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Star Trek Imagines (reader inserts)

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“So what is it called again?” you asked as you and Tasha made your way into the holodeck, a holographic field of grass before you with a black and white ball sitting in the middle of it. Two nets sat on opposite ends of the field, empty.

“Soccer,” she replied, “though some people call it football.”

“I thought football had a brown ball?” you asked with a frown.

Tasha laughed. “There’s two kinds of football. One was played in the United States with the brown ball, the other was what the rest of the world called soccer.”

You shook your head. “So confusing. All right, so we kick this ball, yeah?”

“Yeah. You’re not allowed to touch it with your hands.”

You smirked as you approached the ball. “Let’s see how good my aim is.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine,” Tasha said with a smile. She went back several feet. “Okay, try to kick it to me.”

You got a running start, then kicked the ball with the toe of your shoe. The ball went into the air, flying past Tasha’s head.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed. “Not bad. Try kicking with the side of your foot. You’ll have better control over the direction.”

You nodded.

She went to retrieve the ball, then jogged back, dribbling it between her feet. Then, she kicked it at you and it came just to your left.

You reached your foot out quickly to stop it. “How did you learn this?”

“My roommate at the academy played it with some friends. I played occasionally.”

The two of you then spent the next little while practicing kicking and dribbling. You were nowhere near as good as she was, but you had to admit you weren’t terrible. Sure, you had to work on your aim and on keeping control of the ball whilst dribbling. But, you got the basics down.

“Do you want to try playing with some other players?” Tasha asked you.

You sucked in a breath between your teeth. “Only if they’re on easy mode,” you joked.

Tasha laughed. “Don’t worry, it’ll just be a friendly game.”

You smiled and nodded. “All right. And I want you on my team.”

She grinned at you. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”