threatening to explode Sam, and why the hell are you here, Crowley?"

"Oh and don't get too excited about them calling you Daddy," said Sam to Crowley as he motioned over at the girls. "I think they think all men are called Daddy, seeing as how Dean and I are both Daddy and we're the only men they know so far."

"You might want to do something about that before those girls get themselves into trouble," Crowley advised. "As for why I'm here - I come bearing gifts, to celebrate their six months on Earth." Something wicked glinted in Crowley's eyes. "It's not demon blood, I promise."

"Seriously, Crowley, not funny," warned Sam.

"Not my fault you have no sense of humor," said Crowley as he pulled two small bracelets from within his coat, holding them out to Sam and Dean. Sam narrowed his eyes as he took them from Crowley, and as he studied the thin black bands more closely he saw faintly glowing red symbols on them.

Dean walked up and took one of the bracelets, studying it as well. "What are these?"

"For your daughters," answered Crowley. "Seeing as how they're shooting up so quickly and soon to be unleashing terror upon the world, I reckon these will be helpful. They'll allow the girls to maintain control of their beastly nature, so that'll be one less thing you'll need to worry about as parents." Crowley's dark eyes glinted again.

Sam stretched the bracelet around his fingers; whatever it was made of seemed unearthly strong and flexible.

"You expect us to give these to our babies? Demon bracelets?" Dean's voice was laden with scorn. "Just ignore the choking hazard and the demonic powers and-"

"You can have your pet angel safety-inspect them for you if that'll put you at ease," Crowley replied coolly. "They're designed to do what I said and nothing more. And they are, obviously, imbued with magic that will stop anyone trying to eat them."

Dean continued to hold Crowley in a distrustful gaze. Sam smiled at that and then offered Crowley a hesitant smile.

"Well... if these do what you say they will... then thank you," Sam said and Crowley smiled back. "But if these do keep werewolf instincts in check, why didn't you give me and Dean each one of these?"

"I'm not your devilfather," scoffed Crowley, "I'm theirs." He pointed over at Jo and Charlie, who smiled brightly at him. "My sworn duty to look after my devildaughters."

"You just wanted to see us suffer, didn't you," said Dean dryly. Crowley gave an unconcerned shrug.

"My sworn duty as King of Hell."

Crowley stuck around for a short while longer, attempted to teach Jo and Charlie how to say his name and managed to teach them how to make vague growly noises. He left after agreeing to make Sam and Dean werewolf bracelets as well, but told them not to expect them anytime soon since the process took several months.

Appreciative as Sam and Dean were of the gesture, they decided to take Crowley's unwitting advice and have Castiel check out the bracelets before the girls put them on.

As Dean examined one of the bracelets, wondering just what it was made out of (wondering if he even really wanted to know), he again asked himself if he should go through with the werewolf cure.

Sam couldn't ever be cured. The girls couldn't ever be cured either since they'd been born werewolves. So Dean could go through with it and be the only human in the family, which didn't appeal to him all that much.

But he could go through with it and not have to worry about wearing a fucking bracelet to keep his werewolf instincts at bay. To be human again... to not have to be afraid of being around humans... to not have the need to tear into living flesh... to not fear what full moons would bring, to not have to go through being in heat again, to regain full bodily autonomy...

To be able to have Sam inside of him and not have to worry about it resulting in pregnancy. He let out a sigh of desire.

Sam kissed him and pulled him out of his thoughts, back into the bed they were lying in together.

"You okay?"

Dean smiled against Sam's lips. "Yeah, I'm fine." He kissed Sam for emphasis. Sam pulled back to look into Dean's eyes.

"Are you worried about the girls?"

"I'm always gonna be worried about those girls, Sammy. My job. Worrying about them. And you."

Sam bumped Dean's nose with his. "I know, I just meant with them being in the other room now."

Dean couldn't deny that not having the girls in his room freaked him out a little. But he shook his head. "They can't be in here forever. And they're still close, and we have the monitor. It'll take some getting used to, but it's gotta happen."

Sam smiled his agreement and pressed his lips to Dean's, and Dean pulled him into a deeper kiss.

Before he knew it Sam was half on top of him, their mouths fused hot and wet together. Sam groaned into Dean's mouth as Dean sucked leisurely at Sam's bottom lip, then suddenly Sam's lips were tugging into a grin against Dean's and Dean pulled back in confusion.


"Feels weird doing this in here again. It's been a while... not having to move the party to my room."

Dean chuckled. "You call this a party? You sheltered little boy."

Sam arched his brow. And that was all the warning Dean got before Sam's hand was in his boxers, long strong fingers slipping loose around Dean's erection before squeezing, twisting and pulling a deep groan out of Dean's belly.

"Say again?" Sam whispered. "Didn't quite catch that."

He kept on stroking Dean's cock slow and strong, moved his kisses down Dean's neck, further down still as he pulled Dean's boxers down his legs. He wasted no time taking Dean into his mouth, opening his throat to let Dean inside, fitting his hands around Dean's ass when Dean's hips lifted off the bed.

Dean moaned helplessly as Sam sucked his cock and squeezed his ass, but before Sam could take him much closer to the edge, Dean pushed him away. A string of spit and precome hung between them and Sam licked his lips as he looked up at Dean in confusion.

"Sammy... wanna fuck you," husked Dean. "Want you to ride me."

Sam's eyelids lowered with lust and he kicked his sweatpants off, naked as he straddled Dean's waist. He grabbed the bottle of lube out of Dean's nightstand and handed it eagerly to his brother.

Dean ran his hand up Sam's thigh, over his hip and across the ridges of his abs. He spread lube over three of his fingers and reached behind Sam, spreading him open with one hand as he let his slick fingers play over Sam's waiting entrance. The tip of Dean's index finger hooked inside and Sam's back arched as Dean felt his way into him.

Sam gripped Dean's shoulders as Dean worked him loose, first one finger then two and then all three shoving into the tightness of Sam's body. Dean pulled Sam down into a kiss before pulling his fingers out.

"Put it inside you, baby," Dean whispered as he lifted his hips, kissing Sam's opening with the wet head of his dick. Sam obediently leaned back, held Dean's cock in position, and his eyes fell shut and his head fell back as he began to slowly sink down onto Dean's length.

By the time his ass was flush against Dean's balls, both of them were panting. Dean ran a worshipful hand up the front of Sam's body, silently thanking all of the gods for the man sitting on top of him. Sam's eyes fell back down to meet Dean's, and Sam began to move his hips.

Dean watched all of those gleaming muscles flexing on top of him, working themselves to give him pleasure; the sight was almost as good as the sensation. He thrust upwards to give that pleasure back to Sam, angling his cock to drive straight into Sam's prostate. Sam's head lolled back again as he groaned up at the ceiling.

"My big, strong baby brother," Dean growled low as he thrust into Sam. He ran his fingers through the dark dusting of hair on Sam's chest, following its trail down over Sam's rippling abs, following it to where it encircled Sam's long thick cock. "So fucking big and strong and riding my cock, so tight around me, so fucking beautiful Sammy."

Dean wrapped his lube-slick fingers around Sam's shaft and stroked him in time with his thrusts, wrapping his other hand around Sam's hip for leverage. Sam gripped Dean's thighs behind him as he rocked forward into Dean's hand and backward onto Dean's dick, gasping and groaning, moving faster and faster.

Dean watched Sam's knot grow around the base of his shaft, watched Sam's heavy balls begin to draw up close to his body. Dean stabbed up into Sam's prostate, grabbed Sam's fat knot and squeezed as he groaned, "Come for me, Sammy, come all over me."

Sam let out a strangled moan as he arched his beautiful body and shot his load across the front of Dean's body, come splattering Dean's chin and chest and stomach. He kept on riding Dean's dick, his muscles squeezing Dean inside him, Dean's head fell back as well and he choked out Sam's name as he buried himself deep and shot his own load inside of Sam.

Sam's hips kept on rocking soft and slow for a minute or so, Sam's body still bowed back, sweat dripping down him, soft moans rising from him. Dean pulled him forward and dug his fingers into Sam's hair to drag him down into a simmering kiss, trailing the kiss across Sam's bearded cheek and into his sweat-soaked hairline.

"So beautiful, Sammy," Dean breathed out as he breathed in Sam and kissed the sweat from him. Sam turned to taste his own sweat on Dean's lips.

Sam slipped free of Dean's cock and moved down to lick his own come off Dean's body, and afterwards he kissed Dean again and fed his come into Dean's mouth. Dean licked more of it from the bristles of Sam's beard.

"Guess Chuck's gonna have to avert his eyes from this bed too now," said Dean and Sam laughed breathily.

"I think he would have figured that out a long time ago."

"Don't give him too much credit."

Sam smiled as he settled against Dean's side and Dean tenderly kissed Sam's forehead, keeping his lips against Sam as they fell asleep together.