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The blond looks around awkwardly in the man’s office.

It had been years since he’d seen or spoken to his former side-kick, so the blond had been surprised to get a call from him, stating there was something important they needed to discuss. Eventually, as the glasses wearing man enters the room, he gestures Toshinori to sit without further words.

All Might slips to the chair, feeling the years of strained relationship weigh on him even now. It was a miracle Nighteye even bothered to talk to him.

The fact he had chosen to do so indicated this had to be important.

The man sits down behind his desk, adjusting his glasses and lowering the file he’d been holding against the table. The man takes a deep breath, crossing his fingers as he faces All Might. Many would not have known the skin-and-bones blond was the greatest hero of his generation, he looked so different from his powered-up form, a form he was slowly losing. The news Nighteye brought weren’t good, though not full on bad either.

It was difficult to categorize.

”I’m...surprised you wanted to see me.”

Toshinori admits cautiously, and the man sighs, shaking his head with a displeased frown marring his features.

”I figured I had no choice, the news I bring are....rather important as you can probably imagine.”

”What is it?”

The blond asks from his former sidekick, sensing the tension in the room. This really had to be serious, when Nighteye’s usually serious aura turned this much worse. The dark haired man remains quiet for a long moment, gazing at the file between them. These news, he didn’t know exactly how to break them, the implications they carried could be seen in so many ways.

Yet, beating around the bush was not an option.

”He’s gone.”

Toshinori blinks confused, clearly not understanding what he was talking about.

”The man who gave you the scar. He’s dead.”

Toshinori’s eyes widen in shock, and he has to lean back in his chair, trying to process what he just heard. No, it couldn’t possibly be. He just...he couldn’t imagine it.

Yet, as he looks at his former sidekick in the eyes, it was clear he was not joking, and why would he joke about something like this.


”Are you certain? This wouldn’t be the first time people have assumed so...”

”Yes, I am. We have witnesses, and the body. His health finally gave away, even his quirk couldn’t save his crippled body in the end.”

He pushes the file towards the blond, who cautiously opens it, looking through the photographs. They were from some sort of medical facility, showcasing a face he was all too familiar with. Only it was clear this face belonged to someone no longer amongst the living.

”Oh...oh my...”

Toshinori closes the file, unable to really look at them anymore. A hand covers his mouth, and for a moment he just sits there, trying to process this. He should probably be happy about this, or at least relieved, but he knew all too well there had to be a catch.

With All For One, there was always a catch.

He eventually looks up at Sir Nighteye, waiting for the inevitable.

The man removes his glasses to rub his eyes briefly, then lowers his hands to the table. Somehow his extremely serious face got even worse, something All Might didn’t think would be even possible.

”There are rumors.”

”What rumors?”

”Before he died, he was seen with a boy, or a young man perhaps.”

Toshinori didn’t even have to ask, he understood the implications of those words.

A man as powerful as AFO, it was supposedly natural he’d search for a heir.

”There are...again, nothing is confirmed, but there are whispers in the underground that this boy might now wield his power.”

The pro hero couldn’t stop but frown in concern; it was a lot of power for one person, not just anyone could handle it. Usually you’d die, wielding multiple quirks.

”Do we have any idea who this child may be?”

”No. We’ve searched through every documents and files we have about AFO, there was nothing about a potential heir. Only stories.”

Toshinori sighs, gazing at the brown file on the table between them. Of course, it wouldn’t be over even if he was gone.

Of course, AFO would find a way to live on, to corrupt another young mind.

The thought left a bitter taste to his mouth, or perhaps it was just blood, his wound acting up.

”You must understand how dire this is. We know nothing of this boy. We don’t know who he is, how he looks like, or what he wants.”

Toshinori knew where this was going; just like all those years ago, the worry that drove them apart was coming back. Nighteye was terrified for his life, but Toshinori knew he couldn’t just go and hide with his tail between his legs.

”If he really is just a boy, we might be able to save him still.”

”You cannot be sure! We both know he corrupts anything he touched beyond saving!”

Nighteye raises his voice slightly, but Toshinori just gives him a tired look. He was not going to have this conversation again.

The world needed a symbol like him.

Besides, he had a heir of his own now, who needed his guidance. Of course, he didn’t tell his former sidekick about this yet, doubtful he’d like to hear about it.





Izuku still couldn’t quite believe he’d made it. Be it fate or stroke of luck, but meeting his idol had completely changed his life. Granted, he was still struggling with his quirk, given he’d only received it a few months ago. But, he was there, in the U.A hero course!

He’d already made notes to near everyone’s quirks, it was so amazing to be surrounded by so many interesting quirks, it was almost overwhelming.

He was currently scribbling feverishly into his notebook about Ojiro’s mutation-based quirk, when a hand lands on his shoulder, making the boy look up at Uraraka who was looking at him curiously. Despite it being over a month since he’d gotten in and met her, Midoriya still couldn’t help his shyness and awkward blushes when talking to her. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as in the beginning.

“What are you doing?”

She asks curiously, and the green haired boy laughs sheepishly, showing her his notes.

“Just making some notes on Ojiro-kun’s quirk. it’s pretty interesting! All of your quirks are in fact.”

“Whoa, you can draw really well! ….Did you make one about me too?”

“Ah yes, though I’m still sort of taking notes about it and all.”

Uraraka looks at him even more curious now, so Midoriya shows her the notes he had on her abilities. She admittedly feels a little spooked initially, noting how much Midoriya had written already. However, seeing the green haired boy talk so enthusiastically about his classmates and their powers was really adorable in a specific Deku way.

Had those intense mumblings come from anyone else, it would probably be scary.

Suddenly, her attention drifts elsewhere, and she pokes Izuku with her elbow, pointing towards a familiar figure further ahead. They could recognize the two-colored hair of their classmate anywhere, and Midoriya feels a smile appear on his face, as he waves to try and catch Todoroki’s attention.

The boy was a bit aloof and awkward with socializing, but izuku could tell he was trying, wanting to make friends after his kind of lonely childhood, and honestly Midoriya thought Shoto was really sweet despite his tendency to be blunt.

He doesn’t seem to notice them however, which the two initially think is due to the crowd surrounding them.

They were at the busier part of the shopping district, having gone there together with Tsuyu and Iida who’d both disappeared somewhere, probably to look for whatever they’d come there for.

However, Izuku soon realizes it was in fact, because of somebody approaching him, someone Shoto clearly knew given how his face seemed to light up slightly as he spotted the person heading towards him.

“Who’s that?”

Uraraka asks curiously, watching the red-haired young man who stops in front of their classmate, who looks up at him a bit hesitantly.

The taller male seems to say something, which makes Shoto sigh and smile, before his eyes widen in surprise as the redhead suddenly ruffles his hair in a very affectionate manner. As the figure lifts his head, Izuku catches a glimpse of his face under the hood of his red, open jacket, and his mind connects the dots instantly.

“Ah! Of course!”

he is so loud that some people nearby actually glance at them confused, and Izuku quickly closes his mouth by slapping a hand over it, blushing intensely. Uraraka tilts her head curiously, brown hair falling over her shoulder as she did so.

“Is he a pro hero?”

“H-how did you know?”

“You only get this excited when you recognize one.”

Izuku laughs sheepishly, rubbing his head, glancing towards the two. The sight made him smile a bit.

He rarely saw Todoroki-kun act like that; he wasn’t sure how to describe it, but it clearly felt like their classmate had kind of thawed out for a bit, smiling more openly and emoting more than usual.

“I guess Todoroki knows that man then, he looks kind of happy.”

Uraraka notes curiously, kind of wanting to get closer to hear what they were talking about.

“I’m not surprised; that man is his big brother.”


The girl looks at her companion eyes wide; she knew Endeavor had more children than just Shoto, but hadn’t heard about any of them being pro-heroes like their father.

“He’s more of an underground type like Aizawa-Sensei. In fact, he’s currently sorts of working as his sidekick or so.”

Izuku muses out holding his chin, speaking more to himself than the girl beside him. She listens to him mumble some more about the redhead, though couldn’t make out most of it, aside from that his fire-quirk was highly powerful, probably stronger than his dad’s.

She turns her gaze back at the two brothers, and suddenly realizes the older Todoroki had lifted his gaze and was now looking at them directly. Uraraka frowns a bit, something about those eyes felt a bit...heavy?

His gaze makes Shoto turn and look at them as well, and he waves awkwardly at Uraraka, who waves back at him.

The intense blue eyes drift back down towards the teenager in front of him, and the older Todoroki says something, gaining Shoto’s attention back to him. Moments later, he ruffles the two-colored hair again, before stuffing his hands back into his pockets, turning and disappearing into the crowd around them.

Midoriya had not noticed this moment, too lost in his musings.

He only snaps out of it once Todoroki’s voice reaches his ears.

“Midoriya, Uraraka, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

Izuku almost jumps, looking up at the two-colored eyes flustered. he rubs his head with a sheepish laugh, explaining that they’d come out to go shopping together for some supplies. Todoroki just nods after a moment, looking up at Uraraka who was examining him closely for some reason, face in a slight frown.

“What is it?”

“No, I just…that man you just spoke to…”

“My brother.”

“Yes, Izuku said so.”

Shoto looks up at Izuku surprised, who blushes even more, clutching his notebook as he gazes at his feet, mumbling out some sort of explanation they could barely hear.

“Ah, of course Midoriya would know about him.”

Shoto concludes simply, aware of how much knowledge his green haired classmate had on pro-heroes, then looks back at Uraraka, asking her what it was, about his brother.

“I was just wondering, if he’s…okay? He looked kind of worn out.”

Todoroki remains quiet for a moment, his face completely blank, which wasn’t too unusual.

“he’s just having a rough week, Touya will be fine.”

The brunette nods after a moment, but she was still frowning slightly. Izuku glances between them, sensing that he’d missed something big while mumbling. The greenette didn’t know how to ask about it however, so he remains quiet.

Eventually, they find the two lost friends, Iida carrying a huge bag full of new glasses, whereas Tsuyu had new goggles as well as a huge frog-plushie she was carrying on her lap.

“Oh, Todoroki-kun! Nice to see you out here for a change as well!”

Iida greets the elemental hero hopeful in his usual loud manner, hands chopping away like they always did. Todoroki just nods, commenting something about family matters.

“Aww Tsuyu, that frog plush is so cute! Where did you get it?” Uraraka asks excitedly, and the frog girl nods towards a toy shop nearby.

Izuku watches his friends chat idly, but his gaze soon drifts to Todoroki, whose face was in a subtle frown, and he was clearly elsewhere.

“uhm…is everything okay?”

Izuku asks quietly, almost making the boy jump, and two-colored eyes turn to look at him surprised. After a moment of hesitation, he nods.

“It’s fine. It’s just….”

“Your brother?”

Todoroki remains quiet, turning his gaze away, eventually nodding slightly. Releasing a slow sigh, he tells Izuku to not worry about it, and points towards the others who’d already started heading away.

“We should probably catch up with them.”

Izuku glances at the clock, then as he looks at his bag, the boy realizes he’d forgotten something.

“Ah! I forgot I was supposed to bring something to mum. You guys go on ahead, I’ll catch up quickly!”

Before Todoroki could really reply, Izuku was already dashing back into the crowd, looking for the shop he’d had in mind.

She’d recently ended up accidentally losing the old All Might blanket of his while cleaning the house thoroughly, and his mum had been really sad about it, bawling her eyes out. It had a lot of memories attached to it after all, memories of him playing with her, using the blanket as a make-shift cape and so. Izuku hadn’t been that upset about it personally, given he had tons of All Might merch – not to mention he was being tutored by the man himself – but he figured she’d feel better if he bought her a new one.

It was getting late, so shops were closing one by one, but Izuku manages to still get there on time, pleading for the owner to just quickly buy the one blanket before he closed.

The old shop keep was clearly too weak against his puppy-eyes as after just few seconds of Izuku bawling and blubbering out his reasons, he’d let the boy in and allowed him to get the blanket.


Smiling, Izuku heads back towards the direction his friends had gone.

Now he had all he needed.

The area he was in had less people around now, and looking up at the sky, it was already turning orange. The sun was setting. Izuku takes a moment to just gaze at the sky, his thoughts floating around for a bit; it was the same kind of sky from that time, when All Might had come back to talk to him and turned his life upside down.

It made the boy smile, reminiscing about it, even if it hadn’t been that long.

Eventually he shakes his head, snapping out of his thoughts, figuring he should probably head to where his classmates were waiting for him.

However, still mesmerized by the setting sun, the boy doesn’t realize there was someone in front of him, and he collides face-first against a solid body, making the boy stumble back and rub his nose with a flustered apology.

Green eyes drift up, and a shudder runs down his spine as the boy’s gaze connects with the vividly red eyes looking down at him. He’d bumped into a young man, clad in black hoodie, messy blue bangs falling over his face.

The red eyes just stare at him for a moment, and Izuku apologizes again, diverting his gaze away from those bizarrely intense eyes.

It almost made him think of Kacchan for a bit, yet not really.

Kacchan’s eyes had more life in them.

He keeps apologizing, walking past the stranger, feeling the gaze linger on him.

“I uh, I need to go, my friends are waiting, sorry for bumping into you!”

He mumbles out nervously, not even knowing why he was so spooked.


There was a beat of silence, then something grabs his wrist.


Izuku freezes, letting out a squeak, but his unease is replaced by sudden shock as he get yanked back, and the next thing he knew, something big crashed from the sky, landing on the spot he’d stood just a second ago.

Izuku falls to the ground in shock, staring at the huge cloud of dust that had been thrown into the air, making him cough and rub his eyes as the sand and rubble irritated his throat and vision.

As the dust clears, Izuku finds a rather large looking man in front of them, slowly climbing up from the ground with a cough. The greenette could tell instantly, the man was a criminal. He looked rough, his lower jaw reminding Izuku of a shark maybe, with the humongous sharp teeth. The man lets out a loud growl, clearly pissed off about something.

“Aaa so noisy.”

The boy looks up at the young man who’d yanked him out of the harm’s way; he was digging his ear now, expression positively bored.

Unlike Izuku, he didn’t seem terrified one bit.

The hulking man turns to look at them, his hulking figure easily intimidating the young teenager. He bites his lip, glancing around; there weren’t any bystanders nearby, nor could he see what had thrown the man at them. Given his injuries, he’d likely been battling a hero somewhere, and gotten kicked away forcefully.

“That damn bitch! She kicked me all the way here. Wait till I get my hands on her!”

The criminal growls out, spitting out some saliva and blood as he spoke. The pale figure beside Midoriya grimaces, shaking off bits of the mess that had gotten on his sleeve disgusted.

“So annoying. Go rampaging elsewhere.”

“What did you say!?”

The man turns his full attention to the young man, and Izuku pushes himself up, ready to use his quirk if it was necessary. He couldn’t use it very well yet, but he couldn’t let this guy hurt the young man who’d just saved him from getting crushed by the big villain.

“You got some guts brat, talkin’ to me like that with your skinny ass frame!”

The pale figure just sighs slowly, cracking his neck and rubbing it, his head tilted far enough so that his hair covers his face partially, leaving only one intensely red eye visible.


“You’re the one who needs to watch whom he’s speaking to.”


There was something… unnerving about the way the young man spoke, his voice having a slight, perhaps unstable tint to it.

Izuku couldn’t see his face properly due to the messy hair covering it, but he could catch a glimpse of an unusually wide grin on the young man’s face. There was something in the air, some sort of static that made Izuku's hair stand to an end, and he had no clue what was causing it.

The villain tilts his head confused, but before he could really react or respond in any way, a familiar bunch of heroes appears suddenly, and bunch of branches reach for the villain, immobilizing him.

Looking up, Izuku sees Mt. Lady towering over them, face in a triumphant smirk.

“There you are! My bad that kick was too hard!”

So the “bitch” the man was referring to had been her?

“Halt right there villain!”

Kamui Woods declares as the villain attempts to escape, and he binds the man even tighter into his branches. Izuku watches in awe as the hero team takes out the villain, feeling slightly star-struck like he often did around pro heroes.


“So noisy. This place is too noisy.”


The pale figure mumbles out, and turns slowly, heading away from the scene.

The green eyes look back at him confused; unlike most bystanders who remained there, taking pictures of the heroic take-down, the young man clearly had no interest in it. Glancing between the pros and the stranger, Izuku bites his lip, his voice reaching out after him.

“Thanks for saving me!”

The black clad figure stops on his tracks, just standing there for a moment.

Then, red eyes glance at him over his shoulder, sending an unnerved shudder down Izuku’s spine.

“Don’t thank me, Midoriya Izuku. I haven’t decided what to do with you, yet.”


The green haired boy blinks confused, watching the pale figure disappear into the crowd.

By the time one of the pros comes to talk to him, asking if he was okay, the stranger was gone, but his words rang in Izuku’s ears like an ominous warning.


Who was he, and how did he know his name?