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i am broken, but not yet shattered

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Midoriya Izuku should not be alive. At least, that's what he thought as he tossed his limp body off of the roof of Oudera Middle School. But now, here he is, standing in front of the school of his now obliterated dreams, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and his black tinted aviator sunglasses sliding down his nose as he stared down his future.

Okay, rewind real quick. How the hell did they wind up here again? Oh, that's right. It started when he had gotten out of the hospital.

Midoriya Izuku had been a perfect student up until when he was pulled out of school to do online courses. Now, he's a hot mess.



"Fuckfuckfuckfuckno, go away, Nefer, I don't have time for your bullshit, FUCK!" Izuku yelled as he was booking it down the dark alleyway, the police sprinting after him. Grabbing a protruding pipe, Izuku swung himself into the broken down doorway of an abandoned office building and raced up the nearest stairwell to the third floor. After running into an office at the back of the building, Izuku realized that he had fucked up big time. So there he was, trapped between the wall and the ring off policemen surrounding him.

Well, shit, Zuku, Nefer said, laughing a little. You are such an idiot. What made you think that running into an abandoned office building was a good idea? Nefer's laughter echoed in his head, bouncing off of walls that weren't even there.

Izuku growled as the police ordered him to hand over his backpack and put his hands on his head. Instead of doing as ordered, Izuku bolted to the nearest window and jumped out of it, Nefer's laughing cushioning his fall. You're welcome, the alter spat, his voice lined with venom.


Nefer grinned quietly as Izuku continued to run towards his apartment. They had almost made it when suddenly, to Izuku's dismay, a pro-hero popped up out of nowhere. "Stop," he said, his long black hair tied up in a bun. The hero's hands lifted to the scarf wrapped around his neck, the thick fabric sturdy in his hands. "You should be at a police station, shouldn't you, little Midoriya Izuku?"

Goddamit, whispered Echo, her soft voice slowly making it to Izuku's ears. That's Eraserhead, also known as Aizawa Shouta. Be wary, mi querido Izuku. He's a tricky one.

Izuku grinned quietly. "Well then, you're just going to have to tell me how to beat him."