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Hit Me Baby One More Time

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I need a hero/I'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night;
He's gotta be strong/And he's gotta be fast/And he's gotta be fresh from the fight.

Aizawa was forcefully yanked from his headspace by the familiar lyrics of Hizashi's work phone ringtone ~ he hadn't even bothered asking why the loudmouthed blond couldn't be professional for two damn minutes and pick one of the phone's pre-set ringtones, the dumbass lived to be that fucking extra ~ his entire body lurching forward as Hizashi brought the cat o' nine tails down across his back with such force that he actually saw stars.

It fucking hurt. He could feel blood, hot and thick, start to ooze down his back. Distantly, he heard Hizashi cursing, likely torn between addressing Aizawa's wound and answering the call. Somehow, he was able to do both. 

While they never turned their work phones off, not even in private, intimate moments such as these, it was incredibly rare for an incident to occur that would require their attention on a night when one or both of them was not already out on patrol. And while the scene had not been particularly heavy (though it did take a lot for Aizawa to actually ask to be whipped, seeing as heroes were expected to be able to endure horrendous amounts of pain with a smile on their face and he didn't find any of the damage his body had sustained over the years to be particularly arousing), being torn out of his headspace so violently had left him reeling. 

Hizashi was running a warm washcloth over his back, murmuring apologies and peppering the scarred flesh with kisses as he gave an occasional hum of acknowledgement to the person on the other end of the line. Aizawa's cock throbbed, kept hard and aching by the silicone cock ring Hizashi had slid onto him at the start of their scene, the over-sensitive flesh trapped between the rucked-up sheets and Aizawa's stomach. He wrapped his fingers around the soft silk ties holding his wrists in place, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes as he heard Hizashi assure the dispatcher he'd be on the scene in fifteen minutes or less. 

His dom was abandoning him in the middle of a scene. And even though his logical mind told him that Hizashi was a hero and hero work came first, he could actually feel his erection begin to wilt as his mind tried to process what he could have possibly done to make Hizashi want to leave. There had to be dozens of other heroes that they could call, why did Hizashi have to be such a goddamned workaholic and answer his phone?

The blond hung up, letting out a long-suffering sugh as he began the process of untying Aizawa's arms. "I'm sorry, dollface. You know how much I hate it when people interrupt our special time together." He said softly.

"It's fine." Shouta said, refusing to meet his lover's bright green eyes. When his arms were released, he yanked them out of his dom's hold and began rubbing the circulation back into his own wrists.

"You're mad at me." Hizashi said matter-of-factly, a tiny, sad smile on his face.

"I said that everything is fine, 'Zashi." He growled, "Stop pressing the issue and throw some goddamned clothes on. The longer you drag this out, the worse the situation is going to be once you get there." Hizashi hated that he was right, especially when every fiber of his being was screaming for him to care for the fussy sub in front of him and it felt like all Aizawa wanted was to push him further and further away. 

Hizashi moved to help the raven out of the cock ring, only to have his hand rather forcefully slapped to the side. He looked up at Shouta, more than a little hurt, "Now, darling, I understand that you're upset, but you know the rules. I'm the only one that's allowed to take your toys on and off. And I don't want you locked up in that till I come back. You could end up hurting yourself." He said, his voice soft ~ but there was still an underlying threat.

But Aizawa was too far removed from his subspace to be moved by the threat of punishment, "I can take care of myself." He grouched, before he began the process of removing the ring himself.

"Shouta, what did I just say?" Hizashi asked, his voice firm. When the raven didn't respond, he reached out and grabbed his wrist so tight that it was just this side of painful. "Either I take it off or it stays on your pretty little cock. Now, I've been lenient with your attitude because I understand that you're upset about the scene being interrupted, but I'd recommend against continuing to try my patience."

The underground hero yanked his arm free once more, "Fuck off." He then tumbled off the bed and made a bee-line for the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

He felt... fuzzy. Like when the television was set to a channel that wasn't included in the cable package, and the screen was nothing more than a field of black and white static. There was a roaring in his ears, like the sound of a wave crashing down over the shore, and while he was almost certain that the blond was still talking to him on the other side of the door, he could no longer discern his voice. Drawing his knees into his chest, he winced when the wound on his back began bleeding anew. But soon, the pain joined the sea of nothingness that had swallowed him, leaving him without even the presence of mind to be afraid of what was happening...

He was a bad sub. That was the only possible logical explanation as to why the blond would be leaving him. He'd asked too much of him, should've expected that the blond would have needs to fulfill instead of just blindly expecting him to pander to his own. Hizashi would leave; he would leave and he wouldn't come back and Aizawa would be stuck feeling this shitty forever. He wasn't even sure when he'd started falling, but he was pretty sure it had been the minute he'd heard that thrice-damned ringtone. The minute that he knew that Hizashi was about to leave him high and dry to run off and be the hero.

Not surprisingly, it didn't make him feel any better to know that he was flipping out over Hizashi doing his fucking job. They were both heroes, and with that title came a certain expectation of self-sacrifice. His life... no, his needs were not more important than the countless lives that were on the line in that moment. And deep down, he knew that he would hate himself that much more if Hizashi were to choose him over work.

That still didn't make the sound of their front door slamming shut any easier to bear.

"Shh... hush now, darling. You're alright. Come back to me, okay?" When Aizawa managed to force his tired eyes open again, he was submerged in the bathtub, his head resting on Hizashi's strong chest and the blond lazily carding his fingers through his hair. Hizashi was humming something that sounded vaguely like a lullaby, and the vibrations rumbling through his chest were oddly soothing.

Aizawa swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly far too dry. His facial muscles were also slow to cooperate, as he found himself unable to immediately open his mouth to speak.

"I need you to keep those pretty brown eyes open for me, love." Had he closed his eyes again? He hadn't even noticed. But he did note that it was a bit easier to pry them open this time around, "That's a love. You're so good for me, you know that? So very, very good." He continued to murmur nonsense into the raven's hair, and eventually Aizawa mustered the strength to speak.

"Y-You came back." He said, immediately hating himself for how vulnerable that had made him sound. Hizashi made a small sound, like a wounded animal, and Aizawa instantly felt about one-thousand times worse.

"Of course I came back!" He exclaimed, his voice just a hair too loud. It reverberated off of the tile in the bathroom and caused Aizawa to wince, and Hizashi began fussing over him again. "I never even wanted to leave you."

He swallowed hard again, and Hizashi grabbed a water bottle from the side of the tub and encouraged him to take a few slow sips. When he drew back a little, he murmured, "S-Selfish."

Hizashi frowned, "I never, ever want to hear you talk about yourself like that again, do you understand me?" He asked, a little too much force behind his words ~ but he really wanted to make sure that he hammered this point home to the other man. "It is not selfish to ask for what you want or to tell me what you need. It is my job, both as your boyfriend and your dom, to take care of you and I can't do that if you don't talk to me."

Aizawa shook his head, "I asked too much of you ~,"

"That's what negotiation and safewording is for, dollface." Hizashi continued. Normally, he wouldn't cut off his pet in the middle of such an important thought, but he felt that it was equally important that the raven understood this. "If you asked me to do something that I was uncomfortable with, you trust that I would say something about it, just as I expect the same for you."

Hizashi began to wash him slowly, working the kinks out of his sore muscles from sitting on the ground for god knows how long ~ Aizawa was blearily able to make out the tube of body wash, recognizing it as the expensive essential oil infused shit that Hizashi swore by. The heady perfume had him swooning a bit, and he allowed more of his weight to rest on Hizashi's chest as the blond created intricate patterns on his naked body with the soap. Every few minutes, the bottle of water would be pressed against his lips, and he would take a few sips. As soon as the water bottle went away, it would be replaced with the nozzle of a jelly packet. 

It took him a minute to realize that the blond was crying, his face buried into the crook of Aizawa's neck. He was breathing unsteadily, his lips slightly parted as he pressed them against the softness of Aizawa's skin. Distantly, he wondered how long he'd been under, what state Hizashi had found him in when he'd returned from the call... He knew that Hizashi must be blaming himself, unable to reconcile the fact that there were some instances in which his job rightfully took precendence over his lover. The blond was a gentle dom, sometimes overly so ~ it wouldn't surprise him if he was experiencing a dom-drop, especially with the way their scene had ended.

Weakly, he brought his hand up ~ he was shaking more than he cared to admit, but he knew that he needed to do this, needed to find a way to ground Hizashi like the blond was attempting to do for him ~ and tangled his fingers in the blond's damp hair. He tugged lightly, until Hizashi got the message and detached himself from Aizawa's neck long enough to meet the raven's red-rimmed brown eyes. Slowly, he pushed himself forward, pressing their lips together in a tentative kiss. Slowly, he could feel Hizashi's breath begin to even out, and though the tears did not completely disappear, they did seem to slow somewhat. At any rate, it was a start.

"I would have been more upset if you'd stayed." Aizawa confessed softly, drawing away just far enough that the words were vaguely intelligeable. "I know that that doesn't make it any better, but..." 

Hizashi resumed running his fingers through the other man's hair, "I got distracted and I hit you too hard. That's on me." He said, his voice sounding soft, broken. "As soon as I saw the blood... I never should've left."

The raven winced, reminded that his back still ached. Hizashi was taking the upmost care to ensure that it didn't make contact with the soapy water, but even the cool air made the still-open wound burn and he knew that it would have to be addressed relatively soon before it became infected. "Where's your phone now?"

"Somewhere in the living room. I think it might've fallen under the couch. I..." here, he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, "I may have thrown it when I got back. I didn't... I didn't want to look at it after everything." Sighing, he leaned forward, wrapping his arms tight around Shouta's waist and squeezing for all he was worth. "God, I was just so scared. You were so far gone when I found you... I've never seen you like that before."

Now was the perfect time to say something comforting and eloquent. Instead, he yawned and said, "'Zashi... the water's getting cold."

Hizashi laughed, his voice still sounding a bit too raw, and nodded, "Yeah, I suppose it is."

He reached out, turning the dial to begin draining the water out of the tub, before rising to his feet and carefully stepping out onto the bathmat. He haphazardly towelled himself dry, twisting the towel around his waist and retrieving a fresh towel to wrap around his shivering boyfriend. Once Shouta was mostly dry, he bundled him up in the oversized towel and carried him bridal style back into the bedroom, ignoring the raven's half-hearted complaints. Gently, he situated him on the mattress, before racing back into the bathroom as fast as his feet could safely carry him. Shouta sniffled, letting out a pathetic whine that he would deny on pain of death later ~

The blond returned with the first-aid kit, plopping down behind Aizawa on the bed and pressing a tender kiss to the other man's shoulder. With abounding care, he cleaned out the wound and lathered it with a numbing topical agent meant to help stimulate healing, before applying a thin layer of gauze to help keep it clean overnight. He then pressed a kiss to the wound, earning an embarrassed half-mewl from the other man. Setting the kit on the bedside table, he encouraged the other man to lay down and bundled him tightly in his arms, before submerging both of their bodies beneath a sea of blankets.

"We're going to have to talk about this more... when we're both feeling better." Hizashi clarified, knowing that neither of them were really in the proper frame of mind to talk this out like they needed to.

"...Yeah." Aizawa agreed, eventually. He snuggled down closer into Hizashi's warmth; more talking would be okay, he decided, as long as it wasn't tonight. "Love you, 'Zashi..." he slurred, already drifting off to sleep.

A single tear trekked down Hizashi's cheek as he offered the raven a watery smile, "I love you too, sunshine. Love you too."