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Do you still love me the same?

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“Haught watch out”, dolls screams across the field. Nicole wasn't fast enough to jump out of the way of the werewolf that seemingly came out of nowhere. She and the wolf hit the ground hard with the wolf trying to bit into her head. “AHH, fuck dolls HELP!”, nicole screamed as the wolf bit into her forearm. Dolls heard the scream and bolted towards nicole with his gun drawn and pointed at the wolf.


He fired his weapon and hit the wolf square in the heart but the damage was already done.”Nicole, you okay?”, dolls asked. Nicole went to respond but her eyes changed to a dark red color and rolled into the back of her head. She started convulsing and dolls knew what was happening...she was turning.

“Shit, Wynonna and Waverly are going to have my head” he thought as he carried an unconscious nicole back to his SUV.

Back at the HomeStead

Waverly was sleeping peacefully and having a not so peaceful dream (if you know what i mean). Up until Wynonna barged in and woke her up screaming she was hungry.
“Okay Okay i'll be down in a minute”, she reluctantly replied. “Good i’ll make the coffee”, wynonna said jumping up off the bed and towards the door. “You can make coffee but not breakfast?” waverly asked. “Eh the coffee is mostly whiskey anyways”, she said shrugging her shoulders on the way out. Waverly rolled her eyes and rolled out of bed getting dressed.

She headed down stairs when she heard shushing coming from the kitchen. She walked in and was surprised to see nicole and dolls home early from their mission together. “Hey you guys are home early. Everything okay?” she eyed nicole and dolls both based on the tension she felt in the room.

“Umm” nicole started but dolls interrupted. “Yeah everything is good we found the werewolf and got the job taken care of”. Waverly smiled and gave nicole a kiss on the cheek “Good as long as nobody got hurt, are you guys hungry?”,She questioned. They all said yes and left the kitchen to the living room to talk.

“Shouldn’t she know that i got bit guys?”, she questioned them both because she didn’t want to lie to waverly. “Yes, but i don’t want to worry her we’ll wait for the results and go from there”, dolls said with seriousness in his voice. Wynonna and nicole both shook their heads in agreement.

“So how long until you get the blood results back dolls?”, wynonna asked. “Tomorrow after noon I put them through as urgent considering she can turn anytime if she is a werewolf now”, he said.

“Breakfast” waverly shouted from the kitchen.

Dolls gave them both a look that said they would talk more tomorrow and headed towards the kitchen. “Hey, you okay haughtstuff?’, wynonna asked. “Yeah i-i just hope she’ll still love me the same if i am a werewolf. Wynonna gave her a sympathetic smile “Haught she loves you no matter what”. “Now come on no more sappiness between you and me its weird. Let’s go eat I’m hungry” she said pulling nicole towards the kitchen. Nicole hoped she was right because she loved Waverly more than anyone and couldn't lose her over this.