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Evan and Connor loved each other.

They met back in highschool, and didn’t quite get along at first. It took some time and some long conversations, but they became friends. They got closer and closer to each other, and Connor finally asked Evan out on a date.

They both knew it was coming. Their soulmate tattoos matched. They were supposed to meet during the first day of their Senior year in the school hallway. Once Connor shoved Evan down, their tattoos disappeared. It was a shock at first, but things went well for once.

Life was perfect for them.

But they felt like they were missing something.

Evan smiled as he got another text from his friend Jared.

Connor peered over his shoulder. “Is that Kleinman? Tell him that I said hi and that I’m still mad at him for rickrolling me last night.”

“Alright.” Evan quickly sent a text, and Jared replied with a witty comment.

Evan had never met Jared in person. They met through the internet; Jared had asked for help on taking care of plants and Evan had given him some advice.

Soon, they exchanged numbers and frequently chatted about random things. Connor and Jared were the two things he wouldn’t trade for the world. One of them was his soulmate and the other was his best friend.

Both Connor and Evan wished they could meet Jared in person, because they felt attached to him. If he lived in their town, then he would make the perfect addition to their duo. The would make an amazing trio.

It was too bad that Jared lived three hours away and had a lot of responsibilities.

Evan sighed. Too bad. I’d love it if he were here.

Jared smiled widely. He was going to meet his soulmate soon. His tattoo read that he was supposed to meet them in a town that was three hours away in four days, and he was excited. Once he met his soulmate he could go visit Evan and Connor because they lived near that town. He was also worried.

If his soulmate didn’t want him, then he would lose his chance of meeting with them forever. He hoped that they would want to meet him.

His mothers were overjoyed and demanded that he bring back his soulmate so they could be introduced to them.

There was an underlying feeling of fear, but he quickly brushed it off. He had to pack his things after all. He was going to spend time with his soulmate once he met them.

“Babe!” Connor rushed into the living room the next day and almost slipped on the wooden floor because of his socks, where he found Evan staring at his arm with shock and fascination on his face. “Hey babe, did you see it too?”

Connor held out his own arm, where another soulmate tattoo lay proudly. “What do you think it means?”

Evan frowned. “But…we already have each other…”

His boyfriend fingered the mark. “It says we’ll meet in three days. At…À La Mode. Three thirty in the afternoon.” Connor looked to Evan for affirmation.

“Do you think we should go, or do you think this is just a fluke?” Evan asked quietly. “I mean…we have each other already and that’s all that matters.” He reached up to touch Connor cheek. “I love you Con…that’s all I need.”

Connor smiled lovingly at him. “You’re the only one for me too.” He grabbed Evan hand and kissed them lightly. “You know…we don’t have to go to this place. Unless of course, you want to go?”

“W-well…I have you. So no, I guess.”

“Alright, it’s settled. The universe probably made a mistake with this new soulmate tattoo anyways.”

Three days passed and Jared sat excitedly in À La Mode as the time ticked closer to three thirty. He considered texting Evan and Connor about this, but he decided that it would be a great surprise for them instead. They’d be able to meet Jared and his soulmate.

Connor watched as their digital clock hit three thirty. He and Evan chose to not make the 20 minute drive to À La Mode and decided to stay at home instead. Evan wanted them to enjoy their time together while they waited for fate to pass by.

The minutes hand crept closer and closer to the six, as if it was taunting them.

They were sitting on the couch, snuggled up together under a fluffy blanket.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Jared sat at a table in shock as he watched his soulmate tattoo fade away. Nobody else showed up, and the people who were already here had left already.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the cashier staring at him with a look of pity. He had told her earlier when he bought some ice cream that he was here to meet his soulmate, and she wished him luck.

This was it.

They didn’t want him.

They don’t want me.

What had he even expected? Nobody wanted him. His own dad didn’t want him. If his own dad didn’t want him then why should someone he never met before want him.

Jared choked back a sob. Tears began to run down his face as the feeling of emptiness inside of him grew.

There was a hand on his shoulder.

The cashier girl was giving him a tentative smile.

“Hey there…Do you want to talk?”

He suppressed a whimper. “Please.”

Evan and Connor watched as their soulmate tattoo faded. They both hurt and felt guilty about it, but they knew they would be able to make it through life with just the two of them.

They smiled at each other and shared a tender kiss.

It was just them. It was how they liked it.

An hour later, Evan’s phone rang. It was Jared calling them.

Jared never called them. He preferred to text. If he was calling then it was serious.

He and Connor looked at each other in a panic.

Evan picked up the phone worriedly and answered it. He set it to speaker mode so Connor could listen too.

“Hello? Jare—Jared are you crying ? What’s wrong?”

“E-Evan…I’m sorry f-for this bei-ing on such s-short notice, b-but I need a place to stay…”

“Where are you right now? And what’s wrong?”

“U-uh…I’m at this ice cream place t-that’s half an hour from y-your guys’ town. A-and uh, shit...the situation is a l-little complicated.”

“Stay right where you are. Me and Connor will be there.”

Less than a minute later, Connor's car was speeding down the road.