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Prompt and Circumstance

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Fairies didn’t need sleep. That was why they could hear any whispered wish or plea. Some would sit in the sky and wait for someone to call them out directly. That pretty young fairy from up North, for instance. She never came unless it was her star the humans begged with. Some only came for parties, special events where they could throw around their magic in exchange for praise and food.

But she didn’t have reason for who she picked. It was all on a whim and that suited her just plenty.

“Please, just let him find a good girl.”

Not being tied to specific pleas or specific dates freed her to be there when he sent out his prayer. She was there to pat his bald head and give him what he wanted.

“Who are you?”

“Your fairy godmother, dear. Now, tell me more about your wish.”

He told her more than just his wish. He told her about his son, handsome and fair but unable to pick a bride. He told her about his wife, bless her soul, and his kingdom. He told her about his dreams for the future. He shared with her things she doubted he had told another soul and each confession was locked away inside her.

It was her idea to host a ball. “Think of it! So romantic and then he can met all the girls in the kingdom.”

There had been worse starts to royal marriages and with no nearby royal families there was no reason to not have a commoner as a princess. So he agreed, taking her advice in everything from the music to the food.

But her work didn’t end when the doors to the palace opened. She was off, helping some poor girl who hadn’t realized she had been wishing for a fairy’s help. A little wave of her wand and all the destruction from her horrible family melted away leaving the perfect answer to her king's wish.

And when the prince began to dance with the mysterious woman in silver no eyes were on the king and his companion.

“A perfect match for your son.” She said, taking his hand in hers.

He wanted to say a hundred things. Thanks for all she had done. Compliments on the dress that flattered her and helped her blend into the ballroom’s crowd. Worries about the possibility of his son not seeing the girl’s perfection.

But in the end all he did was pull her towards a secluded corner of the dance floor. “You are a wonder, aren’t you?”

And for the first time in a long time the fairy who called herself a godmother wondered if she had granted his wish for selfish reasons. But then he was tripping over his feet and she was too busy laughing to care.