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Seriously, who had bullet proof glass in the shower?

Well now Edward knew who did, but that just raised a whole gamut of questions he was not even willing to think about at this moment.

Wearing a plush white robe, Edward sat on the king sized bed in his boyfriend’s penthouse apartment, holding a wad of surgical swab against his thigh.  He tried to ignore the red stain seeping through the cloth, holding it firmly as per his doctor boyfriend’s orders.  His injury, while slight, could have been larger or fatal, had not the glass in the large shower been armored.

The shower in Carlisle Cullen’s penthouse was on a scale that Edward had never seen.  It was effectively a large bathroom suite within the master bedroom, encircled by switchable privacy glass on three sides; which had the ability to be completely translucent or opaque at the flip of a switch. The fourth wall was a 20 foot high stone clad wall. Inside the room were four steps down into a sunken floor that served as both shower and spa and consisting of a massive shower head, handheld sprays and taps.

At the moment of the attack Carlisle had pushed Edward down into the empty pool area away from the gunman, however the bullet impacts had caused glass shrapnel over area, which Edward inadvertently fell onto.

Carlisle stood the door to the devastated bathroom, now shielded by large drop sheets concealing the gruesome scene.  Carlisle was speaking to two heavily armed men who had the manner of law enforcement but were clearly not police; also present was a well groomed man in a tailored suit and tie.  The latter seemed out of place in the situation, not that Edward would have ever thought Carlisle would have looked right in such a place either, the well-dressed man seemed be coordinating the scene, however Carlisle was clearly in charge. As if aware of Edward’s gaze Carlisle turned to look at the younger man and sighed when Edward quickly turned away, folding his body into itself in an attempt to hide from notice.

Carlisle confirmed that the clean-up was under control and excused himself; heading toward to the clearly distressed young man who was trying to become invisible.  He knelt in front of Edward, taking the compress from him and lifting it to examine the injury.  Carlisle was relieved that Edwards’ injuries consisted only of shallow lacerations from the glass; that did not appear to require sutures. 

After Carlisle had disposed of their attacker, he had carried a barely conscious Edward into the bedroom.  He had called his security team, who had already been alerted by the gunfire.  While waiting for aid he had focussed on Edward, his medical training allowed him to make quick work of assessing Edward and remove the shards of glass from his beautiful boys’ leg. 

Edward had revived just as he completed cleaning the wound and rather than wrap his boyfriends leg, gave him the task of holding the bandage so to provide the young man something to focus on while Carlisle was taken away by the security team.

Retrieving a sterile bandage from his medical kit, Carlisle applied an antiseptic spray and then wrapped the wound, all the while trying to make eye contact with Edward.

“I would like to keep this bandaged up overnight and check it again in the morning,” he kept his voice soft trying to determine what Edward was thinking.  The attack had been sudden in both its execution and conclusion; a traitorous member of his staff had made the assassination attempt which he had dealt with efficiently with one of the many weapons secured around his home.

However looking at Edward he now suspected the duration would be longer than the war.  The young man had been ignorant as to Carlisle’s alternate career and looking at him now he was not taking it well.

He looked up as the young man speaks softly.

“I want to go home. NOW!” Edward declared as his hands start to shake, gripping together to stop the tremors.

“Tomorrow, baby.  I promise,” Carlisle murmured.  “You need to rest, and we need to talk,” Edward lowered his head and started to sniff, trying unsuccessfully to keep tears at bay.  Carlisle reached for him only for Edward to move rapidly to the other side of the bed.

“Ok! Ok!” Carlisle lifted his hands and rose from the floor. 

“I will get Carmen to assist you to the guest room,” Carmen was one of the few staff that Edward had known well and was friend of both Edward and his mother, “Get some sleep and I will explain everything in the morning.”

Carlisle was not sure how and what he would tell Edward, but he needed to word it carefully.  He cared for the young man and would do anything to turn back time to early this evening; he would have gone with his original plan to take Edward to a late show at the movies and go home with his boyfriend and share homemade ice-cream in his family kitchen.  But no they had been keen to move their relationship up a notch and Edward felt, and Carlisle agreed, that time away from the same roof as mother, would help Edward relax. 

Watching a trembling Edward being escorted by his house manager, Carlisle knew that their plans were for naught and he would be lucky if Edward every spoke to him, let alone be willing to continue a relationship with him. 

Packing his medical kit Carlisle noticed his colleague quietly waiting for his attention.  He sighed and followed the men into the bathroom where the body of his attacker had been moved to a body bag and the room cleaned.  The only remaining item was the installation of new toughened glass, which had demonstrated as being well worth the cost.  Trying not to think of what could have been, or what he may have lost, he returned to the matter at hand.

Edward followed Carmen to the penthouse guest room.  He had stayed in the room only once before, the first night he had ‘slept over’ at Carlisle’s.  Every other time since that first visit, he had shared Carlisle’s bed; not for anything beyond kissing any cuddling, but to enjoy the comfort of sleeping in the arms of another.  Ignoring Carmen as she asked if he needed anything, he looked around and noticed his tuxedo and a pair of sleep pants on the dresser.

He thought of having a shower, of washing himself clean of the fear and violence; however the very thought made him shake and he ran to the toilet retching violently.  Suddenly Carmen was sitting behind him, rubbing his back and making soothing noises.  Turning, Edward flung himself into the arms of the older woman and started to sob, continually whimpering, “I want to go home.”

After a while he calmed to a point that Carmen was able to dress him in the sleep pants and put him to bed, leaving a cup of herbal tea beside the bed to help him calm and rest.  She watched as he brought the cup to his lips and sipped the soothing liquid, he smiled at her in thanks.  Carmen watched as he sat up in preparation to finish his drink and promising she would be close by, she then left the room.  Edward got up and poured the contents of the cup down the hand basin, he had no doubts that his doctor boyfriend would have ensured that the drink would have a sedative included in the ingredients, and as tempting as it was to fall into a dreamless sleep, he was afraid to under Carlisles’ roof. 

Lying flat on his back, he tried to work out how he had ended up in this situation; what clues had he missed that such violence was a part of, and prepared for, within Carlisle’s life?

Tears started to roll down his cheeks, “Carlisle please, let me go home,” he sobbed.