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Ravish Me, Mr. McTavish

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“Miles, let’s go!” William called as he gave a single honk on the horn.

William drummed his fingers on the steering wheel in time with the 80s rock music playing, watching his son bid goodbye to his best friend, Jack. It was midsummer and luckily, Jack’s family had a pool. It was a good way to keep Miles entertained and cool while he was at work in the weeks he had him. It was good to see the kid outside; William couldn’t handle another week of nothing but Fortnite.

“Jack, what do we say to Miles?”

William’s hands froze mid-drum. There, standing in the front door, was perhaps the hottest girl he had seen in person in far too long. She was a sexy thing, all long, tan legs barely concealed in tiny little denim shorts, a toned, flat stomach fully on display, and cute, perky little breasts held up in a little red bikini. And that was just her body. There was also her face, that button nose and those soft, petal-pink lips. He couldn’t see her eyes, hidden as they were behind white-framed sunglasses, but he had a feeling they wouldn’t disappoint. Her chestnut hair was pulled up in a unique style, three little buns with wispy tresses having escaped to brush toned shoulders.

Before William realized what he’d done, he had shut the car off and was getting out. He was getting Miles, not going in for closer look. Obviously.

“Rey!” Jack hissed in embarrassment.

She just raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest, a little smirk on that gorgeous mouth of hers. “Jack?”

“Ugh, you’re so bossy!” Jack sighed heavily, like this was the hardest task in the universe. “Thanks for coming over, Miles,” he muttered, embarrassment flushing his pale face. He looked up as he saw Mr.McTavish approaching. “Thank you for letting Miles come play, Mr.McTavish.”

“Miles?” William suggested, standing at the shoulder of his son.

He felt a rush of stupid male pride as he watched the way Rey’s head slowly moved up his form. Not that that wasn’t unusual or anything; he was tall and broad and most people felt the need to take him fully in the first time they saw him. He hid his bulk as best he could beneath loose plaid button-ups and khakis, although he always tucked his shirt in and belted his pants off because, obviously, no one wanted to handle slipping. That was just annoying.

“Thank you for having me over, Jack. And thank you for watching us, Rey,” Miles muttered, the tips of the ears he’d inherited from his father pinking from where they peeked out beneath shaggy light brown hair.

“Very good. Head to the car, kiddo,” William instructed.

“Go wash up for dinner, Jack,” Rey bid similarly. She slid her sunglasses up to the top of her head and met William eye-to-eye. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. McTavish. I’m Jack’s big sister, Rey.”

“William, please,” he immediately replied, offering a hand to her. He was right. Her hazel eyes did not disappoint.

He did not at all miss how much larger his hand was than hers. Or really, any of him. She was so tiny and her body was so tight and it would just be so easy to shove those little shorts down, pick her up, and fuck into her like no tomorrow.

Not that he would, of course. There were lines and boundaries and he didn’t even know if she was old enough.

“William,” she repeated, and her voice made his name sound like the sweetest of words.

Thank god for these loose khakis.

“I hope Miles was good?” William asked, finally dropping his hand, even though he didn’t want to.

“Oh, yeah. He’s an angel. I mean, the boys can be little shits sometimes because they’re preteens, but, hey, who wasn’t a shit at that age? I’m so glad to be over all that middle school and high school drama, not that college kids are any better,” she grinned.

Oh, yes. College meant adult, and adult meant that William was free to imagine bending her over the railing of this porch and slamming into her sweet little body.

Outwardly, he chuckled. “No, they’re really not. Thank you, though, for watching him today. It’s my week with him but I’m restricted on time off from work.” Because I wasted a lot of it drinking my days away when Claire decided to divorce me.

“Aw, I understand. I was so sorry to hear about that. I know it’s been rough on Miles, and I can only imagine how hard it must be for you,” Rey frowned, reaching out to touch his arm.

William repressed a shiver at her gentle touch. It was innocence, pure and sweet, but his needy,perverted brain couldnâ t help it.

“Thank you, I appreciate that,” he nodded.

“Listen, I’d love to have the boys over whenever you need a break, okay? Our parents aren’t home a lot, but I promise you can trust me. I run a tight ship,” she winked

He couldn’t dare to glance once again at her tight body, at her smooth stomach and her arms that told him that this was a girl who took good care of herself. The part of him that wasn’t a horny monster knew that he could appreciate having someone like that in his life. That part of him was perhaps even more delusional.

“I’d appreciate that, Rey. And same, here. If you ever need to ditch Jack so you can go to college girl things like partying or studying or whatnot, I’d be happy to assist,” William offered.

She grinned at that. “Thanks, William.”

He couldn’t very well just stand on her porch and wish that he was flirting with her, though, so he bid her goodbye and made his way back to his SUV.

“She seems very nice. I didn’t know Jack had an older sister,” William said as he pulled out of the driveway.

Miles had become friends with Jack just a few years ago, and at the time, Claire had always handled pickups and drop offs. Now that they were divorced, though, he had to take on the responsibilities of that once they split. He couldn’t very well mind this time, though.

“Yeah, Rey’s pretty hot,” Miles shrugged.

“Hot? Did I just hear my son say that he thought a girl was hot?” William gasped. When had this developed? And why did he feel an irrational spike of stupid male territorial anger at the thought of his own son as romantic competition? Maybe the heat was getting to him, too.

“I mean, yeah. You saw her. She’s hot,” Miles replied, slouching down in further embarrassment.

William let out a chuckle. “And a little too old for you, kiddo.”

“Hey, she’s 22. That’s only eleven years! I can wait for her!” Miles argued.

Good, 22. Perfectly legal.

“Why don’t you focus on girls your own age and leave the adults to me?” William jested, even though there was an edge of truth.

“Ew, Dad. You’re, like, 46. Gross,” Miles said, his face scrunched up in horror.

William just chuckled some more, this time, though, to hide the pain. Yeah, he knew he was too old for her. But he at least had his fantasies, right?



Rey couldn’t get him out of her head, and she didn’t know how she felt about it. On one hand, it was wrong, because he was clearly a few decades older than her, but on the other, she just couldn’t stop thinking about him, maybe because it was a taboo. Mr. McTavish She could say that, right? He had that older gentleman hotness about him, and his hand had felt so warm and huge when it had touched hers.

Usually, it was Miles’ mom that came to pick him up, or his stepdad, Rick, but Rick wasn’t good looking. Rick wasn’t big and strong and full of so much life like Mr. McTavish. William. He’d said to call him William.

He was fascinating to her, and she was so curious as to why he and Claire had divorced, but she was glad they had, if she was being totally honest with herself. The mental image of Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber popped up, where he goes “so you’re telling me there’s a chance?” and she knew that while that chance may be the same as hell freezing over, it was still a chance.

Not that she was actually going to take it.

That would be absolutely humiliating, to be crushing on her little brother’s best friend’s dad, admit said crush to him, and then have him pat her head and tell her that she was too young for him and that she needed to date people her own age or something else that was just as embarrassing.

So why was she still thinking about him?

Probably because he was fucking gorgeous, his salt and pepper hair doing something between her legs that she knew should be wrong. And he was built like a brick wall, seeable even beneath those loose-fitting button-ups he wore. Those khakis were also nice, complimenting the shirt and letting her know that he actually cared about his appearance. Too many guys at college thought it was cool to have their pants hanging down around their ass, underwear on full display.

And his eyes...those warm, honey caramel eyes that had seemed so inviting and lovely. She wondered what they looked like when he was aroused, how maybe they would look like they were on fire.

But those hands...she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t touched herself that night, swept up into some horrible fantasy about how those hands would feel traversing every inch of her skin. How maybe he liked being called Mr. McTavish instead of William. Was he a roleplayer? What were his kinks? Without knowing what they truly were, she was free to insert whichever ones she wanted. And boy, she wanted.

The name she’d whispered out that night when she came hadn’t been William or Mr. McTavish at all. No, it had been something else entirely. Something she’d only recently discovered, thanks to the wonderful world of fanfiction.

And it was all she could think to call him. She’d probably never see him again, though. And if she did, she’d have to make sure to slow down before addressing him as anything.

“Come on, Rey,” she muttered to herself as she packed her bag up from staying at home for the weekend. Her laundry had been washed, and she'd had some family time, for once. Now it was time to head back to campus for the week (damn summer classes), where she would have a hard time focusing on studying, instead of him. “Stop it, you’re being ridiculous. He’s not interested in someone like you. You’re too young. He’s probably seeing someone, anyway.”

He had to be. No one that hot was single for very long.