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The Smiling Girl becomes a Hero

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A small girl skipped down the stone sidewalk holding a bag full of comic books. She had a short black hair that was messy and wild and only thing separating her short mane from her bangs is a white ribbon. She made her way to her next door neighbor's house to play with her childhood friend.


She went to ask her neighbor for her friend but he was already outside. She smiled and went out to his backyard to find him. Maybe he already playing with his quirk, after all he's already 4 and they said he had a quirk. As she looked for him, he was waiting up in a tree, hoping to scare her as a joke. When he leaped down, she moved to side and giggled. She saw him after all. His usually tamed ash blonde hair was messy and his clothes were covered with dirt, as if was playing all day.


“Sorahiko! You nearly scared me. Good thing I saw your feet that were hanging from the tree” She laughed.


“You're no fun Nana. I used to be able to scare you. Sorahiko pouted and Nana giggled.


The two then sat down under the tree Sorahiko was hiding in to read comic books. The comic books that Nana owns were from America that her father collected. They were comics about superheroes, a time before people developed quirks and could only dream about powers. It's quite hard to get a hold of these old and rare literary works from the days of old but they are still popular to this day, some heroes would be main inspiration for kids to become pro heroes, well in America that is. In Japan, not many people read them especially because they weren't translated. Nana's father was a flight attendant and he eventually learned English for his job. Since he traveled a lot, mostly to America, he would always come back with a stack of comics since he was a huge fan of them along with Nana's mother to a lesser extent. Oh how Nana and Sorahiko loved the comics, even if they couldn't read well, let alone read English.






“Do you think I can be just as strong as Superman?”


“Yeah. But do you think I can be as fast as the Flash, my quirk helps me move super fast.”


“You are super fast so you can totally be the Flash. But you frown a lot like Batman.” She laughed


“Hey! I don’t frown!!!” Sorahiko laughed.


“When I get my quirk, I will be the best hero ever!” She yelled proudly.


“Maybe! But I will be number 1!” Sorahiko laughed


“No! I will!”



Oh the youth of childhood dreams, to be a hero. Nana is 4 years old and now awaiting to see if she will have a quirk. It’s a fifty fifty shot for Nana since 50% of the world is quirkless and not to mention, her mother is quirkless. But Nana has high hopes. She wants to be a hero, one that can be brave like Batman, but strong like Superman.


Nana went with her parents to her appointment and she couldn't hold her excitement. She was constantly bouncing up and down in her chair as she talked with her dad while her mom went to go will out paperwork. Her father laughed as his little daughter would be imaging what her quirk is though he has his doubts that she will be able to develop laser eyes or light beams. Quirk genetics aren’t explored enough to know how to develop certain quirks, sure there are people experimenting with the concept and others have have marriages just to breed people with a quirk combination, which he thinks is just as terrible as marrying just for money, but it’s what they have for now to understand quirks. If quirk genetics are anything like actual biology, then Nana would probably have a quirk like his.


“Daddy! Wouldn’t it be cool if I had stretch my body like Plastic Man!” She giggled.


“Maybe pumpkin. But I don’t think you would have that power. What if you had super strength!” He suggested with a smile.


“YAY! I can pick you and Mommy up!” She squealed


Before they knew it, they called in and Nana went into several examine to see if she is going to develop a quirk. To Nana, it seemed like she was going through a yearly physical instead of her quirk appointment but either way, she was excited to know if she was going to develop a quirk. Once the examines were done, the family was told to return tomorrow and the date was set. Nana couldn’t sleep that night, she jumped on her bed and sang out about her quirk. She even stayed up past her bedtime, which was 8 pm, and her mother had to go and tuck her into bed with a slight scolding.


The next morning came and Nana woke up like a girl on a mission. She sang and woke up her parents. Before they can even relax, Nana was already dragging her parents to their car to go to the doctors office. Her father had to make her understand that her appointment to see the results wasn’t til later in the afternoon which made Nana pout. For next hours, Nana would eagerly wait, or would try to manually change the clock time so they can go to the doctors office. The moment they had to leave for the appointment, Nana was practically exploding with her excitement.


Nana was asked to wait in the lobby while her parents were asked to talk with the doctor.

“Hashimoto Makoto and Hashimoto Hisako, you are the parents of Hashimoto Nana and are here for the quirk results, correct?” asked the doctor asked.


“Yes. We want to know if our daughter developed a quirk.” Makoto responded.


“Now, I do know your quirks. Makoto-san, you’re quirk is force tolerance, correct?” He asked as he looked over some documents.


“Yes. My family has force and stamina type quirks. My father has a stamina like quirk that gives hims mass amounts of stamina far better than the average person.” Makoto hummed.


“And Hisako-san, you are quirkless. Do you have any family on your side with quirks. Just asking.” the doctor asked.


“Yes, you know I’m quirkless. Though my mother and father have quirks, very minor ones at that. My father has a vibration quirk in which he can feel vibrations. I just happen to be that 50% that is quirkless.”


“Your daughter shows signs that she will develop a quirk, but it isn’t very prominent. Quirk examinations are still trying to be polished to this date, but the signs show that she is developing one. But knowing that your quirks are not very strong in comparison to pro heros like Black Whip, Monarch, and Rubberman. Not to mention looking at the X-rays and seeing how minor the signs of her quirk are in her body, it’s clear that her quirk is a minor quirk.” The doctor explained


The conversation continued for a good 30 minutes. Though Makoto’s heart felt heavy knowing the knowledge he now knows. It’s his daughter’s dream to become a pro hero. Even if she develops a strong quirk, it would be hard for her to become known or acknowledged due to the fact she’s a female, currently the pro hero industry is dominated by males. Even so, Makoto vowed to help her every step of the way to become a recognize hero. Nana wants to become the Number 1 hero. But after hearing the analysis, his daughter won’t have an ideal quirk for crime fighting. He walked over to see his daughter playing rock paper scissors with the ladies at the counter. Seeing her bright and cute smile made his heart ache to tell her that she has a high chance of developing a quirk that is practically useless.


“Daddy! Mommy!” Nana sang and jumped off the counter she was sitting on. She waved goodbye to the ladies at the counter and she ran over to her parents.


“Pumpkin!” Makoto picked Nana and placed her on his shoulders.


“Do I have a quirk!!!” She asked eagerly. Makoto bit his lip, he didn’t know how to say it to her. Yeah she is going to develop one, but not one meant for fighting. He shot a nervous glance at Hisako.


“Yes honey, the doctors said you will develop one soon.” Hisako hummed.


“Soon! Like tomorrow?” Nana squealed.


“Not tomorrow, but soon.” Makoto said.


“Yay! When I get my quirk, I will be able to fight with Sorahiko. He and I will be the best heroes ever!” She sang.



Unfortunately for Nana, he quirk didn’t develop fast nor was it grand.