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In which Sakura is kidnapped

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"Can you tell me, what exactly is going on here?" Haruno Sakura, a 5'2 pink haired Jounin from the hidden leaf, questions curiously. Beside her stood a twenty-year-old civilian woman with long indigo hair and striking garnet eyes. The civilian woman was a hard worker if her lean figure was anything to go by, and she was also very strange.

"There is a nasty kidnapper in this town, stealing our young and depressing our old with their presence!." The strange woman whispers loudly as she shifts forward. Sakura nods politely, filing this information away for later use. After taking another sip of her green tea with a hint of honey, Sakura stands up.

"Can you take me to where the kidnapping first started?" Sakura questions politely, The eccentric woman smiles brightly, nodding her head rapidly as she bolts up. After tightly grabbing Sakura's wrist, She leads her to an abounded orchid, filled to the brim with dead trees. Sakura glances around, eyes narrowing as she notices a house that looked as if it was under a very advanced genjustu. With a quick shunshin she appears in front of the house, her hair short pale pink hair fluttering around her from the sudden movement.

"Who's house is this?" Sakura questions, quickly becoming frustrated as her attempts to break the genjustu over the house were failing. The air shifts ominously as a dead silence crashes onto the field. Sakura turns around quickly, her fist lighting up into a sinister forest green. It was all for not however because as soon as she turns around a small prick is felt on her shoulder. Turning quickly the pinkette looks with betrayal in her shamrock colored hues. Behind her standing in her 5'2 and a half (The half is important) build standing tall, was the civilian woman who was staring at her with a pleasant smile on her tanned face and a syringe filled with a cobalt liquid.

"Your the kidnapper?" Sakura seethes, her shamrock eyes turning into a dark jade color. The woman smiles softly, and pats Sakura's head with sympathy, her garnet eyes filled with too many emotions for Sakura to even identify. The world starts to blur into indistinguishable colors that slowly fade into a black as Sakura is put into a deep sleep. 

After making sure that she was in a deep undisturbed sleep, the woman with Indigo hair and Garnet eyes turns to open the door of the old and weary house.







"Stop leaving yourself open, Dobe!" Uchiha Sasuke, a navy blue haired 5'5 Jounin of the Hidden leaf, taunts, twirling a kunai with practiced ease. Mischief was swirling through his obsidian orbs. In front of him stood Uzumaki Naruto, a sunny haired 5'4 Jounin of the hidden leaf, glares at his rival and childhood best friend with angry azure eyes.

"Who are you calling a Dobe, Teme!" Naruto yells back angrily, charging full speed out the Uchiha, feigning a right hook before launching his left leg full speed into the arrogant man. This goes on for a while, Insults being thrown left and right as the fight escalates into both of them throwing Justus and punches left and right. By the time the sun has set both young men were on the ground panting.

"I miss Sakura..." Naruto whines, staring into the star littered sky, images of family dinners littering his mind. Sasuke grunt beside him, not willing to admit that he also misses his feisty and overpowered sister.

"Hn." Sasuke replies.

"I know, I know." 


"Sasuke I get it."





With that both the boys were fighting again, roughhousing in ninja standards, and leaving there estranged father (Hatake Kakashi, 5'9 Silver haired Ex-Anbu of the hidden leaf, now a Jounin instructor) figure to sigh in exasperation and he watches from a branch on a tree to make sure they don't take it too far.


"You have to do your paperwork someday Lady Tsunade." Shizune, 5'5 Coal haired Jounin med-nin and assistant to the Hokage, grounds out. a stack at least half way to the ceiling laid in her arms as she looks for a place to put it on Tsunade's desk. Said Hokage (Senju Tsunade, Worst gambler in the world) glares with her oil colored eyes as her ash blond hair fell in her face.

"I'll do it later." She grumbles out, chugging another bottle of sake. Shizune sighs as she wishes for the pink haired apprentice to come back quick, or else she may commit murder on her Hokage.


Sai (Ex-root member, now jounin with Coal black hair and Ink colored eyes) Looks out the window of his flat, slightly dissapointed (If that is what the feeling is called) that none of his team came by for the routine dinner like that promised they would. Looking back at his painting he feels a warm feeling as his whole team sits around the table. Naruto was flinging food at Sasuke who in turn had thrown a shuriken at him, Sakura and Tenzo were having a pleasant conversation both having smiles on their faces. Kakashi was sitting next to him, trying to teach Sai on how to improve his justus. Slugs, snakes, dogs, and frogs littered the painting and Tenzo had a flower wrapping itself around his wrist. All in all the painting was very symbolic and one of the happiest moments Sai has ever experienced.


Sai looks at his door a happy feeling curling around his core as he opens the door to be greeted by his team. Tenzo (Ex-Root operative, now Jounin instructor with Bark colored hair and charcoal eyes.) Smiles down at him as Kakashi was holding two injured idiots.

"Sorry we were late Sai, these two were having a little dispute." Kakashi says cheerfully, an all too known closed eyed smile on his face. Sai welcomes them in, his painting not forgotten but put aside for something more important.

"So...Who's cooking this time?" Naruto questions.

'oh boy.'