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Running with the wolves tonight

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Keith looked up at the full moon, a grin plastered on his face. With a glint in his eye, he started to sprint towards the forest in front of him. As he ran, his features slowly changed and became more wolf-like. His teeth became pointed as his nose grew into a snout. Raven black fur started to curl from his skin and two huge fluffy ears sprouted from his head. With a grunt, Keith fell to the floor in the form of a great black wolf. He threw back his head and howled, then raced into the forest.



“Last night was awesome!” Keith exclaimed as he beamed at Shiro.


His brother smiled and shook his head.


“You say that every full moon.”


“I know, but you just get such a thrill!”


Shiro laughed.


“You don’t have to rely on the moon to become a wolf. I never understand why you get so excited.”


Keith rolled his eyes as he kicked a stick with his boot.


“You’re too old to get the thrill anymore.”


Keith’s brother growled in good humour. Laughing, Keith looked up and saw that they’d already made it back to the city. Shiro suddenly became more serious.


“Ok, let’s be careful. I don’t want you accidently talking about werewolves inside the city walls again.”


Keith snarled.


“I’m 18, don’t baby me.”


Shiro gave him a hard stare.


“Don’t tell me that when you almost got figured out last time.”


Snorting, Keith stomped off in the direction of their apartment block. Shiro followed after him rolling his eyes. As they came up to the apartment complex, a neighbour of theirs came up to greet them.

“Hello there boys! Where did you go last night? I tried to drop off a parcel but you weren’t there.”


“I’ll do the talking,” Shiro hissed in Keith’s ear.


Keith growled quietly at him but nodded.


“Oh, we went off to our friend’s party. We ended up staying the night, Keith got a little drunk.”


Keith elbowed Shiro hard in the side and looked at his feet angrily.


“Haha! Oh to be young, it was such a thrill. Anyway your package is just outside your door. Have a good day!” their neighbour laughed.


As their neighbour walked away, Keith shoved Shiro and growled.


“You didn’t have to embarass me like that you little shit!”


Shiro chuckled and put Keith into a headlock, giving him a noogie. Keith snarled and tried to wiggle his way out. With a sigh, Shiro released him and Keith punched him light-heartedly on the arm. He cried out in mock pain and bared his teeth in a grin. He chased his little brother up the stairs of the apartment complex with Keith leaping up the stairs lightly. Keith picked up the package his neighbour had mentioned then unlocked the door to their apartment. They both crashed down on the sofa and let out huge sighs. 


“Uhhhhhggg that was a long night. I’m tired out Shiro, I don’t think I should go to college today.”


Shiro laughed and shook his head. He gestured to the clock on the wall then panicked as he realised that he was going to be late for work. He was a commanding officer at The Altea Galactic University, the youngest ever to reach that rank. He was an experienced pilot, and had completed several missions in space in the past two years which made his reputation soar.


“Nice try. I’m already running late so you better leave in half an hour cause I can’t drive you.”


Keith groaned and unwrapped his package as he headed over to his room to change. He grinned as he realised what is was; the new pens he had ordered for art class. They were perfect, he needed them for his finals coming up. As he changed into new clothes, he checked for messages on his phone.


Pidge 23:45

Hey, where are you? I thought we were going to play Halo tonight?

Pidge 23:51



Pidge 23:56

Keith keith keeeeiiittthhh


Pidge 00:04

Fine fuck you it’s not like I’m your best (and only) friend


Pidge 00:57

You forgot your art folder at school by the way you’re lucky Matt picked it up for you although you deserve to have lost it you ballsack.


Keith breathed out a sigh of relief. He had forgotten all about his art folder since he was so excited for his full moon run with Shiro. He’d also forgotten about the halo session he’d planned with Pidge.


Keith 7:38

Aw Pidge thank Matt for me.


Keith 7:38

I’m so sorry about yesterday, me and Shiro went to his friend’s party.


Pidge 7:38

I call bullshit, you hate parties, and Matt says he won’t do it next time (unless you can hook him up with Shiro)


Pidge 7:39



Keith 7:40

Lol matt i dont believe you


Pidge 7:40

Hes crying in the bathroom now lol


Keith 7:41

Lol...anyway pidge i am really sorry about yesterday, i’ll buy you a muffin and we can play tonight?


Pidge 7:42

Make it two donuts and you have a deal. See you in astrophysics. Try to remember the homework this time, I’m not covering for you today cause im still mad. Matt’s bringing in your folder in art apparently.


Keith 7:43

Ok, see you later and ill try to remember

Keith tossed his phone on his bed and went into the kitchen to make breakfast.


“Shiro what do you want?” he yelled to the bathroom.


“Just toast Keith, I’m running a bit late!” he shouted back from the shower.


Keith put the toast in the toaster and laughed as he heard Shiro trip in the shower and curse as he fell over. Keith made himself a bowl of cereal (shreddies cause he had simple tastes) and started packing his school bag. Shiro burst from the bathroom, pulling on his socks, and tying his tie. He snatched the toast from the toaster and ran from the flat yelling:


“Bye Keith, have a good day!”


Keith jumped up from his seat and ran to the front door, snatching Shiro’s keys on the way.


“You forgot your keys dumbass!” he snickered as he tossed them to Shiro, who was half way down the stairs.


Shiro thanked him, caught the keys and pelted off to his car. Keith rolled his eyes and went back inside. He grabbed his Astrophysics homework, new pens, school books, pencil case and phone and shoved it into his school bag. He finished off his cereal, grabbed his keys then locked the door. He yawned as he left the apartment - he was too tired to deal with any shit at school today.