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With Legs Like That

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“What a bargain this turned out to be. I bet the girls can't wait to see how we'll be eating the next few nights.”

With five monster girls under his household, Kimihito finds himself doing his best to feed the many different mouths, especially considering how different their diets are from one another; Miia tends to eat meat, Cerea is strictly vegetarian, and Meroune and Papi will often take to eating just about anything. an interesting one, that's for sure. But with the sale at the market on his way from work, he can at least say that he made out like a bandit with so much savings.

Still, he sighs to himself. With so many mouths and tastes to satisfy, it does dig into his budget somewhat deep. And while he likes to keep his guests under the Interspecies Exchange Bill happy, he has to think about his wallet too. At least all the construction the house has gone under between Miia's arrival and Meroune being added it hasn't cost him a dime, but still...

He tries his best to shake off those monetary worries. After all, he still has enough left over to do things with the girls every now and again. There's little worry there, unless he ends up taking in two more monster girls. He laughs the idea off, but given how quickly everyone's gathered at his place, it doesn't feel all that much out of the question.

The host especially needs to put on his best smile, as he's about a few feet away from the house, where the girls are no doubt ready to pounce on him and fight over who their Darling or Master truly belongs to. Except Meroune, possibly Papi and Suu. They don't seem to get into it as badly as the lamia or centauress do.

Halfway up the walkway, Kimihito stops. He looks around, fearing as though he may be watched. “Hello...?” he asks out into the void of the empty dark night. “Is somebody out there?”

“Someone is, yes. But not anything human.”

Kimihito looks up at the roof over the porch, seeing a figure with many legs and a large ass standing atop it. The figure then hops off, landing on all of her appendages without loss of balance. When he sees the figure in the dim light emanating from his porch, the human male jumps in a panic, dropping all of his groceries. Not because of it being a giant spider lady and her six ruby eyes, nor is it because he frightened the hell out of her by acting somewhat menacing. No, it's because of how low cut her top is, showing off so much underboob that it practically excites Kimihito enough to worry he might end up showing off his boner to the spider-woman.

And thus he passes out, with the spider quick to spin him into her webbing.

“...How easy. And how pathetic.” Rachnera says with a sigh. “This is the same jerk that punched that other jerk in the face for being such a pervert? He comes off as nothing more than a pants wetting baby. And yet...”

With the little light she can, Rachnera sees that he's quite the charming looking young man, his features still fresh and smooth. He certainly looks like he'd be much more fun to handle and play with, compared to the creep that she had previously dealt with. She knows that she has to have her way with him now.

But where to take him...?


From the moment he awakens in that empty warehouse, Kimihtio's introduction to Rachnera plays out as it would, with the security guard searching around and everything. The spider even utilizes her similar webbing technique where the human hangs by his teeth and feet, teasing him enough to cause him to chew through his bindings.

Kimihito breathes heavily as he finds himself dangling just above the ground, his teeth having bit off the little bit of webbing that kept him in check. For the little time he's been awake since his kidnapping, the human male has been through quite a bit, between this woman named Rachnera hanging him upside down, feeling up his crotch while giving him an "extra appendage", smothering him between her breasts while the guard investigates the scene, and of course the nibbling. Oh, that sweet, sweet nibbling…was enough to cause him to bite through the webbing that could have nearly killed him.

"I guess I did get a little carried away with that." Rachnera confesses, her cheeks showing a light blush.

As Kimihito slowly picks himself up off the ground, he groans, asking his captor, "Rachnera…what are you running from? Why are you here with me? Shouldn't you be home with your guardian family?"

As one would expect, such a question puts a sting on the spider woman, who hesitates to answer. And yet, somehow, this human manages to break through her metaphorical armor, and she finds herself opening up to him. "Lets just say I didn't see eye to eye with them. I'm sure they were expecting something more soft and sweet. Oh, but the sour expressions they wore were so priceless. One day they were approached by a shady looking man looking to take me in; I'm sure that was an easy decision for them."

"That's terrible…" Hearing those words with such sincerity strikes Rachnera as odd, as if she had never expected such sympathy from someone who would so carelessly allow a harpy's egg to break like she had heard.

Still looking to keep her distance emotionally, Rachnera looms over Kimihito, the human falling back as she slams her front appendages down. "Just so you know, I don't intend to snack on your sympathy," she adds, "You humans are all alike, you say you want to help but the truth is you only want others like you! And you're no different…your lower body is only reacting to the parts of me that look human!" The two pairs of eyes over her forehead shut, as if they're the portion of herself she's especially ashamed of."

Slowly, Kimihito picks himself up to his knees, looking up at the spider woman. "Actually…your legs are, um…how should I put this: very captivating."

"…………Huh?!" Rachnera is taken aback by such a response, at first thinking the human is just playing her up. However, the perverted smile on Kimihito's face as the moonlight shines on him, the sparkles as a result, and the Japanese characters that pop up spelling out "LEG FETISH" are sure indicators that this man truly does mean it.

"Aren't you kinky?" Rachnera says, leaning into the kneeling Kimihito. "Only a degenerate would be captivates by spider legs like my own."

"What? No!" Kimihito shouts, only taking offense to the degenerate line.

"Let me guess, you're a virgin, aren't you?" the spider woman asks playfully.

"Whatever would give you such an idea?" Kimihito shouts, looking away from her ruby gaze.

Then the arachnid gets an idea, since she believes that nobody would come out to find them for quite some time. "What if I used my legs to massage your member, hm? Would that suffice enough?"

Now this certainly gets the host's attention. Only the look on Kimihito's face, as well as the red color his skin quickly changes to, is enough for the spider woman to see how invested he's become in nothing flat. Rachnera goes right to work for Kimihito, showing off her long, slim arachnid legs, teasing the homeowner every which way possible. Even with his body frozen in partial fear and excitement, the spider woman treats it all like a striptease, even ending it with one of her front appendages landing stretched out on his shoulder, just to give him an idea of just how flexible she can be. "What do you think, hm?" Rachnera says in a seductive tone.

"I'd say…you really know how to get a guy going." Kimihito stares at Rachnera with those white, voidless eyes that only show up on certain circumstances, in this case likely flustered by the spider woman's sexual advances. She giggles through her sharpened teeth, seeing just how much he's enjoying her little matinee. "Now, how about we get you into something a little more comfortable…"

The spider woman uses her hands to unbutton Kimihito's pants, while her other arachnid legs remove his upper clothing. With his pants down, Rachnera gets a good glimpse of what the young man is sporting and…wow. Wow. Just WOW.

"H-Honey…?" Rachnera gasps, sweat forming on her human half as she stares at her host's crotch. "Are you sure you're human?"

"Hm? What makes you ask that, Rachnera?" Kimihito asks, as if oblivious to what his spider captor might be referring to.

"Is that a normal size for your kind of people?" The flustered spider points directly to the male's member, which has slowly risen up during her performance. All of her eyes are stunned to see what she imagines is unusually abnormal for the human types, a fourteen inch mastodon of a schlong that has the girth to give its size a proper aesthetic, giving it such an alluring presence.

"Uh…I guess it might be?" Kimihito says with a shrug. "It's not often I talk to my coworkers about dick size, so I'm not sure what the average length could be."

Rachnera's cheeks blush before the human, unable to remove her gaze from such a studly shaft. Even for her, such a size would stretch them out something immense. Perhaps it's for the best she goes through with merely using her legs to massage his member, but to give such pleasure to THAT…it might just send her over the edge as well.

"Rachnera? Are you all right?" His words interrupt her thoughts, bringing the spider woman back to reality.

"Yes, I'm fine! Certainly fine!" The spider woman says with a nervous laugh. "It's just…so…big…"

"You should be able to squeeze it, right?"

"Yes, absolutely, Honey! Just…please be gentle." The spider is suddenly cowering to the human, seeing such a massive shaft that she thought only centaurs and the like could grow. And even Kimihito seems to make them pale in comparison! It's enough to make her wonder if this is what draws the other monster girls of his residence into him, this secret knowledge that he may have a cock worth their hand in marriage. And the stretching of certain holes, certainly.

While she watches Kimihito take deep breaths, as if mentally preparing himself for this monster variation of a thigh massage, she wonders if it truly would feel pleasurable for him, given the sharpness of her body. He may not be hurt by her, but there's a chance he may rub her the wrong way.

"W-wait, Honey." Rachnera says hesitantly. "Could you, perhaps…stimulate my pussy? Before we begin, please?"

"Oh, um, sure. We can do that." Kimihito moves to Rachnera's crotch, removing her loin cloth as she squats enough for him, while the human remains silently amazed that spider women even have vaginas to play with, bot that he was complaining. After all, so long as he isn't sticking his dick inside her, they should be all right. Once he's found her snatch, Kimihito places his fingers against her sex, pushing against the large vaginal entry enough that it causes Rachnera to gasp in such an incredulous way.

"Yeeees, just like that, Honey!" Rachnera squeals, her tongue hanging out of her sharp mouth. The feeling of stimulation on her folds is amazing, the spider girl wishing that he could stuff his junk up there just to feel it compared to his simple touch. Once he sees that her fluids are leaking out, leaving a small, moist marking on the warehouse floor, Kimihito starts to flick away as best he can, covering as much of her giant muff as humanly possible. The way he lashes away at her vaginal lips drives her crazy, her eyes rolling back as she grows heavily aroused by such technique. It's nothing she's ever experienced before in her life, yet it leaves her wondering if this is how it feels to be in her victim's shoes at times.

For someone with such a small tongue, Rachnera has to admit that he's very good with it, utilizing it in such a fashion that she could never imagine any human to use it. Kimihito comes off as incredibly natural with how he uses it, that it takes the spider woman by surprise. She feels something building up in her spider loins, as if he were quickly finishing her off, and so suddenly. "Honeeeey…" Rachnera whimpers, biting down on her knuckle. "I think you're going to make me cum…"

"What was that, Rachnera?" Kimihito asks, uncertain what she had just said.

"I'm…going to…haaaaAAAAAAA!" Rachnera cries out, her tongue dangling out of her mouth as her juices suddenly blast away at Kimihito, who almost drowns in the sudden torrential downpour that is her orgasm. The young human male lays there beneath her as he's hit with a waterfall of spider juices, clubbing as he tries his best to breathe through what seems to be an endless orgasm.

When Rachnera completes her orgasmic screaming, she rests on her giant butt, her legs giving in after trying to stand after all of that. Her tongue sticks out between her sharp teeth, panting heavily from what felt like a workout, yet feeling much more rewarded for her efforts. "Oh, wow…" Rachnera says with a worn out voice. "You're so good for someone that must be a virgin."

"Well, I mean, I never said I was…" Kimihito says, standing proud despite his embarrassed demeanor. He's only happy that nobody else heard such a comment from the spider girl, lest someone decides to use it against him someday. "But…you're seriously worn out so quickly, Rachnera? I'm kind of impressed."

"By your skills…or my ability to cave so easily?" Rachnera asks, trying to lift her bottom off the warehouse ground.

"…A bit of both I guess." Kimihito replies, himself uncertain. "But…are you sure you still want to try and use your legs to get me off? It seems like you're too worn out from that." Indeed, Rachnera's legs come across somewhat bow legged, the spider woman unable to squeeze them together with what little strength she has left.

"You have a point…" Rachnera says, though a thought immediately springs to mind. "I think I know just how we can work around this…"

Using her webbing, Rachnera instructs Kimihito on how to wrap it where her legs bend, with the lower portion of her appendages resting on the ground. This gives Kimihito enough room to stick his cock between her legs and the webbing, which should be all he needs to play around with the spider woman's body.

"Say, does this count as bondage?" Kimihito asks.

"I don't really know, or care…" Rachnera says, her body growing desperate. "Please, just use my legs to massage that huge dick of yours!"

Without any further pushing from the spider woman, Kimihito shoves his dick between the knee of her middle-right leg, the webbing also acting as a massage tool for his shaft. The human male takes a deep breath through clenched teeth, the design of Rachnera's spider legs acting as a texture for his skin flute to slide against, as if he were inside of a rough yet delightful onahole. He has little concern of whether or not it could fit in the space made by her web, but he does watch as the leg pushes out slightly to better suit his shaft. All the while Rachnera pants while his flesh rubs against her appendages, her sharpness pushing in against his member as it continues to glide through the makeshift hole with ease. It's enough to make Rachnera bite down on her knuckle, moaning at the way the human uses her enlarged spider body to his advantage.

"That's it…Honey…" Rachnera groans, the pointed tips of her legs grinding into the warehouse floor. "Use those legs as if you were ramming my pussy. This is the next best thing thanks to that stupid Exchange Bill, after all!"

It's true, the Interspecies Exchange Bill tends to make contact between humans and nonhumans impossible to work around, be it an act of violence or even for sexual purposes. It's partly what makes him so hesitant when it comes to the other girls, but the fact he's using his behemoth of a cock to play with her legs is practically a loophole for them to get away with. Even now, Kimihito feels as if Rachnera's legs have been ribbed for his pleasure, the way her sharpness squeezes into the veins of his shaft sending waves of pleasure through his body, even without putting himself inside her snatch.

"Rachnera, I can't really lie…" Kimihito grunts, holding the arched shape of the spider's legs to better guide his sliding member, "your legs feel really good on my dick. They should try to make condoms like this…"

"C-Condoms…?" Rachnera asks, trying to laugh through her sexual panting. "Honey, believe me, you wouldn't need such a device when it comes to me…" The spider woman continues to laugh, swear forming on the human portion of her body while all six eyes roll back. She clenches her teeth hard while her fingers dig into the ground of the warehouse, leaving little trails in the dirt. She never imagined getting such a sense of sexual thrill when it came to her legs, but this human male seems to do the trick for her. The way he humps into the empty space created with the webbing, his cock going against the knee is so delightful that she swears she's oozing her juices onto the ground.

Moments pass before Kimihito feels his shaft at its full swelling point, the tip throbbing in rhythm with his heartbeat as if he's ready to burst. Even Rachnera, in her dazed state of mind, feels the blood pumping through the veins of his skin flute, keeping him incredibly stiff to the very end. When his hips push against her legs, Kimihito cries out, his head cocked back as his cock squeezes out a long stream of human jizz, with the milky substance landing just in front of Rachnera. The spider squeals as she watches what could have filled her snatch instead coating her front-right leg in his seed as the stream continues to blast away. The non-human can't explain it, but just seeing the gallon-sized puddle of human cum makes her hot, wishing it could be inside her instead.

Kimihito pulls his rod out from the makeshift hole between Rachnera's legs, taking a deep breath while his cock slowly deflates. He hears gurgling from Rachnera, approaching the spider woman to see that she seems almost dazed from the experience herself. "Uh, Rachnera…are you okay?" Kimihito asks, uncertain as to whether or not his captor needs help with anything.

"G-Goodness…" Rachnera sighs. "I never knew my legs could be so sensitive to touch. Or maybe it's just the way your cock rubs against them that makes me feel so…alive…"

"Well as long as you're happy." says the human male with a cheerful smile.

"But…I want to feel more of it…"

“M-More?” Kimihito says, a slight rise in pitch as he hears the honesty in her voice. “Rachnera, I just let out a lot of cum, I don't know if I could...”

Without warning, Kimihito finds himself placed in a shibari style rope binding, with the webbing used to create the trap making sure to squeeze his balls while splitting around his shaft. “At least I had enough strength to pull that off.” Rachnera says, using the girders in the ceiling to hang the human male from. With his body positioned right side up, the spider woman manages to move her body around so that her upper-left leg is level with Kimihito's hung member. “Just for that, I'm going to really make you work for this next one.” Rachnera says with a wink.

“Hey, this isn't fair!” Kimihito shouts.

“Be quiet, if you don't want them to hear us again!” she says, webbing up the human's mouth. “Now, use your cock to make out with my leg!”

Knowing there's no use in arguing with her now, Kimihito does his best to swing into Rachnera's leg, with her center-left done up in a similar way to her right side; a bit of web that keeps them together wrapped around, with a big enough hole for the well endowed human male to stuff his dick through. It takes quite the amount of effort to make it over, as there's a bit of distance between them, but Kimihito does his best, with her web bindings keeping enough blood in his member to get him harder much more easily. The squeezing of makeshift rope around his balls doesn't help, either.

With one mighty swing, Kimihito manages to get his shaft inside the spider girl's makeshift hole, causing Rachnera to cry out as his veiny erection squeezes against the sharpness of her legs. The human male feels her rigid legs against his member, feeling that joyous sensation once again. He feels so pleased, ready to stimulate himself with the use of her appendages once again. There's just one catch.

It's a little hard to stroke your cock against someone's legs when you're stuck.

Through his webbed muzzle, Kimihito speaks his mind while his voice is muffled, trying to get Rachnera's attention on the matter. “Hm? But if I don't keep it this tight, how will you be sure you'll get off?” Then the spider has an idea, one that causes her to not only grin wide enough to show off her fangs, but to pull up on her top, her erect nipples jiggling after their release as she brings herself in towards the human male's face. “Maybe this will help you.”

Pulling the hanging hung human into her body, Rachnera brings his face into her busty bosom, causing Kimihito to struggle in breaking out of her grasp. The struggle, as well as her closeness, allows Kimihito to properly push his rod through her legs, the web keeping them in shape to properly fit around his shaft. There's some jittering around caused by his struggle to remove his face from the spider's tits and come back up for oxygen, but none of that matters to Rachnera, as she still feels the full stimulation of such a massive member.

“Oooh, yes, you like my breasts, don't you, Honey?” Rachnera asks with heavy breath, her rigid legs feeling the veins along Kimihito's flesh as it juts around in between her legs. “They really turn you on, just letting yourself get consumed by such luscious melons. Oh, it turns me on so much...” Indeed it does, as her pussy begins to ooze out her fluids, which trickle off her abdomen and make a puddle on the floor that isn't too far from where the human male's seed had previously landed. Rachnera continues to cackle to herself, still reeling with pleasure even after the previous orgasm nearly broke her mind. It seems she enjoys the feeling so much, she wishes for this human she previously considered her hostage to do so completely.

“Yes, yes, my sweet perverted human, continue to swing that massive prick between my legs!” Rachnera cries out, no longer in control of her voice's volume. “Use it as good practice for when you truly fertilize my eggs and release our spider children out into the world!” Even with her loud anguishing cries, Kimihito's ears are buried just as deep inside her breasts as the rest of his face, leaving her pleas to go unheard. The same can be said for the human, between his webbed mouth and facing the wrath of Rachnera's Marshmallow Hell.

The longer Kimihito's cock remains between her leg during his struggle, the more his movements become natural, sawing his shaft through her appendage at the same pace as he had before when he previously had more control. Now hanging from this odd angle, where his head is between her breasts, pulled in by the spider while his cock remains in the makeshift hole, he finds himself comfortable with the position, no longer worried about losing his breath. Even now he can feel the rate at which Rachnera's heart is beating, the rate going faster the more aroused she is. He may not see it, but the puddle of her juices starts to grow the more she allows them to trickle out.

The spider's cheeks grow bright red, as if all the leg rubbing has made her intoxicated in the same manner that tea would. Her hands finally move off the back of the human male's head, slowly moving down his back with the pointed ends of her fingers gliding over his skin. Kimihito shivers in delight at the way her touch makes him tingle, with his cock bouncing about in the space between her leg. “Oh yes! Yes, Honey! That's it...that's it! Work your cock against my legs and treat it like you're about to dump that seed in my pussy again!”

Out of instinct, Rachnera pulls on the portion of webbing tied along Kimihito's back, causing the whole of the shibari style trapping to get yanked as well. This causes the binding to tug around his throat, as well as his balls and cock, and force his body to tense up. The spider woman sees this, and removes Kimihito from her makeshift hole, leaving him to hang and spin from his shibari bindings until she turns around so that her backside faces him. Using her back appendages, Rachnera stops the hanging human and aims his cock towards her backside, ready to pull him into her.

“I'm not at all sorry for this...” Rachnera says, mentally craving that cock, “but you wouldn't count it as deflowering when it comes to penetrating my ass now, would it? Nothing in the Bill that disallows that, right?”

Before even getting a chance to see the logic in her argument, Rachnera is already shoving his cock inside of her anus, the two crying out in an out of tune harmony while Kimihito's mouth is still muzzled. He feels the tightness of her cavern as it squeezes in on his thickness, causing him to heavily throb while her back legs continue to push on his ass to further his venture. Rachnera groans heavily, a pained expression on her face as she tries her best to stuff the behemoth inside her body, making sure that his nut sack is right against her body by the end. It becomes a long and straining process, but in time she ends up getting every inch of his ungodly schlong inside, with her rectum now stretched out to better fit such girth.

The spider woman then uses her legs to hump Kimihito against her enlarged buttox, with his cock barely sliding out of her anus while his balls slap against her underside. The human grunts through the web, his eyes shut as he feels the continuous impact of his flesh against her arachnid body. Even from so far behind her, the young man can hear the loud, inaudible sounds that escape Rachnera's mouth, wondering if perhaps he truly is too much for her to handle. Meanwhile, she keeps herself occupied by fantasizing heavily about the amount of space that his cock takes up within her anus, with visions full of nothing but the size of the dong within her otherwise tiny tunnel. She drools over the delightful feelings that go on behind her, with her legs controlling the rhythm that her captive goes at. Her hands cling to her breasts, playing around with her well endowed fun bags while kneading into her nipples, pleasing herself until she finally feels that flush of fluids make its way inside of her spider behind.

Kimihito breathes through his nostrils, heaving as he feels his shaft throb against her anal tunnel. It doesn't help him that the spider flexes her rectum around his shaft, squeezing into it in a way that makes her demand that he cum. Even for the short time he's known her, he can actually believe Rachnera to want that large load inside her, even after already seeing just what's contained inside his nut sack. But between his hanging from the ceiling, the slight pinch of her appendages, and being forced to ram his monstrous member into her, he can barely hold himself back. His attempt to keep from cumming backfires on him, and his shaft finally manages to hit its peak.

With a cry into his webbed mouth, Kimihito allows his cock to blast away another batch, with his white milky substance getting all over Rachnera's cavern walls. The gallon of seed practically matches up with the size of his first puddle by the end of such a release, which causes the spider woman to panic for a brief moment as she wonders if she can hold it all in her. The way his cock quakes during its eruption thrills Rachnera once more, her voice screeching like a banshee while she arches her neck back, eyes rolled up enough to see the ceiling as she becomes surprised by her own orgasmic release. Her tongue rolls out just as her fluids spritz out on the ground, pooling up under her long appendages. Her legs tremble as they try to hold up her body while having such an ecstatic release, but again they fail to keep her spider butt up. After the outburst of vaginal cum depletes from her snatch, Rachnera collapses to the ground, still maintaining that broken yet happy expression, while Kimihito falls from her grasp.

Fortunately for the human male, his load has finally dried up, with his cock shrinking back down to its deflated state. This manages to allow the webbing to become much looser around his body, as well as freeing his shaft from inside Rachnera's ass. He watches on after Rachnera's appendages let go of him as just a smidge of his seed escapes her asshole, watching as globs of spunk splatter onto the warehouse floor. The toppled spider says nothing, though there are tired moans of satisfaction that escape her mouth, as well as the saliva that's been pooled up since her epic climax. With the shrinking genitals allowing him to escape his bindings, Kimihito slowly does so while keeping his eyes on the arachnid woman. He sees that Rachnera is out of it from so much pleasure and stimulation, her mind likely snapped after taking so much between her legs and ass. With the realization that he can now escape, Kimihito finally grabs his clothes, ready to put them on and get out of the warehouse...


Kimihito's face turns redder than a tomato when the MON team and Ms. Smith burst into the warehouse, seeing all the 'damage' that they've done; the puddles of sexual fluids, the naked host to several monster girls, and of course Rachnera, whose mind is completely gone at this point.

The five women are especially glued to Kimihito's cock, which even at its slowly shrinking rate is still a giant compared to anything they've ever seen before. Now, they truly understand what the girls at his home see in him, and can't blame them for wanting to jump his bones so quickly.


The story somewhat pans out as normal after that; Rachnera is chastised by Smith, while the spider girl convinces the agent to let her stay with Kimihito to bring his monster girl guest count up to six. It's something of a win-win for him, as he'll at least be taking residence with someone that has such captivating legs. Smith doesn't understand, but who would.

Still, the experience has brought an urge to the surface of his mind. He wanted to have pleasure with more than just one monster girl and her legs, but where to go from here...


After Rachnera has cleared up all her paperwork to be under his watch, Kimihito pulls the taller spider woman aside, smiling at her. "I don't know how to say this, but thank you for whatever it is you awoke in me. I'm feeling much better."

"Actually, I think I should be the one thanking you." Rachnera replies, letting her brightened cheeks show off. "I really felt your kindness and appreciation during all of that. It made me feel…wanted."

With a wicked grin, Kimihito says to the spider, "Wrll, since you live under my residence now…maybe we can go for a second round later on?"

"I'd like that very much." Rachnera says, running her finger under his chin.