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“Honey, I’m home!” Steve called, closing the door behind him.


“Never gonna get tired of that, huh?” Bucky asked dryly, wiping his hands on his apron and greeting him with a kiss. “Dinner’s almost ready.”


There was a blur of red hair that Steve barely managed to catch. “Oof. Hey, you,” he grinned, scooping the little girl in his arms.


“Did I surprise you with my stealth attack?” She asked, beaming at him.


“You sure did! Let me guess, your brother is hiding somewhere waiting for the signal, huh?”


“No?” came a voice from behind the couch.


Steve laughed, setting her down. “Did you two get all your homework done?”


“We did! Dad checked it already and he said we could have time to play before dinner.” Natasha ran to the couch and peered over. “Mission’s over, Clint.”


He sighed and stood up, brushing himself off. “Did we win?”


“Yup! Surprised him.”


Clint nodded and hopped over the couch. “Hi, Steve.”


“Hey, buddy.” Steve crouched down. “How’re your new hearing aids?”  


“I like ‘em. Thanks.” Clint watched his foster sister run off towards the kitchen and he lowered his voice. “....sometimes I turn ‘em down and pretend they aren’t working.”


“What? Why w—“


It was at that moment Natasha surprise attacked Bucky and shrieked with laughter when he caught her. Steve looked back at Clint, who nodded solemnly and walked away, leaving Steve to desperately try and keep a straight face.


They’d only been planning to foster one child, but a foster home for Clint had fallen through at the last minute and their social worker had called to see if they’d be willing to take in a child that was hard of hearing.


It was a pretty easy decision.


Now, they were in the process of adopting both. As much work as the kids were - Natasha especially could be a handful - and the toll it had taken on Steve and Bucky’s sex life, they were all happy.


He went into the kitchen and pulled Bucky close to him, kissing his neck. “You know, you’d look good in just an apron.”


“I’m pretty sure child services would take our kids away,” Bucky replied dryly. “But I appreciate the compliment. Go set the table? I’ll bring dinner out.” He turned and kissed Steve, putting his arms around his husband’s shoulders. “Mm. Tonight.”


“Yeah?” Steve grinned widely at him. Bucky’s cheeks turned a little pink and he nodded, stealing another kiss. “Mmn. Okay. Table. Got it.” He squeezed Bucky’s ass before heading to the table.  Natasha was sitting there waiting.


“Dad 2, can I ask you a question?”


“Of course.”


“When we get adopted, that’s forever, right? You’re gonna be my dads and Clint’ll be my brother?”


“That’s how it goes.”


“Cool.” She nodded and took the plate in front of her. “I’m glad. I like you. You guys kiss a lot and you’re always makin’ faces at each other but I like you as my dads.”


Steve snorted. “Thanks, Tash. We like having you two around, too.”


“So even if I do bad in school, once you adopt me, you still have to be my dads.”


He finished setting the plates and sat down next to her. “Kid, you’re stuck with us.”




“Til the end of the line,” Steve promised.


Bucky set the dish of lasagna down on the table. “And then some. Go get your brother. And you don’t have to ye—“


“Cliiiint! Dinner’s ready!” Natasha yelled, running off to get him. Bucky laughed, shaking his head.


“Wouldn’t change a thing.”


“Me either.” Steve tugged him down for a kiss and got out the spatula so he could serve dinner. It had taken a long time, but he finally had the family he’d been wanting since he was a kid.


It made the yearly ‘You’re welcome ’ texts from Sam totally and completely worth it.