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Soul's Salvation

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There was something infuriating, something that really got Tsubaki’s last nerves about Sawa’s stupid mullet. Everything about it was awful, the colour, the length, the texture. And Sawa seemed completely oblivious to the public offence that was his haircut. And either his friends were too nice to tell him, or they were oblivious too. Tsubaki wasn’t nice or oblivious though.

He stood outside the 3C classroom, waiting for Sawa to leave. Tsubaki had left class early for a “medical reason”, although he really just wanted to make sure that he didn’t miss Sawa. If he let him walk around with that haircut for another day he was going to go insane.

“Miake-senpai, I need to talk to you.” He said, stepping into the classroom.

Sawa tilted his head. “Hmm? Sure thing! What’s up Miya?”

Tsubaki waited until everyone else had left the classroom. If Sawa started crying, he wasn’t so cruel that he’d let all his classmates see. He sat on top of the desk next to where Sawa was still in his seat.

“You’re probably not gonna like hearing this, but I think it’s important.”

Sawa laughed. “I think you’re underestimating me Miya~! Go on, I can take it.”

Tsubaki paused, and looked down at Sawa for a second. “Your mullet is disgusting.”

Sawa let out an audible gulp, before looking up at Tsubaki. “What…?”

Tsubaki sighed. “Your hair. It’s unsightly. You should really think about getting a new haircut.” Sawa quickly turned his head away from Tsubaki’s intense gaze. “I’m guessing your friends are too nice to tell you how ugly it is, but I refuse to go another day where I’m forced to see it. In fact, Im considering-”

“Okay, sorry Miya, but I get it, you can, uh, go now okay?”

“Excuse me? I’m not done with you yet Miake-senpai.” Tsubaki leaned in closer to Sawa’s face. “Your hair is extremely unattractive. EmeKare would probably be a lot more popular if you just got rid of it. It’s no wonder you’re not the leader, who’d want a haircut like that to be-” Tsubaki paused, and took a second to look at Sawa’s face. He was flushed, and clearly avoiding eye contact. He had a white knuckle grip on the table, and he was biting his lip hard.

Oh. Oh.

“Miake-senpai, you're looking a bit red, are you okay?” Tsuabaki twirled his hair as his smirked down at Sawa. “Hmmm…. It seems that you actually like me insulting your mullet, huh? Maybe that’s why you have that God Awful haircut in the first place? You just keep waiting for someone to come and fulfill your depraved desires…”

“Ts-Tsubaki, I’m-”

Tsubaki hopped off the desk, held onto Sawa’s hair, and leaned in close again. “It’s okay, Senpai. I won’t tell anyone.” He turned to walk out the classroom. “Bye-bye, Miake-senpai.”

The next time Tsubaki saw Sawa, he was walking back to his dorm from Hot-Blood practice with Kasumi. Sawa was stood outside the practice rooms alone, and he lifted his head when Tsubaki addressed him.

“Stalking me now, Miake-senpai?”

Sawa laughed. “That’s cute, Princess. I’m just waiting for Haru to finish up.”

Tsubaki narrowed his eyes. “He’s probably dreading how long he’s gonna have to spend looking at your hair. I know I would spend longer getting ready if I had to share a room with you.”

Sawa’s face predictably flushed. “M-Miya…”

Kasumi looked between the two as they stood staring at each other for a good few seconds before deciding to interrupt. He had never seen these two interact before outside of birthday wishes, or when they happened to be in the same conversation. “Miya, you ready to go?”

Tsubaki held eye contact with Sawa with a few seconds more, before turning away. “Yep, let’s go, Kasumi.”

They walked out of the building and started heading towards the dorms.

Kasumi decided he didn’t want to know.

It became a habit for them. Whenever they saw each other, whenever they had a free second to spare, they’d stand close and “talk” for a bit. It mostly entailed Sawa attempting to assert his dominance before realising that Tsubaki just had too much power over him, that he couldn’t help acting like a flustered maiden whenever he's around.

Deciding to be brave, he spoke up during one of their conversations. “Hey, Miya… Haru’s going away for the weekend…”


Sawa smile sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck. “Yep, the whole weekend… He won’t be back until Monday.”

Tsubaki squinted. “Is that an invitation, Miake-senpai?”

Sawa just nervously laughed, and avoided eye contact.

Tsubaki took that as a yes.

Sawa spent a good few hours sat on his bed, staring at the door, waiting for a knock, or some kind of sign that Tsubaki was outside. That Tsubaki had come to his dorm.

When it finally came, Sawa jumped. It was just two sharp knocks on his door, but it was enough to get his heart racing in anticipation.

He opened the door to find Tsubaki stood there, dressed in his casual clothes, but despite that still had that air of superiority around him. He didn’t wait for an invitation, and walked straight into the room, closing the door behind him. He leaned against the door, and stared Sawa down. “So, what did you call me here for?”


“Ahh…. That’s right…. You probably just want to be told what to do, right?” Miya grabbed Sawa’s forearms, and began pushing him back until he sat on his bed. Miya straddled his hips. “Well?”

Sawa giggled and looked up at Tsubaki. “Yep, especially by you…”

Tsubaki smirked at him. “Is that so… Then say it, Sawa-senpai. “I like it when you insult my mullet”.”

Sawa gulped, and looked away. “I…” his face flushed. “I like it wh-when you insult my mullet…”

“That’s right…” Tsubaki leaned in, and pressed his lips to Sawa’s ear. “You’re just a dirty, rat, mullet whore, right?”

Sawa moaned, and Tsubaki left a wet trail of saliva from his ear, all the way down his neck, finishing at his collarbone. He pressed his hips forward and felt Sawa’s hardness against his. He had anticipated this. He brought his hands up, locking his fingers behind Sawa’s neck, and pressed their foreheads together.

“Ehh? Already trembling, huh…? All I did was call you a whore, Sawa-senpai… Are really you that disgusting…” Miya said in a low voice. He began pushing off Sawa’s clothes as he continued. “Wow, Sawa-senpai… already this hard… I haven’t even touched you yet…” Miya pushed Sawa backwards to lay on the bed. “Well, I guess it’s okay, since that’s what you are, right? You’re my whore, Sawa-senpai?”

Sawa groaned, and nodded, unable to keep Miya’s eye contact.

“Go on then. Say it.”

Saw turned his head to stare at Miya, their faces centimetres apart. “I’m your whore, Princess.”

Miya leaned forward and pressed their lips together firmly. Sawa parted his mouth immediately, seemingly eager for whatever Miya was willing to give him. Sawa’s mouth was hot, wet, and pliant under Miya’s tongue.

Miya pulled back, and sat up on his heels. He inhaled sharply as he began removing his own clothes. “That’s right. You’re My Whore, and you know who you belong to… And I’m going to give you everything you want... “

Sawa rested his hands on Miya’s slim thighs, as he watched him slowly unbutton his shirt. Miya reached into one of his pockets, and dropped a bottle of lube to the side of him.

Miya grabbed Sawa’s wrists and placed them above his head. “Keep them there, and don’t move.” He said as he kneeled up to take off his trousers and underwear.

Miya moved up Sawa’s body, and his weight was taken off of Sawa’s cock. He opened the bottle and coated his right hand in lube. He leaned forward and pushed two of his fingers inside himself. He pressed his left index finger into Sawa’s mouth. “Remember, don’t move.”

Sawa pulled Miya’s finger further into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around it, tasting the sweat that had built up in the creases. His cock was beginning to ache from the lack of stimulation. The Princess was torturing him in the best way possible.

Eventually Miya pulled his fingers out. “Mmm, I guess you can do what you’re told sometimes…” He rubbed some lube over Sawa’s cock, rewarding him for staying still whilst Tsubaki prepared himself. And then he sat. And waited.

Sawa let out a groan. “P-Please, Princess…”

Tsubaki felt a wave of arousal pass through him every time Sawa let out a choked “Princess”, but he wasn’t about to let that show on his face (Sawa didn’t need to know he also had a powerful weapon over Tsubaki, yet anyway). “Tell me what you want. You’ve been a good little slut for me so far, so if you tell me exactly what you want, I’ll give it to you.”

Sawa flushed all the way down to his chest. “Princess… I want you…”

Tsubaki huffed. “You need to be more specific than that, Senpai.”

“I… Want you to sit on my cock…”

Tsubaki smiled. “That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” Tsubaki sunk down until Sawa was completely inside him.

Sawa couldn’t help but moan loudly. Tsubaki was hot and tight around him, and the reality was so much greater than anything he could come up with on his own.

Tsubaki, on the other hand, seemed completely unphased, the only evidence being the slight flush on his cheeks, and the thin layer of sweat covering his chest. He began speaking in a raspy voice. “Wow… Sawa-senpai is really big huh…” He said as he began moving up and down. “Mmmm… I bet Sawa-senpai would look really sexy on all fours huh… Or bent over the desk in his classroom… Would you like that Senpai? Maybe next time I’ll fuck you hard, if you ask nicely…”

Sawa’s hands, that were still above his head, clenched into fists, and he bit down on his bottom lip. “P-Princess…”

Tsubaki rubbed his hands down Sawa’s chest. “Oh, but I know what you want right now. You want to fill me up with your come. You want to see it overflowing from me, right? You’d probably get hard again at the sight.”

Sawa could barely contain his moans, everyone in the rooms around him could probably hear him (he desperately hoped Azuki was already asleep).

“Come on, Senpai,” Miya continued. “Don’t you want to fill me up already? Don’t be scared to come, Sawa-senpai.”

That did it for Sawa. His orgasm rocked through him, and he instinctively lifted his hips upwards as he came into Miya.

Miya groaned, and tightened around Sawa as he came himself, covering Sawa’s chest in his come.

After a few moments of heavy panting, Miya slid Sawa’s cock out of him, and laid down on his back next to Sawa.

“You need to clean us up.” He said quietly, his eyes still closed.

Sawa just laughed lightly. “Sure thing Princess.”