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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, United Duelists Academy

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"Messiah… its direct definition is: a leader or savior of a particular group or cause," Soul thought, "It's said that the type of monsters that a duelist can use represents the person on a very deep level…" his thoughts echoed in his mind.

Soul walked inside a dark void, moving forward but going nowhere.

"It's all bullshit if you ask me…" Soul said out loud, his voice echoing through the endless expanse of darkness, "Perhaps our monsters represent the opposite of what we are? Maybe they symbolize the personality that we show on the outside, but are the opposite of our true selves…" he thought out loud.

"If so… then my monsters fit me perfectly," Soul said as he stopped walking and looked down at his hands, "My Blade-Messiah's are saviors, they lead people to safety, to a new future… but I'm not anything like that… I lead people to despair, and I halt future's in their tracks…" he said as his hand trembled.

"I destroyed my family's home… and I ended a life that had hardly even experienced life," he said as he clenched his fist, "I killed Cahya…" he sighed.

He looked up, and a golden wisp of light in the shape of a dragon's head was looking him in the eye.

"You're my power, I've accepted that," Soul said firmly, "and I've decided that the world would be better off without you, or me…" he said as he glared into the sharp, green eyes that hovered inside the gold wisp.

The wisp's green eyes narrowed for an instant before looking him in the eye again.

A soft growl resounded from the wisp before it slowly flickered and vanished, leaving Soul alone.

Soul woke up, his eyes snapping open.

He was sitting in the waiting room, and he had gotten too comfortable while he was leaning against the wall and had fallen asleep.

He had woken up right on time. "Challenger Soul, please make your way to the pitch…" a robotic voice rang in Soul's ears.

He looked up and noticed that he had decided to sleep right underneath the speaker that informed teams when their match was about to begin, which explained why it was so loud this time around.

"Alright, let's get this over with…" Soul sighed as he walked towards the door that led to the arena where he would fight for the last time.

"Introducing the team that has been taking the tournament by storm, the team of first-year brothers… The Sakaki's!" Melissa declared, yelling into her microphone.

Her commentary did what it was meant to do, and it got the crowd screaming in excitement as Yuya entered first with a series of backflips, before landing perfectly on his feet and flashing the crowd a wide smile.

"Of course, Yuya has to make the flashiest entrance ever…" Yuri chuckled as he walked out with Yugo and Yuto behind him.

"It's Yuya! What did you expect?" Yugo said with a grin.

"Eyes up you two, here comes Soul…" Yuto said sharply.

"And opposing them… Soul Messoran!" Melissa's voice echoed out of the many loudspeakers in the stadium, "Due to an unfortunate accident, Syrup Maple is unable to join us… but Soul has assured us that she will return and that he will be sure to win in her place!" She declared.

"With all of the reporters swarming me about it, I just said whatever I needed to say…" Soul grumbled.

"Tch, look at him…" Yuri growled, "I dunno if he's being cocky or he's just tired…" he clicked his tongue.

Soul's face remained emotionless as he walked to his position on the field, facing the Yu-boys on the other side.

A screen appeared in front of Soul and he sighed, "Well, it's one versus four, so of course I'm picking the field again. What a pain…" he groaned.

One field, however, caught his eye.

Action Field: ON

Unlimited Blade Castle, activate!

The robotic voice called out the name of the field, and the sky turned into a Dusk Orange, and the sun changed into a bright green color.

It was all Real Solid Vision, but damn did it look real.

Dark clouds formed in the sky, almost obscuring the sun and giving the orange sky a darker shade. The floor changed into a dusty, dirt-covered landscape with bits of metal sticking out of the ground. Sometimes a sword would be sticking out, other times a gear, sometimes it was just random sheets of metal.

A crystal appeared behind Yuya, hovering above the ground. "Hey, I know it's four on one, but isn't this a little crazy?" Yugo asked.

Yuya's eyes widened as he turned back towards Soul, and his brothers reacted the same way.

An enormous castle, covered in giant rotating gears, had risen from the ground. Soul stood at the top, his crystal mounted at the tip of the castle, covered in black and gold-colored metal.

"Damn, this is pretty high up…" Soul chuckled.

"Well… I guess it's only fair to offer him an advantage like that!" Yuri said confidently.

"Is anybody else getting a little nervous?" Asked Yuya.

"I think 'intimidated' is the right word here…" Yugo answered.

"Don't falter! It's just a castle! We're only after Soul, and then the crystal at the top!" Yuto declared.

Yuya, however, suddenly had the full weight of this fight's importance crashing down on him. "Oh man… can I do this…?" He muttered.

"Hey! Look over here! Hey! LOOK, DAMN IT!"

"Serena! Please!"

"What? They weren't noticing us! The entire point of this was to encourage them, and we can't encourage them if they can't—Oh! I think they heard us!"

All four boys looked at each other, briefly shooting looks that ranged somewhere between confusion and disbelief.

So they all collectively nodded at each other before turning around.

Yuto stumbled forward, almost falling over, Yugo ended up so startled that he started choking on his spit, Yuri's eyes widened, and Yuya's jaw dropped.

"Oh god, Shun's gonna kill somebody…" Yuto thought.

"Ah… so they finished it on time…" Soul muttered.

"Yuto, stop staring…!" Yuri muttered, "You've got your mouth hanging open like an idiot…!" Yuri hissed at him.

"Sure, I'll stop when you stop…!" Yuto hissed back.

"I'm dreaming, right? They wouldn't do something like this… not for us, right?" Yugo asked (after catching his breath).

"I mean… the only other explanation is that we somehow got transported to another dimension that's completely identical to ours… but the females in our lives are much bolder…" Yuya replied.

The girls, rather than sit at their usual seats with Sora and Gongenzaka, had come as close to the stadium that the spectator-stands would allow them: right up to the railing.

But the unbelievable part was what they were wearing. It seemed ridiculous, honestly, to the boys that something like this could exist.

Each girl was dressed in a different-colored cheerleader outfit, but the twist was that each outfit had been customized… with each of the boy's dragons as the theme, and the letters YU emblazoned on the front of the top.

Ruri stood with a carefree, airheaded smile on her face, seemingly not embarrassed in the slightest. The basic cheerleader skirt and top (plus the black and purple pom-poms) were colored the same color of black as Yuto's Dark Rebellion, with purple lines running along with the design. Attached to the outfit, however, were certain traits that Dark Rebellion shared. On her back, Dark Rebellion-style wings spread out behind her with thin lines on the end that connected the ends of the wings to her wrists, so that the wings would move with her arms (they were too big and long to go without extra support along the body).

Lastly, a long, dark-purple tail that looked exactly like Dark Rebellion's tail was attached to the back of her skirt, where it curled upward so that it didn't drag on the floor, and on her head was a custom-made headband that mimicked Dark Rebellion's horns, and stretched down her face to look like black scales on her cheeks.

Rin's cheeks were pink with embarrassment, her lips were pouting ever-so-slightly, and her arms were crossed nervously around the bottom of her stomach, but she still waved nervously at Yugo. Her outfit was white with light-green lines, with hints of light-blue here and there. She carried pom-poms like Ruri, except they were the same white and green colors as her outfit. On the back of her outfit's top were wings that were completely identical to Yugo's Clear Wing, although unlike the actual dragon, they weren't see-through. Unlike Ruri's wings, they weren't long enough to require any extra support, so they were like the fairy wings you would see on a child's fairy costume. There was also a white tail just like Clear Wing's attached to the back of the skirt, which finished the look.

Like Ruri, she wore a custom-made headband to mimic the blue horns at the top and side of Clear Wing's head, as well as making it look like there were white scales near her cheeks.

Serena, like Ruri, seemed to not be bothered so much by the costume, which was evidenced by her completely straight-face she was sporting. Like her sisters, though, she was wearing a cheerleader outfit that was colored with the same pinkish-purple as Yuri's Starving Venom, along with sickly-green lines that also matched Starving Venom. Pom-pom's of the same purple and green colors adorned her hands, and models of Starving Venom's wings were attached to her back, while a Starving Venom tail was attached to the back of her skirt. It was honestly quite surprising how detailed the wings were since they were essentially mouths, but it had been done quite splendidly.

Serena also wore a custom headband like Ruri and Rin, though hers were much more eccentric, as it had Starving Venom's two large horns at her head and two smaller ones near the bottom of her jaw to help with giving the costume Starving Venom's predatorial appearance.

Then, there was the ever-blushing Yuzu.

Her face was as red as her cheerleader outfit, which was red with beige lines that matched the color of Odd-Eyes' horns, and she held two pom-poms, one red and the other green. On her back were the same crescent-shaped horns on Odd-Eyes' back, adorned with red and green plastic orbs that had been fancied-up to look like actual gems. Her outfit was finished off with the red Odd-Eyes tail and the horn-headband that looked just like the horns on Odd-Eyes' head, along with the nice addition of a blue "gemstone" in the center.

Yuzu also wore eye contacts to change the color of her eyes for this, since one of Odd-Eyes' defining traits is its eyes. Her left eye was bright green, while her right was the same red color as Yuya's own eyes.

So, in that order, the girl's feelings were:

Ruri: Carefree

Rin: Embarrassed

Serena: Nonchalant

Yuzu: About-to-die-of-embarrassment

"D-Don't stare!" Yuzu exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around herself, her face burning intensely.

"Come on! We did this as a one-time treat for them, it'd be a shame if they didn't appreciate it!" Ruri pouted, seemingly unaware of why Yuzu (or anybody for that matter) might be embarrassed about the level of skin exposure.

The outfits were sleeveless, so their arms were bare, and of course, their stomachs were revealed since it was a cheerleader outfit. They had forgotten to make proper boots for the costumes, though, and the only shoes that they had would clash with the outfit. Ruri had then come up with the idea of going out barefoot, which they had tried to stop, but she had already dashed out of the room without shoes, and by the time they had caught up to her, they were already at the stadium.

The skirt wasn't too much of a problem for Yuzu, though, since she already wore short skirts daily. Serena, however, didn't like to wear skirts and was itching to get back into shorts.

"C-Come on! We're dressed as cheerleaders, so we should cheer them on, right?" Rin said to Yuzu.

"Hnnnngh…!" Yuzu moaned, expressing her frustration, "Oh, fine!" She exclaimed.

"Good luck, you four!" Ruri cheered.

"Lose and I won't forgive you!" Rin yelled.

"Don't be an idiot and maybe you won't lose!" Serena called out.

"You better win! We aren't doing anything like this ever again! You hear me!" Yuzu exclaimed, waving her pom-pom-covered fists angrily in the air.

"Crap… I don't have anything to take a picture with…!" Yugo groaned in frustration.

Yuya stared for a moment before smiling, "Thanks! You guys are the best!" He shouted back, "You look great, by the way!" He yelled.

Yuzu's face flushed again, while Ruri waved happily, "Thanks! We worked hard on these!" Ruri yelled back.


Shun preferred to watch things like this from the TV since he didn't particularly like crowds.

"Hey, aren't those your sisters, Kurosaki?" Sawatari chimed as he entered the room and saw the TV, "Dang, they're pretty cute! Those outfits are something—" he started to speak.

Shun's head slowly turned towards Sawatari, a dark and menacing aura emanating off of him as he glared at Sawatari.

"Eep! Sorry!" Sawatari yelped.

Shun slowly walked up to Sawatari, who stood frozen in place (likely out of fear for what would happen if he dared to run) as Shun's hands slammed down on his shoulders.

"Do not watch this match," Shun growled, "If you do, I will suffocate you in your sleep…!" He said menacingly.

At that, Shun immediately grabbed the remote and shut off the TV, before promptly storming out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

"Ah… aha!" Sawatari laughed as he fell to his knees, "Why the hell did we have to put the insane Siscon-Brother on this team…!" He wheezed.

Meanwhile, Shun had already gotten out of the hotel and was dashing at full-speed towards the stadium (he would have gotten a taxi, but he had a look on his face that scared everyone away from him). "Those girls…! After I've killed every guy that's seen them in those things, they're going to hear from me…!" He hissed to himself.

As he said this, Yuto's entire body instinctively shuddered, "Oh god, I hope Shun doesn't know about this…" he muttered.

"By the way, are you sure Brother doesn't know about this?" Rin asked, "I don't think he would approve of something like this…" she mumbled.

"Oh! I'm sure we'll be fine!" Ruri said nonchalantly, "He hardly ever watches anything on TV, and he hates crowds, so I doubt he'd know about this!" She explained.

"Hm, a lot of guys are staring at us, though," Serena pointed out, "Are these outfits that good-looking? Maybe I'll wear it again… but I'm gonna ditch the skirt." She spoke out loud.

"Serena! Aren't you embarrassed!? In any way!?" Yuzu exclaimed.

"No? It's just clothes, sure it looks nice, but what's embarrassing about it?" She asked.

"Don't bother," Rin sighed, "Remember, Serena's sense of shame is an on-and-off sort of thing. Only certain things will embarrass her, like wearing a fancy dress, but partial skin-exposure has never bothered her…" she reminded Yuzu.

"But I've seen her get embarrassed about stuff like this before!" Yuzu exclaimed.

"Her shame might kick in later, who knows?" Rin replied.

"Alright, Duelists! Are you ready!" Melissa's voice boomed through the stadium.

Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri each nodded as they turned back to face Soul, who did the same thing.

"Then… 3! 2! 1! DUEL!" She declared.

A barrier formed around the Yu-boys and their crystal, preventing them from leaving. "I'm at a disadvantage with numbers, so I'm given a head start…" Soul said before leaping off his perch at the top of the crystal, "Come! Burning Blade-Messiah, Clyde!" Soul said calmly as he fell.

A burst of orange light surrounded him as he landed on the ground, creating a cloud of dust where he landed. Instead of Soul, the red-armored warrior wielding a large greatsword stood in his place.

"Crap, how long does this thing stay up!" Yugo cursed as he banged his fists against the inside of the barrier.

Soul shot forward, clearing the distance between him and the boys in an instant, and while the invisible wall around the boys remained active as well.

"Shit!" Yuto cursed, "Yuya! Cover the crystal!" He shouted.

"The amount of time that the barrier remains up depends on the difference in team members," Soul thought, "Usually it's me and Syrup, but without her here, I'm given enough time to get close…!"

In that instant, the barrier vanished, and Soul swung his large greatsword down—with one hand, by the way—as it surrounded itself in flames.

Suddenly, a flash of red, green, and blue light erupted as Yuto and Yuya transformed. Yuya (Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon) immediately stood in front of the crystal defensively while Yuto (Dark Rebellion) reared his head and roared.

A burst of purple electricity discharged in every direction, originating from Yuto. "Tch…" Soul clicked his tongue as he retreated in the other direction.

"Electricity is hard to dodge, damn it…" Soul muttered as he skidded to a halt after going a decent distance away, smoke rising off of him as small bits of electricity sparked and crackled around him.

Timegazer and Stargazer floated next to Yuya, a blue barrier protecting the crystal. "Geez, if I hadn't brought out Timegazer and Stargazer fast enough, you would've damaged the crystal!" Yuya sighed.

"Sorry, there weren't a lot of options," Yuto apologized, "but he's not near the crystal anymore, so we can fight him now!" He declared.

Soul's eyes widened as he realized that only Yuya and Yuto were at the crystal, "Wait, where are the other two…?" He muttered as his eyes darted from side to side.

"Whirlwind Helldive Slasher!"

Soul turned around immediately and raised his weapon defensively, just barely managing to block Yugo (Clear Wing) as he charged him from behind. The green wind whipped around Yugo's spinning body, and Soul could feel the high-speed gales slicing at him.

Soul thrusted the flat end of his weapon forward, knocking Yugo back before jumping into the air and swinging his blade, sending a wave of fire back down at him.

Suddenly, Yuri (Starving Venom) flew in front of the attack and shielded Yugo, taking seemingly no damage from the fire. "You're a fast one, aren't you!" Yuri cackled as his wings opened up and countless purple roots spread out from them, firing multiple beams of green energy at Soul while he was in the air.

"Shining Blade-Messiah, Jasmine!" Soul yelled, transforming into a young brunette girl with long, wavy hair and a flowing white dress underneath plates of white armor, a rapier held in her hands. Soul rapidly thrust the rapier forward, a beam of light firing from the tip every time he finished a thrust and sending beams of light to clash against the ones Yuri had fired.

Suddenly, he noticed the light around him dim, and he immediately twisted around to see Yuya (Odd-Eyes) above him.

"When did he…?" Soul cursed.

Soul quickly brought his hands up to guard as Yuya (Odd-Eyes) spun and brought his tail down on him, knocking Soul down to the ground.

Soul recovered immediately and scanned his surroundings, only to find that the task was hard thanks to the cloud of dust that had been kicked up by his rough landing.

Soul suddenly felt a chill run down his spine, and he immediately turned around and raised his rapier to attack as Yuto (Dark Rebellion) burst through the cloud of dust, electricity violently crackling around him and his fang.

"Revolt of the Lightning, Disobey!" Yuto yelled as he rushed forward, "Piercing Ray!" Soul yelled as he thrust the rapier forward, the tip of his blade clashing against the tip of Yuto's fang.

Purple electricity burst violently around Yuto, while blinding light shone around Soul, the two different elements clashing at the tip of Yuto's (Dark Rebellion's) fang and Soul's (Jasmine's) Rapier.

Finally, the clash ended with a large burst of light and electricity, blowing both Soul and Yuto away from each other.

Soul skidded to a halt and looked up, seeing all four dragons surrounding him from all sides, while Yuya's magicians were the only ones at their crystal.

"All four at once? That's new…" Soul grumbled.

"What's this? It seems that Team Sakaki has decided to completely focus on Soul! Isn't that a little risky…?" Melissa's voice boomed.

"Tell me about it…" Yuri grumbled.

"Charge! Don't let him rest! Keep up the pressure!" Yuto (Dark Rebellion) roared as he charged at Soul again.

"Damn it, who made Sir Numb-Nuts the leader!?" Yuri (Starving Venom) cursed as he swung around, his tail extending toward Soul with the intent of skewering him.

"Spiral Flame Strike!" Yuya (Odd-Eyes) declared, rearing his head and letting loose his signature stream of spiraling flames.

"Dichroic Mirror!" Yugo (Clear Wing) yelled as his wings shone and fired a stream of light at Soul.

"Earthly Blade-Messiah, Tsuchi!" Soul yelled, transforming into the large brown-armored warrior equipped with a naginata. Soul spun his weapon before slamming it into the ground, causing the ground around him to rise and turn into a wall that surrounded him.

Yugo and Yuya's attacks blew the wall away, but when Yuto and Yuri's tail reached the area, Soul wasn't there.

"Above! Damn it!" Yugo cursed as he suddenly darted into the sky.

Yuya looked up to see Soul far above them with an orange card in his hand. "Tempest Blade-Messiah, Eku!" Soul transformed, turning into the green-clad female ninja with two Kunai's connected with chains.

"Whirlwind Helldive Slasher!" Yugo (Clear Wing) roared as he spun and charged at Soul.

"Tempest Tornado!" Soul (Eku) declared as he spun the kunai around, causing a large tornado to form underneath her.

Yugo (Clear Wing) charged forward in an attempt to push through the wind, only to be effectively slowed down as he continued to move against the wind.

Meanwhile, Yuto (Dark Rebellion) flew alongside the tornado, following its rotation and catapulting himself to Soul's altitude.

"Treason Discharge!" Yuto yelled as electricity crackled violently around his wings before shooting at Soul in an attempt to bind him.

"Thundering Blade-Messiah, Volta!" Soul yelled as his form changed into the yellow-robed warrior holding a long yellow katana.

With a single swing of his weapon, Soul (Volta) smacked the electricity away with his blade, which crackled with its own electricity.

Yugo, however, no longer had to deal with a tornado and was now barreling towards Soul. "I've got you!" Yugo roared as he rushed at Soul.

Soul, however, simply twisted around and landed on Yugo's (Clear Wing's) back, and jumped off of him, heading straight down towards their crystal.

"Crap…!" Yugo cursed.

"Shadow Blade-Messiah, Reaper!" Soul declared as he transformed into the cloaked warrior, wielding an enormous scythe, and coming down on the crystal.

"Rune-Eyes! Unending Shiny Burst!"

Soul whipped around only to see countless streams of light coming his way. "Tch…!" Soul clicked his tongue as he spun his scythe around at high speed, slashing at every beam of light and holding his ground.

Yuya had transformed into Rune-Eyes and was currently pressuring Soul with an endless stream of attacks. "Yuri! Now!" He yelled.

Soul suddenly looked to his right to see one of Yuri's mouth-wings extended out and coming at him, "Crap, I can't dodge…!" Soul cursed, as he was completely immobilized from defending against Yuya.

The mouth latched onto Soul, yanking him away from the stream of lasers and dragging him into the air.

"Take the shot! Yuya!" Yuri (Starving Venom) yelled.

"Descend! Beast-Eyes!" Yuya yelled as he changed into Beast-Eyes and leaped into the air, flames forming around him, "Helldive Burst!" He roared, blasting an enormous ball of fire at Soul.

Soul slashed at Yuri's wing, finally getting the mouth to lose its grip on him… but it was too late.

"Crap… these guys are completely in sync…!" Soul thought, "They'd been fighting separately during the last matches, but now it's all four of them focusing on one person, me…!" 

Meanwhile, Syrup laid in her hospital bed with her eyes closed to make it seem like she was sleeping.

But what she was actually doing, was focusing.

"It's happening… my turn is gonna come up soon…" Syrup mumbled to herself, "the moment Soul is weakened… I'll make my move then…!"

"I have to ask, what's your motivation for this?" Sora asked as he passed along a small flash drive to the masked figure.

"My motivation is none of your business," the man replied harshly, "just do your job, kid…" he growled.

"Man, cold!" Sora said teasingly.

Sora stood in a dark alleyway, yet again, talking to the same masked-man from before.

"Anything else to report?" The man asked.

"Nope, so you can go along and do whatever it is you do!" Sora replied with a cheeky smile.

The man glared at him, but nodded and left silently.

"Man, he must be fun at parties…" Sora muttered as he looked down at his watch, "Oh! Yuya's match is right now, isn't it? I might as well pass some time somehow!" He said to himself as he turned around and walked toward the wall at the end of the alleyway.

Sora grinned and jumped, jumping from wall to wall until making his way up to the roof of the two buildings, landing perfectly on his feet before casually walking forward.

"Heh, too bad nobody could see me do that…" Sora said with a grin.

"…Helldive Burst!"

The ball of fire collided with Soul, a large explosion erupting around him.

"Did we get him!?" Yugo (Clear Wing) yelled as he flew back to the ground.

Immediately after Yugo's question, a figure dressed in blue flew out of the ball of smoke that floated above them.

"Of course he's still fine…" Yuto grumbled.

"Water Blade-Messiah, Aqua…!" Soul grunted as he twisted his body around, landing and skidding on the ground before coming to a halt.

Soul sighed as his transformation faded, leaving him on the field in his normal look, with four dragons' eyes completely locked on him.

"Four people at once… my attention is divided a lot more than I thought it would be…" Soul sighed, "although, it might just be that you guys are pretty strong as well…" he admitted.

"Oh? We appreciate the compliments…" Yuri (Starving Venom) grinned, "You're a slight challenge yourself! But we'd appreciate it if you transformed, it's no fun to eat when your food isn't fighting back…" he said with a sadistic tone.

Yuto glanced at Yuri, and Yuri glanced back.

"What the hell was that threat!?"

"Don't look at me like that! Everybody knows you get scarier when they think you're mentally unstable!"

While Yuto and Yuri shot looks at each other, however, Soul was taking long and deep breaths.

"Alright… let's focus…" Soul sighed as he clapped his hands together, "Blade-Messiah Wolfhound!" He suddenly yelled.

"Shit…!" Yuto cursed.

"Here it comes…" Yuri sighed.

Suddenly, Yugo was gone.

And then they saw the flash of orange light.

Yuya, Yuto, and Yuri each turned around in shock, "When did he…!?" Yuya gasped.

"Graagh…! Get off me!" Yugo (Clear Wing) cursed as he thrashed around on the ground.

On top of him was a large grey-furred wolf adorned in armor that shined a bright-gold color and had bright cyan lines running along and curving around the strange glowing metal, giving it a mystical appearance. Armor covered its head like a crown, as well as it's entire body up until it's tail, and that same armor was on its feet as boots.

It had latched onto Yugo (Clear Wing) and had its jaw clamped down on one of his wings, it's armored claws scratching at Yugo's (Clear Wing's) white scales.

Yugo's wings shone as Yugo pushed himself off of the ground, taking both him and Soul (Wolfhound) into the sky.

"Damn it…! Get off!" Yugo (Clear Wing) yelled as he tilted his head backward and flipped around, pointing his body towards the ground. "Whirlwind Helldive Slasher!" He roared as he charged at the ground with Soul still firmly attached to his chest.

"Is he trying to crash into the ground with Soul!?" Yuya exclaimed.

"Wait! Yugo! Don't be stupid!" Yuto yelled.

Yugo didn't hear them and continued to barrel towards the ground, and just as he was about to hit the ground, Soul (Wolfhound) released its hold and jumped away from the large white dragon.

"What!?" Yugo exclaimed.

The world seemed to move in slow motion as the inside of Soul's (Wolfhound's) mouth glowed, a gold-colored, glowing longsword appearing in his mouth as the air under his feet suddenly glowed and became a platform for Soul to launch himself off of.

"Divine Beast Slash…!" Soul (Wolfhound) thought as he launched off of the platform with his hind legs, passing Yugo as he slashed him once with the blade in his mouth before landing on the ground nearby.

"AGH!" Yugo (Clear Wing) cried out as an explosion erupted around him, originating from the area where Soul had slashed him.

And then, he hit the ground.

Another explosion of dust rose into the air from where Yugo collided with the ground, covering the entire field in a thick, brown smokescreen.

"Shit… that idiot…!" Yuto (Dark Rebellion) cursed as he swung around in an attempt to find Soul. It was to no avail, however, and he only saw a thick layer of brown dust from all sides.

"If we can't see, Soul could easily move past us and attack our crystal…!" Yuya panicked.

Yuri seemed to have thought the same thing because suddenly both Yuya and Yuto could see a green light starting to intensify near them.

"GET DOWN!" Yuri screamed.

Yuya and Yuto's eyes widened as they immediately lunged forward, undoing their transformations and turning back to normal as they hit the ground and laid flat on the ground, their hands over their heads.

"PREDATOR HUNTING!" Yuri screamed as countless green lasers suddenly shot in every direction.

The dust cloud was immediately blown away, Yuri was revealed to have his wings completely spread out, and countless beams of green light were now flying in every direction around him.

"AHHHH!" Yuya panicked as the lasers flew above him, just barely missing him sometimes.

"DAMN IT YURIIIII!" Yuto screamed angrily as he flattened himself to the ground.

Soul was revealed to still be transformed into Wolfhound and had been dashing towards the crystal defended by Yuya's magicians. Upon Yuri's attack, however, he had switched to evasive maneuvers only to be struck by multiple beams and falling to the ground.

"Guh…!" Soul gasped.

Yugo, meanwhile, was still transformed into Clear Wing, but he was also limp in the center of a large crater, which kept him out of the laser's path.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" Yuri (Starving Venom) cackled, "TAKE THIS! TAKE THAT! DIE YOU MONGRELS!" He screamed as beams of light struck every part of the arena.

"Crap! Yuri's lost it…!" Yuto yelled.

"WHAT!?" Yuya screamed.

"I SAID THAT YURI'S LOST IT—" Yuto tried to yell again, only to be interrupted by a beam that struck the ground next to Yuto, and it was a little too close for comfort.

Meanwhile, the girls were staring at the scene in a mixture of disbelief, shock, surprise, and amusement (Only in Serena's case).

"I… I thought they were kidding when they said that Yuri was a little unhinged!" Yuzu exclaimed.

"Oh, he's usually fine," Serena said with an amused grin on her face, "he just goes a little crazy if he gets too excited… or a little too bloodlusted…" she said nonchalantly.

"Excuse me, did you just say bloodlusted?" Rin asked.

"Yup. I bet he's grinning like an idiot right now." Serena replied.

The lasers finally reached both team's crystals, and a few beams struck the barrier that Yuya's magicians had put up, and a few had also struck Soul's crystal as well.


Suddenly, Yugo (Clear Wing) began to move a little bit… before his eyes snapped open and glared at Yuri.

"Damn it… CUT IT OUT ALREADY YOU MASSIVE DICK!" Yugo suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs as he shot out of his crater with his wings glowing furiously.

"Wait—YUGO GET DOWN!" Yuto yelled.

"DICHROIC MIRROR, DAMN IT!" Yugo roared as a small stream of light fired from his wings in Yuri's direction.

Before anything could even hit Yugo, the small beam struck Yuri (Starving Venom) square in the face, and the rain of deadly lasers ended.

"Hey… what the hell was that for!" Yuri suddenly yelled.


"Yugo! Watch your language! Kids are watching!" Yuya yelled angrily.

"Yeah, watch your fucking language!" Yuri yelled at Yugo.

"YURI!" Yuya screeched.

Yuto breathed a sigh of relief as he got up and brushed the dirt off of his shirt, "Geez… such a handful…" he sighed.

Suddenly, the sound of metal clashing against metal rang in Yuto's ears, and he immediately transformed back into Dark Rebellion.

Yuya did the same and turned back into Odd-Eyes, his head whipped around to see Yuri (Starving Venom) clashing against Soul (Wolfhound).

"Damn it, you're still up…!?" Yuri (Starving Venom) cursed as he used the tip of his tail (which had extended to stretch to be in front of Yuri) to block the blade in Soul's (Wolfhound's) mouth.

Yuri (Starving Venom) parried the blade away and lunged forward to slash him with his claws, only for Soul to dodge by jumping into the air and landing on his back, immediately launching off of Yuri and sending Yuri down to the ground.

"Damn it! He's ridiculously faster now!" Yugo yelled as he charged forward and clashed against Soul. Soul (Wolfhound) clashed his weapon on Yugo's head, and both of them flew a fair distance away from each other, with Soul landing on his feet and skidding to a halt while Yugo quickly righted his balance and shook his head in exhaustion.

Yuto (Dark Rebellion) flew at Soul with electricity crackling around his fang, "Back me up!" He yelled at Yuri as he flew.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Yuri (Starving Venom) yelled as he got to his feet and shot a beam of purple energy at Soul from his mouth.

Soul (Wolfhound) dodged the beam and ran at Yuto (Dark Rebellion), his blade clashing against Yuto's fang before sliding backward and repeating the action.

Yuto desperately defended, using his wings and fang to fight back against Soul's barrage of slashes, which were incredibly fast, despite the blade being wielded by a four-legged monster in its mouth.

"Keh… what the hell is this…?" Yuto thought as he felt another strike bounce off his wing, "It's taking everything I have just to defend! The power gap between Soul earlier, and Soul now… it's way too wide! Has he only just now started to fight seriously!?"

Yuto searched desperately for an opening, a chance to strike, but Soul's guard was seemingly unbreakable, and Yuto could hardly focus while fending off so many strikes.

"It's about time I end this…" Soul thought as he landed on the ground and immediately took a different stance.

"Killing Slash of the Merciless Beast…" Soul whispered.

In a single instant, Soul leaped forward and slashed Yuto (Dark Rebellion) once, landing behind him.

From Yuto's perspective, however, he saw a flash of red, and then Soul was gone.

A massive crack suddenly appeared on Yuto's (Dark Rebellion's) chest, and a roar of pain shot from Yuto's lungs as he fell forward.

"Yuto!" Yuya yelled.

"One down, three to go…" Soul thought as he turned his head away from the black-scaled dragon.

Suddenly, Yuto's (Dark Rebellion's) eyes flashed as he moved his large leg forward and caught himself before he fell, making a loud stomp as he turned on that foot to face Soul.

'Tch… this is nothing…" Yuto wheezed as he glared at Soul.

"You're still standing, how stubborn…" Soul sighed as he turned to charge at him again.

"Spiral Flame Strike!"

Soul's head snapped to the left, where Yuya (Odd-Eyes) had reared his head and blasted Soul with a stream of flames.

Soul stood firm, even against the force of the flames, and began to walk forward against the flames and towards Yuya, seemingly unfazed (though exerting some effort).

"REACTION FORCE!" Yuya (Odd-Eyes) yelled as the flames intensified in power, blowing Soul back a few feet before he found his foothold again and continued to stand firm.

"Tch… how annoying…!" Soul cursed.

"Thanks, Yuya!" Yuto yelled as he spread his wings, which started to open up, causing electricity to start crackling violently around them.

"Crap…!" Soul (Wolfhound) cursed as he jumped to the right, away from the stream of flames.

"Treason Discharge!" Yuto screamed as electricity shot towards Soul, successfully colliding and binding him.

"I can't move…!" Soul grunted as he struggled against the electric ropes.

A dark purple glow enveloped Yuto as electricity crackled even more violently around him, "My name is Yuto Sakaki…!" Yuto growled, "The further you push me to the wall… the more I push back!" He yelled as he shot forward, his body a blur of black and purple.

Soul broke free from the electric ropes, quickly turning to face Yuto.

But it was too late.

"Reveal who the true merciless beast is!" Yuto declared, "Revolt of the Lightning, DISOBEY!"

Electricity crackled so violently around Yuto's (Dark Rebellion's) fang that the space around it seemed distorted, and that fang immediately rammed straight into Soul's (Wolfhound's) side as a violent roar echoed through the arena.

"Ack…!" Soul coughed as he flew into the air, his transformation dissipating.

Meanwhile, Syrup's eyes snapped open for a brief moment before closing again, "Now! It's not something that would normally do Soul in, but it's all I need!" She declared as he grasped the orange card underneath her sheets, the orange light suddenly flowing into Syrup's arms.

"I can't transform right now, but lend me your strength, Apprentice Illusion Magician!" Syrup thought as she felt the energy flow through her arm.

"By bringing myself to the verge of transforming, I'll be able to access some of the monster's abilities…" the explanation echoed through Syrup's head.

"Long-Distance, MIND CRUSH!" She screamed in her mind, a flash of light shooting from her forehead as her body went limp.

Meanwhile, back at the arena, for a moment so brief that nobody noticed… a flash of yellow light shone from the back of Soul's neck.

During that brief moment, the flash of light that had shot from Syrup's forehead flew through the air and collided with the yellow light on Soul's neck.

And with that, Syrup's mind entered Soul's.

Syrup felt herself falling, falling through a dark void.

Suddenly, she landed inside Soul's mental room with a loud crash, colliding with the bed and crushing the thing, completely obliterating the wooden framework underneath the mattress, but softening her fall quite a lot.

"Ow! Ow ow ow!" Syrup winced as she laid on the destroyed bed, her hair a mess and her head spinning.

"Geez, I guess doing that from a distance means that the entrance is a little rough…" Syrup sighed as she got to her feet, rubbing her butt in the area where she crashed into the bed. "Not to mention the fact I did it while I wasn't even transformed…" she sighed.

But, regardless, she had made it to Soul's mind.

The reason why she had to wait for Soul to be hit by a massive attack, was because of what outsiders would see.

If Syrup was correct, Soul's body would go limp the minute she entered his mind, which would be suspicious as hell if it just happened in the middle of a match (though, to be fair, it IS Soul…), so she had to wait for the moment where it would make sense for Soul to be unconscious for a few moments.

She looked around, and her eyes immediately locked onto the glowing cage on Soul's desk.

The cage was shaking rather violently, a soft growl coming from within.

She quickly ran and grabbed it, rotating it in her hands, looking for a lock of some kind.

Suddenly, she felt something cold, metallic, and sharp press against her neck.

Arms had wrapped around her, and one of those arms held a small dagger, which was now pressed against her neck.

Syrup's breathing sped up in a brief moment of panic, and a bead of sweat rolled down her forehead.

"How did you get here, you're supposed to be in the hospital…"

Syrup glanced behind her, her eyes widening at the sight of Soul, who was the one holding a knife to her throat.

"Please put the dagger down…" Syrup gasped.

"Sorry, but the knife stays so long as you keep holding onto that thing," Soul said as he gestured towards the cage in Syrup's hands. "No hard feelings, I just can't let you do anything to that seal…" he said nonchalantly as if he wasn't holding a knife to her throat.

Mind you, it was all inside Soul's mind, but Syrup didn't want to find out what would happen if she was damaged—or even killed, for that matter—in somebody else's mind.

"Now, answer the question…" Soul said harshly as he pressed the sharp end of the blade closer to her neck.

"I… I can't give you any details…" Syrup gasped, "It's… a special skill of mine. I created a beacon of my life energy and attached it to you so that I could use Mind Crush on you no matter what the distance is…!" She explained quickly.

"Why can't you give me any details?" Soul asked.

"I… I just…" Syrup stammered.

Soul stared into her eyes for a moment before sighing, "fine, I can tell you aren't lying…" he said exasperatedly.

Syrup let out a sigh of relief, though it was short-lived, as Soul immediately tightened his hold on his weapon, as well as his hold on Syrup.

"Now, drop the cage…" Soul said menacingly, "You're important to me, but that seal can't come undone, no matter what…" he explained.

"How are YOU even here…!?" Syrup said as she tried to break free from Soul's grip, only for him to tighten it in a threatening fashion, "Even if Mind Crush pulls us both in here… there should be some time before you arrive…!" She gasped.

"Call it skill," Soul replied, "now drop the damn cage, now!" He hissed.

"Soul…" Syrup sighed, "Sorry… but I refuse…!" Syrup declared as her eyes shone yellow.

Soul's eyes widened as he was suddenly blown away by an unknown force, slamming him into the wall behind him.

Soul winced as he stood up and glared at Syrup, only for his eyes to widen even more.

"What… the hell…?" He said breathlessly.

A large stream of green energy trailed out of the area where Syrup's tailbone was located, giving it the appearance of a tail. On Syrup's head were the same streams of green energy, though they were smaller, and they gave off the appearance of ears.

"What the… that's spiritual energy…" Soul muttered, "that's the energy of monsters… the same monsters that we transform into…" he said as he stared.

"Syrup… just who the hell are you…!?" Soul thought as his eyes remained transfixed to the girl, "Humans can't handle Spiritual Energy unless they're transformed… so how the hell do you have so much, when you aren't transformed…!?"

Syrup held her hand out to her side, a bright light suddenly erupting from her palm as a golden key appeared in her hand.

"What… what the hell is that…!?" Soul panicked as he got to his feet, "Syrup, wait!" He suddenly yelled.

Syrup stared at him in surprise as she saw his sudden change in attitude.

Soul's eye (the one that wasn't covered by hair) was wide, a look of fear suddenly replacing the lethargic/emotionless look.

She looked down and saw a large, black lock with a keyhole on the side of the cage, and she started to put the key into the hole.

"Syrup, you don't understand!" Soul yelled as he picked up the dagger from earlier, "If you unleash me, people will…!" He panicked.

"No, they won't!" Syrup yelled back, "Trust me, please…" she said softly.

Soul stared into her eyes, a look of fear meeting a look of sincerity.

"What… no, who are you…?" Soul asked.

Syrup didn't answer him, and she plunged the key into the keyhole, twisting it.

Light erupted around them, engulfing the room as a roar filled their ears.

Then, everything faded to white.

Soul's body hit the ground, limply rolling along the ground before stopping.

Yuto gasped for air as his transformation dissipated, Yuya quickly running to his side and releasing his transformation so he could catch him and support him.

Yugo and Yuri flew over and landed next to them, returning to their normal forms and glaring at Soul's limp body, their bodies tense with anticipation.

"So… you think Syrup did the thing yet?" Yugo asked.

"I guess we'll find out…" Yuri muttered.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blasted past them, a powerful pressure suddenly filling the arena.

Soul slowly got to his feet, his body swaying lazily as he stood up straight.

Suddenly, his hair started turning white, starting with the roots of his hair.

His hair started to grow slightly as it started to… rise? His hair was rising.

His white hair was sticking up in five directions at the front, like a star, with multiple other spikes at the back. His black hoodie also turned white, and with his hair floating upwards, his right-eye was revealed to the brothers.

His right gold-colored eye, along with his left crimson-red eye, gazed emotionlessly at the brothers as a deep shade of blue light started to envelop his body.

"That's Ritual Monster colors…!" Yuto gasped, "Guys, get ready!" He yelled.

"O Great Deity of Blades… Descend upon this world, and judge my enemies with your divine wrath…" Soul chanted.

"Oh, hell no!" Yugo yelled as he ran forward and transformed into Clear Wing, "Whirlwind Helldive Slasher!" He roared as he charged at Soul.

Soul slowly raised his arm at Yugo, muttering something under his breath.

Suddenly, about ten gigantic, gold-colored blades fell from the sky, crashing down into the ground around Yugo and effectively caging him.

"Agh…! What the hell!?" Yugo cursed as he swung around in an attempt to break free, only to find out that the swords were ridiculously heavy, as well as surprisingly durable.

"Take control, and guide me to the promised land!" Soul continued to chant, "Descend! Blade-Messiah Ritual Dragon!" Soul's chant turned into a roar as he called out the true name of the monster he had sealed away.

Suddenly, all four brothers felt a sharp pain in their chest.

"Ack… what the…?" Yuya gasped as he clutched his chest.

"What… is this feeling…!?" Yuto wheezed, "My body feels… hot…!" He said haphazardly.

"Why…?" Yuri grunted, "Why do I feel so nostalgic all of a sudden…!?" He shouted.

A blade that was similar to the ones caging Yugo (though smaller and more human-sized) appeared in Soul's hand, which he immediately used to slash a glowing dark-blue card that had appeared in front of him clean in half.

An explosion of dark-blue light, which slowly changed to a divine, golden pillar of light that erupted from the ground beneath Soul.

Yugo finally broke free of his cage, shoving past and pushing down the weapons that surrounded him. "What the hell… I better not have heart problems…!" He wheezed as he clutched his chest.

Yugo's eyes went wide as he turned and saw the pillar of light, where a large silhouette had started to rise from the ground within it.

Explosions of light went off behind him as Yuya, Yuto, and Yuri transformed into their dragons and readied themselves. "Heads up!" Yuto yelled, "I don't care if you're tired! Just get ready to fight as hard as you can!" He shouted.

"Again, who the hell made you the leader!?" Yuri shouted.

"This isn't the time for that!" Yuya panicked.

The pillar of light burst, revealing the form of a large bipedal dragon dressed completely in gold-colored, shining armor. It was as though the armor was its scales, and it completely covered it's chest, legs, and face.

The only area uncovered by armor was the dragon's arms and the underside of its tail, though it wore armored gloves, it's uncovered arm revealed blue and white scales. Its face, on the other hand, was completely and utterly covered in armor. Its mouth was free to open, but the gold-colored material covered the bottom of its chin and even the horns atop the head.

Despite its completely-covered head, you could still see its eyes… which glowed with a calm, gentle green, just like the left eye of Yuya's dragon, Odd-Eyes.

"Well… he's flashy…" Yuri muttered, "but… this nostalgic feeling… why is it turning into excitement, now!?" He hissed under his breath.

After a moment of silence passed, Yugo (Clear Wing) leaned over and whispered to his brothers, "Hey… Syrup said that he was going to… go berserk?" He asked.

The dragon had remained fairly motionless, with its arms crossed at the chest.

"Hm…" Yuto muttered as he ignored the heat in his chest, "start to circle him… surround him, but stay slow…" he said to the other three.

"You aren't the fucking leader, damn it!" Yuri hissed.

"Not now, Yuri!" Yuya shot as he started to take slow, gentle steps around the dragon.

It hovered in the air, gazing at them, even though it had no wings to allow it to fly.

"Honestly… if it weren't for the tail and scales, I'd think that was just a really large humanoid monster…" Yugo muttered as he started to move as well.

They had hardly moved before the pressure suddenly increased in intensity, stopping all of them in their tracks.

The dragon suddenly let loose an ear-piercing roar, spreading its arms to the side as it roared.

Yuya gasped as he saw its eyes flash, changing from gentle green to a ferocious red.

Before the boys could even properly react, countless golden blades (like the ones that caged Yugo earlier) started to appear out of thin air and start to fly around the arena at high speed, before closing in on the Blade-Messiah Dragon.

"What the—SHIT!" Yuri cursed as one of the blades flew past him, nearly skewering him as it flew to Blade-Messiah.

The gigantic blades that had caged Yugo started to rise from the ground and join the blades that now flew around Blade-Messiah Dragon, before the blades suddenly stopped, locking in place behind it's back.

"Oh come on, is it seriously gonna…?" Yugo groaned.

The blades, though they hovered behind Blade-Messiah's back, locked themselves in place at its back. Some of the blades didn't even have hilts, but they locked together with other blades like puzzle pieces with the larger swords as the base.

Finally, all of the blades locked into place, forming large wings at the dragon's back in the shape of an X, similar to Yugo's (Clear Wing's) glass-like wings.

"Well, I guess it does have wings…" Yuto muttered, "get ready! It's going to attack!" He shouted.

As he said this, Blade-Messiah suddenly appeared in front of him, as though he had teleported.

"Wha…!?" Yuto gasped.

A loud crash, like the sound of metal hitting metal, echoed through the area as Yuto (Dark Rebellion) was struck with a gold-colored longsword in Blade-Messiah's hand, sending him flying across the arena and into the ground a good distance away.

"Yuto!" Yuri (Starving Venom) yelled, "Damn you! Take this!" Yuri yelled as his wings opened up, blasting Blade-Messiah with countless green beams.

The beams collided, causing an explosion of black smoke around the dragon.

"Hah, not so tough…!" Yuri laughed, only for his grin to vanish as the smoke cleared.

Multiple floating blades hovered in front of Blade-Messiah, an amount equal to the number of beams Yuri had fired off.

"Don't tell me… he can spawn a virtually endless amount of weapons, and he had an individual sword appear to block my attack…!?" Yuri muttered as the monster turned to face him.

"Whirlwind Helldive Slasher!" Yugo (Clear Wing) roared as he rammed into Blade-Messiah, green wind howling around him as he pushed the monster into the air.

Suddenly, Yugo was smacked away from the dragon as they reached a decent altitude. "What the… how!?" He yelled.

Yuya stared at them in awe, "Yugo… he had blocked your attack with a sword… and then pushed you away with that…!" He gasped.

"Damn it, I'll show you…!" Yugo cursed as he corrected his position in the air and faced Blade-Messiah again, only for his eyes to widen in shock.

Behind the monster, was the biggest collection of blades, all hovering behind Blade-Messiah, and pointing directly at Yugo.

With a roar from Blade-Messiah, every single weapon shot forward at Yugo as projectiles.

"What the hell!? What kind of bozo uses melee weapons as projectiles!?" Yugo yelled as he immediately turned and started to fly in the opposite direction, attempting to outrun the flying swords.

From the ground, it looked like Yugo was trying to outrun a storm of gold metal.

And that storm was catching up to him, even as he rose higher into the air.

"Agh! What the hell!? These things are homing in on me!?" Yugo yelled as he tried to move evasively, but to no avail, as the blades continued to chase him no matter what he did.

"Fine then!" Yugo yelled as he turned to face the storm, "DICHROIC MIRROR!"

Yugo's wings fired off a large beam of light at the storm of blades, colliding with the weapons halting the storm in its tracks.

Or so he thought.

Immediately after the beam struck the weapons, the blades at the front changed direction to have their flat side facing the stream of light, blocking the attack… while the weapons behind them split off and started to fly at Yugo as two separate, smaller storms.

"Oh, shit…!" Yugo cursed, but it was too late.

The weapons struck Yugo, coming together and dragging him through the sky before coming back down to slam him to the ground, the blades continuously damaging Yugo already.

"Yugo!" Yuya yelled.

"Argh! That's enough!" Yugo yelled in frustration, "Shine through! Crystal Wing!" He shouted.

White light burst from within the storm of blades, and Yugo (Crystal Wing) burst out from within before turning back and charging at the storm, blasting through it ten times in succession.

Yugo (Crystal Wing) skidded against the ground as he finished destroying the storm of weapons, gasping for air.

They didn't get a chance to rest, as Blade-Messiah was immediately doing something else.

Yuya's eyes widened as he saw multiple blades floating in front of Blade-Messiah in a circle, an orb of golden light starting to form in the center, and at the front of its mouth as well.

"Guys! Get back!" Yuya yelled as he dashed forward and reared his head, flames starting to form in his jaw.

Yuya then heard Soul's voice, though it was deeper, and an even deeper and gravelly voice spoke beneath it.

"Vanish without a trace," Blade-Messiah spoke, "MESSIANIC BURST!" It roared, breathing a beam of golden light that made contact with the orb in front of him, which amplified the attack into a blindingly bright stream of golden light.

"SPIRAL STRIKE BURST!" Yuya (Odd-Eyes) roared as he let loose the largest stream of flames, the flames clashing against the incoming beam.

"REACTION FORCE!" Yuya (Odd-Eyes) roared, the flames intensifying and doubling in power.

At first, the flames started to push the light back… but just as it seemed like it was working, the light overwhelmed the stream of fire and descended on Yuya.

"What!?" Yuya (Odd-Eyes) exclaimed as his flames were swallowed up, overwhelming him and crashing down on Yuya, blasting him through the ground as the beam slammed him through the dirt.

"YUYA!" Yuto yelled as he returned to the fight.

Yuya (Odd-Eyes) slowly got back to his feet after the beam of light simmered out, weakly shaking ash and dirt off of himself as smoke rose off of him, as though he had been charred.

"Agh… that hurt…!" Yuya (Odd-Eyes) gasped as his legs wobbled, "My Reaction Force-boosted attack… he blew past it like it was nothing…!" He wheezed.

He didn't get to ponder about it any further, though, as Blade-Messiah was suddenly on the ground, next to him.

"Wait—!" Yuya exclaimed.

He didn't get to finish, as he suddenly felt the breath get knocked out of him by a merciless kick from Blade-Messiah, sending him into the air and immediately jumping into the air and flying after him.

"Yuya!" Yugo panicked as he attempted to fly after him, only to become occupied with three blades that had been spawned and shot at Yugo. However, these blades acted differently, as they now swung at Yugo as though something was holding them, though nothing was.

"The hell…!? Is he individually controlling these!? While he's fighting Yuya at the same time!?" Yugo exclaimed as he flew around and clashed against the blades that followed his every move.

"Urgh…!" Yuya (Odd-Eyes) grunted as he swung around to try and smack Blade-Messiah away with his tail, only for the monster to dodge and appear behind him, smacking him back to the ground with its weapon.

Yuya quickly got to his feet after colliding with the ground and readied another breath attack. "Damn…! Take this—"

Like before, Blade-Messiah was suddenly in front of him, striking Yuya with a powerful uppercut to his lower jaw, closing Yuya's mouth on the fire that was forming in his mouth.

"Stay away from him!" Yuri (Starving Venom) roared as he fired his volley of lasers at Blade-Messiah in an attempt to get him off of Yuya.

Blade-Messiah simply spawned more blades to block the attack, continuing with the assault on Yuya by swinging his blade at Yuya's head.

Yuya quickly ducked to dodge, but Blade-Messiah was faster than Yuya could react in time, and the sword cleanly sliced off the left horn on Yuya's head.

Yuya (Odd-Eyes) roared in pain as he recoiled away from the monster, but to no avail, as Blade-Messiah was already starting to use a follow-up attack.

Yuya managed to tilt his head to look into Blade-Messiah's eyes, attempting to look for any semblance of mercy… any semblance of Soul.

He saw nothing but a merciless beast within those shining, red eyes.

Blade-Messiah thrusted his weapon forward, straight at Yuya's (Odd-Eyes') chest, cracking the bone-like material that surrounded the blue gem in his chest.

In an instant, Yuya was blown away, flying across the stadium before colliding with the wall behind their crystal.

It was also, conveniently enough, where the girls were watching.

"Yuya!" Yuzu yelled in panic.

Though Yuya's transformation didn't end, he now laid limp against the wall, unconscious.

"Yuya! Yuya!" Yuzu's panicked cries continued, all while Serena stared at her pink-haired sibling.

Yuzu's face was plagued with worry, and all of her embarrassment had suddenly gone out the window as she fretted over Yuya's condition.

Anybody could see just how much she cared.

Serena sighed and placed a hand on Yuzu's shoulder, "Relax, I'm sure he's fine…" she said in an attempt to calm her down.

Big mistake.

"Fine!? How can you be sure!? What if he's actually really hurt!?" Yuzu nearly screamed as she grabbed Serena's shoulders and started shaking her back and forth.

"I-I get it! Please stop shaking me!" Serena exclaimed as she fought to wrench Yuzu's hands off of her shoulders.

Serena made a mental note to tread carefully when Yuzu has a panic attack, while Ruri and Rin each giggled at the interaction.

"Your sister is right, Yuya hasn't reverted to normal yet, so he's still fine."

Yuzu turned in surprise to see Kachidoki standing… next to them? How long had be been there? How did they not notice him until now?

"But…!" Yuzu started to protest.

"You've run with us—don't think I don't notice you—so you should know how hard Yuya trains," Kachidoki cut her off, "and running is only one part of Yuya's training, Yuya has gotten much stronger than he realizes." He explained.

'What do you mean…?" Yuzu asked, her sisters staying silent and essentially eavesdropping on the conversation.

"Yuya's sole focus has been on mastering Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon," Kachidoki explained, "I intentionally made it that way so that he would have a hard goal. Because of this, he hasn't noticed just how much stronger he's gotten."

"So what does that mean?" Yuzu asked.

"Just wait and see, he's going to awaken during this match, I'm sure of it." Kachidoki said confidently, "Oh, by the way, you should just ask to come along on our runs, I'm sure Yuya wouldn't mind…" he said, seemingly unaware of why Yuzu would be hiding from them during runs.

"I-I can't do that! I'd…!" Yuzu stammered as her face started to turn red again.

While Yuzu talked with Kachidoki, Yuya's brothers were now glaring at Blade-Messiah with rage in their eyes.

"Damn it… you'll pay for doing that to him…" Yuto (Dark Rebellion) growled.

"Oh… I can think of many different ways to torture you for that…" Yuri (Starving Venom) hissed, "I swear, you're gonna fucking pay for doing that…" he growled.

"You touched Yuya… this is personal now!" Yugo (Crystal Wing) yelled angrily.

"Hey! You said you had a trick up your sleeve, right!?" Yuri (Starving Venom) shouted at Yuto, "I'm pulling out my trump card! So you better do the same!" He yelled.

"Alright, fine…!" Yuto (Dark Rebellion) growled as he set down on the ground and closed his eyes.

"Remember what Shun taught you…" Yuto (Dark Rebellion) thought as he started to gather up energy, his body starting to glow a dark brownish-purple, his skin and scales starting to turn the same color.

Meanwhile, Yuri reverted to normal, and two purple cards appeared in front of them. Yuri recognized one card as the one for Starving Venom, and the other for Predaplant Chimerafflesia.

Yuto (Dark Rebellion) reared his head and roared as his entire body glowed with this brown-purple energy, cracks now beginning to appear around his energy-covered body.

Yuri raised his arms, the cards floating upwards to hover above him before beginning to swirl, losing their card shape and forming into a swirling ball of color.

Blade-Messiah roared and charged at them, so Yugo (Crystal Wing) immediately flew forward and met him, their heads clashing before flying back and attacking again.

"Krystallos Edge of the Gale!" Yugo (Crystal Wing) roared, speeding up to the point that he became a blur as he flew through the air, the wind swirling around him as he took sharp turns, striking at Blade-Messiah countless times.

Each attack, however, was met with a strike from Blade-Messiah, who was now wielding two blades, along with two more floating around it.

"Damn it… he's keeping up with me at this speed…!?" Yugo grunted as he buzzed around Blade-Messiah, even more of his attacks being met with a block/counter.

"From the depths of purgatory, dedicate to the unsinking souls your song of rebellion!" Yuto (Dark Rebellion) chanted as he stretched his claws and tail, glowing cracks appearing along his body, "Appear and echo forevermore! Rank-Up Xyz Change! Appear, Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon!"

The layer of dark-purple around Yuto (Dark Rebellion) shattered, revealing the new form of Dark Rebellion.

Yuto's new form looked identical to Dark Rebellion, however, it was considerably bigger, and a bone-like material covered much of its body, along with the multiple new areas of its design where large spikes now existed. Long blades stretched out from the ends of its arms, bony spikes adorned its tail, and two bone-like horns adorned the top of its head, just above the even larger fang at its chin.

Yuri, meanwhile, cackled as the orb above his head continued to spin faster and faster. "Poisonous dragon with hungry fangs! Sweet-smelling flower that invites the abyss! Now become one, and indulge in whatever pleases you!" Yuri cackled as the orb started to change shape, becoming a bright-purple card that descended to hover in front of him. "FUSION! Come forth! Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon!"

At that, Yuri raised his hands before swinging them down and clapping his hands on the card, crushing it and causing a pillar of purple light to erupt around him.

A wicked smile adorning his face the entire time.

Yuri's new form was almost identical to Starving Venom, however, its color scheme had changed from dark green and purple, to dark purple and white. Its spiked tail was longer; red and yellow orbs adorned its entire body, one yellow orb being positioned right at Yuri's forehead, giving it the appearance of a third eye. Its claws were long, including the ones at his feet, and the two largest yellow orbs were positioned at his shoulders, right next to the two largest red orbs.

Its wings were still made up of large, predatory plants… but this time, they were much larger than the ones on Starving Venom, taking on bright purple and pink colors, and two smaller (but similar) plants acted as wings attached to the back of its legs, under the larger ones at Greedy Venom's back. Each mouth had a copious amount of drool dripping inside, and as if the wide, open mouth at the head wasn't enough… Greedy Venom's chest could open up, revealing an even larger mouth inside.

Both dragons, Dark Requiem and Greedy Venom let out ear-piercing roars as the transformation completed, revealing the new power that Yuto and Yuri possessed.

Blade-Messiah managed to get a good hit on Yugo (Crystal Wing), sending him flying backward until he managed to stop himself, right before hitting his brothers.

"Heh… I guess I'm not the only one with a new form anymore, am I?" Yugo said with a grin.

"Heh! The fact you managed to achieve something like that before me was a fluke of nature!" Yuri declared smugly, "Don't expect it to happen again, Yugo!" He said confidently.

"Hey! My name is—wait, did you just call me by my actual name!?" Yugo exclaimed.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Fusion!" Yuri cackled.

"Argh! Damn you!" Yugo cursed.

"Argue later you two!" Yuto snapped, turning their attention toward Blade-Messiah, who was flying directly at them.

"You're going down now!" Yugo yelled confidently as he flew forward, "KRYSTALLOS EDGE OF THE GALE!" Yugo (Crystal Wing) roared as he charged, spinning around as he clashed against Blade-Messiah.

Yugo (Crystal Wing) was quickly parried away by the monster, only to suddenly feel two large jaws clamp down on its shoulders.

The mouths were courtesy of Yuri's (Greedy Venom's) wings, which had extended out like tentacles to attach themselves to Blade-Messiah while it was startled.

"Greedy Drain!" Yuri declared as the plants at the end of Yuri's (Greedy Venom's) wings bit down harder, causing energy to drain from Blade-Messiah and into Yuri.

Blade-Messiah reacted almost immediately, swinging both of its blades and slicing at the wings until they loosened their grip and returned to Yuri (Greedy Venom), whose body now shone with the same golden light as Blade-Messiah.

"Thanks for your ability! I'll be making good use of it!" Yuri (Greedy Venom) roared as multiple blades, identical to Blade-Messiah's blades, appeared behind him.

Blade-Messiah matched Yuri's actions, spawning an equal number of weapons behind him.

"Fire!" Yuri roared, causing the weapons behind him to shoot forward as projectiles.

Blade-Messiah roared, having its weapons do the same.

The weapons clashed mid-air, causing large explosions to go off with each collision while Yuri's wings opened up, large glowing vines stretching out in every direction at a distance even greater than what Starving Venom could do.

"Eat shit!" Yuri (Greedy Venom) yelled as countless rays of energy started to form among the roots behind him, "VENOMOUS MASER RAIN!" Yuri roared as he let loose the volley of energy.

The beams blew past the smoke caused by the explosions from before, blowing the smokescreen away and revealing that more blades had spawned to block each beam.

Yuri, however, would have none of it.

"AHAHA! You truly are a foolish beast if you think that trick will work again!" Yuri taunted as the beams increased in power.

Immediately, the blades began to glow red with heat before shattering from the pressure of the attack, allowing every beam to go through and hit Blade-Messiah directly.

The monster roared in anger and pain, glaring directly at Yuri (Greedy Venom).

"Aw, is the widdle monster upset?" Yuri taunted.

The beast let out an enraged roar, only to be interrupted by a flying Yugo.

'KRYSTALLOS EDGE OF THE GALE, EIGHTFOLD!" Yugo (Crystal Wing) roared as his speed reached an even higher level, now flying and striking through Blade-Messiah eight times within two seconds.

Blade-Messiah roared in pain again as it skidded against the ground, countless blades spawning around it and flying in every direction.

"Yugo! Handle those blades!" Yuto yelled.

"Krystallos Mirror Rain!" Yugo (Crystal Wing) roared as his wings shone with a blinding light, sending countless beams of light off in every direction, blasting away all of the weapons around them.

"Alright, it's my turn now!" Yuto (Dark Requiem) roared as the two large purple orbs at his shoulders started to shine with eerie, rainbow light.

Blade-Messiah roared as it threw the two blades in its hands at Yuto, the blades spinning rapidly like saw blades as they closed in on Yuto… only for Yugo (Crystal Wing) to zip around and strike the weapons out of the sky.

"REQUIEM SALVATION!" Yuto (Dark Requiem) roared as multiple wispy black arms shot out of the two gems at his shoulders, quickly wrapping around Blade-Messiah and immobilizing the monster.

Blade-Messiah roared in rage as it struggled to free itself from the binds, but to no avail, as the binds simply tightened further at the struggling.

Yuto (Dark Requiem) rose into the air, the sky and clouds above him suddenly shining a magnificent, divine gold as he spread his wings out and glared at Blade-Messiah from above.

The countless gems adorning his bone-decorated body started to glow with the same eerie rainbow light, and instead of electricity… this time, an eerie light started to shine within Yuto's (Dark Requiem's) wings.

At first, it started brightly. Colorful lights started to shine in Yuto's (Dark Requiem's) wings, forming a beautiful glow within his wings, similar to stained glass windows.

Then, black-colored light would shine, becoming the lines between the colors and increasing the size of these energy wings.

Yuto (Dark Requiem) hovered in the air, his wings spread wide as a loud humming noise started to get louder, originating from Yuto's wings.

Yuto's (Dark Requiem's) fang started to glow with an eerie white light, and his piercing yellow eyes never left Blade-Messiah, who continued to struggle against its binds.

"Rend and tear…!" Yuto (Dark Requiem) growled, "AND PERISH AMONGST THE SOULS OF THE REBELLIOUS!" He roared.

Yuto (Dark Requiem) flew up, flipping and pointing his fang directly at Blade-Messiah before charging forward at full speed.

"REQUIESCENT… DISASTER DISOBEY!" Yuto (Dark Requiem) roared as he nose-dived towards Blade-Messiah, black and white light forming like wisps around him as he charged, slicing through the air itself as he approached the Blade-Messiah Ritual Dragon.

Blade-Messiah roared in rage as he continued to attempt to break free of his binds, but it was too late.

Yuto's attack struck true, his fang piercing straight through the armor at Blade-Messiah's chest as he rammed into Blade-Messiah, pushing him through the ground and towards the giant castle at the other side of the arena.

Finally, after a battle of roars between the two dragons, Yuto raised his fang and pushed Blade-Messiah upward, ramming the dragon straight into the wall of the castle as streams of darkness spread out in every direction around Yuto's (Dark Requiem's) fang.

The arena shook violently at the impact, before finally dying down as Yuto's (Dark Requiem's) fang stopped glowing, and Yuto slowly moved away from Blade-Messiah.

The dragon laid limp against the damaged castle wall, its eyes closed as it laid seemingly defeated.

Yuto took deep breaths of air. "Did… did we do it?" He asked.

"What an incredible match! Though Challenger Soul put up a ridiculous fight, it seems that against the full might of—"

Melissa's commentary was cut off when Blade-Messiah's eyes suddenly flashed bright red again.

"Shit… you're kidding me!?" Yugo (Crystal Wing) exclaimed as he landed next to Yuto (Dark Requiem).

"No! He has to be hurt! We threw so much at him, he's probably struggling to even stand!" Yuto (Dark Requiem) shouted though a nervous expression was etched across his face.

"I swear to god if this guy pulls some sort of limit-breaking bullshit…" Yuri grumbled.

Suddenly, a burst of dark light enveloped Blade-Messiah, and its golden glow and armor changed.

Blade-Messiah's armor changed into a deep and ominous pitch black color, its eyes glowing a terrifying shade of red as the blades that served as its wings changed to match the color of the armor. Its glow was replaced with a murky, black aura that surrounded him like smoke and gave off a threatening presence.

The cracked area on its chest seemed to not bother it at all, and a sinister red glow now shone from the wound.

"Oh, come on!" Yuri shouted in frustration.

"Guys… hear me out…" Yuto said as he took a step back, "Syrup said this guy was going berserk, right?" He asked.

"Yeah, so what?" Yuri asked.

"This is just a theory… but what if him being berserk… means that we can't beat him?" Yuto said as he shot Yuri a nervous glance.

"What do you mean!? We just kicked his ass!" Yuri protested.

"No… I mean that we might not even be able to beat him…" Yuto clarified, "What if he can just ignore damage and just keep fighting at full strength…?" He asked.

"Uh, that would be terrifying…" Yugo cut in.

"And bad for us!" Yuto exclaimed, "If this turns into a battle of endurance against a beast that will never stop attacking, we'll end up running out of steam before we get anywhere!" Yuto said as his eyes widened at his own revelation.

Blade-Messiah suddenly charged with a black sword in its hand.

Yugo (Crystal Wing) immediately flew forward and smacked him away, though the dragon seemed mostly unfazed, even after being knocked a good distance away.

"Oh, then there's no problem!" Yuri yelled, "Just cut off his arms and legs, he'll have a hard time trying to fight us without those!" He said with a grin.

"Yuri this is serious!" Yuto shouted, "And we can't just do that! Are you kidding me!?" He said in a mixture of exasperation and panic.


Yugo (Crystal Wing) suddenly appeared next to Yuto, shaking his head in bewilderment.

"Yugo! What happened!?" Yuto exclaimed.

"Guys… he's getting faster…!" Yugo said with wide eyes, "I attacked him… but he dodged in less than a second and…" Yugo muttered as he turned to look at Blade-Messiah.

The dragon now stared at the other three, its gaze transfixed on its enemies.

"I highly doubt you're right, Yuto…" Yuri sighed as he rose into the sky, "but on the off chance you're correct… we just have to wait for Syrup to do her thing, right?" He pointed out.

"Alright… let's hope for the best and take him down again!" Yuto roared.

"RAAAAAAAAGH!" All three brothers roared as they readied their attacks and charged at Blade-Messiah.

Blade-Messiah's eyes flashed again, and it charged back in response, it's blade raised and ready to strike back against the three dragons that opposed it.

Yuto's (Dark Requiem's) fang clashed against Blade-Messiah's blade, and a bright white light filled the arena.

Syrup woke up with a pounding headache… yet despite that headache, a soothing feeling seemed to embrace her as she laid limp on… grass?

Oh, she remembered this place.

This was the place where she had met "Cahya"

She saw Soul in the distance, standing atop a green hill and gazing out at the beautiful scenery around them.

"Soul!" Syrup exclaimed as she ran up to him, "Are you okay!?" She exclaimed.

Soul slowly turned to look at her, a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Where… are we…?" He asked, "It's not my mind… there's no such place inside me, not anymore…" he muttered.

"I can't say I know exactly what this place is…" Syrup replied, "but I know that there's somewhere I need to take you…" she said as she gently took his hand.

Soul looked up at her with a small look of surprise in his eye as he stared at her.

Syrup gave Soul a gentle smile in return, and Soul seemed hypnotized.

"Hey, snap out of it!" Syrup said as she waved a hand in front of his face, snapping him out of his trance, "Come on! Don't ask why, but I know where to go from here…" she said soothingly as she started to walk, pulling him along by the arm.

"A-Ah!" Soul gasped in surprise as Syrup dragged him away from his position, calmly taking him by the hand and taking him with her.

Soul remembered the energy tail and ears from before.

"Syrup… who are you…?" He asked.

Syrup paused for a moment, remaining silent before finally answering.

"That's a silly question…" she said with a smile, "I'm Syrup Maple, just an ordinary girl trying to become a duelist!" She said cheerfully.

Soul stared at her as they walked, trying to examine her and break her down… trying to understand just who this mysterious girl with so much spiritual energy is.

But he couldn't.

She was hiding something, but not even he could see anything past the smile on her face.

"You… better tell me the truth one day," Soul said as he continued to walk with her, "You learned about my secret, it's only fair I learn something about you…" he sighed.

"Hm… we'll see, won't we?" Syrup said cheerfully as they walked along the bright green grass and colorful flowers.

Making their way towards a small cottage in the distance.