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A Mango Surprise

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Zhu Yilong was trembling as he got off the stage and headed to where he saw He Laoshi waiting for him. Without even realising it, he fell onto him, literally. He Laoshi’s knees almost bent from the weight of a grown man twice as tall as him (with tall shoes). Zhu Yilong wanted to collapse into He Laoshi’s arms but he was conscious enough to break the hug and step aside, pretending he was under control. He understood very little of what was happening around him though. His head was dizzy, from the cold, the sleeplessness, the pills he took for the cold, the exhaustion, and the rush of adrenaline that had taken over him during the performance.

And what a performance that was….

He knew he wasn’t perfect. He knew he had made mistakes and his voice was hoarse and it broke one too many times. Of course the fans would love it and say it was ok, but he knew, he would always know, that he could’ve done better. There was that familiar feeling of disappointment and sadness that comes after every performance, all the micro-details of what could’ve been better or different. He tried to make himself not think of that.

His eyes became wet again. They had almost betrayed him during the performance, too much strain to hit the high notes and his whole head would explode, ears buzzing. Having a cold and singing is really a bad idea. Then he’d feel his stomach jump from the disappointment and his eyes would burn from tears that he struggled to hold back.

He tried to get his mind off the performance. He’d have to focus on something else and prepare for the upcoming interviews and the countdown. He’d have to ground himself to reality.

Think of something else please, he begged himself. He took a deep breath and exhaled, puffing his cheeks. He noticed the people around him, He Laoshi talking, Feng Shaofeng had come stand next to him on his left and patted him on the shoulder to greet and congratulate him. He barely managed to greet him back. Out of all the celebrities on the stage, there was one person he wished was there close to him but was nowhere to be seen.

Xiao Bai…

Zhu Yilong wondered how Bai Yu’s own performance had been that night. Of course they had to appear on separate channels. The PR teams wouldn’t hear of having them together for at least one year now. But Zhu Yilong wanted someone familiar, someone he knew, next to him, to feel the comfort of his touch, the warmth of his smile, the firmness of his hug.

He sighed and tried to clear his mind. Bai Yu was busy with his own performance right now. He drew comfort at the thought he would call him on Weixin later that night. Then he could finally see his face and hear his voice, he could let himself relax.

Someone touched his shoulder. He didn’t see who but he assumed it was He Laoshi. Someone led him off the stage. He almost tripped and fell. He couldn’t really focus on anything, everything was blurry around him.

Next thing he knew he was on another stage, two people asking him questions and a mascot coming toward him. He tried to put on a smile, pretend he was confident even though his head was spinning. The mascot wanted to take pictures with him. Oh, it was a mango mascot, mango like the channel. Smart. Of course he had to take pictures.

He heard the female presenter call the mascot “xiao pengyou”. His heart jumped. A child? Could it be a child under the mascot? He was curious. Somehow around children he could magically become less awkward, less worried, less stiff. It was almost like when he was in-character, during work. Of course, if the mascot was a little child he had to put his best face on. He tried to peak in excitedly but the mascot moved away shyly.

It’s not a child, they told him.

His heart sunk again.

He was presented with a claw-machine game. At least that felt very familiar and helped keep him more focused. He hardly realised how the rest of the night went by, talk-by-talk, question-by-question, endless waiting…

He had asked to go to the bathroom and midway he realised he was lost. He sighed in relief. At least it was nice to be away from the full auditorium, away from the buzz of the crowd.
Suddenly he felt someone behind him and he turned, getting a fright from what he saw.

It was the mango mascot. His heart skipped a beat. He didn’t know why but he felt unsettled realising he was alone in the same space with an adult wearing a mango suit.

He saw the mascot approach, he took a step back instinctively. He couldn’t believe he was being stalked by a mascot...or was he? Maybe he was paranoid.

And yet, it kept getting closer, its target clear: Zhu Yilong.

Before he knew it he was pinned against the wall by two firm arms and he was looking into a pair of familiar eyes, much to his surprise, through the eye window.

It couldn’t be…

“ LONG-GE” The mascot yelled. Well, yelled is a relative terms since they had to be quiet enough so that the security people in the surrounding areas wouldn’t hear.

It was Xiao Bai’s familiar voice, full of excitement. A voice he’d been dreaming of hearing for the whole night.

“How are you here? How are you in a mascot suit? I thought you were supposed to perform,”

He heard Bai Yu chuckle inside the costume. Despite the shock, Zhu Yilong’s heart was light from joy.

“Yeah I performed. It’s not like we’re that far. Then I came to see my Ju Laosi, that I have so dearly missed. Long-geeeee, we haven’t seen each other in weeks...”

“I… “ For all the things he wanted to say to him, Zhu Yilong couldn’t utter any of them. All he could do was steal a needy kiss from the lips peeking out of the eye-window, the opening of the sui that allowed the wearer to see and breathe.

“How did you do, Xiao Bai? In your show tonight? Amazing for sure!”.

“Ha, well I was nervous as always, you know? But I started it and then I didn’t realise when I finished! It helped that I was thinking of someone special in my second song.” Bai Yu wiggled his eyebrows at Long-ge. Or he would if his eyebrows were visible from inside the suit.

“I saw your performance,” Bai Yu said with a serious tone. “I know… “ he added as he saw his Long-ge lower his head sadly. “Come on, I loved it. Your voice is cute, you know? But I think you should probably get some rest baby.”

Long-ge nodded in agreement, head still lowered, looking pathetically sad. "After tonight, I definitely need a short break".

“Actually…I think you need...some unwinding.”

Long-ge’s head tilted inquisitively. “What…”

“Oh you know very well what I meant,” Bai Yu said, taking a step closer to Zhu Yilong, placing his arms on his waist, a waist that was so well toned and so cute in that high-waisted outfit.

Then it seemed like Bai Yu realised something, and before Yilong’s cheek could turn to a pale pink, he took half a step back.

“Long-geeee” he complained. “How tall are your damned shoes? You’re taller than me right now, this isn’t right.”

His look was so offended that Zhu Yilong couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“Well, they are comfortable. And the outfit was quite ...large… apparently it needed big shoes.”

“I like your outfit. I’d like it even more off you.”

Yes, now Long-ge’s cheeks were properly pink and Bai Yu closed the distance he had put between them earlier.

“But...someone might…”

“No one will. We’re all alone. I just want this badly right now. And so do you.”

It was hard for Zhu Yilong to bring any further resistance as he was thrown back against the wall and his nether areas were felt by a pair of wandering hands that had slithered down his pants.
He gasped for air and his body jerked backwards, feeling the harsh wall against his butt.

Bai Yu wasted no time in unbuttoning those high waisted pants and lowering the underwear, revealing his Long-Ge’s full lenght, half hard. He kneeled and started sucking nicely on him, while holding Long-ge’s hands by his wrists, next to his thighs, taking away any resistance from him.

He could hear the light and discreet moans and he swore that if he raised his head he would see Zhu Yilong’s head against the wall, neck arched, his eyebrows tilted upwards, and his teeth biting on his lower lip. It was always the same face, same expression, one he loved looking at so much.

He took Long-ge in his mouth for a few very pleasurable minutes, tightening the opening of his mouth with every passing moment, reaching out to the head and working with his tongue and teeth on it near the very final moments. He knew he was closed to coming. 

“I…Ah, ah ..Stop!”

Bai Yu almost took every drop in his mouth, but he knew how to recognise all the warning signs, so he released Long-ge on time for his climax.

Zhu Yilong felt his knees weak and he slid down, not being able to stand up any longer. Bai Yu supported him. “Whoa, maybe you should really sit down for a while.”

“No I’m...” Long-ge’s voice was trembling. “I’m fine.”

His breathing was heavy and fast and Bai Yu couldn’t but enjoy the flushed face and exhausted breathing.

“I was thinking this would be round one, but seeing how you have collapsed I’d suggest we save it for later… After all, you’re an old man…”

“Ni zou kai,” Yilong managed to say, still with a weak voice but with a tone that dripped poison.
He leaned his head back and sighed. “Ah, Xiao Bai, you are killing me.”

“Well, I try my best.”

Zhu Yilong took some moments to recover from the stimulation, oversensitive, feeling the cold air contrasting on his exposed skin after the warmth of the mouth. They sat there, next to each other for a while, quietly...

Suddenly, as if Zhu Yilong had found his spirit again, he started laughing uncontrollably.

“What are you laughing like this for now?”

“I...hahahaha, I …” The laughter drowned out any words Long-ge tried to say and Bai Yu almost started laughing with him, it was infectious.

“Stop, just tell me, what are you laughing about?”

Long-ge wiped the tears off his eyes carefully, so as not to spoil the make up, and said: “I just imagined what someone would think of if they came in and saw the mango mascot attached to my dick…” Uttering the phrase was enough to make him burst into laughter again.

This time Bai Yu joined him in a more frantic laughter. The two spent several seconds like that, looking ridiculous and stupid; luckily no one ever came in.

After they calmed down and managed to catch their breath, Zhu Yilong tried to get back on his feet. It was still difficult but with Xiao Bai’s assistance he managed to steady himself and button up, look presentable and dignified. This time he looked less dead, colour had returned to his face and his composure looked less like he was about to faint.

Doctor Yu knew the best remedy for his boyfriend’s problems.

He kissed him goodbye and said: “Back to the show now...”

“Long-ge.” Bai Yu held onto his hand and looked deep in his eyes.“I’ll be in your apartment tonight.”

“What? No you can’t. We both need rest and have places to be tomorrow.”

“I’ll be in your apartment tonight,” Bai Yu insisted, taking nothing but a silent yes, for an answer.

Long-ge smiled in relief and gratitude and he attempted to leave.

“Hey,” he heard Bai Yu say behind him. “I’ll keep the costume. Maybe we can find out how it looks to have the mascot attached to your ass,” and with that he left, almost choking in laughter.

Long-ge could do nothing but roll his eyes and giggle.

He returned to the auditorium a thousand times happier than when he had left.