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Secrets and Lies

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Ben Kenobi walked back in forth with his hands behind his back waiting patiently for any news on his daughter in law condition. He couldn't help, but stop his pacing as he looked at the portrait of his loving son hanging over the fireplace. He felt his heart ache, losing his son to war at such a young age leaving his very pregnant widow wife behind. The shock of her husband’s death caused her to go into labor early. He just hoped and prayed to god that the two of them would make it.

He turned his body when a small servant woman came into his chambers. He didn’t even have to ask to know something terribly went wrong with the expression on her face. “Sir Kenobi, Lady Aquila as left us.”

Kenobi sighed resting his hands on the desk. “And the child?”

“Lived, but…”

“But, what Maz?”

The smaller women with glasses let out a breath she must have been holding for a long time. “It’s a daughter.”

Kenobi clenched his fists at the news. He had nothing against women, but his beloved son Joshua was his only child and there was no way this child, this girl could take the throne with so many laws against it. What was he supposed to do?

Many days went by and Kenobi still didn’t know what to do. The council kept asking about his daughter in law and about his grandson so he had to keep lying, but they were getting restless. He was walking through the halls when he heard a baby’s coos. His curiosity got the best of when as he walked into the nursery finding one of the nursemaids changing his granddaughters butt.

The young woman jumped in surprise. “Oh your highness I’m so sorry. I didn’t see.”

Kenobi frowned staring at the naked babe who was wiggling. He hoped if he maybe saw her that maybe Maz words wouldn’t be true, but… The small infants’ whimpers took him out of his thoughts.

“Excuse me your highness, but I need to…”

Kenobi took the cloth from the women. “Let me do it?”


He gave her a stern look.

“As you wish your highness.”

Kenobi smiled for the first time in days as he placed the clean cloth over his grandchild. He then picked her up swinging her in his arms listening to her giggles. It really was a shame she couldn’t be king. He knew just by looking at her that she would be a grand ruler. He looked up at the painting of her parents. Parents she would never know. That’s when he noticed something. She looked a lot like her father expect for her eyes and cheeks. She even had her father's hair and his cute little nose. That’s when an idea came into his head. It was stupid, but it was his only choice. “Does the child have a name yet?” He asked the maid.

“No I’m afraid not.”

“Good,” He lifted the child up in the air. “This child will be known as Rey and she will be my heir and grandson.”