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Cherubs, Not Cherries

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Ahh, yes: waking up. Bella had a love hate relationship with the natural and necessary course in life called sleep. Because sleeping meant waking up eventually. Because waking up meant the end of a particularly excellent dream that she would probably not be able to recall later.


On the other hand, waking up meant orange juice - her current love and joy (though truth to be told, someone else was knowingly competing for that title). Waking up also meant pancakes in the morning, if her mom made them or if she was just really in the mood to make them herself. Charlie would rather make eggs than deal with the finicky batter - it had to be prepared just right.


So when Bella woke up that particular Saturday morning, she realized three things and three things only. Number one, it was late. Not overly late, and, if she were to wager a guess, she’d say it was only around nine or ten in the morning. Based on the rays of sunshine coming through her window from the not-closed curtains. But it felt late anyways. Which lead to realization number two, it was sunny outside. That was rare. She’d gotten used to the grayish blue outline of the sky day after day. The abrupt switch to sun was unexpected. It made her think of Arizona.


Realization number three was the warmth she felt all around her. She could not feel the sheets on her shoulders because they were not there, obviously. But she did not feel cold in the slightest, and that was probably due to the secure arm that was wrapped around her torso. Secure, in the juncture just below her ribs. She could feel that her companion’s other arm was in an awkward position against her back. Though considering they fell asleep and continued to sleep on, she supposed it wasn’t too uncomfortable.


She shivered when she registered the feeling of a warm breath being sleepily exhaled against her neck. The sensation sent an electrifying shockwave of sensation from the length of her spine to her tailbone and to her limbs. Bella could even see the slight rising of goosebumps on her left arm that was hugging a pillow.


The feeling was enough to energize her a tiny bit more, enough to get her brain working a little more. She could sense one other source of warmth. Rosalie’s legs were tangled up with her own and goddamn, if that didn’t feel like heaven then and there. Curiously and cautiously, she ever so carefully moved her legs against Rosalie’s. The minute heat the it generated made Bella want to curl up more, not unlike a cat. The coziness of their positioning made her lament the fact that she could not fall back to sleep. Once she opened her eyes and got her brain working, sleep would not find her. Even under a mountain of sheets and pillows


Darn window. She should’ve closed the curtains last night. Too late now, she acknowledged, lifting her head to better view how open the shades were.


She could vaguely see the outline of that one tree outside her window. She usually used it to sneak out. Not that she needed to; the door would suffice just as easily. Using the window just felt daring, adventurous even. It even felt romantic on the times that Rosalie would gracefully climb through the window. Or the times that Bella leaned out of the window, only to see Rosalie below, waiting for her on the earthy soil. She probably climbed the tree in lithe and graceful manner. And threw those pebbles with a gentle flick of the wrist.



Okay, that last one might not have been true. Bella could still see the little dents the pebbles first left behind whenever she opened her window (which was quite often). Since that little incident, Rosalie flicked the rocks with a lot less force. And Bella, well, she still had not had an opportunity to return the favor.


To climb through a window, not dent one. The Cullens sure did have a lots of windows. She'd have to pick one. And sure, she's been over enough times to not get overly lost but still. There's a thrilling feeling at saying, fuck it and picking a random window.


The arm around her waist tightened slightly, as though guessing where Bella’s thoughts had taken a mischievous turn. The grip slackened alongside Bella’s slow exhale.


She wanted Rosalie to wake up already. But a much bigger part of her did not want to wake her. That, coupled with her slightly romantic side wanted to do something… special . They never did discuss what they specifically wanted to do today. They had both agreed that Valentine's day was a hallmark and capitalist holiday in a conversation long, long ago.


And up until yesterday's impromptu sleepover, Bella was ready to watch Saturday morning cartoons with cold cereal and a blanket. Hmm. Speaking of food…


Okay. She has one chance and one chance only to get this right. Ever so slowly, her left hand that was wrapped around the pillow unwrapped itself. She pulled it closer to herself until it is cradled against her chest, next to it's twin. Following this, she attempted, and succeeded, in getting her fingers underneath her companion’s arm.


There, she worked to loosen Rose’s grip on her pj top. She gently grabbed the wrist with a forefinger and thumb to settle it upon her shoulder. That way it would fall on the bed when she made her escape.


Next was separating their mess of legs, which Bella did so quite easily. So far, Rosalie had not stirred beyond an odd grumble and exhale. So far so good, Bella thought, with excitement crackling and tingling under her skin and between her veins. Looks like waking up didn't suck today.


The final task - scooting over. It is one that she decided to take her time with, wiggling inch by inch if even that. Some infinite amount of time later, which in reality may have only been a few minutes, Bella made it to the edge of the bed. She lamented the loss of warmth but deemed it acceptable. She rolled over and landed on her fingers and toes. Not a sound!


Crouching where she was, she felt around under her bed for some fluffy socks she could’ve sworn she wore yesterday. After a moment she found them and swiftly put them on. Curse her mother for having literal cold feet to pass on…


Since neither of them usually slept in (much), Bella had to quickly execute her semi-spontaneous plan. Making her way down the stairs (avoiding the third to last step - it creaked), her foot made contact with the wood panels with a soft thud .


Okay, so far, so good.


The house seemed to be empty, bar them. The tv was off, and the soft colored curtains on the windows were partly open, letting in the pastel sun’s rays in, rare though they were. Charlie did mention going in to work a little later today. In all honesty, she had been distracted.


Yesterday was movie night. Or family night. Usually she and her dad would watch baseball or some old movies. They’d even play board games sometimes when there was nothing good on tv.


Right as they had settled down on the couch, looking through the options, there had been a knock at the door. It was a really specific type of knock. The shave-and-a-haircut type of tap, and she guessed correctly in whose knuckles were rapping at the door. She answered back with a two-cents rap before she opened the door.


It was Rosalie, bearing a colorful bouquet of carnations and another flower she did not recognize. And in her other hand was a box of popcorn. Looking up, Bella saw her girlfriend standing there with a slightly apologetic expression.


She had asked if she was interrupting and if she might be able to join them. Bella thought it was rather cute, really. Alice would’ve known the outcome, but she probably didn’t reveal the information. She had chuckled before leaning forward to steal both a kiss and the aforementioned items. Turning away from the door and walking into the kitchen, she had thrown a don't be silly across her shoulder


She heard the click of the door before she was pulled back and gently pushed against the fridge door. She hissed under the breath when the cold metal made contact with her bare arms. But really it was the hands low on her hips that commanded goosebumps to rise. One hand crawled up under her shirt to settle on the side of her waist. She was pretty sure Rosalie could hear her shaky exhale.


The cheshire smile confirmed this.


“Not fair,” she had complained. She was awkwardly holding the popcorn and flowers in the air. Her arms may or may not have been getting tired.


“I have you right where I want you.” That low voice whispered velvet promises of endearments.


Of course, it was in that moment that what happened in the movies happened to them.


Charlie unknowingly interrupted with a who was that at the door Bella? He had a vague suspicion of who it was but seeing as he didn’t get up from the couch, he was not overly concerned.


“Just Rose, Dad! Do you mind if - stop that! - do you mind if she watches the movie with us?” She hoped he didn’t hear how flustered she was. Her girlfriend knew exactly where most of Bella’s most ticklish spots were and Rose had just nuzzled and kissed her way down to one of them, her neck.


“Of course not, kiddo. The more, the merrier!”


Shimmying her way away from the warm hold, she placed the box of popcorn (buttered!) on to the counter and used her free hand to open the cabinets and search for an empty vase. She almost didn’t believe Charlie even owned a vase until Rose poked her shoulder. Rosalie simply held her arms up in a surrender gesture to Bella’s combination of a what stare and glare. It only lessened once she saw what was in her girlfriend’s hands. A vase!


Where did Charlie even keep a vase? Maybe it was the lower cabinets? Sometimes it seemed like Rosalie know more about where things were than she did.


“What kind of flowers are these?” She was beyond curious now. She had always liked flowers and the meanings behind them but usually she forgot to look them up. She did notice however that the carnations were a deep carmine color and the unidentified flower was a mixture of shades between blue and lilac. There were a few stems of baby’s breath that complimented the arrangement.


She wondered if she would find Rosalie’s eyes in the flowers. Those royal blue eyes that looked violet more often than not in the right lighting, and upon closer examination. Now was not the time for closer examination. What, with Rosalie standing at a distance that didn’t seem far away enough. Or close enough to Bella’s traitorous mind.


“Lilacs.” The response was softly uttered in a whisper right in the shell of Bella’s ear. Her ear twitched, and she ducked her head slightly at the sensation of air against her ear.


She knew Rosalie; she routinely calculated her movements and its effect on others. She did not randomly pick up this bouquet of flowers in the nearest drugstore. She must have gone to a florist and carefully selected both the flowers and colors, and goddamn if Bella did not feel a little more than touched at that moment.


She observed them now that they were home in the vase filled with water. Carnations and lilacs. Hmm. She’d definitely have to look these up. Later though, right now was movie time. If they could even begin it. Time for the popcorn.


Now Rosalie had settled her head between Bella’s head and shoulder. Not being tall enough, she couldn’t place hers directly on top of her smaller girlfriend. She wasn’t short enough place it on her shoulder without slouching and bending down a little. She was simply watching Bella’s hands working to open the box. She pulled one out and got rid of the wrapper in the trash before stretching to pop that bag into the microwave, jostling Rosalie from her position slightly. Once she got comfortable again, she simply watched the popcorn pop in the microwave. Or rather listen. Her hands clasped firmly behind her back, she was the picture of innocence, should Charlie happen to walk in. Which he wasn’t but still.


Rose wrapped her arms around her girlfriend’s torso, squeezing slightly. She pecked her cheek quickly before releasing her prisoner. Bella watched quizzically as she made her way to the living room.


“Hey, Chief.”


Upon her formal-yet-informal greeting, Bella laughed quietly to herself. Only Rosalie would. Her dad had told her to call him Charlie. Several times in fact, yet this was the outcome each time. At this point it had to be a running joke between the three of them.


“It’s Charlie, Rosalie.” She heard a noise that either could have been a sigh or a chuckle.


“Right-o Sheriff.” She smiled at this response.


She waited a few more seconds as the popcorn finally stop popping. Pulling out two bowls, she opened the bag carefully and measured out somewhat even proportions. Walking out, bowls in hand, she approached the living room. To her left, Charlie was in his old recliner and in the other direction, Rose was leaning comfortably against the rounded armrest of the couch. She had a pillow between her back and the couch, and she tilted her head back as she heard Bella walk in.


Rosalie saw Bella getting closer and closer. Upside down of course. Bella saw her round and wide eyes tracking her movements as she approached. She looked so open and carefree that she couldn’t help herself from dropping a spider-man kiss to her girlfriend’s unsuspecting lips. Lips that responded not soon after but cut the kiss off just as quickly.


Straightening up, Bella handed one of the bowls to her dad. Her dad who was pointedly watching the tv and being far too interested in the movie choices. While he had wholeheartedly supported their relationship, he always seemed a bit shy, if not embarrassed when he spotted their displays of affection. Being how he was, Bella merely suspected that he didn’t want to intrude. It also didn’t help that he had interrupted them several times, usually in the kitchen. It wasn’t Bella’s fault that she was hungry. It was Rosalie’s for always choosing to pounce on poor unsuspecting Bella in the kitchen. It was never anything too heavy or serious but Bella and Charlie often sported matching red ears.


“What’s on the menu today?” Charlie asked. Bella had recently undertaken the task of educating her father in pop culture.


“Today we are going to watch Up! ” responded Bella happily. She loved that movie. Actually she loved lots of movies but that was a classic.


“That’s the one with the balloons right?” There, he wasn’t completely clueless. He just focused on work and other things to really have time to sit down and watch movies. Or he used to at least. Things were better with Bella here. He really appreciated movie nights.


“Yes, Dad, that’s the one with the balloons.”


She walked back to the kitchen to retrieve her own bowl of popcorn. She approached the couch again but set the bowl down next to Rosalie before grabbing a cushion from the other end of the couch. She pulled the sides and fluffed it up before flattening out again. Rosalie watched her curiously as she awaited the next move. She braced herself as Bella sped towards the remaining distance between them. She let out a small noise ( cute ) as Bella’s weight settled on her midsection. Sure, Bella had positioned the pillow between them and sure, she was holding herself up on her forearms but still. When Bella finally let her arms drop, her girlfriend let out a quiet ‘oof’. She did a quick eskimo kiss and another longer kiss before moving and squirreling around to face the tv, hugging the pillow to her front.


Hmm. Maybe the pillow could go there instead. She tossed it in the general direction of their feet and blindly reached around for the popcorn. Rosalie easily located it and passed it to her before resting her arm on Bella’s shoulder and playing with her hair with the other one.


Thus, they were all settled in for the movie that night. Charlie and Bella may or may not have cried for the bittersweet beginning bit. They were subtle about it, Charlie more so than Bella, but Rosalie still spotted them wiping their eyes. Charlie stood to place his bowl in the sink and retreated back to his room when the movie was over. He advised them not to stay up to late but that they could continue watching movies. Since his room was upstairs, he probably wouldn’t hear the television with the current volume where it was.


Carnations and lilacs.


She’ll look it up in the morning when she wakes up.




So i was digging around in my writing files and found this little gem. I didn’t realize it wasn’t finished so eventually there’ll be a second chapter. Pretty sure I wrote this before I did chapter 2 lmao Technically could be set sometime in the far future or just a standalone. Whatever floats your boat. Since Valentine’s Day was a few days ago this seemed fitting. Also to feed y’all readers bc I’m busy. Enjoy!!