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Sunshine in Gotham

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Gotham was not the sort of place one would expect to find the son of the sun god.  However, Gotham University had the best pre-med and medical school on the east coast and Will Solace had been attending it for the past two years.  Will didn’t want to leave camp initially, he was needed, but Chiron had insisted and Will had sent in his application.  Thankfully, and with very little cajoling, Nico had joined him, and they rented a small one-bedroom apartment a little way off campus. 

College was difficult, but Will still aced his classes even though he had to forego sleep most of the time, not that he wasn’t used to the lack of sleep what with being the head medic at camp.  Thankfully, Nico was also a night owl and he took to Gotham like Percy took to water.  Even though, according to Nico, Gotham has had an upswing of sunny days since Will started attending Gotham U.  But, even with the added sunny days college was still soul crushing at times and it usually found Will and Nico walking back to their apartment in the early hours of the morning, Will shifting his backpack full of textbooks as the shadows slowly curled around Nico. 

It was one of these early mornings when Will and Nico were leaving the library and walking back that Will feels, justifiably, screwed his fall semester over.  Looking back, Will knows in the grand scheme of things what happened wasn’t anywhere near the level of drama that Kronos, Gaea, or dear old dad becoming mortal produced.  But still, Will doesn’t exactly appreciate the total and complete destruction of his college campus just because Circe blew a fuse.  Although, Nico has so graciously pointed out on multiple occasions that is could have been much worse.  Will always has to repress a snort at that comment because Batman sure as hell doesn’t see it that way.      

But Will was getting off track. 


It was still warm enough, even this late at night, for both Will and Nico to be wearing only t-shirts and jeans as they left the university library and made their way towards the apartment.  Now, Gotham U was situated in a beautiful part of the city with its old stone, gothic architecture.  Will and Nico’s apartment, not so much.  It was a quick subway ride and a few short blocks away in one of the less seedy areas of the city, but that didn’t stop Will from hearing fights and seeing questionable individuals lurking around.  Although, if Will knew tonight was the night that he and Nico would meet one of the most suspicious of these questionable individuals then he would have sucked it up and made a bed in the library.  As it was, Will unfortunately never truly exhibited any of the prophetic powers his father has and was therefore caught completely unaware as he and Nico passed the first alleyway on their walk from the subway station. 

It wasn’t the low grunts or the dull sounds of someone painfully shifting their body weight that drew both Will and Nico up short.  No, it was the total and absolute aura of death and resurrection that permeated the air and apparently emanated from whoever was in the back of the alley.  Will’s fingertips tingled as the coppery smell of blood assaulted his nostrils and with a brief, meaningful glance at Nico the both of them were sliding into the alleyway, ears alert and eyes adjusting to the darkness.  They stopped short halfway down the alley at the sound of a cocked gun and growled threat. 

“If you were smart, you wouldn’t come any closer,” a deep voice growled from the shadows.  The moon peaked out enough that Will caught a glimpse of a smooth red helmet. 

“Usually pretty smart, but you’re clearly hurt and well, I’m a doctor,” Will took a hesitant step closer and ignored Nico’s snort.

“Not when it comes to life threatening situations, but sure, pretty smart,” Nico’s voice was soft in the dark as his footsteps followed Will.

“That’s why I said usually,” Will shot the son of Hades a look that was lost in the darkness of the alley. 

“A doctor, really, that’s what you’re going with.  Oh, trust me, I’m a doctor,” the man snorted before groaning as a wet cough racked his body. 

The moon finally revealed itself and threw the dank alley into an eerie sheen.  Everything was pitched slivery grey except for the red of the man’s helmet, bat symbol, and blood.  Will and Nico stilled at the sight of the man.  After all, it wasn’t everyday one ran into the infamous Red Hood.              

“Well, going to Gotham U to be a doctor, but I’ve had plenty of field experience,” Will’s voice was steady as he looked over the vigilante. 

“What former boy scout?” Red Hood asked.  Will could have sworn there was a sardonic lilt to his voice, but the helmet made it difficult to tell.

“Not exactly, but he’s not lying about the experience,” Nico piped up from his shadows.

“And what, you just want to help me out of the goodness of your heart?” Hood’s voice was most definitely mocking.

“Comes with being a doctor,” Will shrugged as the helmet finally lifted to look at him. 

“Comes with being him,” Nico tacked on as the helmet tilted slightly in thought.

“I’m Will, Will Solace,” Will gave a tentative smile, “and this is Nico di Angelo.  Our apartment isn’t too far from here, it’ll have everything I need to help you.”

Silence reigned in the alley as clouds began to cover the moon’s glow.  Will’s whole body thrummed with the need to help this man, to heal.  But he stood still, trying to display competency as well as trust.  Nico stood at this side, a silent shadow, dark eyes intent on the vigilante displaying his own competency at lurking. 

“Man, I can’t believe I’m doing this, alright, let’s go,” Red Hood shook his head as he clutched his side.

Will smiled in relief as he and Nico quickly made their way over to the vigilante.  Will bent down a bit as he checked over the man’s torso.  Blood was seeping out of what seemed to be three gunshot wounds.  Shucking his backpack, Will quickly opened it to grab the first aid kit he always carried with him.  Glancing back up he noticed Nico’s hands on the other man, staunching the flow of blood as Will rummaged for some antiseptic pads.  Will switched places with Nico and they both grabbed the vigilante and hoisted his arm over Nico’s shoulders while Will supported his injured side.  They quickly made their way out of the alley and headed towards the apartment.