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So Here We Fall

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For the most part, she had managed to avoid the fear and heartache that came with death. She’d seen friends go through it, community members lost to it, family members reflect on it, but it had never touched her.

Death was always distant. Even in her lowest points, when the weight of living was crushing, death was never something she seriously considered. She knew it would happen, eventually, but it seemed so far off. Death was hazy, death kept it’s distance.

Despite this, death was concept she liked to ruminate on in the darkest nights and the rainiest days. “It’s inevitable,” she’d say. “Why shouldn’t I think about it? There’s no reason to be afraid of it.”

But this time was different. Her own kin was staring death in the face while it laughed at her from the shadows. And she was stuck, one thousand, four hundred and forty-six miles away. Powerless to help, to comfort, to protect. To do anything.

Yes, it seemed death had decided finally pay her a visit.