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Together Again

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Mana was sitting on the floor in his living room, sifting through old Malice Mizer photos he found in a cardboard box in the attic, next to an SNES that hasn't been touched since 1992. He was looking through the old pictures and old Malice Mizer posters when he came across a picture of him and Gaz that had to be at least 26 years old. Damn, so long ago. He came across more photos of Gaz from live shows from when Tetsu was still their vocalist.

'It'll be two years in December..' Mana thought. He wished Gaz played in the band for longer. He wished Gaz was still alive. He wished he had someone with him. He continued going through the photos and saw some photos of Kami.

'Why'd he have to go too?' Mana thought. He remembered all the fun times they had together on and off stage. He just stared at the photos that have clearly aged, they all had to be at least 20 years old.

'Twenty years in June..' he thought. The deaths of his two friends was something he really didn't like to talk about, not that he talks a lot anyway, but this was a topic that he would avoid at all costs. Something that he wouldn't even talk about with his band mates unless it was absolutely necessary. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Mana gently put the pictures on the floor, making sure that he didn't damage them. He got up and walked over to the door and opened it. It was Yu~ki. 

"Hey Mana," Yu~ki greeted, "Can I come in?" Mana just nodded his head and stepped aside. Yu~ki entered the room and immediately saw the pictures on the floor.

"Going through old pictures, huh?" He asked, then he looked at Mana. Mana nodded.

"Kami?" Yu~ki asked. Mana nodded again. Yu~ki looked back at the pictures and saw the pictures of Gaz.

"Gaz...haven't heard from him in a long time...even before his death."

"I want to resurrect them!" Mana blurted out.

"You want to what?" Yu~ki asked.

"I want to resurrect them.." Mana mumbled.

"Why?" Yu~ki asked.

"I want us all to be together again.." Mana replied, he began twirling his thumbs.

"Mana, you know resurrections are impossible, right?" Yu~ki asked.

"We can try. Please, can we try?" Mana asked.

"Yeah," Yu~ki sighed, "Let me call Közi, he probably knows more about this stuff than us." Mana nodded and went back to going through the old photos. Yu~ki went into the kitchen and took out his cellphone and dialed Közi's number.

"Please pick up.." Yu~ki mumbled as the phone rang.

"Hello?" Közi asked from the other end, "Yu~ki?"

"Hey, Közi," Yu~ki began, "Are you busy?"

"No, why? Is something wrong?" Közi asked.

"..I need you to come over to Mana's place...and bring your resurrection stuff." Yu~ki replied.

"Resurrection stuff? Why?" Közi asked.

"We're just..." Yu~ki began, "We're just bringing back some old friends."

"Old friends..? You don't mean Kami and Gaz, do you?" Közi asked.

"I do.." Yu~ki sighed.

"Why are we bringing them back? Don't you know how hard it is? Közi asked, he was bewildered.

"I know, I know," Yu~ki groaned, "But Mana wants to do this."

"Mana? What makes him want to do this? Surely he knows-" Közi began.

"He was going through old pictures. That's why. I'm sure he knows, Közi." Yu~ki replied. Közi sighed.

"Fine. Get Mana and the photos and meet me at the church." Közi replied.

"Wait but I told you to come to Mana's place. Why do we have to go to the church?" Yu~ki replied.

"Church is where the closest connection to heaven is." Közi replied, then he hung up the phone. Yu~ki put his phone in his pocket and went back into the living room.

"Mana, get the photos. We're going to the church." Mana looked at Yu~ki and nodded. He gathered up the photos and put them into a little bag. The two of them walked out of the house and down the street. It was a bit cold, considering it was February, and the sky was gray, it looked like it was about to rain.

"Are you going to be alright, Mana?" Yu~ki asked. Mana nodded his head. The two of them continued walking down the street, and Yu~ki began humming softly. Mana continued walking in silence, keeping the bag with the pictures close. They continued walking to the church. When they finally turned the corner, they saw Közi, dressed in his usual clown attire, waiting by the front door.

"Hey Közi! You just come from the circus or something?" Yu~ki called.

"Shut up!" Közi said with a chuckle. Mana just stayed silent.

"Does he have the pictures?" Közi asked. Mana nodded.

"Let's get this over with." Yu~ki sighed as they opened the doors to the church. When they entered, they heard the church organ being played.

"Who's playing the organ..?" Közi asked. Mana and Yu~ki shrugged.

"Let's just set this thing up." Yu~ki whispered. They went into the isle between the church pews. Közi set his bag down and took out the stuff.

"Get the pictures, Mana." Közi whispered. Mana nodded and reached into his bag. Suddenly, the church organ stopped playing.

"What are you guys doing?" The man asked as he got up from the bench and looked at them.

"Uhhh...nothing." Yu~ki replied. Mana looked at the man, and so did Közi.

"That's Yoshiki!" Közi exclaimed.

"Yoshiki? You mean the guy with the fucked up neck?" Yu~ki asked.

"I'm right here, you know." Yoshiki sighed.

"Oh, sorry." Yu~ki replied.

"Whatever," Yoshiki sighed, "What are you doing?"

"We're...uh.." Közi began.

"Don't. I know exactly what you're doing," Yoshiki replied, "You're resurrecting someone, aren't you?" 

"Two people." Közi replied.

"Two people? That's a stretch. Good luck, though." Yoshiki said.

"Thanks. Want to come along? I'm sure you got some people to say 'Hello' to." Yu~ki suggested.

"I would, but my body is too weak." Yoshiki sighed, "Tell hide and Taiji I said 'Hey'." 

"Will do!" Közi replied. Yoshiki grinned and went back to playing the church organ.

"Let's get this started." Yu~ki mumbled, and Mana nodded. Közi set up the resurrection stuff, and Mana put down the pictures. The three of them held hands and began chanting. Suddenly, they stopped when they heard a glass fall and break.

"My wine!!" Yoshiki exclaimed.

"Do you mind? We're trying to resurrect the dead down here!" Közi exclaimed. The three of them began chanting again. They began chanting louder and louder, and suddenly, there was a blinding white light, and the three of them were gone. Yoshiki finished cleaning up his glass.

"Well excuse me for-." He began, then he saw that they were gone. "They're gone!" He exclaimed. There was a slight pause. "Maybe I should go back to working on that album.." He mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile, Mana, Yu~ki, and Közi were transported to another dimension. When they arrived, all they saw was a huge white brick wall with a golden gate, and two silhouettes standing on each side of the gate. When they got closer, they saw hide and Taiji at the gate.

"Welcome to-hey, wait a minute, you guys aren't due here for a while." Taiji said.

"They're here for resurrections, Taiji." hide whispered.

"How do you know?" Taiji asked.

"My pink spider messengers didn't bring them here, did they?" hide asked.

"No, I guess not." Taiji whispered.

"Who are you here to resurrect?" hide asked them.

"We're here to resurrect Kami and Gaz." Yu~ki told them.

"You got their pictures?" Taiji asked. Mana nodded and reached into his pocket and showed the pictures to Taiji and hide.

"Great! Last time I checked, they were hanging out with K and Hizumi." Taiji replied. He opened up the gates and let them in. Yu~ki looked at Mana.

"You alright?" Yu~ki asked. Mana just nodded.

"Thanks! Oh, by the way, Yoshiki wanted us to tell you guys that he said 'Hey'!" Közi said.

"Oh, tell him we said hello!" Taiji and hide said in unison.

"Will do!" Közi replied. hide and Taiji watched them walk off.

"I feel bad for Hizumi.." hide sighed.

"Why? You didn't even know him." Taiji replied.

"I know, but when he explained how he got here, I felt like it was partially my fault." hide stated.

"How? Again, you didn't even know him." Taiji replied.

"He died in a car accident on the way to my funeral." hide replied.

"Oh.." Taiji said.

"Yeah.." hide whispered.

"So, Taiji said that Kami and Gaz were hanging out with K and Hizumi. We just gotta know where they are!" Yu~ki said.

"Who's Hizumi?" Közi asked.

"We can ask him when we find him." Yu~ki replied.

"Yu~ki! Közi! Mana!" Someone exclaimed. They looked over and saw K, Hizumi, Kami, and Gaz all sitting together at a table. They walked over to the group at the table.

"Don't tell me you guys kicked the bucket!" Gaz exclaimed.

"No, no. Actually, we're here for resurrections." Yu~ki replied.

"Who are you resurrecting?" Hizumi asked.

"Is it us?" Three voices said in unison. They all turned to face them. It was Chihiro, Hiroshi, and Yoshio.

"No.." Yu~ki replied.

"Hey, I remember hearing about you guys. Aren't you guys from The Piass?" Hizumi asked.

"Yeah." Yoshio replied.

"So, are we getting resurrected or not?" Chihiro whispered to Hiroshi.

"I don't know." Hiroshi whispered back to Chihiro. 

"No, we're here to resurrect Kami and Gaz." Közi replied.

"Seriously?" Kami asked. Mana nodded.

"Come on, we have to get back to the gate." Közi said.

"Wait, I want to come!" Hizumi exclaimed as he stood up.

"We didn't bring a picture, sorry." Yu~ki sighed. K got up and hugged Mana.

"It was nice seeing you again, Mana." K whispered. Mana smiled and nodded.

"Come on, guys. We have to go." Közi said. Gaz and Kami got up and went over to Yu~ki.

"The world has changed a lot since you've been gone, Kami." Yu~ki said.

"Really?" Kami asked.

"Yeah! It's crazy!" Gaz exclaimed.

"Wait! What does a picture have to do with anything?" Hizumi asked.

"You need to bring a picture of the person you're trying to resurrect to actually resurrect them!" Yu~ki told Hizumi.

"Can you get a picture of me and resurrect me?" Hizumi asked.

"We can try. What band were you in?" Közi asked.

"Madeth Gray'll." Hizumi replied.

"Alright. We'll see if we can find a picture. You might have to wait a bit, though." Yu~ki replied.

"Okay!" Hizumi exclaimed.

"Well, we better start going." Gaz said.

"Yeah. See you all later!" Közi exclaimed. Gaz, Kami, Yu~ki, Közi, and Mana began walking back to the gate. Hizumi and K sat back down, and Yoshio pulled up a chair.

"Wait, I want to go too!" Hiroshi exclaimed as he began chasing after them.

"Me too!" Chihiro added, he went after Hiroshi.

"You aren't going?" K asked Yoshio.

"Nah. I chose to come here." Yoshio sighed. "Want to get some drinks?"

"Sounds good to me." Hizumi sighed. Gaz, Kami, Mana, Yu~ki, and Közi made their way back to the gate.

"All set?" hide asked. They all nodded. Taiji opened the gate.

"Don't try and kick the bucket too soon." Taiji said. They all walked out and disappeared into what seemed like thin air. Taiji closed the gate and sighed.

"Wait! We want to go too!" Hiroshi shouted as he got to the gate.

"Yeah! Our deaths were an accident!" Chihiro added.

"Sorry, if nobody brought your photos, you can't go." Taiji replied.

"Please! Can you make an exception?" Chihiro asked.

"No. Now stop asking or I'll fight both of you in a parking lot." Taiji told them.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Gaz, Kami, Mana, Yu~ki, and Közi were back in the church.

"Guess Yoshiki left." Yu~ki mumbled.

"So, now what do we do?" Kami asked.

"Can we get some food? I'm hungry." Gaz sighed.

"Sure. But we have to figure out who we're getting next." Yu~ki replied.

"Let's get Klaha!" Közi exclaimed.

"Who?" Kami and Gaz asked.

"He was our third vocalist." Yu~ki replied. "Mana, is the plan okay with you?" Mana just nodded his head.

"Let's get some grub, I'm starving." Gaz sighed.

"We are, we are!" Kami replied.