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Prompt and Circumstance

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There was always some kind of condition for paradise, and Neverland was no exception. The rules were never spoken, but everyone knew them. The pirates, the mermaids, everyone. Because Never Neverland was very strict about those rules and no one wanted to risk breaking them.

So when the Wendy-Girl kissed him Peter obeyed the rules and pushed her away. Oh, he felt bad, especially as her eyes filled with tears but it was against the rules. He could feel eyes watching them, even when those eyes weren’t real. He could hear the Death Beetle clicking its warning.

“We don’t do that here, Wendy.”


The mermaids regarded her with horror before she could finish her question. They couldn’t think of pranks, not when she was wanting their Peter to break the rules. They swam around her, yelling and screaming and pleading that she never try kissing their Peter again because though he was forever a boy he was still just a boy. Boys were so easily tempted to break the rules.

“We don’t do that here, Wendy.”


Next to her father’s fire Princess Tigerlily should have been warm and happy. But the Wendy-Girl was there asking her questions that made her cold. Questions that no one should ever ask. The princess wondered if the girl had been asking Peter these questions. Was that why he hadn’t been playing with them? Was he at least smart enough to hide from her? But she couldn’t ask because the Wendy-Girl wanted answers.

“We don’t do that here, Wendy.”


He imagined she only asked him because no one else would tell her. Brave girl, rowing up to his boat and politely requesting an audience. And politeness had to be rewarded with like. The captain liked to think that was why they were sitting in his private cabin, drinking tea and not at all threatening one another.

But really it was because he knew no one else would answer her question.

“This land has rules, my dear. It’s a beautiful land, don’t you think?”

She looked out his window to see the lush forest and tall mountain and the sky so blue it seemed unnatural. “Oh yes.”

“That is because this is an eternal, innocent paradise. Everyone here must obey the rules or Neverland will kill you.” He reached for his pipe and amused himself with the notion that violence and tobacco wasn’t considered taboo by the unspoken rules but something so intimate was wicked. “Peter doesn’t want to kiss you because kissing may lead to sex. I know your both very young but he’s good reason to fear such a thing. If you lose your virginity in Neverland, you die.”

The color drained from Wendy’s face and the tea cup fell from her hand. But Captain Hook wasn’t concerned. It was a natural reaction.

“We have no control of the rules and they apply to you as long as you’re here. Be wary, my dear.”

When she returned to Peter, shy and scared Peter, she hugged him close. She apologized and swore to never do it again. And when he relaxed in her arms Wendy decided not to mention the kiss she’d left with the Captain. It had been a chaste kiss upon his cheek, a thank you for actually telling her the truth.

And she certainly didn’t tell him that the sound of the Death Beetle’s clicking had been following her since.

No need getting him panicked.