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The new IT guy

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Today an investments banker is going to show up to sign off on the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, as it was sold to another company. As Michael was pretty much doing his usual thing, as in, making everybody even more nervous about the merger, Y/N was trying to go with her day as normally as possible, trying not to roll her eyes and/or laugh (she wasn't sure either) at Dwight's attempts at being an A.I. to impress the banker.

While Michael insisted Eric Ward – the banker's name, as Y/N later found out by asking Oscar –  to have a tour around the office, Y/N reminisced her time working at Dunder Mifflin.

Ever since the Scranton branch was notified about absorbing the Stanford branch, Y/N Y/L/N was hired to reinforce the accounting team. With a few desk adjustments, she settled next to Kevin and in front of Oscar, thanking whatever gods may exist by not sitting next to Angela. The blond-haired woman was nice enough when not bothered by something, which didn't happen so often. Besides, Kevin was surprisingly nice, developing a friendship with Y/N that consisted on him going for candy on the break room and bringing something for her.

Being filmed all day was kind of odd in the first weeks, but after a while Y/N got used to it, "after all" , she said, "it'd be exhausting to pretend I'm someone else for that long" laughing, while Brian, the boom operator tried not to laugh too. The closed interviews became a routine, and sort of a place to let out frustrations, laugh at other people's behaviours or just conspire at what was going on at the office. The later really did make a difference while Jim and Karen were dating, because even though Pam and Y/N were friends, Y/N was observant and saw something was off about Beesly. Over the years, Jim and Pam's history just filled her heart with love, being that Y/N was a romantic or that she was just waiting for the right guy to sweep off her feet.