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good boys do what they're told

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Minjun hummed with satisfaction when he finished buckling the collar around Hoon’s throat.

He slipped two fingers underneath the band and tugged at it lightly to test the slack, grinning when he saw the goosebumps break out on Hoon’s neck and felt the motion of Hoon’s gulp against his fingers.

Minjun let his palm rest there against Hoon’s neck, half of it under the collar. He could feel it when Hoon swallowed again, could feel the movement of that throat against his skin, and he thought about how much better it would feel if he pressed down, tightened his grip a little more.

Minjun decided he liked that thought. He liked it a lot.

“Not too tight, right?” he asked, and Hoon shook his head like he’d complain even if the collar were tight enough to asphyxiate him.

They both knew he wouldn’t, of course. That’s what made this fun.