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Things Can Only Get Better

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You took a deep breath, trying to relax your stiffened limbs from sitting ramrod straight on the school bus. You hoped to God he didn’t see you, not yet. You hadn’t thought of a good excuse as to why you were here. Why you transferred High Schools for your Junior year from one of the most elite High schools' of the country, Sanguinem, to... well, here. But the more stops the bus made - the more kids bustling on that weren’t Yuu - the more you relaxed. Maybe he doesn’t get the bus in? You rolled your eyes at yourself, you know Yuu better than that.

“He’s not coming.”

You muttered to yourself. Or he’s not coming on time at least, but that’s still not great. You sighed as the report of Yuuichirou Amane being arrested for assaulting a Police Officer. You found you were rubbing your temples with your fingertips at the memory. Even though you knew exactly why he was acting up. You winced as a flash of blue eyes came to mind before you exhaled a sharp breath to shake the feeling of unease. You didn’t feel comfortable interrupting the swarm of students tripping over each other to get out the bus and so you sat and waited. Why could they possibly want to get off of the bus so quickly? People don’t like school that much. You dusted your long, warm brown skirt down as you rose from your seat, re-adjusting your lilac cardigan and grabbed your bag.

You thanked the bus driver as you hopped off of the last step and onto the school grounds and the driver offered raised brows with a stuttered ‘sure’, not being accustomed to ever receiving a thank you from the students they drove. You allowed another deep breath as you took in your surroundings, the school was much larger than the one you’d come from. Cars whizzed by with loud rock music booming from the seems of the windows and if you didn’t watch yourself you could have been taken out by that skater kid that shot passed.

“Watch it!”

The guy turned to bark before flying off again – all you’d registered was an agitated face with follicles and bright pink hair. You held yourself as a group of girls walked passed as if you weren’t there, nearly knocking into you. You huffed impatiently at the lack of manners before overhearing their conversation,

“… Oh my God! It’s him

“Ugh can’t he just notice me already!”

“I know, right?”

The girls giggled to each other as they’d stopped in their tracks a few feet away. Out of curiosity you followed their gaze to see some guy get out of a bright red car, an arrogant aura clearly surrounded him as he finished a drag of his cigarette before flicking it away carelessly. Upon first look, if you didn’t know any better you would have thought it was Yuu, but he was too tall. Despite his apparent attitude, you understood why these girls were fawning over him: He had a tall, lean and muscular frame with messy raven locks that were pushed back by black sunglasses. He was clad in a white sleeveless t-shirt and a sleeveless denim jacket that was dark blue, a red flannel shirt hugged his waist at his black boyfriend-cut jeans with tears in and he stomped on the cigarette stub on the concrete with black doc martens. He screamed sex appeal. You rolled your eyes as you swept passed the girls to go inside.

Others got out the car and Shinya asked from the driver’s side,

“Isn’t that supposed to be Yuu’s friend?”

As he leant on the roof of the car to address Guren, but he wasn’t paying attention. He followed Shinya’s gaze to where he could see your back walking towards the building in your sweet clothing and neat (h/c) hair. He shrugged as he fiddled with his ear spike on his left ear,

“How am I supposed to know?”

He rebuffed with a chuckle before their group made their way to their first class. You couldn’t help but scan the hallways to see if Yuu was anywhere to be seen, but there was no sign of his messy black mop of hair. You sighed, you’d been so worried about him since -

“Hi there, you must be (Y/N) (L/N)?”

You huffed as you jumped before turning to source the voice. It was a preppy blonde girl with great blue orbs for eyes, in high waisted, bright blue slacks that held an oversized pink top in place with a white belt, her shining blonde hair in voluminous neat waves.

“My name is Mitsuba, I’m your class president and will be giving you a tour during our first class.”

You sighed, allowing a smile whilst offering your hand back to her extended one to shake,

“Hi, yea, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you.”

So, Mitsuba was a Junior like you, Class president, president of the debate club and head of the prom committee. The poster girl for good, but she was surprisingly comforting to be around and not as stuck up as she initially appeared. She showed you the cafeteria, the buildings you needed to know for your subjects, counselling, the library, the gymnasium all whilst offering you flyers for the various clubs and activities you could join.

“… Down there is the Drama studio where they obviously do Drama club as well as lessons – the music hall’s here…”

Pointing out the many different classrooms that you may not remember due to just how many there were, but you appreciated her efforts nonetheless. All in under the hour too, you raised your brows, impressed. You were being shown the football field and you sat on the bleachers together to discuss any questions. The sun was surprisingly warm as it crawled to 10am, you allowed the warm sensation soak into your skin, removing your cardigan to free your arms.

“Thank you for showing me around, by the way.”

You stated sincerely and she smiled brightly,

“Of course! If you need anything, you know where the student council is! Our office hours for drop ins are between 4-5pm on a Wednesday and – HEY!”

You jolted at her sudden change in tone and shielded your eyes with your hand from the sun in order to see why she’d pounced to the other side of the football field. She was yelling at some burn outs who were smoking on school grounds during class. Unthinkingly your legs carried you to follow her across the dewy grass and as you were about ten feet away from peering beneath the bleachers in between the steel steps, your furrowed brows shot up as you saw who one of the ‘burn outs’ was.


Your voice an agitated whimper as you’d manoeuvred under the bleachers. His spring green eyes widened with a start at the sight of you. Ignoring his prior lazy stance, he took a measured step towards you,


His voice almost broke with his whisper. Whilst Mitsuba initially didn’t take too kindly to being ignored, she sensed a sadness to the obvious history shared between you both. She shifted her gaze a moment before clearing her throat in the hopes of easing some tension.

“Well if Little Miss President hasn’t killed the buzz, this vibe’s sure gonna do it.”

A tall blonde crossed his arms clad in oxford blue denim with a flick of his mullet. A cloud of smoke drifted your way and you scrunched your nose in disgust, glaring at the mullet before turning your attention back to Yuu, who shifted uncomfortably under your gaze. Mitsuba frowned,

“Shut up, Goshi. You and Ichinose might be seniors but I can still report you if you piss me off.”

Whilst jabbing a finger at the mullet and you internally smirked, you liked her more already. You couldn’t believe you didn’t notice him before, but it was when she’d pointed at them both did you see who must have been Ichinose. That guy from the parking lot that the girls mewed over. He was leaning against the underneath of the bleachers the whole time until now,

“Both of you can it, would ya?”

He commanded with a lazy smile and the two shot him a glare but Goshi rolled his eyes, leaning back against the bleachers, crossing his arms again. Your eyes flit to Yuu who’s great emerald orbs were shining with an almost childlike innocence since having seen you, as he looked on at Mitsuba and Guren.

“Don’t test me, Ichinose - !”

“Calm down, Prez. We’re leaving.”

He spoke in a silky voice as he flit his head towards the school and Goshi followed suite.

“Get to class, kid.”

He told Yuu before glancing at you with his sultry, purple eyes and sweeping towards the school. Mitsuba let out an exhausted sigh as she faced you both again, appearing upset,

“Again, Yuu? Really?”

She’d passed anger. His eyes were glazed over in thought, he must have been really shocked to see you as he normally always had something to say, being the hot head he was. She shook her head before pointing towards the school,

“Come on guys, let’s get to class.”


Your class crawled by and you eagerly awaited lunch with the hopes of seeing Yuu. Hopefully under better circumstances, you internally rolled your eyes. Being one year his senior, you wouldn’t be in classes together. It was as you’d expected and worse, then. Not only was he smoking with seniors during first period, but he even looked different too. He always had this stubborn agitation about him but, it looked like he was going all out what with his black, studded leather jacket and torn jeans and smoking? You sighed for the fiftieth time this hour, this is going to be harder than you thought.

“Where did he even get a jacket like that? Jeesh.”

You muttered to yourself unintentionally and earned some curious frowns before a tint of rouge dusted your cheeks. Great. From thinking of Yuu, you couldn’t help but ponder on Mika. You grimaced. Thinking of Mika hurt more than thinking about Yuu. How you all grew up together in the orphanage. You three with Akane were inseparable. The nostalgic thought allowed a smile to grace your lips, but it dimmed when you thought of how Akane had passed away. You sighed a hefty sigh, holding your face in your hands a moment. I hate cancer. At least it’s been long enough now that thinking of Akane only left a dull ache in it’s wake instead of the pang of despair felt when Mika’s beautiful blue eyes and soft blonde locks graced your thoughts.

As you’d wandered to the cafeteria, you’d seen those very same eyes on a poster upon the cork board.



Have you seen this boy?

Mikaela Shindo, 16, 5ft 8,

Last seen on 22/03/1983 at 21:04 along the…


You couldn’t bring yourself to stare at the poster for much longer to see the other details given. You realized you hadn’t really made an effort to make any friends yet and scanned the cafeteria for Mitsuba but couldn’t spot her in the hoard. You rolled your eyes and just decided to eat on a random table alone, not caring that it likely looked ‘weird’ or ‘sad’ to others. You were nibbling on your sandwich quite peacefully, trying not to think about Mika, when you were interrupted by a pair of strong palms being placed on the opposite side of your table. You trailed your gaze up to see an arrogant smirk plastered upon Ichinose’s face, his purple eyes piercing and you found your mouth gaped infinitesimally for a moment before commanding yourself to snap it shut.

“(Y/N), right?”

How does he know my name? His smirk grew as he spoke with velvet tones that usually made girls drool. You broke the intense eye contact with a slightly uneasy laugh,

“Uhm… are you lost?”

Finally meeting his beautiful lavender eyes again. What could he possibly want? And you realized, what if it’s about Yuu? But you had no time to ponder on the thought. He gave you a flirtatious once over before claiming to your (e/c) eyes,

“Lost in your eyes.”

With an almost imperceptible wink that dripped with sex. After a moment of dumb silence, you burst out in a bubbling, uncontrollable laughter. His shoulders shifted slightly along with his brows, only for a moment. He’s never had that reaction before.


You stifled a snigger to say. You bit down your smile at the situation, unbeknownst to the two of you, girls from all around the cafeteria were glaring daggers. Before you could interrogate him about Yuu, Goshi yelled from behind Guren’s bent frame,

“Hey, Guren! Shinya’s waiting.”

Guren twisted his shoulders to see Goshi flick his head behind him, his palms remained on the table as his gaze returned to you. You offered a bright smile before stating,

“Uhm I actually need to go too, so – uh… see you.”

With an awkward air about it, still trying not to laugh at his line as you gather your things. Guren straightened himself, a fleeting moment of furrowed brows before relaxing into his usual smirk but it didn’t touch his eyes. He was taken aback that you didn’t swoon at his presence like everyone else seemed to. He watched you with a questioning smirk as you attempted to brush past Goshi’s frame that almost took up the entire doorway.


He commented to himself with a pompous scoff. Looks like getting what he wanted from you was going to take more tact than he usually needed when talking to girls.


“So… thanks for meeting me.”

You said to the back of Yuu’s head with an anxious flutter of your heart as you both perched on the steps outside the Arcade. There was a moment of silence where you played with your hands and he fidgeted, before he finally faced you,

“I can’t believe you’re really here.”

He smiled at you brightly, seemingly out of nowhere and you couldn’t help but smile back, finally being re-united with your best friend, your family.

“How long has it been? Two years?”

He emphasised, and you offered a guilt-ridden smile before you ruffled his jet-black locks as you claimed,

“I couldn’t leave you to fend for yourself for too long, now could I?”

He laughed in protest as he tried to swat you away,

God, I forgot how annoying you were.”

He smirked and you bubbled in laughter until his smirk looked too much like Ichinose. You hoped he didn’t spend as much time with that guy as much as you feared. You lightly punched his shoulder with a,

“I’m still not as annoying as you.”

You quipped. He smiled more genuinely and you wanted to return the smile for a moment before you were about to soil the levity.

“Yuu… how regularly to do skip class?”

He sighed, sensing this was coming. His eyes found the concrete steps as he answered,

“I don’t know… a lot.”

You ran a hand through your (h/c) hair as he rolled his skateboard under his foot back and forth idly where the steps met the parking lot.

“Is it because of Ichinose?”

“Wha – Guren?! Pff.”

Yuu’s emerald eyes flared as he snapped his glare to you before scoffing vehemently. You were anxious not to lecture him too harshly, for fear he wouldn’t listen and leave you here with some foul words on his lips.

“If that’s his name… but –“

You articulated carefully but lost the words. But he’s not the reason, just an influence. It suddenly clicked. You took a deep breath before daring to touch the sensitive subject,

“Is this because of Mika?”

He audibly flinched with a wince, but otherwise chose not to answer. Your eyes pricked as you wrapped your arms around his bicep, plonking your head on his shoulder,

“I miss him too.”

You both stayed there a moment, his head hung low as both of your thoughts lead to Mika.

“I just want to know that he’s safe. That’s all I want.”

He tensed under your arms as his voice strained, a pang of sadness shot through you as Mika’s bright smile came to mind along with Yuu’s pain. Suddenly Yuu wrapped his arms around your neck in embrace and you felt a wetness at your neck from his tears,

“I know he’s out there, (Y/N), but the more I look –“

He choked back a small sob, wrapping his arms around you tighter. You ensnared him in a protective embrace as if protecting a child. He managed,

“I just want him back. I’m tired of losing people.”

You held him with an equalled fervour as you cooed,

“I know. Me too.”

You knew for a fact that Yuu never gave up on anything he cared about, especially not family. He would have been the first to opt for the search parties. By this point, over half a year has passed since his disappearance. Most believe Mika ran away. Or worse. People had started to care less and give up on finding him, but Yuu? There must be a reason he hasn’t run away himself just to try to find Mika. Yuu had loosened his grip on you, apologizing for his sudden outburst,

“I haven’t cried for months.”

He’d added with a humorless laugh. You assured him that it’s ok,

“It’s good to cry sometimes.”

You added before holding each other quietly.