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Blue Moon Sinking From The Weight Of The Load

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Shards of a bottle and pools of whiskey joined Sam and Dean Winchester on the floor of the bunker as they rolled onto their backs and sighed with relief at being finally able to pull away from each other.

Then Dean looked over at the wasted whiskey and let out another sigh, this one of disappointment.

"You had to do that to the whiskey? That was good whiskey, man."

Sam raised a languid eyebrow and rolled his head back to look at the dark liquid spreading over the floor. He watched it for a few seconds, pouted at it, then turned his head back to smirk at Dean.

"Worth it."

The frown on Dean's face lifted into a smirk to match Sam's.

"Yeah, guess it was. Shit, I'm gonna be paying for it tomorrow though, and I don't just mean buying another bottle." Dean shifted onto his side and felt at his ass with a pained expression. "Feel like I got my ass pummeled by a werewolf. Oh wait I did."

Sam snickered and moved closer, wrapping his arm around Dean's waist. "You're okay, right?" His voice held a note of concern.

Dean leaned in to kiss him softly, pulling away with a smile.

"Better than ever."

Sam nuzzled at him, fingers running over Dean's stomach. Only a slight bulge there but Sam could feel his children growing inside of Dean. Such small, powerful things. Little declarations of Sam's love for Dean.

"You're... you're really okay with this, Dean? With all of this?" Sam's index finger circled Dean's navel. There was no question of Sam wanting it, but then this wasn't going to be Sam going through a pregnancy, it was going to be Dean, and Sam knew Dean was scared. No matter what he said otherwise. "You know I'll love you no matter what, D. Always. And just being with you is enough to make me beyond happy."

Dean nuzzled Sam's bearded face and rubbed Sam's arm gently. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little freaked out about it. A lot freaked out. And I'm not just talking about the pregnancy here, I mean... this whole different biology we have now. The werewolf thing, the Alpha and Omega thing, and now babies." Dean stopped with a heavy sigh, pushing his fingers through his short dark blond hair. "It's so fucking much to process."

Sam kissed Dean's forehead. "It is."

"There's that whole thing about Alphas dominating Omegas and, I'm telling you right now Sam, that shit is not happening," muttered Dean. "I will fucking die before I bend over and submit like some weak little bitch."

Sam wanted to laugh, with relief, with love, but he didn't want Dean to think Sam thought he was joking so he just gave Dean a broad grin. "I'll die before that happens too, Dean, I don't want anything like that to happen to you."

"And you better not turn into some pushy douchebag. You're still my little brother and I will still beat your ass if you get out of line."

Sam did laugh warmly this time. "Agreed."

Dean fell quiet for a minute or two, resting his face against Sam's neck as Sam kissed along the side of Dean's face, along Dean's ear, into Dean's sweat-dampened hair.

"Aside from the obvious burning question of 'how the hell am I supposed to give birth without a vagina', there's also the question of what we're supposed to tell these kids about their parents when they're born," said Dean anxiously. "I mean... do we tell them we're brothers... and do we tell them how the rest of the world feels about that?"

Sam fell quiet as well for a moment, his lips resting at Dean's neck. "Yeah we should tell them what we are," he whispered. "Although, I mean... we're a whole lot more than just brothers, D."

Dean pulled back to look into Sam's dark hazel eyes, inviting him to continue.

Sam smiled fondly. "You're everything to me, Dean. Not just my brother, you're my parent, my idol, you're the best friend I've ever had, you're the most beautiful human being I've ever known, inside and out."

Sam's love was reflected in Dean's golden-green eyes, but Dean dropped it to give Sam a teasing wink. "Most beautiful person you've ever been inside, huh? Such a romantic, Sammy."

Sam laughed and rolled on top of Dean. "Yeah, well, that too, baby," he murmured at Dean's mouth before kissing it, coaxing Dean's lips open with his tongue. Dean met Sam's tongue with his own, buried his fingers in Sam's long brown hair and kissed him harder, both of them groaning.

Dean felt Sam's erection connect with his and he broke the kiss. "Fuck, wait, we gotta... we gotta stop." He rolled out from under Sam, sitting with his back against the map table they'd been lying next to. He winced as his weight rested on his sore ass, felt yet another trickle of Sam's come leak out of him, and he laughed a little wildly.

"We just got through like an hour of being stuck together... I just had my ass pounded into multiple times... pretty sure there's more jizz than blood inside me right now. We should take a break."

"We should."

The look on Sam's face wasn't matching up with the words coming out of his mouth.


Sam crawled over to Dean on his hands and knees, animal hunger in his eyes, and Dean's legs parted to allow Sam between them without Dean instructing them to do so.

"Do you know... how many years... I have wanted to fuck you, Dean?"

Dean couldn't help but shiver with want.

"Almost as many years as I've wanted it?" Dean's treacherous body reached out for Sam, pulled him closer, and Dean's voice was just as hungry as Sam's. Sam grinned against Dean's throat.

"So you know that we're only just getting started."

Sam swept Dean into his arms, pulled Dean's legs around his waist, stood up and started carrying Dean through the bunker towards Sam's room. Dean shouted with indignation but his body continued to betray him, his legs clasping tight around Sam's slim hips, his hands grasping at Sam's muscled shoulders.

Sam laid them both on his bed and they sighed at the softness of the mattress underneath them, after the hour they'd spent on the floor.

Then Sam's hips rolled, slow and serpentine, against Dean's, rolling their cocks together, and their sighs took on a different tone.

"What happened to you not being a pushy douchebag," breathed Dean into Sam's ear.

Sam licked at Dean's ear. "Tell me to stop and I'll stop."

Dean only moaned in answer, pulling Sam's body closer to his with his leg around Sam's hips, drunk on the intoxicating scent of Sam above him, drenched with arousal, and below him, steeped into Sam's sheets. He slid his hand down Sam's back and onto Sam's ass, squeezing hard.

And Dean made a mental note to do that a lot more often - the noise Sam made was an animal growl, rising up from deep within Sam, and he bucked against Dean, his dick throbbing hard. Dean was throbbing too and his ass, fucked as it already was, ached to have Sam back inside of him.

"God, Sam, just fuck me already," Dean gasped out as he gripped Sam's ass and arched up against him.

Sam laughed low and sexy, lifting himself up to meet Dean's eyes. "How bad do you want it, baby?"

Lust and amusement played over Dean's face. "Baby, huh... am I your baby?" Dean leaned up to nip at Sam's mouth. "Does that make you my Daddy?"

Dean felt a powerful shudder run through Sam at that and he grinned wide.

"Daddy," he purred, licking at Sam's throat. "I want your cock so bad, Daddy."

"Dean." Sam's voice was deep and ragged, barely even a voice at all.

"What's the matter, Daddy?"

Sam's eyes were pitch black as they looked down into Dean's, and Dean watched a wicked grin crawl over Sam's face before Sam flipped them on the bed.

Sam's hand slid up around Dean's neck, pulling him down into a kiss that curled Dean's toes. He sucked at Dean's lip as he pulled back.

"Such a filthy mouth," Sam rumbled. His thumb slid across the fullness of Dean's lips. "Such a filthy fucking beautiful mouth."

Dean sucked Sam's thumb into his mouth and laved it with his tongue before pulling back smiling. "Mmmm, you like my mouth, Daddy?"

Sam's hips lifted against Dean's, letting Dean know just how much Sam approved. "I want you to put that filthy mouth on my cock, baby."

Now was Dean's turn to shudder. Those words coming out of Sam's mouth, Sam's voice like triple-distilled sex, the things it fucking did to Dean... Dean gave Sam another heated kiss and without another word he slid down Sam's body to wrap his lips around the dripping head of Sam's dick.

He tasted both himself and Sam there, and there was a part of him that was disturbed by the fact he was sucking the dick that had just been inside of him, but there was a much greater part of him that was insanely turned on by that. Sam thrust up into his mouth eagerly, dug his fingers into Dean's hair, growled out Dean's name and the little game they were playing was over - it was all about racing for the finish line now.

Dean stroked himself with one hand and Sam with the other as he sucked Sam's dick, sliding up and down over the first few inches. The other time he'd done this (which was also the only time he'd done this until now), Sam's knot had made deepthroating difficult, and Dean had little enough experience sucking anyone's dick, so he was gonna play it safe for now with a combination handjob/blowjob. Sam didn't seem to mind, if his hand fisting in Dean's hair was any indication.

Dean moaned around Sam's thick cock, stroking both Sam and himself hard and fast, savoring the taste of Sam's precome and the sound of Sam's stuttering gasps. Sam's knot started to push at Dean's fingers, Dean pulled off him, smirked up at Sam as he licked at Sam's leaking slit and he whispered, "Come for me, Daddy, fill up my mouth."

Sam came with a ragged moan, shooting come into Dean's open mouth and across the lower half of his face. Dean took Sam back into his mouth and swallowed the rest, moaning as his own orgasm hit him, coming all over Sam's thighs and Sam's sheets.

Dean laid on his back beside Sam, scooping some of Sam's come off his face and sucking it off his fingers. Sam turned towards him, licked the rest of it off Dean's face and leaned over to kiss him, pushing his come into Dean's mouth with his tongue.

"You don't ever get to call me that again," breathed Sam before sucking at Dean's lower lip again. Dean rumbled with laughter.

"Call you what, Daddy?"

He hissed as Sam bit into his lip.

"I fucking mean it, don't call me that, it's... just don't."

"You seemed to like it just fine," said Dean with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "And you don't get to order me around, you bastard, we agreed on that."

Sam shook with a soft laugh, curling up against Dean's side. "Yeah, you're right." He nuzzled Dean's neck before kissing it gently. Dean turned to find Sam's mouth with his, holding his brother against him. His brother, his lover, the father of his children, his entire world enfolded him with love.